Sunday, 14 August, 2022


Don’t be surprised by China ignoring LAC at G20 meet. It’s a feature, not a bug

China's 5G rollout along LAC disrupting Indian Army plans. And Chinese social media is full of posts 'celebrating' ex-Japanese PM Shinzo Abe’s assassination.

Chinese leadership touring ‘democratic’ Hong Kong, Pakistan. There’s a message for mainland

Beijing ensured that no one could spoil its celebration in Hong Kong. But US and its G7 allies' $600 billion plan to counter BRI won't make Xi happy.

Chinese officials will have a secret meeting with Xi. The big problem? Tesla cars on street

BRICS summit was an opportunity for China to present its accommodating side, but Xi Jinping pushed his rhetoric on countering the ‘Western-led international order’.

What the Chinese govt, media told people on two years of Galwan

In its version of the clash, a Chinese military channel ran a clip from a documentary featuring Chen Xiangrong, one of the four PLA soldiers who died in Galwan.

Beijing’s 25 fighter jets, upcoming airfields — India-China border row is far from over

At the Shangri-La dialogue, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin accused China of carrying out 'provocative and destabilising military activity near Taiwan'.

Ukraine sanctions testing Russia-China ‘no-limit partnership’. Frustration grows in Moscow

If Xi wants to help Moscow, he will have to find ways to buy Russian goods, but even that looks difficult. The buck might stop again on oil and gas.

PLA published an article on Indian Navy. China’s eyes are on INS Vikrant

There are a few moments in world history when we observe change unfold before our eyes. Beijing's gamble in the Pacific, promotion of Chinese elites are some.

Xi missing from front pages of CCP’s People’s Daily, experts reading between the lines

No one is arguing against the growing evidence for Li Keqiang’s increased media mentions. But there is no evidence that Li has CCP’s support to challenge Xi.

Restricting citizens’ entry-exit to targeting academia, China grows more authoritarian

China stopped issuing new passports for non-essential travel in 2021. Citizens have to come up with fake job offers to get a new passport.

In China, a growing pressure to find a scapegoat for disastrous Covid handling in Shanghai

CCP wants to quickly develop remote regions near Arunachal Pradesh border. In Shanghai & Beijing, Covid testing could cost up to $257 billion.

On Camera


Former Deutsche Bank CEO Anshu Jain | File image | Flickr

Former Deutsche Bank CEO Anshu Jain dies at 59

Jaipur-born Jain was the first non-European to head Deutsche Bank; family remembers his fighting spirit till the very end


Yuan Wang 5 vessel | ANI

Chinese research vessel Yuan Wang 5 has ‘slowed down’ but still en route Sri Lankan port

Yuan Wang 5 is currently 599 nautical miles away from Hambantota, having been at sea for 35 hours since departing the Chinese port of Taicang, according to latest data.
NI 13.08

Tiranga vs Tiranga: Gloves are off as Kejriwal joins the ‘nationalism’ battle with Modi

Kejriwal’s maun vrat on Modi has ended. This is an important turn in Indian politics. In some ways rivalling the dramatic turn in Bihar.