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RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat says the word ‘lynching’ is alien to India and is used to defame the country. Even though he added that the law should be strictly followed, fatal mob violence isn’t a subject that leaves room for ambiguities and semantic arguments. Bhagwat should have condemned it unequivocally.

Rafale celebration aside, there are questions about delays & politics around defence buys

IAF getting its first Rafale after a nearly two-decade acquisition process is worth celebrating. It’s also a grim reminder of India’s slothful defence procurement process and the vitiated politics around it. Rafale’s handover in the year of Balakot is another lesson to take defence modernisation with more urgency and seriousness.

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  1. The biggest lynching in the history of the nation was called the anti-sikh riots. The total victims of lynching since then have not been even 1/10 th of that number. A classic case of how the mass lynching is executed with full government support ensuring that the perpetrators would never be booked and punished. We call it the riots with victims from one side only.

  2. The first CDS will need to have a fine sense of economic frugality, since he will be balancing the competing needs of the three services. If acquisitions have stalled in the past, it is possible that financial stringency may have played a role. This is not KSA, where Prince MBS can approve a large deal to keep the Americans in good humour.

  3. One would stretch the word lynching to Asifa’s case as well. The victim was chosen due to her religious and ethnic identity, to send a message of utmost malevolence to her nomadic community. The demonstrations in support of her tormentors were driven by identity as well. Violent crime takes place all over the world. But when the victim is chosen for her religion or the colour of his skin, as with the KKK, it descends to another level of depravity. We should recognise this form of sickness and deal with it, before it begins to unravel our social fabric, already looking a little frayed.

  4. It is undeniably true that incidents of lynching – also horrific violence accompanying violation of girls and women – shames India in the eyes of the world. One response would be to brush them under the carpet. The other would be to acknowledge that, well before the world gets to hear of them, these pain us deeply as Indians. That we will do all in our power to ensure condign punishment for the guilty, non recurrence in future. That needs sensitisation of government functionaries at one level, ordinary citizens at another. If anything, the rest of the world wants India to succeed, make a success of its plural democracy.

  5. People who organise riots, drive chariots through India spewing hate, are responsible for programs where thousands are murdered. Have been recorded for using rape as a weapon. Throwing children into the fire.
    You must be joking, why should lynching be unequivocally condemned.


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