Monday, 5 December, 2022

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Having uncertainty crisis as a leader? These 3 skills can help you, LinkedIn data say

LinkedIn surveyed over 2,900 executives to see how they're approaching this period of uncertainty, given the pressure to boost productivity while delivering returns.

Indians share pay info with family & friends, only 1 in 10 with colleagues: LinkedIn survey

Gen Z professionals are leading the way in Indian workplaces in creating more open discussions surrounding salaries, more confident about asking for raise.

Gen Z freshers won’t slog 18 hours a day to show we love our work. CEOs need to get it

Bombay Shaving Company CEO Shantanu Deshpande's generation are perhaps bothered that Gen Z want a peaceful life at home. If this is 'rona-dhona', then so be it.

Most Indian youth looking to switch jobs in 2022, but will stay on for more pay: LinkedIn study

Survey conducted by LinkedIn & UK-based market researcher Censuswide shows about 82% workers want to quit current job, poor work-life balance & inadequate pay top 2 reasons why.

China sees ‘snub’ to India in Bhutan agreement. And Chinese are mocking Ajay Devgn

Chinascope — The Week Behind The Wall is everything you need to know about what’s happening in China this week.

Microsoft to shut LinkedIn China, cities ‘challenging operating environment’

LinkedIn has become the last major US social media provider to pull out of Beijing. Other US-based social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have long been banned.

There’s a ‘shecession’, women worry more about jobs, 4x less confident than men: LinkedIn survey

LinkedIn's Workforce Confidence Index found that women are 2x more worried about job availability than men. Also about professional network and time devoted to job seeking.

Here’s what LinkedIn is telling us about the hottest jobs of 2021

If you’re in the market for a new role, and you have the right skills for a position in e-commerce, healthcare, or digital content, you’re in luck.

Employers still pick younger candidates, even if older ones are good at their job

In 2016, LinkedIn removed people’s ages from their profiles. This was the right thing to do.

LinkedIn, do your job of finding people jobs. Leave Stories to Instagram

LinkedIn’s Stories doesn’t add anything practical to its CV. It forgot it’s not Instagram.

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Protests sparked by draconian lockdowns may thwart China's plans to become a global superpower

Why China’s protests against Zero Covid won’t challenge Xi Jinping yet

Scholars and diplomats at the prestigious Institute of Chinese Studies conference discussed Socialism with Chinese characteristics in the New Era last week. Here’s what they said.
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Rupee to hover near weaker side of 81/dollar, bond yields await RBI’s monetary policy decision

The rupee ended last week at 81.3175 per dollar but underperformed its Asian peers due to strong demand for the greenback from corporates.


Russian President Vladimir Putin with Chinese President Xi Jinping. (Photo Credit - Reuters)

In western arms sanctions on Russia, China’s arms industry could stand to gain

The arms export embargoes on Moscow could create an opportunity for Beijing to supply arms to countries like Myanmar, which are heavily dependent on Russian arms.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

Gujarat election is anything but dull. BJP’s political neurosis about AAP is the hidden headline

Gujarat is the only state where Modi is directly in contention. Even if he wins, the team that runs him closest has much to gain.