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‘La Bestia’ — the train of violence and assault that takes migrants to US-Mexico border

La Bestia is the freight train migrants use to get from southern Mexico to the US border when they can’t afford a bus ticket or a smuggler.

Mexico deports 311 Indians after US pressure on border security

Mexico is expanding its border security and migrant policy after US President Donald Trump threatened tariffs on imports.
Illegal immigrants entering US

Not just Mexicans, more and more Indians are entering Donald Trump’s US illegally

As Modi heads to Houston for a Howdy Modi! blitzkrieg, there is a new wrinkle in Trump’s anti-immigrant politics.

Was trying to give Gurupreet a safer life, say parents of girl who died near US border

Six-year-old Gurupreet Kaur's parents had last seen each other in 2013, six months after she was born, and were hoping to be reunited in US, where they are seeking asylum.
House Democratic Women

In deal to avert another US govt shutdown, early reports hand victory to Democrats

It has been a long day in the world of foreign affairs, and we begin by looking at how the Democrats and the Republicans, the two leading parties of the US, reached a deal to avert another government shutdown.
Donald Trump

I want immigrants to come to US, but legally, says president Trump

In his State of the Union address, Donald Trump said it is time for Congress to show the world that the US is committed to ending illegal immigration.
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro| Flickr, Senado Federal

Brazil takes sharp right as former army captain Jair Bolsonaro is sworn in as president

Britain raises China hackles with plans of overseas naval bases and Gridlock over Donald Trump’s wall continues.

On Camera

Pakistan PM Imran Khan with Narendra Modi

Few things tie Modi’s India and Imran’s Pakistan like their love-hate for foreign invasion

Be it Hindutva ideologues condemning the wicked foreign invader or Imran Khan hailing Turkish imperial rule, both want to reinforce that going forward means going backward.

Harsh Vardhan questions Delhi govt: Is Arvind Kejriwal failing in handling Covid-19 crisis?

Union health minister Harsh Vardhan Thursday raised concerns about rising Covid cases and low testing levels in Delhi.


Indian and Chinese soldiers during a military exercise in Meghalaya last year | Representational image | ANI

‘April status quo’ discussed as India, China generals hold marathon meeting over Ladakh

The formal meeting between the top military officers of India and China started around 11.30 am and is believed to have lasted until the evening.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

Why Modi doesn’t feature in a list of India’s reformist prime ministers

Despite big ideas, Modi comes off poorly as a reformer, because his bureaucrats lack the motivation to push reforms and are beginning to enjoy unbridled power.