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Ramdev’s Patanjali shouldn’t sell its medicines as Covid cure, taskforce tells Modi govt

The 17-member taskforce also suggested Patanjali should sell medicines for cough, fever & immunity-boosting as these are the conditions for which it had sought approval.

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New Delhi: A 17-member taskforce, formed to investigate the efficacy of yoga guru Baba Ramdev’s ‘Covid cure’ kit, has suggested to the Modi government that Patanjali Ayurveda should not sell its ayurvedic medicines as “Covid-19 cure”, ThePrint has learnt.  

The taskforce has told the Ministry of AYUSH in its report that the company should first complete the clinical trials and it should sell the medicines only for those conditions, such as treating cough and fever, for which it has sought the approvals.

The report has already been submitted to the ministry.

Ramdev last Tuesday launched the Covid kit — a pack comprising three products, including a medicine named Coronil — and touted it as a cure for the novel coronavirus, which still has no known cure, despite researchers worldwide toiling in its pursuit. 

However, soon after its launch, the Ministry of AYUSH ordered Patanjali to stop advertising the product until the “issue is examined”.

The matter was handed over to the “interdisciplinary AYUSH taskforce” set up in April to initiate, coordinate and monitor research and development activities in Covid-related medicines that emerge from the ayurveda-unani-naturopathy-siddha-homoeopathy stable.

The taskforce includes members from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, the Indian Council of Medical Research, the World Health Organization, and the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. 

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Taskforce suggestions 

A government official privy to the development told ThePrint: “The committee has suggested that the company must finish the clinical trials first. The company was supposed to enroll 120 patients under the trial as per the trial design submitted for the registration. They have tested the drug on 100 patients, while 20 are still pending.”  

A second government official said: “The task force in its report has mentioned that the company must not sell the product claiming it’s a Covid cure. It has also noticed that the approvals were sought for cough, fever and immunity boosting. So, the drug should be sold only for these conditions.” 

When ThePrint reached Bhushan Patwardhan, the vice-chairman of the University Grants Commission, who heads the taskforce, he said: “I would not be able to comment.”

ThePrint also reached Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha, secretary, AYUSH ministry, via texts, but there was no response until the time of publishing this report.

Patanjali ‘denied’ advertising drug for Covid 

Meanwhile, in response to a letter sent by the State Licensing Authority (SLA) of Uttarakhand, last week, Haridwar-based Patanjali Ayurveda denied “commercially selling” or “publicising” any product called ‘Corona Kit’. The SLA falls under the Ministry of AYUSH.  

“The company has denied in the letter dated 26 June selling any product named Corona Kit. They have also denied that they have publicised any product as treatment for Covid-19 or coronavirus,” Dr Y.S. Rawat, joint director, SLA, told ThePrint over the phone.

“We are awaiting directions from the Ministry of AYUSH for further action. We understand that the company has applied for a trade mark for the brand name, Coronil,” he said.

“The next order may ask the company to tweak brand name and change the pictorial representations from the label, which shows the animated picture of round shaped ‘coronavirus with spikes’,” he added. 

(With Inputs from Kritika Sharma)

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  1. **Congress’s Achievement: Looting for 60 years.
    **BeeJayPee’s Biggest Achievement: Looting double that sum of money within a matter of six years.

    **Congress = We have just one family that loots.
    **BeeJayPee = We are one large family of looters.

    O Gullible People of India, judge for yourself which kind of looter you would prefer, or perhaps you could do very well without a ‘Government’. Gone are those days when a POLITICIAN could be trusted. Perhaps in future it would be better to live without the presence of a Government !

  2. Now it is up to ayus ministry to trial efficiency of this medicine on treatment of covid-19 and give it’s results to public then it prove that it is work for well-being for Ayurvedic medicines

  3. Go back to just 200 years back, when there were no allopathic medicines, how diseases were cured that time? Is there any scientific proof of yoga, pranayam? Whether any scientists could say mistrey behind Gangajal? Ever any scientists seen electron, neutron, protone? If science have reached to it’s super saturation point, then there wouldn’t be any scientists to make more research for ever. Can any scientific research claim every medicine is 100% effective to everyone? Sanatan sanskriti is science beyond science. It’s our misfortune some sections of people giving useless comments.
    What our saints scripted thousands of years ago, it will take some more 100 years to modern science to prove! Now it’s time to explore our hidden heritage of ayurved for the welfare of mankind.

    • Editing for spelling

      You must be one of those AYUSH quacks because you don’t seem very educated about basic history of medicine.

      Diseases weren’t getting cured at that time. A simple diarrhea and fever would kill you. Most kids died young. A lot of women died in child birth. No need for family planning 200 years ago. Disease did family planning.

      Leprosy meant no legs for you. Now a short course cures it. Nothing to do about Polio either. It is eradicated except in backwards countries who don’t take polio vaccines.

      Nothing in Ayurveda worked for anything. These days Ayurvedic quacks like you lie about the past. The past was quite horrible and medicine was useless 200 years ago. Medicine was worse than disease 200 years ago. That was why Homeopathy came calling traditional medicine allopathy. At least its fake sugar pills didn’t kill.

      Nothing in those old books has even common sense. Everything was wrong about disease. Obviously the people who wrote them were not “saints” because they got everything wrong. Science won’t bother with any of the old junk. You can live in your delusion that this junk is more advanced.

      This is why I am against AYUSH. They qualify complete fools like you with Dr. degrees.

  4. While I admit Baba Ramdev have a clout with the government and hence is never arrested for many wrong and illegal thing he does, I fail to understand how that would lend credentials to the belief that he or Patanjali is unfit to invent an ayurvedic medicine first to cure corona.
    Okay let the government do all the necessary procedures to arrive at any decision they deem fit.
    Please feel proud if an Indian is able to come with a 100% cure for COVID-19 while World wide people are yet to invent or even claim.
    Do not discourage.

    • What are his credentials in Ayurveda? What are his credentials in understanding research?
      His lack of credentials is what makes him unfit.
      All he did was throw in some common herbs that people recognize and called it Coronil.
      That’s not inventing. That is proving how stupid we Indians are, that we will buy anything if packaged with nationalism.
      That is not exactly something to be proud of. It is something to be discouraged about our foolish state.

  5. While I admit Baba Ramdev have a clout with the government and hence is never arrested for many wrong and illegal thing he does, I fail to understand how that would lend credentials to the belief that he or Patanjali is unfit to invent an ayurvedic medicine first to cure corona.
    Okay let the government do all the necessary procedures to arrive at any decision they deem fit.
    Please feel proud if an Indian is able to come with a 100% cure for COVID-19 while World wide people are yet to invent or even claim.
    Do not discourage.

  6. कहीं विरोध इसलिये तो नहीं कि दवाई बाबा रामदेव ने बनाई है सस्ती बनाई है. अरे अगर कुछ गडबड है तो फटाफट जांच करो व निर्णय दो लोग बीमारी से,मर रहे हैं और आयुष मंत्रालय को वही आफिसरी सूझ रही है. एलोपैथी वालों ने जो दवाई बनाई बहुत मंहगी है उसपर तो किसी ने उँगली नहीं उठाई . कहीं ये एलोपैथ वालों का षडयंत्र तो नहीं . फिर एलोपैथी के हजार साईडइफेक्ट . बाबा की दवाई खाकर कोई मर भी नहीं रहा न साईडइफेक्ट . भारत क्या इस तरह टांग अडाने से,आत्मर्निभर बनेगा ???|| आज जरूरत एसे टांग अडाऊ मंत्रालयों को कान पकडकर कार्यय्प्रणाली में सुधार करवाने की है.

  7. Patanjali should try it in some other country. They will get approval. In India you should be a multinational to get approval or should have God father in Indian Institute of medical science or in approval committees.

    • Actually, no one will “approve” Patanjali covid crap in any developed country.
      India is the main country that promotes junk medicine from government level.
      No developed country does.

  8. क्या सिर्फ इसलिये विरोध हो रहा है कि ये दवा बाबा रामदेव ने बनाई है ????? मैं पूछता हूं एलोपैथ कंपनीयों ने जो दवाई बनाई है वो 100% कोरोना को खतंम कर देगी ???? मुझे नहीं लगता कि एलोपैथ कंपनी एसा दावा कर पाएगी. फिर एलोपैथी दवाई की कीमत से बाबारामदेव की दवाई कई गुना सस्ती है, और यदि मरीज ठीक ना भी हुवा तो रामदेव की दवाई से कमसेकम मरेगा तो नहीं जबकि एलोपैथी दवाई के साईड इफेक्ट होंगे ही होंगे. फिर बाबा रामदेव की दवाई जनमानस में जाने दो ना भई. आयुष मंत्रालय क्यों टांग अडा रहा है. देश को आत्मर्निभर क्या एसे टांग अडा अडा के बनाएँगें. या फिर अँग्रेजी दवा बनाने वाले माफिया का गैमप्लान तो,नहीं??????? आत्मर्निभर भारत के लिये टांग अडाऊ सारे मंत्रालय या तो बंद करदो या उनके कान खींच कर समझा दो यदि बेवजह टांग अडाई तो उस विभाग के,मुख्य अधिकारी को दंडित किया जाय सार्वजनिक रूप से तब ये हरामखोर सुधरेंगे. अरे सीधी सी बात है यदि कुछ चैक करना हो तो जल्दी करोना इथर देश एक बीमारीसे जूझ रहा है और ये आयुष मंत्रालय अभी पेपराजी कर रहा है जल्दी जांच कर रिजल्ट बताओ गलत बो तो बाबा को सजा दो न हो तो दवा को प्रमाणपत्र दो . मामला जल्दी समाप्दत करो.

  9. Ek allopath: aayurved, Unani, Homoeopathy k bishay me jaise nirnay le sakte .Bahut se case men dekha gaya hai ki Ayurved,aur allopathy medicine t.b.k treatment me bahut jald labh pahunchata hai.keval ek medicine k treatment me der hoti hai & dhan bhi bahut kharch hota hai. Isi tarah homoe medicine inseflightis aur any ilaj me bahut labhdayak sidhh hua hai.

  10. The task force full of allopathy experts has little understanding of Ayurveda medicines. Why have they not recommended to test the drug ? If WHO can sponsor formal trails for HCQ, why not for Patanjli’s Covid kit? These allopathy experts should get a training in how Ayurveda medicine work.

    • HCQ is an actual drug whose immuno modularization has been proven to be effective in other diseases.
      Some uneducated baba fraud says tulsi etc will cure corona and WHO should sponsor trials? They are not mad like you.
      If Patanjali wants profits, they must sponsor their own trials, ones that are not stupid like the ones they conducted.
      The task force will always be of actual doctors and researchers, not quacks.
      These quacks are people who could not crack NEET. Understanding how to do research is completely above their IQ level.
      No one with a brain goes to study Ayurveda or Homeopathy.

      • True This criminal minded so called baba is RSS BJP stooge That is why even Print when tried to call responsible people working in government departments refused to answer their calls Shame on shameless dongi Baba who wants to make billions by selling crappy and fake medicine to gullible and poor people

      • I have studied both and can say that Ayurveda is better than Allopathy.
        It is just not promoted.

        • No you didn’t. You are just a liar.
          No one who studied medicine says I studied “Allopathy”.
          You don’t even know what the word means.

          Ayurveda is almost entirely wrong. It does not have a promotion problem. It has a facts problem.

        • Vested interests of bureaucrats, pharma companies , both Indian and multinational, international lobbies of politicians and funding buissness-houses.

  11. Of course, these frauds haven’t claimed that it cures Corona. They just named it “Coronil” and advertised it with Coronavirus pictures and left it to the imagination of the gullible and desperate public. Wink. Wink.

    How did it get approved for cough, fever and “immunity boosting”? Where are the studies that it can cure or prevent any of that?

    Is Patanjali being let off without any fines? If there are, how much?

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