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Beyond Doklam: India needs to overhaul its trade-friendly grand strategy on China

Doklam is merely a symptom of a revanchist China that no longer sees the need to play by the book. India needs to change its strategy as well.
Donald Trump giving a speech

Talk Point: What are the implications of Trump’s statements on Pakistan & Afghanistan?

Donald Trump has promised more troops in Afghanistan and criticised Pakistan for supporting terrorism. Experts explain what this could mean for India and south Asia.

An insider on what makes Amit Shah India’s top political strategist

BJP President Amit Shah's deep understanding of India's socio-political dynamics and distinct leadership style is one of the reasons why two-thirds of the country is under BJP/NDA rule.

Gobi Manchurian in Doklam, Gangnam Style

The India-China Doklam stand-off has morphed into a scandalous round of insulting note-passing at your high-school model UN.

Video of Pangong Tso clash in public domain will complicate Doklam standoff

The video purportedly showing the incident in Pangong Tso area has created a flutter just when it seemed like the rhetoric on the Doklam incident was reducing. S L Narasimhan

Clash at Pangong lake shows India has to prepare for the unexpected

India must be vigilant and at the same time prepare for the worst.

On Rajiv Gandhi birth anniversary: How to squander a mega mandate

When Rajiv Gandhi started he could do no wrong. Halfway through his five years, he could do no right. His tenure had many chastening lessons in how mega mandates can make you smug and self-destruct. His record should be essential reading for those with brute majorities now, from Arvind Kejriwal, Narendra Modi and on to Vasundhara Raje, Naveen Patnaik and Mamata Banerjee. Shekhar Gupta

India, China must ensure video showing troops clashing in Ladakh doesn’t raise tensions

A huge achievement for both nations is that since the 1975 incident, there has been no loss of life involving border troops on both sides Ashok Kantha
Women Protesting the Dilution of 498A. | Commons

Talk Point: Is there a pushback against women-centric dowry and rape laws?

Two recent court rulings on special laws protecting women are significant. The Supreme Court issued a set of guidelines for arresting a husband and his...
A picture of TN Ninan, chairman of Business Standard Private Limited

Beyond oxygen supply

Scandals can be useful opportunities for systemic correctives. The Gorakhpur children’s deaths has been a scandal wasted. T.N. Ninan


Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan | Farooq Naeem/AFP/Getty Images

Imran Khan is sitting on a Jihadi time bomb, demanding evidence over Pulwama a mere excuse

Most countries recognise the Pakistani pattern of behaviour, which explains the almost-universal demand for action against Masood Azhar.
shiv sena

Is pact with Shiv Sena sign of BJP’s desperation or smart manoeuvring ahead of elections?

The BJP and the Shiv Sena will contest the Lok Sabha and the Maharashtra assembly election in alliance. The BJP is also forming an alliance with AIADMK in Tamil Nadu.


Here’s all about the AK rifles which India will now make with Russian help

The AK variants have been popular among military and terrorist groups across the world ever since their launch in 1949.
National Interest

Suicidal Pakistan should know Modi may not be scared of its nuclear button

Pakistan has taken too much of a chance with Pulwama — with the wrong government in India, and at the wrong time.