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A mentally stimulating job could postpone the onset of dementia by 1.5 years, says report

Studies have also highlighted the importance of physical fitness in helping to fend off debilitating conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Rich getting richer, poor getting poorer — answer to India’s V vs K economic recovery question

The distribution of income and therefore the pattern of economic growth have become a matter of even greater than usual concern, and not just because of obvious humanitarian concern about those being left behind.

Before you celebrate Iceland’s four-day work week, read this

There is no reason why the march towards reduced working hours should stop at the arbitrary ‘standard’ figure of 5 days and 40 hours established in the post-WW II period.
Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath met PM Narendra Modi at the latter's official residence in Delhi Friday | ANI

Population control through State action never worked in India. Time to focus on economy

We do not need a population control policy. We need a better public health and education policy, and above all, a coherent economic strategy.

Revolt by doing nothing — Chinese youth are lying in bed to protest tough jobs, low pay

Tang Ping, or ‘lying flat’ is passive resistance in a country notorious for its burnout-inducing ‘996’ working hour system, besides other demands.
India's working class

Job, not cash handout — that’s what majority of urban unemployed Indians want, LSE study says

The study also found that even most of those who had received cash handouts from the government in the wake of the pandemic preferred having job protection over financial assistance. helps aspirants build a professional resume that catches employers’ attention

A resume is entirely about the open position one is applying for. It is not about you but rather it is about how you can solve the hiring manager’s problem.

India’s unemployment rate likely to soar to highest in a year due to second wave lockdowns

The unemployment rate is estimated to rise to much as 11% this month, while weekly unemployment numbers are now hovering above 14%, said the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy.
A view of the Anand Vihar bus terminal as migrants return to their states after the announcement of a week-long lockdown, in New Delhi on 19 April. | Photo: ANI

Urban unemployment jumps as states announce Covid curbs, economic indicators hit

Urban unemployment rate touches double digits in the week ended 18 April. Business shutdowns and curbs on movement again set to hit urban economy.
Union ministers Piyush Goyal and Prakash Javadekar address a media briefing about the Cabinet decisions taken Wednesday | Suraj Singh Bisht | ThePrint

Modi govt’s next big farm push: Rs 10,900 cr incentive for food processing, boost to exports

Food processing is one of several sectors for which Modi govt announced PLIs last year, with an aim to push domestic industry under ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ and boost exports.

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Double vaccination halves risk of developing long-lasting Covid symptoms

One of the best ways to reduce your risk of getting long Covid is to get fully vaccinated as soon as possible.
Sugarcane farmers wait with their bullock carts to unload their crop outside the Modi Sugar Mills in Modinagar, Uttar Pradesh | Photographer: Anindito Mukherjee | Bloomberg

Yogi announces hike in sugarcane MSP by Rs 25 per quintal, months before UP polls

UP CM Yogi Adityanath said Sunday that the new price will enable sugarcane growers to increase incomes by 8%, and will transform lives of 45 lakh farmers.


Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh speaks during the induction of a medium-range surface-to-air missile system (MRSAM), in Jaisalmer on 9 September 2021| PTI

Rajnath Singh talks ‘lessons’ from Taliban takeover, hits out at ‘irresponsible states’

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh says turmoil in Afghanistan and the region is a result of 'aggressive designs and active support to non-state players'.

Does India matter? Yes, Kamala Harris’s ‘sermon’ to Modi reminds him why

Democracy is the most important of the 3 Ds Modi keeps listing. If that is damaged, India’s most powerful PM in five decades also gets publicly admonished, if gently, by US V-P.