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Symptoms of schizophrenic women change tones with menstrual cycle, study shows

Study was conducted at a tertiary care mental hospital in eastern India, where the moods of 40 schizophrenia patients were monitored for 15 months.
Garvesh (left) covers her face as a man passes by

In ‘Oscar Hapur’, menstrual period is still a conversation only among women

In Kathikhera, the village where Oscar-winning documentary Period. End of Sentence was filmed, menstruation remains a stigma that elicits whispers & giggles.
A still from 'Period. End of Sentence.' | Rayka Zehtabchi/Vimeo

When others tell our stories: Why Oscar win for ‘Period’ is yet another Slumdog moment

Like Period, both Bohemian Rhapsody and Slumdog Millionaire were films waiting for Indians to make them.

Menstrual hygiene must be made part of Swachh Bharat & Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao

ThePrint view on the most important issues, instantly.

Some sects of Hinduism encourage sex during your periods

Menstrual blood is, in fact, considered pure and sacred, and plays a very important role in certain Tantric rituals.
Chengannur Mahadeva Kshetram

Next door to Sabarimala temple district, a menstruating goddess is worshipped

The Chengannur Mahadeva Kshetram is located in Kerala’s Alappuzha district, which neighbours Pathanamthitta, where Sabarimala temple is situated.
Union Textile Minister Smriti Irani addresses the 'Young Thinkers Conference' in Mumbai | PTI

Smriti Irani must know India is at a tipping point and women aren’t seeking permission

At the heart of the backlash against the entry of women into Sabarimala temple and #MeToo is a common pattern – men still decide.
Devotees and activist protest against the Supreme Court verdict revoking a ban on women's entry to Sabarimala's Ayyappa Hindu temple | Getty Images

Not just a bar at Sabarimala, menstruation has got women ostracised & labelled witches

It may not be the primary argument, but the age bar at Sabarimala has often been justified as an attempt to keep out ‘impure’ menstruating women.
Iffat Omar

A Pakistani TV actor posted a picture with a pad and was attacked for being a bad Muslim

Some people were so infuriated that they threatened to have me thrown out of my country. I am a woman, and any issue related to my gender has no nationality.
Akshay Kumar holding a packet of sanitary napkins in a promotion for Padman

‘Padman’ has started a welcome conversation about periods, but don’t ignore the bad news

In a country notoriously tight-lipped about menstruation, the topic of sanitary napkins, menstrual hygiene, waste disposal and even the taxation of sanitary pads has suddenly gone mainstream.

On Camera

File photo of Smriti Irani | Facebook

Smriti Irani’s makeover: From being most disliked Modi minister to dynasty slayer in Amethi

After causing the biggest upset in 2019 elections, Smriti Irani has ensured she can no longer be ignored by PM Modi and Amit Shah.

Does Congress have a future in India after 2019 Lok Sabha election results?

The Congress party faced a crushing defeat in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections at the hands of Narendra Modi-led BJP.


Ministry of Defence building

On new govt’s defence agenda — 4 key projects to boost India’s military prowess

Indian Air Force and Indian Navy are in dire need of fighter jets, helicopters and submarines, and the new government has to ensure that they get them.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Varanasi in 2014 | Commons

Pracharak Modi: The mask you see, is the man you get

India has its first leader who is unapologetic about belonging to the social and political Right. This is how Shekhar Gupta foresaw Modi’s five years in this National Interest within three months of his victory in 2014.