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PM Modi assures protesters — govt not discussing NRC, CAA won’t affect Indian citizens

Facing massive backlash in India & abroad, Modi says his govt doesn’t do politics of discrimination, tells protesters to burn his effigy but not public property.

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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Sunday broke his silence on the nationwide protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, and assured the agitating Muslim community and others that there was no discussion on the National Register of Citizens in his government.

The move is being seen as a retreat from the Modi government’s aggressive posturing on the NRC, in particular by Union Home Minister and BJP president Amit Shah.

Speaking in front of thousands of people who had gathered to thank him for regularising unauthorised colonies at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan, Modi reminded people that the NRC was implemented in Assam on the orders of the Supreme Court. “The idea came up during the time of the Congress, was everyone sleeping then?” he asked. “We did not make it, nor has it been taken up by the cabinet or Parliament, nor have any rules been framed. Indian Muslims have no reason to fear CAA and NRC.”

The PM added that the CAA is not for any Indian citizen, and there has been a “concerted misinformation campaign spread by the Congress” and the people BJP supporters often characterise as urban Naxals.

He accused the opposition of spreading “a childish lie that they will be sent to detention centres, and affirmed that “our government has never discriminated on the basis of religion”.

“My rivals can burn my effigy, they can beat my effigy with shoes if they hate me, but do not set public property on fire,” he appealed.

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Why the change in tune?

Party sources told ThePrint that the government was facing international embarrassment over the last 10 days due to widespread protests across the country. The PM’s image was at stake, especially because the protests were was not limited to a few areas but had spread across the length and breadth of the country.

This is why Modi went back to the message of “sabka saath, sabka vikas”, and not alienating Muslims.

The hope seems to be that Modi’s clarifications on the CAA and NRC will help the BJP regain some lost ground and support ahead of the next round of assembly elections in Delhi in a couple of months’ time, as will the regularisation of unauthorised colonies.

PM Narendra Modi with other BJP leaders at a rally in Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi on 22 December
PM Narendra Modi with other BJP leaders at a rally in Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi on 22 December | Photo: Suraj Singh Bisht

‘Our politics not based on discrimination’

Modi, who spoke for over 100 minutes, addressed the BJP’s core vote bank as well as detractors and opponents.

He said at least a dozen times that his politics was not based on discrimination, and asked the thousands in attendance at the Ramlila Maidan: “When we authorised the unauthorised colonies, did we ask anyone their religion? Did we ask which political party they supported? Did we ask for documents from 1970, 1972, 1980? I want to ask the Congress and other parties… why are they lying?”

He also gave examples of government schemes like Ujjwala, with its eight crore beneficiaries, to make the point that religion was not a criterion for giving these benefits.

He also appealed to the protesters to respect the Tricolour. “Since they are carrying the national flag, I feel assured that they will understand the responsibility of holding a flag… They will not resort to violence, they will protest against violence. Holding the flag is a right, but also a responsibility,” Modi said.

He also tried to whip up support for police personnel who have cracked down on protesters at various places, and on some occasions, even suffered at the hands of the crowds.

“33,000 policemen have sacrificed their lives since independence. When there is a crisis, they don’t go around asking people’s religion,” the PM said, leading the crowd in raising the slogan “shaheedon amar raho” (martyrs, live forever).

A BJP supporter at the rally in Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi
A BJP supporter at the rally in Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi | Photo: Suraj Singh Bisht | ThePrint

Attacks on the opposition

Modi launched multiple attacks on opposition parties, especially the Congress, about which he said: “Leaders from the oldest party are mum on the violence; they are not even ready to appeal to people to shun violence. It means they are behind this violence and agitation.”

He accused opposition parties of raising false propaganda to defame the country internationally. “These parties have tried to defame me for the last 20 years and now they find that Modi is gaining support in Muslim countries too, so they have started spreading fear among the Indian Muslims,” the PM said. “There is an effort to finish me, but they will not be successful.”

He said India had an opportunity to expose Pakistan over its discrimination against minorities, but it has been lost due to the politics of the Congress, AAP, Trinamool Congress and the Left.

On defiant chief ministers, especially Mamata

PM Modi also targeted chief ministers of states like Punjab, Chhattisgarh and Kerala who have insisted they won’t implement the CAA in their states. “You are chief ministers, have sworn an oath on the Constitution. You should ask the advocate general… under which rule can you not implement the act?”

Modi reserved a special section of his speech for West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who has been the most vocal opponent of the new citizenship law, and whose mocking of the law and Amit Shah’s words has gone viral.

He mimicked Banerjee a few times, and addressed her directly too. “Didi, you campaigned against Bangladeshi immigrants once, and now you have a problem with it.” He made a reference to an old speech of hers in Parliament against infiltration into West Bengal, and attacked her for “changing” her stand due to “vote bank politics”.

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  1. If the countrywide NRC is to be buried, as the PM now says, the many questions remain unanswered. (1) Why did India’s Home Minister raise the bogey of NRC in the Parliament? (2) Without nationwide NRC, the CAA has no practical relevance except in Assam, where NRC has actually taken place. Why did the government pass the CAA in haste? (3) Now what does the government propose to do with those 1.9 millon identified as non-citizens of India, many of who are Hindu immigrants from Bangladesh? (4) If only non-Muslims in Assam are to be granted citizenship, will it not be violation of the Assam Accord? (5) Does the government plan to give citizenship to the x% of these 1.9 million in Assam, being the Non-Muslim, in a automatic way without checking their antecedents or past history? (6) Finally, what has the BJP gained in the entire exercise.? It seems that in exchange of gaining a few lakh Bengali Hindu votes in Assam, it has lost political sympathy and acceptance in the entire North-East!

    almost a century ago
    Hitler was saying repeatedly
    “Hate me as much as you want
    but Don’t hate Germany”
    now somebody in India is heard saying
    “Hate me as much as you want
    but don’t hate INDIA.
    (Google to verify)

  3. Y Muslims need to see CAB,UCC and NRC Together – like the Christian Trinity (which is Haram in Islam)

    A lot of the Hindooo Dindoo Bania/Brahmin TV media try to delink the CAB and NRC,and try to make Muslims believe that CAB is not Anti-Muslim and NRC is far off..dindooohindoo

    This is again a strategem of the Fat Pancho Amit Shah and Dishwasher Chaiwala Modi diwmit duopoly.

    Phase 1

    In Phase 1 – the Bania/Brahmin company did cow lynching,love jehad lynchings,rama temple lynchings – to place the Muslims in the siege mentality syndrome.This is the Israeli Model – who first rape and kill the Palestinians – who look to the UN and the USA/EU – who do not do a thing.This starts the siege mentality when the legal system turns its back on the race,and the said race becomes a pawn in the hands of nations,and international organisations.

    Phase 2

    In Phase 2 – after making the Muslims physically insecure and helpless,the Bania/Brahmin company, deliver legal blows like the triple talaq bill,rama temple etc.This is also the Israeli Model – wherein the Jews have conned the USA to shift the embassy to Jerusalem,and reckon it as the capital of Israel.

    Phase 3

    In Phase 3 – which has now commenced you have the trinity of CAB/Uniform Civil Code(UCC) and NRC

    The target of the NRC and the UCC are the Muslims,per se.In CAB,it is an assymetric target – by specifying 3 Islamic nations – and their Hindooo,”so called oppressed minority”.

    The expectation is that Muslims become innured and oblivious of this destruction – just like the Dalits did for 5000 years.

    Phase 4

    In Phase 4 – like the Israelis split the Fatah/PLO etc., the Bania/Brahmin scum will give an OPTION to the minority sects of Muslims,to state in their identity documents their sects.This is the phase of casteing and classing the Muslims – who will ultimately declare,that they are “Hindoo Muslims”

    Minority sects of the Shia,Bohris,Ahmadiyas etc are declared as Non-Muslims in several Islamic nations.West Asian History also records that the Mongol invasions were assisted by these sects.Hence,these sects will in all
    probability toe the line of the Brahmin/Bania vermin – and start offering ritualistic tribute to Rama and the mad team of ape gods

    Phase 5

    In Phase 5 will come the quarantining and class-ing of Indian Muslims and Dalits in special zones and geographies with separate tranist id cards and restrictions on voting and mobility.

    Class is a natural corollary of the caste sanction in the Gita.The aim is to 1st use class to split the Muslim sects and then target the Hindoo castes – namely the Dalits.The Muslims are targetted with the pretext of National Sacurity and the Dalits will be targetted on the grounds of economic security – and then split based on Valmikis etc.

    The Problem of the Indian Muslims

    What is The Problem of the Indian Muslims ? The Gita is the only scripture which authorises caste discrimination before a man is born,and which lasts beyond the death of the person.

    It is only a naturally corollary and evolution that the Brahmin vermin will apply the same maxim to the Indian Muslims through the contorted and contrived convolutions of the NRC – under the garb of National Security – ostensibly to satisfy Article 14 of the Constitution.In reality the Brahmin/Bania vermin does not care for the Constitution – which is the antithesis of the Vedas and
    the Gita and the Ramayana.

    The Hindoos did the same thing to the Sikhs.Nanak did not use the word “Khalsa”.It was the Hindoo who conned the Sikhs,to become a race of mercenaries – and a sort of a mad suicide cult – which started worshipping vulgar and naked Hindoo Gods and Goddesses.The Sikh Gurus,Ranjit Singh,Khalsa Empire and Sikhism,were all destroyed due to the spiritual corruption by the Hindoos.Whoever supported the Hindoos was destroyed – that is the record of history (From the Sakas to the Huns/Mongols and the Mughals) and also recorded by Beruni.

    Now it is the turn of the Indian Muslims – it is they who voted for the BJP – just like Solomon who broke the Oral law and specific injunctions by Allah.Now it their turn to face doom.If a follower of Isaac or Ishmael cannot recognise Evil and explicitly supports Iblis or Evil – then it is clear than the man has been forsaken by Allah – and, in the opinion of this author,deserves doom.

    An “Indian” Muslim is not a Muslim who follows the Oral Law as re-revealed to the Prophet.To live as an “Indian” Muslim is a spiritual curse – which would definitely,not lead to paradise.

    The Hindoos of Pakistan and Afghanistan

    Not even 0.1% of the Pakistani and Afghan Hindoos will seek refuge in Hindoosthan.And those that are in Hindoosthan will realise very soon
    that they have no DNA link with Indians.

    They will cohabit and marry with their own and eventually shift to USA/EU – just like the Iraqi Shias in India,who only marry among their own.

    The Hindoos of Bangladesh

    Bangladesh has Gas.North East India has nothing.In the next 10 years,Indians will become economic refugees in Bangladesh – and many parts of North
    East India,will voluntarily secede from the Indian Union.In addition,like in Lanka,when a new political entity in Dhaka,kicks out the BJP and the Indian State and the PRC and PLA come in,the entire North East will be supplied from Bangladesh,at 20-35% cheaper items – for all purchases made by the
    North East Indians.They will be glad to secede from the Indian Union and form a trading block – with the PRC dam-ing the Brahmaputra,and wheeling the
    power right across India,to Myanmar and Dhaka.

    The Future of North East India lies in Myanmar,PRC and Bangladesh – and NOT with Eastern India or Central India

    Hindoosthan is doomed.


    The Solution is only the partition of Hindoosthan.Partition leads to evolution of the human race – when there is no 1 race,in a nation.PRC is one race – the Mongol and the Mongoloid.India has a million mongrelised races plagued by 2000 years of incestuous pullulation – and that is a sad historical and scientific fact and truth

    The suboptimal and retarded evolution of the Indian Mongrel races,is what is leading to the disaster of Hindoosthan,as it exists today.dindooohindoo

  4. 23c BJP

    BJP got 2019 Election vote 23 crores.

    110 crores Indians against BJP ruling Indians..

    They are targeted, Looting Indians votes system
    Already looted 70 %.. balance 30% only..

    Culprits Election Commission

  5. In a vibrant democracy, the people and the government listen to each other’s Mann ki Baat. Many notes of caution have been raised, including in edits and columns, about the pernicious effects of CAC, the pan Indian NRC infinitely more so. Since the exercise is a one – off, limited to people fleeing persecution who have entered India before 31st December, 2014, an enlightened, compassionate view could be taken to confer citizenship upon them. Some squaring of the circle may be required in Assam.

  6. Actually it’s not clear by government before bringing such a bill into parliament.Why it’s not discussed by & large or widespread in the nation before it becomes CAA.Now bowing before the nation why not the proper atmosphere created in the nation. Now after widespread violence in the nation, through out the world defamation. Why haste ? The problem Is not discussed.Instead of controlling the regression of economic status of the nation, unemployment problems to be solved, farm problems are solved, isn’t it a carelessness, or distraction from the originals to the emotional & racism. Now after the nation spread violence,Suspicious atmosphere in the world & nation the government comes forward to avoid further danger.

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