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Northern Commander in Ladakh, Army moves more troops amid standoff with China

Additional troops have been brought in from three locations outside Ladakh to the LAC where a standoff with China has been on since early May.

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New Delhi: Northern Army Commander Lieutenant General Y.K. Joshi Tuesday reached Ladakh to review the situation amid growing tensions at the Line of Actual Control (LAC), which has forced the Army to move in about two additional division strength-level forces into the region, ThePrint has learnt.

Sources said most of the troops who were moved over the past few weeks have finished their acclimatisation and have been deployed to counter the Chinese build-up along the Galwan Valley, larger Hot Spring Area and the Finger Area of the Pangong Lake.

The brigades that have been moved from at least three different locations into Ladakh also have elements of artillery. Support elements have also been sent.

While the 14 Corps, the Army division that looks after Ladakh, is sufficiently armed in terms of artillery, armour, men and reserves, more soldiers have been brought in to create  large reserves and forward deployment.

The Indian Air Force (IAF) has also increased its flying in Ladakh with a mix of Sukhoi and Mirages even as the Chinese have increased flying on their side.

“What is happening is mirror deployment. The Chinese have a troop build-up and we too are more than adequately placed,” a source said.

Even though the build-up is there, as reported by ThePrint earlier, the focus is on finding an “amicable solution” through talks.

Talks are being carried out through established channels, both at military level as well as the Army level.

Sources said while the situation in Galwan and the larger Host Spring area is “under control”, the main problem lies around Pangong Lake.

The 134 km of Pangong Lake’s northern bank juts out like a palm, and the various protrusions are identified as ‘fingers’.

The Chinese have come between the disputed area between Finger 3 and 4 and have dug up a moat-like construction with troop build-up to prevent Indians from patrolling further.

The dispute lies in the fact that India claims the LAC is at Finger 8 while the Chinese say it is at Finger 2.

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Northern Commander visits Ladakh

Lt Gen Joshi flew into Ladakh early Tuesday morning and is scheduled to hold a series of meetings with the commanders there, including 14 Corps Commander Lt Gen Harinder Singh, who was the Director General Military Intelligence before taking over the crucial Ladakh command in October last year.

Lt Gen Singh’s first visit after taking over was to Eastern Ladakh.

Lt Gen Joshi, a Kargil war hero, was the 14 Corps Commander before Lt Gen Singh. He was the Chief of Staff in the Northern Command before becoming the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Northern Command, this February.

While it was not immediately known if he will be visiting forward locations, this is his second visit to the region after tensions broke out. He had earlier accompanied Army Chief General M.M. Naravane, who had made a quiet visit on 22 May.

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Talks on but no change in ground situation

While several rounds of talks have been held between India and China, the ground situation remains the same.

Sources said the Chinese have built up a large number of troops on its side, which includes artillery and armoured units.

As reported by ThePrint earlier, they were diverted from a massive exercise that was being held.

According to protocol, both armies are supposed to inform each other about any exercise that is being held near the LAC. The Indian Army also carries out an exercise in early summer, which was delayed this year due to the Covid pandemic.

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Chinese build-up and transgressions

With regard to Galwan Valley, sources say the Chinese build-up is in their territory and they have not crossed the Chinese Claim Line (CCL). In Galwan Valley, the CCL and the LAC are the same.

However, the forward movement by the Chinese has put the Shyok-DBO road, inaugurated last year by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, under stress.

This road is at least 10 km inside the LAC at several points, and runs perpendicular to the Galwan river. To connect this road to the LAC, India was constructing feeder roads. This included a bridge over a rivulet, near the confluence of the Shyok and Galwan rivers.

The Chinese were peeved at these construction activities because it will enable the Indian forces to reach the LAC faster with men and equipment, which changes the equation between both countries.

Army sources admitted that the Chinese have transgressed in the larger Hot Spring Area by about 3 km and the Finger Area, but have not crossed the CCL.

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  1. Indian Military Capability in SSN and Gilgit Baltistan is such , that just by blocking the NH219 and Karakoram Pass by Heliborne troops and subsequent link up by IBG mobile inf Armour groups , will not only cut of the Chinese forces but also cause their annihilation in the the Shijiang Tibet area . This will be done through an extremely capable Close Air Support and Interdiction of the Chinese Supply and logistics Chain . Simultaneously two IBG groups moving up from the confluence of Galwan and Shyok rivers will wrap up the Chinese forces straddled along the 190 kms Galwan Valley . Simultaneous attrition through the long range Bofors and 777 mm Howitzers will play marry hell with the Chinese holding formations all along the Galwan . Do not forget the Indian Air Suppriority fighters will dominate all along Galwan , Acsai Chin and Axis , Darbuk Chumar Burtse and DBO axis .
    While this is taking place Indian forces in the Gilget Baltistan area , in Turtok , Chalunka , Tyakshi , Pachatang and Gorkharidge area are all dominating . There fore a link up at Skardu along Shyok River by Ground troops with the Airborne Combat Teams dropped earlier to capture key POK territories can be easily achieved .

    There fore Mr Pakistani , not only will the Indian forces fuck you and illiterate ilk of your kind , who think nothing of being abusive but solve the problem of Chinese and Pakistani Transgression once and for all . By the way Ahmedshaj Abdali and Gjaznabi were just spunk less mayrauders . Who did not even know whose offspring they were , due to multiple husbands and lovers they had . So stop bulshitting and let your Pak masters feed their hungry public first . SMS

  2. India is a abnormal guy always creating troubles for neighbours.Hindus problem can only be fixed by Ghaznawavies or abdalies.
    Can’t say why Chinese stopped after 3km.They should have beaten Indians dogs by getting into more land,what they call Ghhus k marana.

    • Who is this jackass and what does donkeys like him think dies not matter. Fact is that pakis are bone scared of Indian army and Chinese know it well that any prolongation will mean both military and financial damage. Let these jackasses stay their make believe world. They are good for nothing.

  3. No one can beat china because now china pakistan turkey and Afghanistan are on one page to destroy india because india is no more a state who claims to be a secular country afghan taliban are preparing for a jehad in india pakistan will support them and the muslims in india also want freedom the sikh Brothers will also help us in this we will also free sikh minority from the warth of india modi is a illiterate politician and we can see that sdueto his wrong decisions india will pay the price one vs 5 nations it is now too much easy or we can say its a child’s play to beat india

  4. चीन यह सब कुछ विश्व का कोरोनो से ध्यान भटकाने के लिए कर रहा है क्योंकि सारा विश्व कोरोनो को लेकर चीन को चारों ओर से घेरे हुए हैं इसलिए जो झूठ बोलता है वो ही ऐसी उलटी सीधी हरकते करता है यह मानवीय स्वभाव में है

  5. It’s a fact and the ultimate reality that the Chinese and Pakistan don’t have any sympathy towards India. So let’s not waste time. At some point in future there. Will be confrontation.
    Let’s prepare atleast from today onwards. Chinese are many times our size. So build up our arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. Take the war into their heartland, their industries. Break the backbone. Create terror.we may also suffer but the damage to them will be hundred fold
    Build a buffer force and suicide squad regiment .

  6. Lesson learnt-
    Dear India never ever decrease your defence budget while the chinese keep increasing it.
    China and Pak together are not an easy enemy.
    Earlier successive Congress govts and now BJP too have neglected the defence preparedness.
    If we neglect, another 1962 may be in the offing…. High time we wake up… 👍
    These are bitter words but True.

    • It’s time we change our line of defence style and show them a more determined and a more agressive proctive side & a brutal force they saw ever. Let’s not underestimate enemy and let’s focus on the key targets to be achieved during this escalating border crisis. China copied technology all this while we were busy doing dirty politics neglecting nations so they will too give surprises, but now we should defeat by technology, techniques, using IT warfare, speed, tit for tat

  7. Pathetic reporting. 14 Corps is not a division and the army cdr is not in ladakh, but has gone there to review operational preparedness. “Military and army level talks”??!! Its the same thing. And usage of terms is very poor. Military matters shud be reported by military consultants/defense experts..

  8. Never believe Chinese as tbey continue to be trouble makers across continents…if we backup, they will surely seize the ground and capture our part of land permanently…once we move our troops or battalions back, they will move forward and grab every piece of land and leave us unaware and helpless…so we need to occupy our ridges and should not vacate or leave our part of LAC…also we should adequately maintain and look after our forward areas keeping vigil all the times…Chinese and Pakistanis should never be taken for granted as they are always waiting for an opportunity to grab that every single inch of our land even if we look other side…Chinese have started all this trouble and do not want India to go ahead with development and infrastructure buildup on our part of LAC and we have every right to make appropriate use of our part of land on LAC to safeguard our interests…Chinese have always been known for their intrusions in our part of land and have troubled us since ages as per their will to dominate us and we should not fall prey to their aggressiveness and cunning ways and should face them upfront with counter assertiveness…a day is not far when China will realise their mistake they have made to challenge military and political might of India and even if not so we should not bog down to their tactics of pressurising us…Long live our Jawans and Soldiers…we should show our political determination, the way our Modi led BJP Govt. has shown, to fight China and Pakistan on all fronts and make them repent of their own decisions…

  9. The area on the Ladakh side must be mined to prevent PRC incursions,as well as border in Sikkim,Bhutan should be aided by India in mining it’s border with China.China can never be trusted to honor any treaty or signed agreement this has been proven to be true on more than one occasion.

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