People gather at the site where many labourers reportedly died after a mound of earth collapsed on them, at Narayanpet district, Telangana | PTI

NHRC asks Telangana govt to submit a report on deaths of 10 MGNREGA workers

Women working under the MGNREGA scheme were buried alive & another was injured when a mound of mud fell on them in Narayanpet district Wednesday. 
Villagers of Lar Sauryana in Madhya Pradesh show their job cards with no entries under MNREGA | Prashanth Vishwanathan/Bloomberg

MGNREGA survived Modi govt’s neglect and derision, it will be up to new regime to fix it

The current wage system in MGNREGA needs a double booster shot: hike in existing rate and correction in subsequent revision rates.
Sandeep Tambe, Indian Forest Service

Meet the IIT grad and IFS officer who helped save Sikkim’s forests & dying springs

Sandeep Tambe’s proactive policy-making has also been instrumental in making Sikkim one of India’s most successful states in implementing MGNREGA.
Women working on a project under MGNREGA | MGNREGA report

India’s rural employment plan has been giving fewer & fewer jobs to the most deprived

The rural job scheme, launched in February 2006, is intended to cater to poorest and weakest sections, but data shows share of SCs/STs in total jobs has seen a sharp fall.
Women working on a project under MGNREGA | MGNREGA report

Budget 2019: The rise in funding for MGNREGA, charted

Despite PM Modi terming MGNREGA as a 'UPA failure', his govt has allocated Rs 60,000 crore in the interim budget — the highest ever for the scheme.
Villagers of Lar Sauryana in Madhya Pradesh show their job cards with no entries under MNREGA | Prashanth Vishwanathan/Bloomberg

Govt still can’t manage MGNREGA promises, even with ‘highest ever’ fund allocation

The average number of days of employment so far this fiscal has been 43 while MGNREGA promises 100. 
Union ministers and senior BJP leaders Arun Jaitley and Prakash Javadekar along with Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje release the party manifesto for the Assembly elections in Jaipur | PTI

BJP manifesto for Rajasthan assembly polls promises 50 lakh private jobs in 5 years

The BJP manifesto also held out a possibility to farmers of doubling their income, helped by a new Rs 250 crore fund to encourage rural start-ups.
File photo of Former prime minister Manmohan Singh in New Delhi | Shahbaz Khan/PTI

Certain forces using India’s diversity to pose a threat to its unity: Manmohan Singh

At a Pranab Mukherjee Foundation event Saturday, Singh said saner elements in society must unite to fight these forces. Here’s the full text of his speech.
A woman cooks food by fire inside a home in Kraska village, Rajasthan | Anindito Mukherjee/Bloomberg

Address jati, and not just caste, to fix rural welfare schemes like MGNREGA

Even within disadvantaged Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, some jatis are significantly worse off than others Caste is a persistent driver of inequality in India, but little is known about the economic inequality between the jatis. Most of the academic literature on caste and inequality in India is based on surveys that use caste categories that are used by the government of India, such as Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST). But in everyday life, caste identity is experienced and practiced as jati — hereditarily formed endogamous groups whose identities are manifested in a variety of ways: occupational status, property ownership, diet, gender norms, social practices, and religious practices emphasising purity and pollution. Each region of India has several hundred jatis. But there is no pan-Indian system of ranking them, and the local rankings of jatis routinely change. Placement of jatis in broad government 'caste' categories is complicated, and affected by politics...
Narendra Tomar is tasked with overseeing the NDA's pro-rural electoral strategy | YouTube

BJP not worried if welfare schemes bring votes, don’t link them to polls: Minister

Narendra Tomar, whom PM Modi recently praised in an interview, is tasked with overseeing the NDA's pro-rural electoral strategy.

On Camera

A still from Mrinal Sen's Padatik | mrinalsen.org

Mrinal Sen’s Padatik, about dispirited Communists in 1970s Calcutta, is a tale of our times

Padatik is last in Mrinal Sen’s Calcutta trilogy, in which Communists are risking their lives for a cause that forever seems out of reach.

Can Indian politics recover from the toxicity of the 2019 Lok Sabha election campaign?

From PM Narendra Modi saying former PM Rajiv Gandhi died as "corrupt number 1", to Mayawati dragging Modi’s wife into her speech, 2019 has seen it all.


After 10-year wait, defence ministry to grant ex-servicemen status to military nurses

Military nurses had been seeking to be treated at par with other military officers, including doctors.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

If Pragya Thakur wins this Thursday, Modi is in for an embarrassing 5 years

Never has one constituency had such a bearing on Indian nationalism and the pretence of a Gandhian polity. So what if PM Modi doesn’t forgive her in his heart?