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TopicPakistan Peoples Party (PPP)

Topic: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP)

From 4-yr-old on horseback to outspoken Pakistani opposition leader — Bilawal Bhutto then & now

When his mother Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in 2007, Bilawal became the titular head of the Pakistan Peoples Party. Today, he is at the epicentre of a political churning in Pakistan.

Award from ‘anti-art’ state? No, thanks. Poet Ashu Lal refuses Pakistan’s top literary prize

Poet Ashu Lal says Pakistan Academy of Letters’ top literary award is 'politically motivated'. But his affiliation with opposition PPP is well known.

Imran Khan to ‘hurricane’ Firdous — two street visits to show Pakistan govt at work

Pakistani politicians from all parties have used the Ramzan month for PR activity in the past. But only Imran Khan govt has managed to pull off such a self-contradictory show.

PPP leader Ali Qasim Gilani, 30 others arrested in Pakistan before PDM rally

PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari warned of protests in every nook and corner of Pakistan if the Imran Khan government doesn't stop the crackdown on PPP workers.

Why Gandhis losing to Modi has a clear lesson for PPP’s Bilawal Bhutto

In ‘The Bhutto Dynasty’, Owen Bennett-Jones writes that even if Bilawal Bhutto tightens his grip on the party, he must win over voters too.

Cynthia Ritchie, American writer in Pakistan who accused PPP leaders of rape, assault

Cynthia Dawn Ritchie is already facing a lawsuit from the Pakistan Peoples Party for her tweet about Benazir Bhutto's marital life.

For 20 yrs, Imran Khan had a dream. When he became PM, we got goats, cows & broken economy

Blaming Pakistan’s former leaders for the problems of the last 19 months makes for good prime-time news, but in reality, Imran Khan's rhetoric is slowly dying.

Pakistan’s long-ailing democracy is now completely dead, thanks to its political parties

Pakistan, in the aftermath of General Qamar Javed Bajwa’s tenure extension, signals a total reverse of American political scientist Francis Fukuyama’s ‘End of History’ thesis.

Bilawal Bhutto is the opposition’s dark horse in Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan

For a long time, Bilawal Bhutto wasn’t taken seriously, despite having the courage and charisma of mother Benazir & grandfather Zulfiqar Ali

Bilawal Bhutto slams Imran Khan govt’s ‘inaction’ on SP’s killing

Why this Islamabad deputy commissioner got polio drops, and Sindhi singer’s captivating ‘Ko Ko Korina’ spoof.

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Illustration: Ramandeep Kaur | ThePrint

Does breaking up big states boost economy? Data doesn’t back up hype, says Indian study

The study by researchers at Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research looked at economic impact of reorganising Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Bihar in the year 2000.


The Indian Air Force logo | Commons

Almost 4,000 enrol for IAF’s Agnipath recruitment scheme on day 1 of online registrations

These registrations pertain to the Indian Air Force's Agniveer Vayu programme. The online portal for the first phase was opened at 10 am Friday, and will close on 5 July.

With Agnipath, Modi govt’s shock & awe doctrine may have misfired a vital reform, yet again

Modi govt's biggest flaw has been its disinclination to accept limitations of electoral majorities. This ruined land acquisition and farm reform, stalled labour codes.