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Senior Congress leader and former Union minister S Jaipal Reddy | Twitter

Jaipal Reddy — Congressman who quoted Dante, Kant & called politicians ‘wild animals’

Jaipal Reddy, who had a stint with the Janata Dal, was opposed to the Emergency though he held grudging admiration for Indira Gandhi's politics.

Raj Babbar’s fight isn’t just for Fatehpur Sikri, but for his political career

UP Congress chief Raj Babbar might to do well against BJP’s Raj Kumar Chahar, but the Modi factor is a problem. And a loss may mean the end of his career.
Biju Patnaik

Biju Patnaik, the two-time Odisha chief minister who was RAF pilot in World War 2

On his 104 birth anniversary, ThePrint remembers the achievements of the daring and swashbuckling politician who served the Odisha assembly for 7 terms.

On Camera

Workers at a spice factory in Pune

Covid-19 crisis is choking India’s MSME sector. Business won’t pick up even after lockdown

Countries such as US, UK, Germany and China have announced quick relief for small companies. Perhaps finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman missed a trick or two.

Is India’s coronavirus lockdown leading to stress in families or strengthening relationships?

The 21-day nationwide lockdown due to coronavirus has led to people working from home and thus, spending more time with their families and partners.


Army personnel distribute packaged food to the homeless in Chennai on 31 March 2020 | PTI

In a first, Army deploys medical team at civil coronavirus quarantine camp in Delhi

The Indian Army has so far only been operating out of quarantine camps set up by the armed service for coronavirus patients.

Poke fun at taali, thaali, diya and mombatti all you want. Modi couldn’t care less

Modi knows who he needs to speak to, who he should toss, who he can address in kind. People accuse him of infantilising his voters, but it’s a winning strategy.