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jelly fish under water

Scientists accidentally discover first animal that doesn’t need oxygen to survive

Scientists at Tel Aviv University have discovered a jellyfish-like parasite that doesn’t need oxygen because it doesn’t breathe. Its life is entirely free of dependency on oxygen.
US President Donald Trump

`Pakistan zindabad’ vs Waris Pathan & neither win, `Parasite’ trolls Trump

The most politically correct and incorrect tweets of the day from across the political spectrum.

What the hell was that all about? – Trump on Oscar for ‘Parasite’ from South Korea

Neon, the company that distributes ‘Parasite’, responded to Trump on Twitter, suggesting he couldn’t understand the subtitles.

Loved Oscar-winner Parasite? But that may not be the best Korean movie you would have seen

A good film can come from India, Mexico, Korea, but it is subtitles that connect the makers with audiences by allowing the accessibility of a variety of cinema.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi with US President Donald Trump during the ‘Howdy! Modi’ event in Texas last year | Photo: Scott Dalton | Bloomberg

Sanjaya Baru on altered India-US relations, Ruchir Sharma & Sandipan Deb go to the Oscars

Today’s political, economic & strategic punditry from Sanjaya Baru, Ashok Gulati, Ruchir Sharma, Tamal Bandopadhyay, Prabha Kotiswaran & many others.

Parasite Oscar win says a lot about South Korea

In the past decade, Korean music and TV shows have exploded in global popularity. But the Korean wave isn’t just a global cultural fad, it’s the capstone of a unique and remarkable national growth story.
Parasite director Bong Joon Ho |

Oscar winner Parasite borrowed from 1999 Tamil film? Some in Chennai say yes

People in Chennai are comparing Minsara Kanna, featuring Vijay and Monica Castelino, with Korean Oscar winner Parasite.
The crew of Parasite accept the Academy Award for Best Film | @Jasra_tauheed | Twitter

‘Parasite’ overtakes Twitter, Congress has desi Oscars, Priyanka Gandhi & ‘Daddy’s girl’

The most politically correct and incorrect tweets of the day from across the political spectrum.

This is why Parasite earning Best Picture at the Oscars is a big deal

Bong Joon-ho’s South Korean film Parasite made history by becoming the first film not in English language to win an Academy Award for the Best Picture.
The crew of Parasite accept the Academy Award for Best Film | @Jasra_tauheed | Twitter

Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite becomes first non-English film to win best picture Oscar

The South Korean film, a dark comedy and commentary on class politics, also took home the Oscars for best international feature and best director.

On Camera

File image of soldiers of the Indian Army and China's People's Liberation Army | Photo: ANI

Ahead of talks with China, question for India: Settle geography or wait for history to unfold?

China changed the geography in 1959 by claiming Tibet. But it would be naïve to think China can now force India to settle the border issue to its advantage.

40 Covid apps across India: Lack of coordination or needed for micro-management?

India now has nearly 40 Covid-19 apps, including Aarogya Setu. The purpose of these apps range from contact tracing to providing health information and issuing e-passes.


Ladakh shows Modi is risking relations with China by getting too close to Trump

India-China border tensions must be seen in the backdrop of Beijing’s deteriorating international relations during the coronavirus outbreak, experts say.

The Chinese are so predictable, Modi & Shah should’ve seen them coming on 5 August 2019

India should’ve anticipated the Chinese appearance in Ladakh, even the timing of it, when the status of Jammu & Kashmir was changed.