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Post about Prophet Muhammad triggers riots in Bengaluru, 3 killed as police opens fire

Post was allegedly put up by nephew of a Congress MLA, who claims his account was hacked. Mob tried to barge into MLA’s house, torched vehicles & property.

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Bengaluru: Three persons were killed and three others grievously injured after the Bengaluru Police opened fire to control riots that broke out late Tuesday, after protests erupted over a social media post allegedly insulting Prophet Muhammad.

Angry mobs went on a rampage in the Kaval Byrasandra area to protest against the Facebook post, allegedly put up by P. Naveen, nephew of Pulakeshinagar MLA Akhanda Srinivasa Murthy of the Congress.

Residents began sharing the “offensive” post through messages, and soon, close to 600 people gathered near the Pulakeshinagar police station demanding justice. Crowds also gathered outside Murthy’s residence, shouting slogans and demanding the arrest of Naveen, who claimed that his account was hacked. The now-deleted post has been retrieved and the police have arrested him to conduct a detailed investigation.

According to the police, the angry mob then resorted to arson and began setting vehicles on fire. Police sources said the mob arrived at Murthy’s residence armed with lathis, iron rods and sharp metal objects to try and barge in. The MLA was not present at home when the rampage took place.

Section 144 of the CrPC, which prohibits the assembly of more than five people, has now been imposed across the city. Police commissioner Kamal Pant said 110 people have been arrested for arson, stone pelting and assault on police.

Karnataka Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai said in a video message sent to the media: “Whatever be the issue, it will be thoroughly investigated. Vandalism is not the solution. The guilty, however powerful, will be brought to book. I have given the police a free hand to handle the situation.”

In a tweet Wednesday morning, Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa said the violence was unacceptable, and that the perpetrators would be booked.

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Police action

Bengaluru Police Commissioner Kamal Pant also spoke to the media after the situation was brought under control, saying there was heavy police presence in the riot-hit areas. Pant said an additional commissioner of police was attacked and large-scale property damage has been reported.

Two deaths were reported initially, before commissioner Pant confirmed a third.

According to senior police officers, more than 20 vehicles were torched by the mob, while the vehicle of DCP (north division) Bheemshankar Guled was also attacked.

A senior police officer, who did not want to be identified, explained that they tried to control the crowds through a lathi-charge first. But the crowds refused to back down and began attacking policemen and their vehicles. Despite several warnings to calm down, the rioters continued their rampage, forcing the police to lob tear gas shells and open fire when the crowds came charging at them.

Sources said the situation allegedly went out of hand when an irate group of people landed at the police station demanding Naveen’s arrest. The police asked the people to try and sort the situation out amicably, which allegedly angered them.

Several Congress leaders condemned the incident on Twitter, and MLA Murthy himself also released a video, appealing for calm and reassuring the public that the miscreant behind the post had been booked.

Risk of Covid spread

This is the second riot that has broken out in Bengaluru in the span of four months. On 19 April, violence had erupted in Padarayanapura after residents who were secondary contacts of a deceased Covid-19 patient refused to accompany the Bengaluru municipal team for quarantine at night.

A mob surrounded the police that had been brought in to control the situation, leading to the arrest of 126 people allegedly involved in the violence. This also led to numerous new Covid-19 cases, and the administration had a tough time containing the spread.

The police told ThePrint that in Kaval Byrasandara too, several people were neither maintaining social distance nor wearing masks, leading to a higher risk of the spread of the virus.

“We wanted to ensure that the violence was controlled. But now we worry what
would happen, because many of our policemen too were infected in Padarayanapura,” said another officer who did not want to be named.

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(This report has been updated with new information about the rioting)

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  1. Be human Because you are going to live at the maximum
    70 years
    25500 Hours
    1,533,000 minutes
    91,980,000 seconds

    Out of this how long can you fight

    How long you are potentially awake with your own senses at the maximum 1/100

    255hours you can hold your
    Adverse action,


    In the meantime

    You can do so many



    To all other



    Every one knows only one thing

    In common

    The hunger

    When this is done


    When both above are fulfilled


    You look towards

    Eternal god

    Forgetting to provide




    Then you come under religion

    Till such time your basic needs fulfilled

    Religion doesn’t enter you

    When you are wealthy

    Religious people want to suck you either

    Financially or


    Use your brain!!!!!!

  2. The question is why so many people were outraged,why every now and then muslim sentiments are hurt.when the government is saying they will bring ramrajya in the country,then why they are not implementing the communal law in the country.

  3. Really I got tears while reading these comments . I don’t understand Why do you target the whole community because of some people …I only know tht I’m an Indian …..
    First priority and then I come to my religion

  4. What rights do these Muslims have to burn public properties, attack police stations etc.,etc., When kanda shasti kavasam ( song in praise of lordMuruga) was degraded Hindus kept quiet.Learn from these Muslims. It’s high time, don’t exist as stones.

    • Brother its true that vandalism and hurting 100 for 1 is inapt. When it comes to Prophet i dont think muslims would bear ill talks against him to happen unless the last of us breathe. But its also true that the very person spoken should be brought to consequence not entire city

  5. A mere post , even if objectionable , should not result in mass criminal acts. Police should act with maximum strictness against the violators , who have reduced Bengaluru to the status of a Bhagalpur or Ahmedabad. Banning the SDPI should be one option to be seriously considered but it will be a long haul , since such matters move slowly in India. Meanwhile keep the confirmed rioters as long as possible in jail, and make the convicted compensate for the losses incurred.

  6. This is one side of the story. The thing started with Bhoomi pujan of Ram mandir. Some muslim fanatic, wrote a facebook post with nude/pornographic depictions of hindu goddesses. And some derogatory comments in kannada.(calling hindu goddesses as prostitutes) Some kannada speaker translated the comments in english. I have seen it. My blood boils. In REPLY to which this P. Naveen wrote about MoHAMmed. A very famous but hidden story about how he ‘married’ ayesha 6 year old girl when he was 55. Which ofcourse the muslims dont like. What is actually a fact is considered blasphemy? Well, you can blaspheme my religion, why cant I blaspheme your religion?

  7. What a peaceful event by the followers of a so-called religion of peace ?
    My foot ! they are the most violent and most intolerant because the Islam teaches them violence giving the garb of jihad .
    More over , I never witnessed any condemnation on the streets against such violence because the majority of the Muslim society endorse s such violence in the name of religion. This mindset is nurtured and spread amongst them from the early childhood . Such mindset is protected by political parties too because of their vested interest. Strict action needed against all those involved in violence including recovery of losses so incurred.

  8. No mention the main house burned down by Muslim mobs belonged to Dalits. Dalits are Hindus, probably Shudras, and Moslem attacks against Dalits are an attack on ALL HINDUS. So much for sub altern nonsense. Turns out left solution to SubAlterns is enforce enslavement by Arabs and Romans, take that evil High Castas, though casta is Euro racist nonsense.

  9. Let me tell you something about Islam first to indians brother and sisters, Islam don’t not teach to disrespect other religions, our prophets never say to kill or never showed how to discriminate other religions, i suggest you guys to learn something about Islam and our prophet Muhammad, there are lot of Hindu brothers and muslim brothers who are disgrace to there religions, those who try to create hatred among one another, but I am ashamed of fellow Indians because we are living in 21st century and without knowing the all story and because of one person why you guys hate whole religion, I have seen lots post and comments during CAA, that we muslims doesn’t belong to India and we don’t deserve to be here, why you guys don’t understand that during the freedom our Hindu ancestors and muslim ancestors and Sikhs ancestors fought togather even muslim have spilled there blood’s and they have died fighting for this country, so next time you talk about who should be there in this country read history and have some knowledge about muslim religion, coming to the point no religion teach there followers to hate or kill, there is a great saying in our Islam if you killed one innocent you killed all humanity and those people are not among us, all i am saying is don’t listen to fake news or don’t get brainwashed by social media or media try to do own research and then think what would have actual happen don’t come directly to conclusions, at the end I just wanna say Islam is very peaceful religion and the people who call themselves as muslim and try to creat hare there are not actually muslim and same goes to other religions, just remember humanity is greater than anyother religions in the world, lets pray for those who died in this terrible accident, I hope there soul enter in paradise and live happily ever after and give strength to there familys.

    • Mohammad was the most bigoted person ever. Moslems never respect Hindu anything. So stop lying. Muslims rule about mocking Mohammad is because Muslims are tyrants against free speech or even reasoning, probably because Reason goes against Islam. Muslims slaughtered 500,000 peoples in one city in 1400s, entire population of Ireland was less. Peaceful nothing. If Islam was peaceful, no Muslims would be in Bharat. Also more attacks upon Dalit Hindus by Moslems mobs, no coverage media?. Hindus must stand with Dalits against Moslem hordes.

    • The post has all the details.. the post had all the details of from where he has takenetc.. . But crowding and burning is not acceptable. If Islam is not teaching you to do all this then, everytime from where these people are coming and doing all this. In india they are called minority, is this how you behave.

    • Hi Brothers and Sisters

      I read all post can not able to resist myself to explain one thing..
      We all born alone and will die alone..
      Today we all are fight for community, religion, caste, or just reading few hatered words on social media.. but we forget that in this fight people who die is a person and it make suffer through out life is his or her family..
      Many things we have to understand.. we have to realize..

      Many a times it hurt me when I see my Muslim Brothers not obeying traffic rules, insulting Hindu gods, disturbing social peace, fighting with Hindus..but

      We believe in unity and respect humanity we request don’t just end up everything because of sentimental or social media new.

      We all are one.. we have to keep a feeling of Indian first..

      Jai Hind… Jai bharath..

  10. U guys are right… violence should not take place..but why people always attack muslims and there religion..we never talk bad about there religion about there god’s..etc..they always post about our beloved prophet..

    • I guess then you need to read some news. Don’t act victim. Muslims regularly keep posting hatred about Hindu God’s. Maybe You never heard it because we didn’t BURN the entire city for it. Our God’s can’t be disrespected by mortal humans hence we never made a fuss or cry about it.

  11. Initial post by muscle man was against Krishn on Janmashtmi.
    No outrage, condemnation or riot on that.
    Shows civility of hindus and hypocrisy of state govt.

    • Correct saying Jihdi funded Media houses won’t tell the actual Truth which is behind the reaction of P Naveen.

  12. This is propoganda planned every time in india. They used Muslims like popets.. they support in delhi riots and many innocent Muslims killed. now blaming on again muslim .. this is Indian politics, in world every where only minorities suffer like delhi , Gujarat..

  13. It is indeed shocking as I go through the comments, to see as to how much hateful and denigrating we people can be towards others. Rather than condemning the wrong doer, which certainly should be the one to spark things off, we go on to criticize the riot, which also is wrong, and making illogical statements of how Islam is the reason for the riots. The problem here is no religion, I would rather say it for the same as you, that happenings as these take place. Let’s just say, today the Ayodhya Bhumipoojan was interrupted in a similar manner, the entire country would’ve been warlike by now. Even I’m a Hindu, but it gives no right whether by law of our country or by humanely character to disrespect the faith and condemn a faith, this generalisation needs to be stopped. And we’ll be celebrating 73rd Independence Day, we never were truely independent of the existing evils between us.

  14. Son of Godse need to decide whether they want to keep India a heaven or hell…after 2014 more than 650 riots has taken place and Hindu and Muslims have suffered….i blame to Indians who has voted fanatics to power….

  15. A Muslim guy posted explicit pictures of lord Krishna photoshopped. Calling Krishna a rapist. In retaliation, Naveen posted Prophet Muhammad meme referencing certain Islamic books and proving him a rapist. The Muslim people screenshot only the comment of Naveen and cropped out the main post, to intentionally trigger the riot. Also they played sympathy game of protecting a temple so that they can reduce the Hindu support for Naveen beforehand. This is quite planned, and they posted first were waiting for some hindu to retaliate so that they can use it as an excuse to cause a havoc, as they were not able to do anything against bhoomi pujan.

  16. Where were you guy when same was going on in gujrat, and jharkhand and the latest in the gurugram you hypocrites

  17. Multiple times Hindu Gods where shown badly and portrayed in bad manner but never created a big scene like this & Why for each and everything peaceful community reacts in violent way. Now few people comments here as if always peaceful community are victims.. Really.. ! Before advising others you should think before shit..

  18. If any god or profit is above reproach or examination, then they are a false god and false profit. This is not an opinion, this is logic. In other words, a god should be able to defend their own name and religion. Their lowly creations can do nothing of any significance in a billion years that the god cannot do in one second. Right?

    It is the obvious choice of a weak belief to resort to violence. People have been doing this since time began. Whenever good people raise a question about a bad belief, violence always follows by those who hold those beliefs.

    This happened when we ended slavery. This happened when we pushed against racism. This happened when we stood against the idea that women are not human beings.

    I am sorry if your Muslim feelings are hurt, but your religion, just like all the religions of Abraham (Christianity, Judaism, Catholics) are becoming more and more exposed to their impossible claims, bad ethical laws, and the fact that they are copies of other ancient religions. It is time for you to accept those who reject your religion and to keep your beliefs to yourself. Your violence shows that you are less than human in a world that is desperately trying to become more human.

    • @Robert Fisher – you are not a scholar on religion..I bet you don’t even know the chronological order of quran’s chapters.. It’s true that Muhammad ordered to kill, it’s evident in the second last chapter which is chapter 9 and Muhammad himself claimed to be a terrorist but in Christianity jesus told his followers to love even your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.. So don’t talk I’ll without knowing.. Where did you see Christians chopping of heads in the name of religion and yelling “Jesus hu akbar” me where jesus commanded his followers to fight.. Your comment shows the kind of hate you have in your heart.. You sound like an atheist so according to science earth is billions of years old.. Dont act as if you have proof as to which religion came first a billion years ago..

  19. We muslims had been the most tolerant community in India but any derogatory remarks on Islam and specially prophet (SAW) is unacceptable
    We will not show any mercy to those who try to insult prophet(SAW)
    We won’t be silently watching their wrong doings
    We have the right to take our revenge either lawfully or elseway

    • Boss are u literate? … this is not pakistan
      .. first comes our country then the law then comes the religion..whether hindu or muslim they have to follow this….. havent you seen posts degrading hindu gods… did we behave like that… first come out of the illusion that your religion is the greatest in the world…every religion is great for the person belonging to that person…and also cme out of the illusion that u re treated badly in india…if thats the case how did abdul kalam became president…
      Coming to ur comment.. u re telling u wnt show mercy for that comment against islam.what if all the hindu ppl behave the same way for each posts about hindu gods… go as per law… even we l support u ppl to fight against such posts.. thats shud be the spirit…

  20. A congressman has posted these offensive posts. However when there is election time these same people will go and vote for the congress as it is a secular party. I am surprised how Barkha Dutt, Ravish Kumar and other communal vultures have not descended on Bengaluru to try and milk the incident. Maybe because a congressmn is involved and not BJP so it has to be brushed under the carpet ? Long live Indian secularism where you can abuse Hindu Gods on daily basis and move around freely but face physical elimination if you dare post any controversial post on the secular community.

  21. Haha, we are suffering the mistakes done by our so called Father. This is only a trailer…picture abhi aur baaki hai. All Hindus must unite!

  22. Do not underestimate this Print guy also, This guy is Anti indian, he liks the butts of Rahul gandhi and he begs money. This guy will sell us taking money from us itself.

  23. Peace has descended on Bengaluru peacefully as peacefuls enforce peace. The peacefuls used fire to cleanse a few vehicles and a few shops. Peace and tolerance at its peak in Bengaluru.

  24. Mobs should be captured and punished.. Govt shall initiate strict action on them..this should not be repeated in India again..

    • Agreed, also hindu mobs who keep killing muslims in the name of jai shree ram and all those people who keep on saying bad about muslims and prophet when ever possible. Also the MLA relative who posted such offensive post. Law should be equal for all. FYI, 4 muslims were killed who came seeking justice to station, not any hindu. If it was muslim causing any problem, then it should have been a hindu killed, not a muslim. Think before u shit. We dont know what actually happened and what made things go wrong such. We dont even see the post anywhere where MLA relative spoke bad about prophet which caused this trouble. This is obvious if that post is leaked nobody can defense the culprit or can appose muslim actions, people would only point the culprit. But see its muslims who are being pointed, fired and killed and depicted as assholes, this is so called fucking media and politics. When its muslims involved in anything, the sin is always considered to be of muslims.

      • My question to sattar and zakeera and modi, tell me honestly whom will u support if there is a war between India and pak., Tell me honestly u fake people. And what is your opinion about our beloved lord krishna being depicted in abusive language by a muslim culprit we will also not tolerate SATTARrrrrrrrrrrr. we will also not tolerate.

      • Who has given the muslims the right to riot, to burn others’ properties, to loot, to arson , to burn public properties, to burn police station and to attack police, to attack others to kill. How those rioters knew that the so called culprit’s account would not have been hacked? Go through the facebook and twitter you can easily find tons of derogatory message by muslims ahainst Hindu religion, do Hindus go on killing spree?

  25. These cow worshippers need to come right, Just because there is a Hindu nationalist government in power doesn’t give free reign to insult the same people that you have lived with side by side for hundreds of years. Secondly it’s time for Muslims and other religions of India to stand up and burn down this filthy pagan polytheistic regime. There people are starving and there main concern is that people are leaving this idol worshipping fiasco, for real?. Don’t be fooled, lest we forget the recent incident of the taxi driver being assaulted by the two BJJ thugs, these polytheists have projected far more violence and hatred towards all other minorities in their country.
    Dark days upon Endia

    • Just because of Jihadists we should not condemn and vilify Islam, so we must not speak ill about Hinduism, which is in fact a combination of Monotheism, Polytheism, Animism, Atheism, just for the ultra nationalists who just use the religion for their own benefit.
      I on behalf of billions of Hindus apologize you if the stupid bigots annoyed you.

    • What about temples demolished and nation partitioned by formless God worshipping thugs, gundas, happily in this land with all facilities still accusing the nation u cow ,camel etc.,etc., eating wild creature

    • The allah worshipers need to face the reality, same allah who provides 72 virgins to islamist terrorists and whose prophet had married a 7 years old kid, are on roll as all non-muslims of this world has realized the vile of this satanic cult……

  26. We must cherish and nourish tolerance, free-speech and secularism in India. No religion is above law and humanity. Religion should serve humanity, not the other way around. If one truly follows their religious ideals/idols, then they must show that kind of tolerance and forgiveness that the messiahs showed.

    • Mr Reddy, Let all Hindus also start giving the same treatment to them. Doesn’t matter the geographical location. In 1992, riots started in Mumbai. No relevance to location. 2 days back Mr. Rahmani was asking for separate land for Muslims again forgetting that Pakistan and Bangladesh were created for them.

    • This not your Gujrat or Delhi…if one stands there will 100 back support…never ever think of doing that cheap here…we are kannadigas we are not Hindu Muslims here we stand first as kannadigas and support eachother. Even Hindus where present yesterday in strike for that bustard cheap post…you stay in your place look around your place and take care there..

      • Shoeb see now you don’t bring language here before kannadigas we are Indians.. You said that even Hindus were there to protest on that post but we never see a single person supporting Hindus when Hindus were in trouble.. Forget support have you seen anyone condemning your community when posted against Hindu gods?

    • This mob culture mentality and rioting due to coran virus has to come to an end. Those who indulge in rioting must pay back for the loss of life and property. Seriously they need one more lesson in Yogi style. They pay for the loss or their escort vehicle overturn on the way to jail.

    • This is propoganda planned every time in india. They used Muslims like popets.. they support in delhi riots and many innocent Muslims killed. now blaming on again muslim .. this is Indian politics, in world every where only minorities suffer like delhi , Gujarat..

  27. These low grade wannabe fake Arabic thugs should not know that this is Ind not their arabia. No more of their Arabic nonsense

  28. The Religion of Peace at work again. The only way to resotre the honour of the Prophet is to burn down police station, set fire to hundred private vehicles, kill a couple of people and injure hundreds. Wah! As I keep writing here often, the problem is Islam, not Muslims.

  29. This is start of social media jihad.

    I am going to tell you how it is going to unfold over the next year or so.

    We will see small incidents by peaceful Indian Arabs reaching extreme heights through alleged whatsapp or any social media posts.

    Within few hours crowd will gather.

    They will systematically elevate the level of violence as seen in Bengaluru.

    The victims in this case would be public, private properties and police.

    Unlike US, India will let its police get killed before taking action.

    Just use common sense and increase the vigil around hotspots in Bengal, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Kerala, darbhangha, Aligarh, JNU and Jamia to name a few.

    370, Triple talaq, CAA, Ayodhya, Bhoomipujan are the root cause of this resentment. And with UCC, Minority redefinition and population control bill on the horizon it is going to get worst as so much is bottled up inside the Indian Arabs.

    Treat this with caution and urgency as it might be a precursor.

  30. Peaceful community back in action.
    One wonders of the news article would have been so sedate if instead RSS/Bajrang Dal workers had gone on a rampage.

  31. Tolerant Muslims very great, this is true secularism in India, if any comment even on Facbook against Islam, Hindus will be butchered, but Non-Hindus and Leftists and Muslims and Christians are free to insult and degrade Hindu Gods, that’s called Freedom Of Expression, if any comments against Islam it is Fascist and Hates speech , which should be dealt with violence, great, with Muslim population increasing , we are destined to see more and more these incidents, Bravo Hindu secularism.

    • @reddy watch YouTube videos on how indians have beat up non Hindus. Don’t act like you are peaceful.. You burn people with ur futile ego and words.. There are 200 plus countries in which there are several of them incomparably more tolerant than our indians..

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