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A diagram of the temporary moon's orbit created by an orbit stimulator | Twitter | @WierzchosKacper

Earth has a second moon — car-sized, dark and temporary

Detected by astronomers at University of Arizona, the small and dark moonlet has been in the Earth's orbit for the past three years and will be ejected by April 2020.
Prototypes of NASA's newest spacesuits designed for Moon to Mars exploration | Twitter

NASA unveils new spacesuits for astronauts for 2024 Moon mission

The new spacesuits are built on the existing design of the suits worn by astronauts at International Space Station and offer better resistance to lunar dust.
India had suffered a setback in its lunar exploration ambitions when ISRO lost touch with the Vikram lander | ISRO

Vikram lander dies today, but here’s how ISRO can ensure Chandrayaan-3 lives on

ISRO’s ambitious Vikram lander will die today as the lunar night sets in, two weeks after it went off the radar minutes before touchdown.
Chang'e-4 lunar rover position indicated by arrows | Photo: Commons

What China’s rover found on the Moon and how French fries turned a teenager blind

ScientiFix, our weekly feature, offers you a summary of the top global science stories of the week, with links to the best sources to read them.
Chandrayaan-2 captures images of the lunar surface with it Terrain Mapping Camera-2 (TMC-2) on 23 August at an altitude of about 4,375 km. The photo shows craters including Jackson, Mach, Korolev and Mitra | ISRO

Chandrayaan-2 sends back photos of moon’s craters

Among the craters captured by ISRO's Chandrayaan-2 is crater Mitra, named after Indian physicist Sisir Kumar Mitra who is known for his work in the field of ionosphere and radiophysics.
The first image of the moon captured by Chandrayaan2 shows the Mare Orientale basin and Apollo craters | ISRO

ISRO releases first picture of Moon captured by Chandrayaan-2

The image was captured by Chandrayaan-2's LI4 camera from an altitude of about 2,650 km from the moon's surface.
India’s second Moon mission Chandrayaan-2 lifts off | PTI

Chandrayaan-2 is out of Earth’s orbit, gets closer to destination moon

India's second lunar probe carried out a Trans Lunar Insertion process at 2.21 am Wednesday to leave the Earth's orbit & get on the path to moon.
Tardigrades on the Moon

Croissant-shaped Earthlings to greet the next astronaut who sets foot on moon 

Tardigrades, water-dwelling micro-animals, are present everywhere life has been on Earth — from the deepest seas to the tallest mountains.
Edwin E. ‘Buzz’ Aldrin Jr. beside the U.S. flag deployed on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission 1969 | Wikimedia Commons

Human history on the moon needs protection, 50 years after Armstrong left his footprints

Remains of Apollo 11 site will tell a story that should inspire people when we reach the 500th or 1,000th anniversary of those first footprints.

India’s Chandrayaan-2 matters, but don’t dream about moon picnics with friends just as yet

Although postponed, when Chandrayaan-2 eventually lands on moon, India will have taken a substantial step towards extra-terrestrial settlement.

On Camera

Workers at a spice factory in Pune

Covid-19 crisis is choking India’s MSME sector. Business won’t pick up even after lockdown

Countries such as US, UK, Germany and China have announced quick relief for small companies. Perhaps finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman missed a trick or two.

Is India’s coronavirus lockdown leading to stress in families or strengthening relationships?

The 21-day nationwide lockdown due to coronavirus has led to people working from home and thus, spending more time with their families and partners.


Army personnel distribute packaged food to the homeless in Chennai on 31 March 2020 | PTI

In a first, Army deploys medical team at civil coronavirus quarantine camp in Delhi

The Indian Army has so far only been operating out of quarantine camps set up by the armed service for coronavirus patients.

Poke fun at taali, thaali, diya and mombatti all you want. Modi couldn’t care less

Modi knows who he needs to speak to, who he should toss, who he can address in kind. People accuse him of infantilising his voters, but it’s a winning strategy.