Tuesday, 24 May, 2022

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Fund my studies, I’ll get you to Canada — Now Punjabi men are being abandoned by NRI wives

Punjabi men abandoned by their NRI wives don’t have law or officials on their side. They lose their marriage, money, and Canada dreams.

Investment in real estate can give NRIs high returns, with InvestoXpert as guide

With a strong presence in Noida, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Gurugram, and Bengaluru, InvestoXpert has been revamping the realty sector with its online platform catering to millions of investors.

Postal ballots of NRI voters could be brought to India through diplomatic bag

While the postal ballots will be sent to NRI voters electronically, it is being suggested the voter give the ballot to an officer designated by the embassy, who would attest it.

Farmers say NRI relatives supporting them, willing to fund protests

Many farmers claim their relatives living abroad have already sent money, material, and medical aid in support of the protests.

Rs 35,000 cr in 5 months — NRI deposits surged as overseas Indians returned due to Covid

Deposits into repatriable accounts hit five year high, but the situation is returning to normal levels as workers are going back overseas for jobs.

India is Hindu, Hindus are India — Why Indian Americans think the way they do

In ‘Open Embrace’, Varghese K. George writes how groups like Hindu American Foundation influence US thinking — from Modi visa ban to lynchings.

Cool NRI cousins were once the gateway to the world. Now they’re chanting Mera Hinduism Mahan

An Indian-origin influencer went viral on social media recently for decrying hate against unfair treatment of Hindus and being bullied for wearing a bindi.

I had to sue Modi govt and Air India to be ‘rescued’ by Vande Bharat Mission

The harassment I went through as a stranded Indian in Germany during the coronavirus crisis, I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. And there was no heroic Vande Bharat rescue.

Preacher who was Punjab’s 1st Covid-19 death could have been a ‘super-spreader’

Health officials in Punjab suspect three people, including a religious leader and the preacher, who defied quarantine advice may be ‘super-spreaders’.

Modi govt to redefine who qualifies as NRI, tax those not paying tax in other countries

Tightening the residency norms, the Budget 2020 proposes reducing the period of stay in India to 120 days from 182 days.

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World’s $300 trillion in debt. Here’s what it means for services like health, education

To meet debt payments, at least 100 countries will have to reduce spending on essential services, the IMF estimates.


Boeing's F/A-18 Super Hornet pulls off its first successful launch from a ski-jump at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, US | Photo credit: Boeing

2 American Super Hornets in India as Boeing looks to showcase fighters for Navy deal

Navy looking at about 26 multi-role deck-based fighters for its aircraft carrier. Visit by Super Hornets comes close on heels of similar trip by competitor Rafale M of Dassault Aviation.

Mandir or Masjid? New surveys not needed, just acceptance of truth & move towards reconciliation

That temples were destroyed and mosques built is undisputed history. The past can’t be changed, but we can’t deny the wrongs of the past either before we consider reconciliation.