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Supreme Court has delivered a smart judgement that takes into account both the Army’s concerns about women in combat roles and petitioners’ demand for command positions. Command positions could be opened up only when permanent commission was allowed, and that has been done beginning this year, irrespective of SC order.

SC wasting time on Shaheen Bagh traffic problem. It must focus on police brutality in Jamia

It is not the job of Supreme Court to appoint panels to speak to Shaheen Bagh protesters about resolving or ending their sit-in. It’s a waste of time and depletes the court’s institutional capital. Instead of taking up police brutality on Jamia students, it chooses to prioritise clearing traffic snarls.

Sonia Gandhi must de-hyphenate Congress from Rahul Gandhi if she wants to save party

Gloves are off in the Congress after its electoral debacle in Delhi. The real reason for this implosion is leaders’ pent-up frustration and anger against the high command. If Sonia Gandhi wants to save the Congress, she must act like a leader, and not tie its fate to Rahul Gandhi.

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  1. It would send a very reassuring message throughout the country if the honourable apex court took suo moto cognisance of how the Delhi Police conducted themselves in the sanctified space of the library in Jamia Millia library. Police forces are more politicised than the rest of the bureaucracy, feel their accountability does not extend to ordinary citizens. 2. As far as Shaheen Bagh is concerned, if an amicable via media can be found, that would be praiseworthy. Good that the Supreme Court has reiterated the absolute right of citizens to protest peacefully. Too much burden is being placed on the higher judiciary since the executive is not doing its share.

  2. The party is an appendage to the family, whose interests come first and last. Like Prince Charles, RG can wait till he is a septuagenarian. Other Congressmen do not have the luxury of living off vast family estates. They want to return to power. Have ambition, ability, fire in the belly.


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