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The mysterious launch and broadcast of a propaganda TV channel named after PM Narendra Modi without permissions is a flagrant violation of laws even at normal times. Days before voting, it’s an appalling breach that brazenly mocks the special norms that govern elections. NaMo TV should be shut down immediately.

Congress call for AFSPA review is mostly irrelevant

Congress has made a valiant effort to sound liberal in its manifesto but the overall package is half-hearted. Repealing the sedition and criminal defamation laws is an excellent idea. But changes proposed on AFSPA are mostly irrelevant. The law, as it stands today, doesn’t anyway permit sexual violence or torture.

Good work by EC on Kalyan Singh. Now it’s over to the President

EC deserves credit for acting firmly by writing to President Kovind on Rajasthan Governor Kalyan Singh’s violation of its Code of Conduct. More such firmness will be needed in this polarising campaign. The onus is now on the President to assert his stature as a non-partisan guardian of the Republic.

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  1. The idea of Namo TV is outrageous – though I have a choice. I would much rather watch Lok Sabha TV and Raya Sabha TV to monitor the government. Or no TV altogether.

    Balakot should have established India in multiple ways globally, bilaterally and regionally and in fact – however implausible it might sound- heralded relative peace and stability in all these three areas. But the significance of the airstrikes and the IAF officer’s return were diluted by the questions and the doubts which were insanely and disproportionately covered in the aftermath.

    It does sound preposterous to float a channel named after the Prime Minister, but the blame has to be equally shared by the opposition and the unscrupulous media houses which have been in an overdrive in condemning and running him down and his government – often unfairly and mischievously.

    Probably stooping down to conquer is a fair accompli, in a world wherein dynasties and heroes still capture the collective imagination.


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