Friday, 18 January, 2019

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Congress president Rahul Gandhi

Neither BJP nor Congress wants to engage with the middle class

Our leaders may be mistaken about the numbers or the spread of this part of the electorate.
Illustration by Peali Dutta Gupta

Modi, after all, had no solution to the poor and nasty lives of most Indians

Five years on, the reality hasn't changed for young Indians. Subsidies and hand-outs are all that they've got.
People gather during Diwali celebrations in Delhi | Prashanth Vishwanathan/Bloomberg

This Diwali once again showed the ugly side of the urban middle class

The pollution this festive season shows the middle class is increasingly self-indulgent, with little regard for laws and rules.
Representational photo of Indian Muslims

New Indian Muslim middle class is privately religious, barely political

The new Muslim middle class in India is neither a victim nor a threat. The term ‘Muslim middle class’ in India goes against the present day ‘politi...
Bajrang Dal volunteers | SAM PANTHAKY/AFP/GettyImages

As BJP’s Hindutva grew, India’s pleasure-seeking middle classes looked away

It is futile for liberals to look for political space in this middle class – Gandhi and Nehru are, for them, just names from a lost world.
A woman's hand with bangles

India maybe revolutionising, but when it comes to marriage, ‘middle-class morality’ wins

Author Flock says Indian middle class wants to push boundaries while maintaining a certain status.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

PM Modi will meet his fall in the same middle class that voted him to power

Ironically, it was the same aspirant middle class with materialistic ambitions that had welcomed Dr Singh in 1991, but grew tired of him by 2014.

India has to grow at 8% for 30 years to achieve middle class status

The global middle class is typically defined as having daily consumption expenditure levels of above $10 (in terms of PPP), which is almost Rs 650.
graphic with Arun Jaitley and Bombay Stock ex building

Middle of Nowhere Class: When just 2.56% pay 100% of India’s income tax & govt wants more

Governments treat the middle classes rudely and squeeze taxes out of them as they are the usual suspects – without lobbies or electoral power.

The great Indian middle class, in charts

Three economists, Neelanjan Sircar, Devesh Kapur, and Milan Vaishnav went around India asking: 'Do you call yourself middle class?'
Latest news on Shah Faisel |

Why even an ex-IAS officer like Shah Faesal sympathises with murderers of his kith and kin

Every 2-3 years Kashmir has a collective call of conscience. Most entertaining are the ones from wannabe conflict entrepreneurs selling pipe dreams.
hiren gohain

Does sedition law apply to JNU & Assam cases or is it being used as tool to stifle dissent?

Ten JNU students, including Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid and Anirban Bhattacharya have been charge-sheeted under the sedition law for raising ‘anti-India’ slogan...