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Tapan Sinha | Illustration by Arindam Mukherjee, ThePrint

Tapan Sinha, one of India’s finest filmmakers but often overshadowed by Ray and Ghatak

The kind of films we see today, where the line between parallel and mainstream cinema is blurring, were already being made by Tapan Sinha in the 1970s.
Image: Arindam Mukherjee | ThePrint

Mohan Rakesh — Hindi writer who unveiled realities of post-Independence middle-class life

On his 95th birth anniversary, ThePrint looks at the legacy of noted Hindi playwright who was an important pillar of the Nayi Kahani movement.
DP Tripathi

Faiz lover who once led JNU student union — NCP’s DP Tripathi combined intellect & politics

Nationalist Congress Party leader Devi Prasad Tripathi died Thursday at the age of 67, after a prolonged illness.  
Safdar Hashmi

Safdar Hashmi — the firebrand Communist playwright who redefined art of resistance in India

Safdar Hashmi died of injuries on 2 January 1989 after a group of men attacked his theatre group during a New Year's Day performance in UP’s Jhandapur.
Farooq Sheikh in Gaman | YouTube

Farooq Sheikh, the Jack of all trades — theatre, TV, films and secret philanthropy

A look back into actor Farooq Sheikh's body of work through two of his leading heroines, Deepti Naval and Shabana Azmi.
Baba Amte

Baba Amte — who broke social norms to knit an inclusive India

Baba Amte, born on 26 December 1914 as Murlidhar Devidas Amte, believed 'where there is fear, there is no love, and where there is no love, there is no God'.
Cartoonist Shankar

Shankar, the political cartoonist to whom Nehru said ‘Don’t spare me!’

On Keshav Shankar Pillai's death anniversary, a look at the life of the fearless illustrator who is considered the father of political cartooning in India.
Former IAS officer and social activist Harsh Mander | Photo: Twitter | @Harsh_Mander

Harsh Mander — ‘bleeding-heart liberal’ who’s fighting Modi govt with Gandhi’s ‘radical love’

IAS-turned-social activist Mander has been ever-present at the anti-CAA protests in Delhi, but he’s actually been fighting for social justice since 2002.
Naushad Ali | ThePrint

100 years of Naushad: 8 classics that show how he changed the landscape of Hindi film music

Naushad introduced classical music into mainstream cinema in a way that got Indian audiences hooked to his fusion compositions.
Chaudhary Charan Singh

Chaudhary Charan Singh — prime minister for 23 days and champion of India’s farmers

On Chaudhary Charan Singh's 117th birth anniversary today, PM Modi said he was unwavering when it came to safeguarding the rights of hardworking farmers.

On Camera

Illustration by Arindam Mukherjee | ThePrint

It’s time to lower expectations from the economy, and not try to do too much in the Budget

India is paying the price for trying to do too much in past Budgets, and sectors that have been bled white, such as telecom and govt companies, are worst hit.

Economist, Soros: Has Hindu nationalism increased global criticism of India or bad economy?

The Economist criticised the Modi govt in its latest cover story titled ‘Intolerant India’ while billionaire George Soros said Modi was creating a 'Hindu nationalist state' at Davos.


INS Arihant | Twitter/@HardeepSPuri

India’s K-4 submarine-launched ballistic missile aces second test in a week

The missile has a range of 3,500km, with 'almost all parts of Pakistan and several areas of China within its reach'.

The world has a message for Modi: Brand India is severely damaged

India’s image — and by extension Modi’s — has been damaged by a combination of identity politics and economic decline. But the world isn’t writing us off, not yet.