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Women in India's IT workforce

Indian IT industry attracts more women, but many exit within first 5 years in the job

In 'Women in Science and Technology', Namrata Gupta explains how women in the Indian IT industry are victims of pay gap, career stagnation & other inequalities.
Indian Army (representational image) | Photo: PTI

SSC women Army officers don’t want ‘freebies’, say fight is for parity not pension

This week, the Army said it is agreeable to pension for the litigants, but not granting permanent commission. Women officers say they will continue to fight.
Representational image of female officers in Indian navy | YouTube

Women in combat roles: India can romanticise it but here’s why we are not ready yet

One gives the example of US and Israel armies. But even their forces don’t deploy women in direct infantry combat.
Joshua Reynolds | George Clive and his Family with an Indian worker | Wikimedia Commons

Manuals for European women, satires, paintings: How British Raj depicted Indian workers

European women residing in India wrote several ‘housewives’ manuals for newcomers. One section specifically focussed on the dos and don’ts with regard to ‘servants’.
Members of junior Indian women's hockey team celebrate their win against New Zealand | Twitter

India defeat New Zealand 4-1 in 3-nation women’s junior hockey tournament

India is playing the 3-Nations Tournament at Canberra and will compete against home team Australia Sunday.
Villager working as manual labourers | Flickr

Coping with climate change harder for marginalised women, says study

Researchers examine women's ability to adapt effectively to climate change, drawing on data from 25 case studies across Asia & Africa.
File photo | Deepika Padukone | Facebook/DeepikaPadukone

Deepika Padukone is set to play Draupadi, India’s first superwoman & #MeToo warrior

Deepika Padukone's Draupadi will be a two-part film and give women the Baahubali they want.
A woman in New Delhi | Representational image | PTI

Muslim women enjoyed greater freedom during Delhi Sultanate and Mughal rule than now

Many royal women were known to have built imperial mosques; many mosques, from Delhi to Bengal, had sections reserved for women to come and pray.
Project Streedhan | Youtube still

This ad wants women to take care of their health, but not everyone is buying it

An advertisement raising awareness on anaemia in women drew some flak for the visual focus on the women and their clothing.
Sonia Gandhi

Asked Gujral, Kalyan Singh. Finally Sonia got women equal rights to agri land: Ex-IAS officer 

Former PM IK Gujral was shocked when I told him about plan to make women landowners. Being a Punjab MP, he didn't want to annoy the patriarchal Jats.

On Camera

Amit Shah

Coronavirus-hit China must look at helpful India, not pick on Amit Shah’s Arunachal visit

The India-China border dispute is a complicated issue and it is futile to expect it to be resolved in the ‘early harvest’ manner suggested by China.

Do Shaheen Bagh protesters run risk of waning interest or should stay put for CAA endgame?

The Shaheen Bagh protest against CAA has entered its third month. SC-appointed mediators met protesters this week and may meet them again at a different location.


Representational image of Kandla Port, Gujarat | Photo: Commons

Chinese ship carrying suspected cargo to Pakistan allowed to leave, equipment held back

The ship was detained at Gujarat's Kandla Port for allegedly mis-declaring an autoclave, which can be used to launch ballistic missiles, as an industrial ‘dryer’.

Amit Shah’s performance as minister will now determine the success of Modi-Shah power pair

Modi-Shah share a unique power equation unlike Nehru-Patel and Vajpayee-Advani. After Delhi defeat, Shah enters a new, unfamiliar phase of his political career.