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Airline employees seen wearing masks as a precautionary measure against coronavirus at Mumbai international airport

WHO didn’t say vegetarians haven’t contracted coronavirus, viral Twitter post is misleading

The viral Twitter post also stated the entire world is now doing ‘namaste’, and that the significance of cow urine and tulsi is now being understood.
An Apache helicopter

How Army-IAF fight over Apache helicopters cost India an extra Rs 2,500 crore

A selection of the best news reports, analysis and opinions published by ThePrint this week.
Chakrapani Maharaj, president of the Hindu Mahasabha | Image: ThePrint Team

Hindu Mahasabha plans gaumutra party with cow-dung cakes to fight coronavirus in India

Chakrapani Maharaj, head of the Hindu Mahasabha, says coronavirus came to India because Telangana ministers angered it by publicly consuming chicken.
Ranjeet Bachchan was shot dead while on his morning walk. | PTI

Pro-Hindutva leader murdered in Lucknow Sunday was a Big B fan, former SP man

Gorakhpur-born Ranjeet Bachchan had discontinued his long association with the Samajwadi Party in 2017 to join forces with pro-Hindutva organisations.
Representational image

Antarrashtriya Hindu Mahasabha UP chief shot dead in Lucknow

Ranjeet Bachchan who was earlier associated with the Samajwadi Party was killed on Sunday when he was out on a morning walk.
Supreme Court

Hindu Mahasabha will challenge Supreme Court grant of 5 acres to Muslims in Ayodhya

Hindu Mahasabha says Ayodhya case was primarily a title suit and SC gave exclusive possession of inner and outer courtyards to Hindus, so why grant alternate land to Muslims.
Kamlesh Tiwari. Illustration: Arindam Mujherjee/ThePrint

The story of how angry karsevak Kamlesh Tiwari rose to become a Hindu leader

ThePrint speaks to members of Kamlesh Tiwari’s family and organisations to trace his three-decade-long journey of extremist politics against Muslims.
Trial of people accused of participation and complicity in Mahatma Gandhi's assassination in the Special Court in Delhi on May 27, 1948. Godse highlighted | Commons

In 1964, calling Godse patriot led to uproar in Parliament. Now, Pragya Thakur gets approval

Under Narendra Modi’s regime, the once-close circle of Godse acolytes has only grown larger.
Nehru, Gandhi, and Sardar Patel sitting together

Sardar Patel wanted RSS to be merged into Congress but Nehru & Golwalkar stood in way

It was also ironical that in December 1948, the RSS’ first mass agitation was based on Mahatma Gandhi’s principles of non-violence.
Demolition of Babri Masjid, Ayodhya, December 1992

On Ayodhya dispute case, top court says can’t change what Babur did, must focus on present

A five-judge bench said the Ayodhya title dispute case is not just about property but also about mind, heart and healing, if possible. 

On Camera

Hospital staff is seen outside the Special Isolation Ward at the Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital in Chennai

Your coronavirus nightmares are good for you. They’ll help prepare for scary times

If your dreams are dark, it’s just the mind’s way of coping. Dreaming about the precise problem you’re trying to solve may be especially helpful.

Modi’s 9-min candle plan Sunday: Needless spectacle or much-needed motivation for Indians?

PM Modi requested Indians to light candles, lamps or mobile torches at 9 pm Sunday for nine minutes in a show of solidarity in the fight against Covid-19.


Army personnel distribute packaged food to the homeless in Chennai on 31 March 2020 | PTI

In a first, Army deploys medical team at civil coronavirus quarantine camp in Delhi

The Indian Army has so far only been operating out of quarantine camps set up by the armed service for coronavirus patients.

Poke fun at taali, thaali, diya and mombatti all you want. Modi couldn’t care less

Modi knows who he needs to speak to, who he should toss, who he can address in kind. People accuse him of infantilising his voters, but it’s a winning strategy.