Tuesday, 29 November, 2022

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Edtech start-ups funding down 50% in Q2 2022 from Q1, report says. Insiders blame ‘bad phase’

Funding in the Indian start-up ecosystem also tanked by 40 per cent from USD 11.3 billion in the first quarter to settle at USD 6.8 billion in the second quarter.

Where do founders of 100 Indian unicorns come from? IIT Delhi tops list, IIMs nurtured many too

More than 50% of founders of start-ups worth over $1 billion are IIT graduates. IIT Delhi conducive to start-ups thanks to networking & academic support, says alumni alumni association ex-chief.

Start-ups, IPOs flourish despite COVID, but excess liquidity is double-edged sword

A market-ready idea, partnering with the right investors and aligning goals with them are the bedrocks of success for start-ups.

India lacks ‘sincere engagement’ for start-up culture to thrive, experts say at tech summit

At Global Technology Summit 2021, organised by MEA & Carnegie India, panelists spoke about the future of India’s digital transformation.

Start-up investments in India fell by 81% in March 2020 compared to 2019, UNDP survey says

Report prepared by UNDP in India in collaboration with Niti Aayog says 85% young entrepreneurs saw negative impact on their business in 2020 thanks to Covid.

Away from Covid mess, there’s another side to the India story. And it’s cause for hope

Amid the pandemic that has gripped the country, India is in need of good news, or at least something else to think about. This might help.

New book traces Xiaomi’s journey from Chinese startup to global brand with cult following

Published by Harper Collins, 'Xiaomi: How a Start-up Disrupted the Market and Created a Cult Following’ by Jayadevan P.K will be released on 15 April on ‘SoftCover’.

New book offers a masterclass on how to plan, build, sustain and grow a start-up

Published by Rupa Publications, 'Everything Started as Nothing: How to Win the Start-up Battle' by Bhaskar Majumdar will be launched on 16 March on ThePrint's SoftCover.

Women led start-ups always struggled for money. Covid made it worse

The gender financing gap is one of the most high-profile and persistent problems in entrepreneurship.

IIM Sambalpur to get permanent campus after five years as PM lays foundation stone 

The IIM at Odisha has been functioning in a make-shift campus and the foundation-stone laying ceremony comes on the heels of the controversy over the autonomy of the institutes.

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Representational image of workers at a construction site | ANI

GDP data this week will indicate FY23 outlook. But analysis shows growth still below pre-Covid yrs

Analysis of industrial & consumer data not included in usual ‘high-frequency indicators’ shows although demand seems to have recovered from pandemic, it remains weak.


Illustration: Soham Sen | The Print

Modi govt moves with Arunachal Frontier Highway, among India’s ‘toughest’ projects yet, China in mind

The 2,000 km-long highway will be of strategic importance to military. Same equipment used on other side of LAC being deployed to carry out work on tough terrain, say officials.

A Gujarat gamble: A likely reason Rahul is not giving Modi a fight this assembly election

I'd rather not buy idea that Rahul's holding his fire until 2024. More likely, Congress believes Karnataka offers best chance of winning a Gujarat-sized state if Gujarat is too challenging.