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Annual Kanwar Yatra

For kanwariyas, this is a time for free train rides — the ‘ticket’ is their saffron clothes

Kanwariyas say no one dares question them, and even TTEs don’t ask for tickets. But passengers complain of harassment, want separate coaches for kanwariyas.

What kanwariyas want — from finding love to a chance to travel without their husbands

How to spend a day with kanwariyas and enjoy it.
Har ki Pauri during Kanwar Mela, Haridwar | Commons

Kanwar Yatra has more Dalits and OBCs but Indian liberals still won’t notice them

Dalit and OBC kanwariyas travelling to Uttar Pradesh from all over India thwart the liberal narrative of institutional oppression within Hinduism.
Illustration by Arindam Mukherjee | ThePrint

India has a new political divide —Majority kanwarias vs elite Halloweeners

Modi-BJP govt draw their instincts from the street and respond likewise. This has flummoxed the Congress and isolated the critical elite.

At launch of book on equality, Lutyens’ media leads the charge

Front Page The lure of the former Raj jewel-in-the-crown hasn't escaped former Financial Times correspondent in India James Crabtree, who launched his book at the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library in Delhi Thursday evening to a packed hall of peeps who still want to wear the self-proclaimed but somewhat bedraggled badge of Lutyens’ media: @barkhadutt, now leading the charge of a new TV channel that will give you The Unvarnished News, led the conversation. @mihirssharma, columnist at Bloomberg, piped in. Junior civil aviation minister Jayant Sinha dropped out (Why? Maybe he didn’t want to face the mics of the few who still want to ask questions), so Rajeev Chandrasekhar, @rajeev_mp, the former media baron who made good by going into politics and finally joining the BJP, stepped up. Oh yes, the book is called, A journey through India’s new gilded age, The Billionaire Raj. Harvard University professor Michael Walton said, “Demonetisation was terrible economic...

Tamil Nadu mourns as Karunanidhi is buried, and kanwariyas go on rampage in Delhi

Front Page For the people and press of Tamil Nadu, Karunanidhi’s death is personal. In its tribute, Tamil daily Dinamani paints a picture of the man rather than the politician. “There was always a Wality airmail pen in his pocket. This was not seen while he was in the glass box. But when put in a sandalwood coffin before being laid to rest, Kanimozhi's son Aditya noticed this and took the pen from his mother to be kept in his grandfather's pocket,” the daily wrote. Other snippets from the coverage of the five-time chief minister's death: The Hindu’s e-paper automatically opens to its Chennai edition, and the large yellow dedication to the “Honourable Former Chief Minister, whose every breath was devoted to the welfare of the people of Tamil Nadu", is hard to miss. Karunanidhi’s picture is replaced by ad for a civil services coaching institute in the Delhi edition. It seems the...

Kanwariyas vs Namazis: Double standard over disruption in public spaces?

During the month of sawan, kanwariyas (carriers of holy water) take to the streets for an annual Hindu procession that disrupts traffic and even leads to violence on the streets. On the other hand, Muslims have faced severe criticism for praying in open spaces and using loudspeakers for azaan. ThePrint asks- Kanwariyas vs Namazis: Double standard over disruption in public spaces? Vicious plan to establish Hindu practices as cultural, Muslim as alien Apoorvanand Hindi professor, Delhi University Religion is a messy thing. It gets actualised through rituals of different kinds. Kanwar Yatra is one such ritual, which makes you a truer Shiva bhakt. By performing this ritual, your claim on Shiva becomes stronger and more authentic. It is futile to argue if it forms an essential part of Hinduism or Shiva bhakti. Namazis can make similar argument about their Juma Namaz, performed collectively in an open or closed space. You can remain a true Muslim even...

On Camera

Delhi University | Photo by Suraj Singh Bisht | ThePrint

Delhi University has one obsession and it’s making a mess of it. Exams

After months of back-and-forth over the much-criticised online Open Book Examinations, Delhi University has postponed its exams once again.
File image of Principal Economic Advisor Sanjeev Sanyal | Photo: ANI

India has fiscal and monetary space to boost demand: Principal Economic Advisor Sanyal

Sanjeev Sanyal said at India Global Week that the government has been careful not to spray money and take a step-by-step approach to economic revival.


The armed forces veterans' statement has been sent to Prime Minister Narendra Modi (centre), CDS Gen. Bipin Rawat (left) and Army chief Gen. M.M. Naravane (right), among others (representational image) | Photo: ANI

144 armed forces veterans sign statement on China, highlight need to revamp intelligence

Statement also underlines ‘communication gap’ on India-China stand-off from the govt and the military, urges national policy and strategy on neighbours.
Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) men in Maharashtra | ANI

Read my lips, forget the camera

Say Central forces' angry soldiers. They need reform, committed leaders. And very sensitive handling.