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Indian Navy

SC permanent commission order likely to open last frontier for Navy women — service at sea

While women are allowed to serve in many other branches, restrictions on sea service put them at a disadvantage against male colleagues when it comes to promotions. 
File photo of Kajol | Wikimedia Commons

Kajol’s comment on ‘true survivors’ of sexual abuse shows she has let down her own film Devi

Kajol, who was in Devi, a film on rape survivors, said not every ‘triviality’ should be screamed and cried about because it’s not ‘gruesome as rape’.
A scene from Zindagi Gulzar Hai | Facebook

Zindagi Gulzar Hai to O Rangreza, I watched Pakistani series for a year. This is what I found

I was told Pakistani serials have progressive women characters. But there is one thing certainly common on both sides of the border.
Protesters at Delhi's Shaheen Bagh holding placards against the CAA, NPR and NRC

Shaheen Bagh protest must end now. Its returns are diminishing and COVID-19 is a real risk

As coronavirus spreads and 12 states reject NPR and NRC, Shaheen Bagh’s women must count their gains, cut their losses and leave.
India is looking at a larger credit crisis. (Representational Image) | Photo: Dhiraj Singh | Bloomberg

10 questions Indian employers need to stop asking women during job interviews

Indian HR managers have no business asking unacceptable questions such as 'do you live alone?' and 'will you be able to handle work and family responsibilities?'.
Representational image| Anindito Mukherjee/Bloomberg

India’s workplaces need to understand menstruation better. Period

Offices that acknowledge women's periods create equitable workplaces, ones that create a safe space for women in the profession.
Protest against rape

Feminism has a problem – it’s over-dependence on the state to deliver for women

In Hood Feminism, Mikki Kendall writes women who are outspoken about police brutality or sexual assault are positioned more as sacrifices than saviours.
Women staying in Mustafabad's relief camp narrate how they fled their homes amid the Delhi riots. | Photo: Manisha Mondal | ThePrint

‘Wore saree to look Hindu’ — How women in riot-hit Northeast Delhi escaped the mob

Women at a relief camp in Mustafabad recall how they hid from the mob and finally fled to safety on 25 February, the worst day of the Delhi riots.
Women working in an office

We invest in tech, then expect people to catch up. And women get left out of Digital India

One in 2 Indians in working population is a woman. But less than 1 in 4 own a smartphone. This gap must be closed if India has to leverage tech in economy.
Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone in '83' | Deepika Padukone/Facebook

Dear Deepika, mothers & wives who put family’s dreams first deserve an apology not an ode

For a long time, I couldn’t accept my mother’s decision to not work. Now I accept and defend her life choice, not glorify it as an ideal as Bollywood does.

On Camera

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Why disease and xenophobia go hand in hand

The central human fallacy is to assume that if international travel helps spread disease, a perceived “foreign” group is most likely to be carriers.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

Coronavirus racism against NE Indians: How can govt prevent Sino-phobia from hurting our own?

While US President Donald Trump is constantly calling coronavirus the ‘Chinese virus’, people from northeast India are being targeted, abused and attacked.


Indian Army Personnel (Representational image) | ANI Photo

Army may recall retd personnel with medical expertise if fight against Covid-19 intensifies 

The Army has made a composite list of all those who retired in the last two years, especially focussing on those with medical expertise and trained technicians. 

Modi’s India isn’t Mao’s China. Silly forecasts assume we’ll let corona kill millions of us

There are many scary scenarios about how badly we Indians may be affected or how many killed by Covid-19. But they presume we will do nothing to influence our fates.