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(Clockwise from top) P Iyer, Jaishankar, Amitabh Kant, Indu Bhushan, P.K. Sinha, P.K Mishra, Ajit Doval, Nripendra Misra | Illustration: Soham Sen

Na tired, Na retired — How Modi govt uses Vajpayee line to hold on to retired IAS officers

From PMO to Niti Aayog, from cultural bodies to Railway Board, from apex security council to Ayushman Bharat — Modi’s India is now run by carefully chosen set of retired officers.
First meeting of Ram Mandir trust takes place in New Delhi. | Photo:PTI |

Nripendra Misra, Modi’s trusted former IAS officer, will head Ram temple construction panel

The panel is under the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Tirth Kshetra Trust set up to oversee the construction of the Ram temple at Ayodhya.
File photo of Nripendra Misra | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint

Nripendra Misra to head Nehru Memorial Museum and Library

The former principal secretary to PM Modi, however, said he was yet to receive the order.
P.K. Mishra, the principal secretary to Prime Minister | Praveen Jain | ThePrint

The Prime Minister’s Man — in new PMO power equation, it’s PK Mishra who calls the shots

Mishra, the principal secretary to Narendra Modi, has the final word on what reaches the PM, has direct access to Modi and works closely with Amit Shah.
File photo of Nripendra Misra | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint

‘Tough taskmaster’ Nripendra Misra endeared himself to Modi, but not to all civil servants

PM Narendra Modi bid farewell to his former principal secretary Nripendra Misra Monday, saying the officer’s wisdom saw him through many crises.
File photo of PK Sinha, principal advisor to the prime minister. | Commons

Modi govt creates new position to accommodate ex-IAS officer P.K. Sinha in PMO

P.K. Mishra is expected to continue the work he was doing as additional principal secretary to the PM — taking key calls in bureaucratic functioning.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Principal Secretary Nripendra Misra at Parliament in New Delhi | Praveen Jain | ThePrint

Nripendra Misra steps down as PS to PM Modi, Cabinet Secretary PK Sinha moves into PMO

Modi government has provided no reason for Nripendra Misra stepping down. He too has revealed little.
PM Modi with Shri Nripendra Misra, National Security Adviser Ajit Doval and Dr. P.K. Mishra

Why Modi has created a new ‘super power centre’ in his PMO

Modi govt gives cabinet berth to Ajit Doval, Nripendra Misra and P.K. Mishra. Retired and serving officers say it's a ‘strong message’ to bureaucracy.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi is welcomed by Ajit Doval, Nirpendra Misra, and PK Misra at the Prime Minister office | Praveen Jain | ThePrint

The perks Ajit Doval, Nripendra Misra & PK Mishra are entitled to under Cabinet rank

Principal Secretary to the PM Nripendra Misra and Additional Principal Secretary P.K. Mishra have been granted extensions along with full cabinet rank.

2G verdict nailed the bureaucrats – the bungling ones who failed the system

The 2G ruling may deliver an even bigger loss of credibility because it shows everyone, from the ministry down to the auditor and investigator, in poor light.

On Camera

File photo| PM Modi interacts with journalists and stakeholders from the print media on tackling COVID-2019, in New Delhi, March 24 | PTI

After demonetisation and GST, slow response on corona is latest disaster of centralisation

Modi govt is perceived as ‘strong’ because of its centralised functioning, but its slow response on Covid-19 exposes the risks that come with such style of governance.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

Ramayan on DD: Best way to keep India’s elderly indoors or show the young TV beyond Netflix?

Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan, which was a rage in the late 1980s, has made a comeback at a time when the 21-day lockdown has forced people indoors.


File image of medical staff at isolation ward where 3 patients were admitted for suspected coronavirus infection, in New Delhi | ANI

Army doctor and JCO test positive for Covid-19, both had travelled to Delhi separately

The latest cases have come over 10 days after an Army jawan in Leh tested positive for Covid-19 to become the first its victim in the 13-lakh strong force.

Modi’s India isn’t Mao’s China. Silly forecasts assume we’ll let corona kill millions of us

There are many scary scenarios about how badly we Indians may be affected or how many killed by Covid-19. But they presume we will do nothing to influence our fates.