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Unseen photos of how Babri Masjid demolition was planned and executed in 1992

ThePrint's National Photo Editor Praveen Jain documented the demolition of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, including a rehearsal on 5 December.

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The Covid-19 crisis in India is still escalating, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all set to lay the foundation stone for the Ram Janmabhoomi temple in a bhoomi pujan ceremony Wednesday afternoon. He is supposed to lay a 22-kg silver brick to symbolise the start of construction.

After decades of dispute, the 2.77 acre piece of land in Ayodhya was allotted by the Supreme Court to the Hindus in November 2019.

Nearly 28 years ago, on 5 December 1992, ThePrint’s National Photo Editor, Praveen Jain, was in Ayodhya when he received a scoop from a BJP parliamentarian about how kar sevaks were rehearsing the demolition of the Babri Masjid that stood on that piece of land, and a blow-by-blow account of how incidents were going to unfold the next day, when the mosque was brought down.

Jain documented the series of events leading up to and including the demolition in his film camera. Here are some unseen images:

The foundation ceremony had taken place at a 2.77 acre land acquired by the ruling Kalyan Singh government | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint
In July 1992, the foundation stone-laying ceremony (shilanyas) had taken place at the 2.77-acre plot of land acquired by Kalyan Singh’s BJP government in UP | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint
In July 1992, Karsevaks had gathered for a foundation laying ceremony of the proposed main gate Singhdwar at then disputed land of Babri Masjid | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint
Kar sevaks had gathered for a foundation stone-laying ceremony of the proposed main gate ‘Singhdwar’ at disputed site where the Babri Masjid stood | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint
Human bones were found on the acquired land that was being leveled and prepared for foundation in July 1992. This land was registered as Muslim graveyard in revenue records | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint
Human bones were found on the land that was being levelled and prepared in July 1992. The land was registered as a Muslim graveyard in revenue records | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint
On 3 December, former HRD minister Arjun Singh calls then PM P. V. Narasimha Rao from a local phone booth at New Delhi railway station before leaving for Lucknow. He was going there to watch the situation in Ayodhya | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint
Then-Union HRD minister Arjun Singh calls then-PM P.V. Narasimha Rao from a phone booth at New Delhi railway station before leaving for Lucknow on 3 December 1992. He was headed there to monitor the situation in Ayodhya | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint
On 5 December, a Kar Sevak wrote 'Rakt denge Pran denge' on a wall before the Babri Masjid demolition at the site | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint
On 5 December, a kar sevak writes ‘Rakt denge, pran denge’ (we will give blood, we will give our lives) on a wall, a day before the demolition of the Babri Masjid | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint
Uttar Pradesh policeman along with the Kar Sevaks shouted slogan 'Jai Shri Ram' on 5 December, the rehearsal day| Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint
Amid a rehearsal a day before the actual demolition, an Uttar Pradesh policeman joins kar sevaks in shouting slogan ‘Jai Shri Ram’, which came to be associated with the Ram Janmabhoomi movement | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint
Kar Sevaks stand in queue with tools on 5th of December before the Babri Masjid demolition | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint
Kar sevaks queue up with hammers and pickaxes on 5 December 1992 | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint
A man hiding his face instructs Kar Sevaks on the rehearsal day (5th December) | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint
A man, with his face covered, instructs kar sevaks during the rehearsal | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint
The night before the demolition | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint
The night before the demolition of the Babri Masjid | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint
Kar Sevaks bringing sand and water for proposed kar Seva allowed by the Supreme Court on 6 December morning | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint
On 6 December, kar sevaks bring sand and water from the Sarayu River, for the symbolic kar seva allowed by the Supreme Court | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint
On 6 December 1992 morning, before the demolition, veteran leader L.K. Advani at a meeting with temple movement leaders | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint
The morning of the demolition, BJP leader L.K. Advani meets leaders of the Ram Janmabhoomi movement | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint
During the demolition a lot of leaders where present at the site. In this picture ( from left to right) BJP leaders Murli Manohar Joshi, L.K. Advani, Vijaya Raje Shindia, watching demolition on December 6 at Ram Katha Kunj | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint
When the Babri Masjid was being demolished, many BJP leaders were at the site. Pictured here (from left): Murli Manohar Joshi, then-president of the BJP, L.K. Advani and Vijayaraje Scindia | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint
At the Ram Katha Kunj Vishva Hindu Parishad leader Ashok Singhal meets current Defence minister Rajnath Singh (at the left corner) | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint
At the Ram Katha Kunj, Vishva Hindu Parishad leader Ashok Singhal (standing) and Uma Bharti (standing behind to his right) meet Rajnath Singh (sitting nearest the camera) | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint
On 6 December, Kar Sevaks demolished the Babri Masjid | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint
Kar sevaks demolishing the Babri Masjid | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint
After the Masjid was demolished L.K. Advani came back to Delhi, where he was hugged by wife Kamla Advani and at the right PM Narendra Modi welcomed him | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint
Advani during his arrest in New Delhi. To his right is wife Kamla Advani and, in front, Narendra Modi  | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint

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  1. Parveen Jain’s camera could not cover the Sentiments of majority community struggle of hundreds of years to restore the temple, lacs of lives lost to restore the dignity of Hinduism

    He was paid to paint the picture in a way that all this is bad and he did the job, these type of Jaichands are the reason we become slaves of few outsiders ……this millenium belongs to Hinduism…jai shri ram

  2. Thank you Praveen. What a courageous role you have played in this shameful saga of modern India. Thank you for standing up, thank you for the relentless fight, thank you for braving the courts and the bureaucracy for so many years. We need courage and integrity like yours to bring truth to light. I still remember this day in 1992 when I was 16 and it still sends shudders down my spine. How far were we from a state-sponsored autocracy. What has become of my India?

  3. Truth is some politicians used a diety for political gains and the majority community bought into them. Nobody saw a mandir standing on the site but everyone saw a Masjid being razed down by a mob under the direction of few political masters. Deep down many of hindu folks know this injustice but they do not bring this to their tongues. Because cowardice is what makes someone look for safe haven and undermine justice. Truth is some politicians want to mint money constructing a temple as we have in South India whose collection goes to crores per day. Truth is some politicians want this divide to be there so that they can reap political gains. Truth is no one knows where Ram was born. Truth is justice Gogoi traded RS seat for the Babri judgement. Truth is a Masjid is razed down with a devilish plan. Truth is every political party is complicit in this crime. Truth is Ram idols were sneaked in middle of night. Truth is temple was not demolished to build a mosque . Truth is injustice has been done..

  4. If Muslim rulers were unjust then how come the Hindu population so intact. Muslim rulers prevented the Mongol invasion . If it was not for Alauddin Khilji , today’s Indian population would have been descendants of Genghis Han and his army. Under Muslim ruler the Brahmin community got so much land grants just because of respecting the hindu society structure. To rule for 1000 years either the kings have to be just or the masses have to be cowards. It is for the people to decide. No muslim today boasts of their past rulers because we take it just part of history and destiny. It is for the majority community to decide what they are doing today by believing in false propoganda would be counter productive for the next generations to come.. Because power is not eternal ..

  5. This narrative of Muslim rulers brought down temples to construct mosques is hard to believe as if there was no other place in India to construct mosques. Advani fooled the majority community to reap political gains by compromising the nation’s future. On the contrary there are cases where a hindu King rampaged a hindu temple under other hindu King. Example Sringeri temple of Karnataka under Mysore kingdom ransacked by Maratha rulers. And if Muslim rulers destroyed temples what were the hindu masses doing to protect them.

  6. Supreme court ruled that temple was not demolished to build Mosque. It’s a pity that Ram lalla was secretly sneaked into a mosque in the darkness of night . Even Ramlalla would have screamed that you are installing me in a mosque. Finally RamLalla found peace in a Mosque and next to a Muslim Graveyard because thats the land on which Ram temple is being planned to build. I am happy that your Lord found peace in my Mosque which was not built by demolishing a temple because our country has enough space to build places of worship

  7. I wonder how Babur knew exactly where Ram was born and built a Masjid at the very site and none of these destruction recorded during that time. Even Tulsidas who was alive when Babur demolished the great Ram temple, didn’t record the event but he wrote Ramcharitmanas. Even Valmiki didn’t record where Ram was born. But Babur knew everything.. How easily you can fool our hindu folks that they believe in anything.

  8. I remember the court ruling said photographs are not admissible as evidence. Once thus is set at rest, obviously there was nothing to pass a judgement. It is closed. Gone is bygone,

  9. Jai Shree Ram. Reclaim Krishna Janmabhoomi with “haribhakt krishna masjid” movement

    Jai Shree Krishna

  10. I am waiting for your ‘unseen photos of how ram temple was razed to the ground by babur in 1528 AD’ report to prove that you are not biased.

  11. “If we own farmlands, they will seize it. If we carry money, they will snatch it. But they can never take away education from us!” Poi pulla kuttya padika vainga da dai

  12. “If we own farmlands, they will seize it. If we carry money, they will snatch it. But they can never take away education from us!” Poi pulla kuttya padika vainga da dai

  13. Okay you share these photos during Mopilla rebellion in kerela mallapuram dist a lot of old Hindu temple has been destroyed pls provide pictures of that and not then you are the one who love to put a stand on your ass by the moppilas

    • From where did u hear that…. don’t shred the seeds of religious division on people who still have pure hearts with ur false knowledge… if u wanna make things dark by closing ur eyes u can do it… but don’t write such nasty untruthful words.

  14. Many people, in ThePrint and the ‘liberals’ advise that one should not rake up things from the past. Now, on the eve of something historic, ThePrint rakes up the past. So, who does one listen to? Is it simply about how long ago things happened? If bad things happen 1000 years ago, it is OK, but if it happens 28 years ago this it is not OK. The one thing I can say is 1000 years ago, there was no Supreme court judgement.

  15. Doe the print think that raking up old issues is doing any good to the general ethos of our country… Everytime when would tend to heal and India starts to get itself together — few in the press take it upon themselves to rake up unpleasant issues associated with it to rekindle the ebbing feelings……. Do you think this is serving any useful purpose — specially when India has so many challenges to face? It is like reminding mother of her labour pain every time she is with her baby!

  16. We want Hindu Rastra
    Jai Sri Ram 🚩🚩🚩🚩
    Jai Bjp🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩
    The Print🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

  17. Good pictures Parveen. You are a good photographer we all know. I too have been around the tracks in Delhi media. But you know it well, as a photographer you job is to shoot as directed by the editorial stream. I am glad to see you have refrained from adding your opinion to it. Also wondering if you or others in your fraternity have any pictures to share how the karsevaks, Indian citizens were killed mercilessly , as reported later, by the State. I wonder if your portal have any research to share how a Ram Mandir, backed by archeology and other historical facts, was destructed in 1528 and how a Masjid was built on it. I request them to share if they know how the majority community felt that time. Shall await. Thanks

  18. अभी तो पहली झाँकी है,,,,मथुरा , काशी बाकी है,,,💐💐💐

  19. You have only selective Approach this is journalism this is way to spread hate. Ram is not wounded through time. In point of historical scenario Ram is oldest to all religion origin so Babar made this masque in place of Hindu worship place. There are lots of above hundreds example made by Muslims.

    Unfortunate your view is also not good.
    Jai Shree Ram 🙏.

  20. Now looking our “bhartiya sanskriti” getting back to us by with respected Modi ji only. As our concern he is not man but he is a form of God. Now people should be supported more & more so that he can return our lost everything from couple of the sentuary.

  21. Worst news channel in india only Muslim support and funded by arab countries is there any shame to you mr editor Praveen Jain will you please maintain some journalism ethics shame less dog

  22. Now Time has come to reclaim Kashi and Mathura also and do justice to the misdeeds of past by the invaders to hindu culture and religion

    • And then achieve what? Violence? This is what bhagawat gita says?if they eat cow dung even you gonna eat it?
      Lord doesn’t reside on temple or statute or land….he resides in everyone heart…..whatever is done is done.
      Enough of blood shed…..let’s find peace……search Ram in mosque…who knows he might find peace right there…..

      We have only one race HUMANKIND…. don’t end it with materialistic thing….find inner peace and become one withit.


  23. I feel so bad that the print did not exist 500 years ago to safe gaurd the original Ram temple.

    I use to wonder if print could have been then lot of Hindu temples could have been saved.

    Only intension for the print kind of groups- let people not live in harmony.

    So you guys could get money out of it.
    Th print – The pungent.

  24. First of all it was just a structure, secondly unlike the last time no forceful mass conversion took place.

  25. The beneficiary is Brahmin and Baniyas, the OBC and dalit fooled again, The Collection from DAAN peti will go to brahmins, will go more prosperous, and the pooja samagrahi lodging etc profit will go to Baniyas, OBC and Dalit fooled again. Still They didn’t understand the game

    • Why are you again dividing our community into Brahmin and ahir and so on… So I request you to be Hindu not divide your self further. For past yrs Congress continuously playing divde and rule game.

  26. I see many people saying it unethical, not right, a bad effect of majoritarian politics.
    Well recently the Hagia Sophia was forced to change its religion while it was an age old Church but these people will not speak of it. They will not speak of the reduced percentage of Hindus in the Pakistan.
    Islam is second big religion and Hinduism is third.
    And most of the Hindus belong to the same nation i.e. India because Hinduism never forced someone to accept itself.

    Our ancestors were named Kafirs, killed brutally, our religious places were thrown in the muds,
    Somnath was broken many times, Ram Mandir was removed from Sight.
    Many innumerable cases hidden in records which you will not find in the Ncerts that you have read.

    And now you say this,
    That India is not a Hindu State,
    Neither it is muslim.

    We have not demolished the Jama Masjid, or the Taj Mahal.

    Because we fight for Truth, because we are the seekers of truth.

    Hinduism is oldest surviving religion because of the beliefs of people and the truth of the Hindus.

    While you must understand that if you think this is wrong then we may tell you the wrongs done.

    While you tell you undo something which existed 500 ago and in between had even no shadows.

    Well I must tell, every fault, every mistake, every injustice will be corrected and must be corrected.

    Why did fight for independence because we were already Under rule of the British Empire for almost 200 years.

    Because it was right and it was India’s fate to have freedom.

    Similarly it was and it will be India’s fate to have the temples of those who affected the culture for more than 7000 years.

    Please have respect for all the religions.
    You guys are not living in a muslim state.
    You are in a democratic nation and in this nation the culture is influenced by Rama, will be influenced by Rama and should be.

    We never forced anyone and this is the reason that our culture is being taken by most people.
    Our yoga, our Namastey gesture, our Sanskrit language which gave birth to many language.

    And since you live in India, you are the ones who are being judged by the cultures of India.

    Don’t be like the Muslims of Any other nation but be like muslims of India.

    Muslims of India who respect Indian culture, who respect the cow as thier mother and we It applies to the Hindus as well

    We Hindus Should also respect the cultures of Muslims.

    And We must Be Muslims and Hindus but must be Indian too.

  27. I can only say Jay shree ram, Jay shree ram, Jay shree ram, pravu shree ram will do everything fine, faith in him and worship him,

  28. Advani ji done all the hardwork and credit goes to some XYZ ….. Karma… Congratulation to all the country men and women …

  29. The print is filled with filth and degraded reports always against Hindus in the name of secularism . But, people are educated they know whats happening.

  30. I am reading this post to laugh at the Deceptive journalism techniques of Mr Shekhar Gupta . Well people understand history more than thePrint staff….

  31. I m very happy see it, really good to get this photos. Nice work did by car sewak. We love to be part of this great work. Hindus are best and always remain best.

  32. Dear Print .in,
    Show me any one article your journalists have written in favour of BJP . I have read all articles as anti BJP .
    What does it indicate? Is it paid journalism or should it be called journalism at all ?
    Iam apolitical and a voracious reader . iam well aware of biased journalism followed by many print and media houses. My comment is not associated to this article in particular.
    Let us report true journalism and not resort to yellow journalism, sensationalisation or paid journalism. Save Indian journalism for true and factual reporting.


    • Msg by Taslima Nasreen today -Can’t live in my country, impossible to live in Pakistan. I only can live in India, if I want to live in the subcontinent. Why India? Because it is not a Muslim-majority country. The truth is, non-Muslim countries are safer for free thinkers, secular humanists, atheists.

    • Don’t u feel shame after reading Indian history. After reading the brutal action s taken to destroy Indian rich temple by all Muslim dynasty? Do u know how much sweat and tears r there in native people of India. Pl go through it

  34. Don’t twist fact, supreme court never denied any existence of temple. On the other hand it validated that there was Non-Muslim religious structure at the same place.

  35. Shame on print, to public such provoking articles at this time.
    No matter if that was right or wrong, u can’t change anything now, rather u should try to maintain social harmony.
    It’s really shameful. Shame on u guys

  36. Why can’t you teach this secularism to other minorities too?? Why don’t you raise your voice when something wrong happens to hindus, where are you in those scenario. Is it your job to tell only hindus about being a secular indian. Stop doing this for money. If it is secularism, it is for every body, be it a hindu, muslim, sikh or christian. This is country where so many religions are living with great dignities and celebrating loving each others festivals. But everyone must know secularism is not a protocol or duty to be fill filled by hindus only, this is a duty of every indian, then we can see a true and non biased country and journalism.

  37. Nalanda was destroyed thousands and thousands great books were burnt, if you want history to be shown, publish that too again and again. Earlier that was a mandir right! Bring back the Brahman pandit to Kashmir.

  38. Jaga Hai Hindu Jaga hai.Hindustan abb humsa jo takrayaga choor choor ho jaya gaa. We have Ram Mandir in Real and in our life time

  39. Showing some things or portraying it as muslims are being discriminated and having a biased opinion towards Hindus portraying them as intolerants and criminals!
    You are proclaming yourself for showing quality journalism.then show everything unbiased irrespective of any religion or community or party.
    Where is the unseen photos of genocide of kasmir pandits and many other riots which a particular previous ruling party had done.
    As a media you should show proper journalism without any favour of any religion,party and community.

    When you start proper unbiased journalism then wrote it as fair, free, courageous and questioning journalism.
    # stop blaming Hindus for everything #stop showing favouritsm towards muslims and communists# start doing honest journalism #irrespective of religion ,party,govt

  40. It’s call communalism and dirt of bullshit inside in the mind of terror govt which has been spreading far back before Independence Day and still BJP RSS are manipulating and filling idiots people mind with dirt of Communalism , hatred , loot and killing.
    Everything has been sold out from supreme court to lawmakers . For all these years no evidences were found but right before 6months of Judgement day all evidence related to Ram Mandir was divulged from the earth, such a dirty politics of this ruling govt.
    Instead of that for all these years it would be great if the sold out CJI and SC would have been given a judgement to build a world class hospital or school but dirty and bullshit govt successfully implemented their shit mind planning.

  41. Sickualrism continue publishing .what a day u choose the print.same pain whn kashmiri pndits were mudered hindus temples were destroyed in kashmir and have been from past 500 years bt yout sickularism wont allow u to post this

  42. Leave it guys, Now Ram Temple is getting ready, thats the only thing that matters to us.
    And all the liberals please instead of thinking of india’s future think about urs. I think that will be beneficial to you.

    And “theprint” – Beta tumse na ho payega..

    Jai Shree Ram

  43. Lol. what else can we expect from “The print”
    Your hate against Hindus gives us more courage to fight against Muslims

    There’s Many more to come

  44. Digging the past, is digging your owngrave, you media….all that has been done. Supreme court has given orders. Appeals also dealt. Suitably. So temple can be built.

  45. Theprint never reasearch about the Kashmiri pandits , Palghar Sadhu Lynching and Many more cases .
    Well no-one can be fooled by your grabage articles so Just go on and publish whatever you want.

    जय भारत
    जय श्रीराम

  46. What are you trying to communicate?That you are a forebearer of Muslim minority or crusader of minorities. I find frankly none had reported the cruel killings of innocent Hindus taking place in Kerala almost daily happening.Probably most Hindu journalists are afraid of death at the hands of jihadis.i am from Kerala and I can vouch what I have is not that these journalists are genuinely interested in muslims.Muslims are now 19 percent in India as compared to 7 percent at the time of independence.
    Probably you want to preserve these snaps for future Indians to depict how cruel Hindus are.Because hardly any evidence is a available on the death and destruction that took place during Muslim rulers .it is indeed a pity.

  47. Kyun sabko ladwane k liye tule huye ho…editor saab!!!Jis samay in pics ki zarurat thi us samaya pics kahi kho gyi thi kya???

  48. The Print is such a bizarre, minority boot-licking portal, that it has lost all credibility long ago. Now no one takes these Congress and Muslim agents seriously. So stew in your own anger

  49. अमर रहेगी ये गाथा
    कितनों ने दी थी बलिदानी
    तब जा के आयी है राम की सवारी

    जय श्री राम

  50. Why The Print is always publishing such anti-national and communal articles. Do they don’t believe in the supreme court verdicts. However amid of this I want to only say. “Mandir ab nahi banega to kab banega” Jai Shree Ram. Bharat Mata Ki Jai

  51. One day the so called people of India will be in “Indian Taliban” as the RSS is disseminating his ideological propaganda….Be in prison of illiteracy and fanatism and say aloud Jay Shree Ram….

    • Msg on Twitter by Taslima Nasreen today – Can’t live in my country, impossible to live in Pakistan. I only can live in India, if I want to live in the subcontinent. Why India? Because it is not a Muslim-majority country. The truth is, non-Muslim countries are safer for free thinkers, secular humanists, atheists.

  52. Ah yes, the propaganda news again.
    Too bad you’re not considering the atrocities that Hindus had to go through during the rule of the so called “PEACEFUL MUSLIMS”from Mongolia

  53. You could have also posted photographs of hundreds of kar sevaks killed by In discriminate firing. Your article is just to provoke people nothing more. You also forgot that this is India , and Ram is ideal for all indians, After more than 500 years Lord Ram is getting his place , can you imagine if something like this would have happened in mecca ,or Vatican city.

  54. Research for the facts of how Ram Mandir was first demolished before Babri Masjid and publish that article.

  55. I dont know uss zamane mein itni HD pics kahan se aayi… Aaisi pics agr SC mein peesh hoojati toh shayad print walon ko itna kasht na krna pdta ye article likhne krne mein

  56. I wish there were cameras back then when many Muslims demolished our Hindu temples. Keep crying and we ll do what is right. If you think you can do anything to hindus and they ll just bare it, you are mistaken. Ayodhya is our pride, when you hit on it, it’s obvious you ll have this reaction. We have suffered and are still very patient with it. Stop playing minority card. I live in Muslim majority area and none of them lack in anything. So stop complaining and move on.

  57. The print is working on left wing agenda and this is the proof so go bloody hell with your ideology and go to your father Babar’s place this is India not Pakistan

  58. Why these photos are published now? Is their any ulterior motive? The archeological findings are that the mosque was built on the Ram temple. You do not have photos of the same. It is a question of publishing it even if you had it. Do not try to create any sympathy at the cost of the majority Hindus. If you have the photos of burning down the Kar sevaks in Gujrat, please publish the same. Let people come to know the truth. But for the demolition the Truth would not have come out. There are several such structures in the country which were built on the site of Hindu temples. Can you help us to scoop the history and find them out. We are sure you won’t.

    • 🚩जय श्री राम🚩

      इतनी एतिहासिक तस्वीरों को दिखाने के लिए आप का आभार

      यह याद दिलाता है कि कितना भव्य था वो दिन जब ये भगीरथ कार्य हुआ था 🚩🚩

    • Muh me jo mullo ke land rakh ke baat kar rahe ho, wo nikal ke bol. Rum nahi Ram hote hai. Jai Shree Ram

    • The greatest proof that Ram existed is that in over 55 countries people consider ram as a historical part of their culture. If ram was a myth?? Then millions of people would not have taken him as a historical character……

      NASA has proved that the Ram Setu is a manmade Bridge and world’s first bridge so they named it as adam’s bridge…. But the ramayan clearly states how the bridge was made and by whom……

      The places mentioned in Valmiki ramayan are even today and the geographical description matches even today on the ground…… Now how is it possible for a sage (valmiki) to travel from North Bharat to South Bharat and then write an epic on it….. Even the Island of JAVA ( Indonesia) is mentioned in ramayan….. So don’t argue without reading about the topic which you are blindly arguing on……

  59. Praveen Jain and Shekhar Gupta were waiting for today to publish these 28 years old pictures to get their two penny worth of journalism. Shame.

    • Amazing response. Do you even realise that it is job of photog to capture national events? This same photog has also captured the 1984 anti-Sikh riots with the same objectivity. And a lot of these pics – or at least versions of them – have been around since 1992!

  60. well please get some paintings commissioned of when temples were razed to make way for mosques. This is reversing an injustice done a long time ago.

    out of thousands of such temples is it wrong to restore just one. I was appalled that this much struggle needed to happen. it was a minor mosque for the minority but one of the most sacred places for the majority. Infact muslims should have helped in constructing this temple as welcoming brothers. Alas the leadership and vote bank politics lead them astray.

  61. Jai shri ram
    Shame on you print, scroll, Wire and quint like media houses and propagandistic journalists like you deserve to riot in hell , illiterate politics and fakeness of your secularists, communist and liberals talking about equality in india, where is our peaceful community talking about hospital and schools I suggest mental hospital to those people. You prople are not tolerant at all. but expecting Hindus to toltolerance in each and every time this is hinduphobian activities you journalists and so called peaceful community campaign around the world and creating fake image that’s all.
    This is true colour of this jihadis in our country 😡😡
    They are openely threatening that situation wont last forever😾😾
    Aur bano secular👎 , jo jihadi supreme court k decision ki respect nai karte , vo hinduo ka bhala kya chahenge..😑
    Inke lie sirf inka religion n sharia matter karta h😤😤😤😤

    • Dear bro when did supreme court said these leaders are innocent… its lucknow court who sets this verdict… and at current india what else are u all expecting

  62. This article shows the kind of philosophy the print has. It was not required today. We’ve already seen these divisive pictures many times . Just to increase your readership this crappy article. Wake up Shekhar Gupta otherwise you will lose many valuable readers.

  63. such a shame on print, instead of supporting harmony and integrity , publishing such sensitive srticles and pictures at this time

  64. Thousands of temples have been demolished all over India thanks to màny historical events. One mosque is demolished and so many tears from fake liberals like you. It is plain law of nature and Karma. What you have done to others will be done to you!

  65. Ram mandir is just a start. The Print will now have more news to cover as very soon all the mosques which are build on Hindu temples will have the same fate.
    Just wait and watch.

    This is what the invaders will get by destroying the temples build by our ancestors.

    Keep on publishing these news and spread your narrative. More to come.

  66. Well, what in the name of Babur is to be remembered? Gain some knowledge on how Babur was only a cruel person and nothing else. And coming to the demolition of Babri Masjid, it’s good that it happened and now we’re establishing Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, the birth place of Lord Ram. Shri Ram was called Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram for a very good reason. You have all the reasons in the world to follow such a great Victorious Hero! Jai Shree Ram! 🙏

  67. People…..remember……these are the traitors who destroyed the social democratic fabric of India….and one of them has become prime minister.

    • A K Das you’re the biggest traitor of our great nation. Its not about being anti PM , its all about being anti nation and the national sentiment. Please leave this country. and go where you will be happy. You don’t belong here.

    • Twitter msg of Taslima Nasreen today – Can’t live in my country, impossible to live in Pakistan. I only can live in India, if I want to live in the subcontinent. Why India? Because it is not a Muslim-majority country. The truth is, non-Muslim countries are safer for free thinkers, secular humanists, atheists.

  68. BJP, you can fool all the people part of the time, part of the people all the time, but you can not fool all the people all the time…….now time comes… have dig not for ram mandir but grave for whole Indian humanity….God will never forgive you…….if you have dare from your mothers milk ….let’s come face to face you bloody coward….

    • Indian muslims have never been Indian. In 1947 it was they who partition India. For past 70 years they have sham secularism while demanding personal religious laws. They frankly deserve this.

    • Ek masjid ke jagah temple bana toh itna mirchi laga…. Thousands of temples were demolished during Mughal period and mosques were built….!!! So it is our right to claim it back….!!! More temples will be built in removing mosque in future…!!!

    • Not BJP..but as a hindu I and we can give reciprocal reaction to your terrorist act at any time. Don’t worry you start we will finish.

    • When Muslims in Pakistan and Bangladesh demolished hundreds of Hindu temples, you Muslims never spoke a word. No wonder we do not like Muslims. You people are a curse on the human civilisation.

    • Chor-Chor mausere bhai…..if u think….u r happy to do that….then u r leaving in dream….respected POLITICIANS of India. Always remember…..Insan ki saza se badhkar(infinite) Allah ki taraf se saza hoti h…tumhen kya khouf hogi….tum to pehle se gumrah ho. Masjid Allah ka ghar h…..jahan farishton ka basera hota h….jahan masjid ni hoti…..azaan ki awaaz ni ati wahan Shaitan ka basera hota h…..jahan Shaitan hoga wahan barbadi honi hi h…be alert.
      Ya Allah pak hamari desh ke logon k dilon me imaan de…hamare desh ko gumrah karne wale logon se aur gumrahi k raste se mehfuz rakh..ameen

      • Tum logo ka DNA kaharab hai isme tumhara koi kasoor nahi.
        Islam k alava bhi bht kuch hai duniya mai par tum logo kuch na dikhai deta na sunai deta.
        Print valo se bhi yahi expectation thi k ye log aaj aag lagane ki koshish karenge

    • You muslim your Arabi stooge you cowards want face to face, you barbarians are only capable for terrorists attack. You can’t fight a war (1971) is prime example. You can only do terrorist attack or do backstabbing.

    • Extremely Happy to see these pictures, good photography. Sad event for urban nakaslite and communist, obviously other community which are like anti national.😀🤣🤣🤣😂

    • This is the only civilization that has endured and withstood centuries of genocidal attack from two of the most virulent proselytizing religions world has even see. It stood like a bulwark between these religions and rest of the world on the East. Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Inca, Mayan and all other great civilizations were run over by these two Abrahamic faiths. You might want to consider these facts before splewing further venom.

  69. Doing this to a minority was unbrave and non ethical. Yet the guilt is muslim haters have convinced the hindus ( the majority) is threatened
    I don’t know how devastation this mentality will bring to india and set back progress……

    • No muslim complained when Hindu temples were burnt. No hindu complained too, they endured it. But now, they have a problem even after being alloted land to build another mosque. How is this silencing minority? This is all drama. If Musliks can have their own mecca, Indians can have their own main temple too.

    • Are bhai minority bolte bolte majority ban gaye ye log… Apne bookish facts padhke idhr bhonko mat thoda realistic bano. India is a land of hindu culture and religion. Ye invasions ke baad sab religions aaye yaha humne kuch nahi bola, tolerance ki limit hoti hai! Get your facts right.

  70. What is that theprint wants to achieve by showing this kind images today? Did theprint publish these images when judgement was passed?

    Showing images of of context without views from both sides and simply highlighting demolition is a very bad journalism and reporting by theprint and it’s editor

  71. Shameful, despicable, a blot on Indian cultural ethos. And on top of that the Supreme Court of BJP rewarded these criminal marauders and now the CJI is enjoying his RS seat for this favor. It can’t get any shameful than this.

    • I empathize with your anguish. My ancestors would have gone thru the same pain when the Temple was demolished. I also fully understand that a wrong done 500 years back cannot be corrected now. 1000s of similar Temples have been demolished and replaced with Mosques and we are not trying to correct everything. But then, this is not any normal site and not any ordinary Temple. The fight to get this piece of land back has been ongoing from 1500’s not just post 1947. I hope and request you to reciprocate our feelings too.

      • I pity your ignorance. Just to let you know, my ancestors went through worse when wicked Aryans like you devoured them. We have been waiting for 5000 years to get justice and we will. I hope and request you to reciprocate our feelings too.

        You can read here how your wicked ancestors destroyed us:

        • Bogus theories which can’t be proved. You Fool idiot who is aryan or dravidian, we don’t find this word anywhere in our history. Most of this is bs fake Marxist theories. Even genetic results, and ground facts doesn’t validate it.

          • Ignorant IdI0TS like “Rajvir Singh” have bothered to learn only RSS History and nothing else. Those Shaka-educated professors have cleverly wiped out Dravidian History from India just as how their wicked ancestors tried to wipe out Dravidian ethnicity from India. No wonder F00LS like “Rajvir Singh” are so ill informed. It is a well known fact that dark-skinned Indians have 90%+ Dravidian DNA. There have been numerous excavations in South India and also in North India proving the existence of Dravidians – the most recent one being at Rakhigarhi. M0R0NS like “Rajvir Singh” cannot digest the truth, no wonder his BUM burns…..apply some BURNOL please.

      • The Supreme Court of BJP ruled that no temple was present underneath the structure, so don’t be a blind Bhakt and inform yourself properly.

      • Good imagination!!! Babri masjid wasn’t built upon a mandhir!!! Same had confirmed by the supreme court of india!!!

        • Most Muslims are genetically violent. they are the only minority which terrorises the majority people, wherever they are.

          • If u are a true indian and a real man u won’t say such nasty things…. its not religion who corrupted ur thoughts, its ur sinful mind… better work on it and lead it to the purity of unity.

        • This moment have been awaited from last many decades. Finally moment of joy came but some so called “peaceful people” Need burnol.

      • The feelings for an imaginary god! You say thousands of temples but where are they? Where you there? No so you do not know for sure! A wrong from 500 years ago cannot be resolved by destruction only by committed negotiations! Hindu’s have done a great wrong and a new temple will not resolve the matter!

      • Can u give an example
        Any proof that it was a Mandir your cowardness n lies prove when you placed your lords idols in masjid through a hole dug and claiming to be found under ground shame on you Hindus shame on you

        • First go through the ASI report that has been accepted by the Allahabad High Court. Secondly even if you assume for a minute that the report was incorrect, the fact is Hindus have always believed that Shri Ram was born there. It is matter of faith. And if a mosque has been built on that very spot, it is to humiliate the people who have that belief. So it does not matter if there was a temple or not. Please accept the verdict of the Supreme Court.

    • Plz don’t be a member of hindu family go join other religion like muslim, chritian, etc. If you have any problem with our country’s religion.

    • As a senior citizen, I would urge you to save this meltdown for some other time. This is plain revival of Hindu culture and not about any religion superceding other. Narendra Modi is lucky that Ram Mandir could be built during his tenure and not the other way around.

    • I understand the pain here but ur ancestors looted n demolished our temples n built mosques on them…I don’t understand then why would you be frustrated as we took back what belonged to us something which is as old as 6000 years old…

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