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India to seek ‘amicable solution’ with China amid military build-up on LAC

A review of the security situation has been held at various levels, and sources say there has been no further escalation since mid-May, which is a good sign.

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New Delhi: Amid continued tensions at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh, with both India and China ramping up military presence, the focus is on an “amicable solution” through talks, ThePrint has learnt.

Sources told ThePrint that a review of the security situation has been held at various levels, since tensions cropped up early this month.

While noting that the tensions have increased, sources said established channels have been activated to talk and de-escalate the situation.

“The focus is on an amicable solution,” a source said, adding that steps have been taken to counter the Chinese mobilisation at the LAC, which has escalated tensions in the Galwan Valley, Hot Springs area and the ‘Finger’ area of the Pangong lake in eastern Ladakh.

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No escalation since mid-May

Sources told ThePrint that there has not been any escalation in the situation in eastern Ladakh since the middle of May, which they say is a good development.

Officials said while the military has taken position and done proactive preventive deployment in the west and central sectors of the LAC, and is prepared for a long stand-off, established channels for resolution of border issues are working round the clock.

While several rounds of military talks have taken place at the local level in Ladakh, no major breakthrough has been achieved.

Diplomatic channels have been activated to ensure that the situation calms down.

Why the Chinese are peeved

As reported by ThePrint earlier, the Chinese are peeved at a road construction work that India is carrying out from ‘Finger 2’ area of Pangong Lake, as well as a feeder road to the strategic Shyok-Daulat Beg Oldi road constructed last year.

While the Shyok-DBO road is well within its territory, India is constructing feeder roads to the LAC, which would enable faster movement of troops and equipment.

The Chinese themselves have built roads near the LAC, but keep objecting to India’s construction.

Army chief Gen. M.M. Naravane had made it clear on 14 May that the development of infrastructure capabilities along the northern borders is on track.

ThePrint had reported that India has decided to “dig in” and conduct “mirror deployment” as China has brought in a large number of its Border Defence Regiment (BDR) troops to the Galwan Valley to force the Indian Border Roads Organisation (BRO) to stop infrastructure-development activities.

Sources maintained that additional troops deployed by China in the Galwan Valley are on their side of the LAC, but they are accompanied by heavy vehicles and logistics such as tents to house the soldiers.

However, Chinese soldiers are said to have “come in” by about 3 km into territory that India perceives as its own. This is near Patrol Point 14, 15 and the Gogra Post, which is several kilometres South East of Galwan Valley as the crow flies, and is between the Valley and Pangong lake. This is largely known as the Hot Springs area, according to the sources.

Sources told ThePrint that the Chinese have not crossed their claim line in these areas, but said these areas are about 3 km within India’s perception of the LAC.

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  1. If they dare this time chinese will collapse for sure, last time indian trust your line hindi chini bhai bhai, and India adopted far more soft approach but condition are much more different now India is much more capable nation. And challenging India will be biggest mistake of China. Now whole world see Chinese Defeat.

  2. First of all, RIP to those who think India suffered loss during Balakot. Abhinandan entered Pakistan, shot down your f-16 , had a cup of fantastic tea and went back in formals. India lost just a mig 21 , again RIP to those who think PAF shot down two Indian jets. One day your military will acknowledge that they lost a f-16 (just like they did during kargil,1999).
    Coming to China, I acknowledge that they have a strong army than India but remember India too has a formidable army that can deterr any Chinese agression, so there will be no winner in this war, if China fights India they will suffer as much as India will.
    Also remember , this time we will fight for revenge(1962) and thirst of revenge is dangerous than anything. China is good, so don’t spoil your country and again RIP to Pakistanis. Peace !!!!

    • And which language do u understand that u will stop spreading hatred among the world when clearly no religion taught u that🤣China taught u?

    • Well shame on Pakistan that it owes so much money froms china and is in debt now yet it talks only of defeating india and overlooks the matters of it’s own people and their development 🙏🏻

  3. Indians will always twig their tail in legs and run away. Had they been brave and sensible enough, sub continent should have stayed united… hindus can’t stay peaceful for very long. Whereas China has left is geo position from last at least 5000 years.

  4. Vareechan Kadavil its about time you stop watching Bollywood Movies!
    China taught you good lesson in 1962 and Pakistan just remember February 27th
    Tea is fantastic😂

    • Did u forget about surgical strike! 😉and I am still enjoying by looking at it’s results🤣

  5. After watching Ms Jyoti Malhotra’s interview with Lt Gen Hooda. A time for the diplomats to sit together. These clashes are a symptom, not the ailment.

    • It’s not shameful, because Chinese are armed and a proper army. Your army is fond of killing un armed civilians at best. So blame your army for not firing a bullet on China albeit you have lost Ladakh shamelessly. Here goes your hindutva plan.

      • What is lost, can be regained – Aksai Chin, POK, Pakistan, China etc.

        Once sovereignty is lost to lavishness,
        Once character is lost to jingoism,
        Once culture is lost to fundamentalism,
        They are gone forever.
        Pakistanis and Chinese can never taste the elixir of Democracy, Freedom and Hope.

        Oops, look behind your shoulders, Indian Army is coming….Akways look behind…Bamiyan and Nehru is History, PLA and Indian Army are Present and Pakistanis have lost something forever in the process….what is it ?

      • You both nations are well proven globally
        That you can do best on producing terrorists.

        Pakistanis you should be ashamed that you live on a land which was India before…. Now you are trying to pollute Indian Muslims…

        Chinese are famous on producing virus and don’t have guys to face America muscle to muscle to be super power….

        You both countries don’t deserve talking about India you loosers…

    • India never attacks first . But when enemy climb over the head then India will first talk through gun and then ask reason.

    • China is supporting terrorism and funding the terrorist and it’s expanding its border forcefully admist the pandemic situations. Now who do u think is more shameless. It’s definitely C… a

  6. China knows that the rest of the world is weak and distracted and therefore will not let go of this opportunity to expand its influence and territory. India should be ready for a major two-front war in the very near future with whatever resources it has.

    • Weakness is a Strength – admire it, preserve it, serve it as Revenge is best served as dish cold.

    • Try to read more about China military capabilities before making such absurd comments !!!

      • Whole world knows about quality of your products same goes with your army….

        Try to tussle with us you will learn your lesson too…..

      • Military capabilities based on weak foundations, do not a war win. The doom of China is written on the epitaphs of martyred Uyghurs, Tibetians, HK, Taiwanese, Phillipinese, Koreans Japanese, etc.

      • I am agree with that but something we are going loosing you bludy china also will ready to loose something like economy or milatary would get lost.

      • Chengez come on…bring it on. it’s time that u chinese also learnt few lessons..u have boundary issues with everyone in the world..dont worry..just try this time..ur entire western theatre will be wiped from the map..we indians won’t leave u this time..hope u also have not forgotten 1967…wanna repeat ..then be my guest

      • Lessons are being Updated to suit the Syllabus.

        Pakistan has only one Industry – to manufacture, harbours and export Terrorists to the rest of the world.

        Remain enamored with Abhinandan myth.

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