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TopicS-400 missile

Topic: S-400 missile

No impact on S-400 deal, but ‘severe’ sanctions likely to dent Russia-India trade, says Moscow

Ambassador-designate to India Denis Alipov says Moscow is working with New Delhi to evacuate Indian nationals in Kharkiv & Sumy through Russian territory.

Russia & India S-400 missile deal contract is being successfully fulfilled: Ambassador Nikolay

Envoy Nikolay Kudashev also said that both Russia and India do not recognise bilateral sanctions as they are 'illegal tools' of 'unlawful and unfair' competition and pressure.

India, Russia firm on S-400 missiles deal, Moscow now eyes arms unit under ‘Make in India’

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who was on a hurricane tour to India, said the two countries are ‘going to deepen military and technical cooperation’.

Sanctions on India over Russian S-400 will damage Biden’s goal in Indo-Pacific

A comparison of trajectories of India-Russia and India-US defence ties illustrates how India stands apart from Turkey on the applicability of CAATSA sanctions.

US sanctions Turkey over purchase of S-400 missile system from Russia

State Secretary Michael Pompeo said the sanctions on Turkey's SSB demonstrates the US will not tolerate significant transactions with Russia's defence sector.

No blanket waiver of CAATSA sanctions for buying Russian/Chinese arms, but India safe, says US

Earlier this week, US imposed sanctions on NATO ally Turkey for buying Russian S-400 missiles in 2017. India ordered the same system in 2018.

US plans to sanction Turkey for buying Russian S-400 missiles

Donald Trump, who has long highlighted his personal rapport with Recep Tayyip Erdogan, had resisted bipartisan calls from Congress to punish Turkey for the deal with Russia.

Russia to deliver S-400 by 2021-end, but will supply missiles and bombs amid LAC tensions

The S-400 is capable of destroying incoming hostile aircraft, missiles and even drones within a range of up to 400 km. It has a tracking capability of nearly 600 km.

India set to sign $2.6-bn chopper deal with US, push for waiver on Russian S-400 missiles

India & US look to finalise MH-60R Seahawk deal on the sidelines of 2+2 talks in Washington. The choppers will boost Navy’s anti-submarine warfare operations.

India, Russia agree on new payment mode for S-400 deal to get around US sanctions

India will soon pay Russia the first installment for S-400 Triumf air defence system. The delivery of the first system will be done within two years of this payment.

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Representational image of cryptocurrencies | Pizabay

What are UST & Luna and why the fall of 2 ‘stablecoins’ led to a crypto crash in India

Along with crash in value of UST and Luna coins, Indian market for crypto assets also reeling under strict control imposed by government, with the imposition of TDS on all crypto transactions.


NSA Ajit Doval with NSAs from the other countries at the meeting at Dushanbe, Tajikistan | Photo: Courtesy the NSA's office

NSA Ajit Doval pushes for ‘terror free’ Afghanistan, says India stands with Afghan people

Doval's comments came at 4th Regional Security Dialogue on Afghanistan attended by national security advisors from Tajikistan, India, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Kyrgyzstan & China.

Why it’s obscene to tell Ukraine to give in & how war-upended global balance of power brings openings for India

Global order is in flux, and India is being wooed by all. It opens up economic, strategic & military possibilities unimaginable till recently. It is for India to take this opportunity.