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Actor Akshay Kumar admits he’s a Canadian citizen. So what? He can still love India dearly. Just that he should be a true Canadian patriot and stop preaching nationalism to Indians. It’s a bit rich to be lectured about “desh ki mitti” from a Canadian strutting in Indian Army uniform.

EC clean chits to Modi a reminder of historic pre-Emergency cartoon

The alacrity with which Election Commission of India is printing clean chits for Prime Minister Modi is embarrassing. It brings back Abu Abraham’s historic pre-Emergency cartoon of President Fakhruddin Ahmed in a bathtub, signing an ordinance, and asking if more ordinances could wait till he finished his bath.

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  1. Akshay is full of love for India. He has donated money to Indian soldiers funds, he is so much busy in educating ads. Look as Rahul Gandhi and family. Dead father, mother and son looted, cheated Indians and made money. What a shameless family.

  2. Patriotism and love for nation comes under the purview of Indian citizenship.what kind of love are you advocating ,if even,you don’t hold an Indian passport?

  3. I sometimes wonder at the emotions that go through someone’s mind when she surrenders her Satyameva Jayate passport and pledges allegiance to a foreign power. This gentleman seems to be having the best of both worlds – mangoes and maple syrup in the same dessert bowl.


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