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Topic: high courts

In 2017, SC ordered special centres for vulnerable witnesses’ statements. 9 HCs yet to get one

While Maharashtra has highest number of vulnerable witness deposition centres, UP, West Bengal, Kerala, Himachal Pradesh and some other states are yet to set up even one.

Lawyer got ‘erotic’ in Madras HC virtual hearing. But it isn’t 1st online boo-boo in Covid era

With embarrassments piling up since hearings went virtual, Madras HC decided it couldn’t turn a blind eye when a lawyer was caught making out with a woman and the video went viral.

SC issues digitisation SOP to help dispose of cases quickly, starts process with 5 HCs

The step is in addition to SC e-committee’s direction last month to all high courts, asking them to make it compulsory for govt departments to file their cases electronically.

Alarming gender disparity in judiciary: 4 women judges out of 33 in SC, 66 out of 627 in HCs

The count of 4 women judges in SC since 31 August 2021 is the highest ever. CJI Ramana has also said women have a right to 50% reservation in the judiciary.

Move petty criminal trials to virtual courts too. Ease judicial load

The impetus on adoption of technology in the judiciary may have been a result of the Covid crisis, but the opportunity should be embraced.

How can landmark laws fail? Just look at how high courts resist RTI

High courts’ rules on RTI act as barriers for information, defeat the law’s purpose.

Centre sends back 14 names recommended by SC Collegium for elevation as HC judges

Two recommendations were sent back by the government a second time, which is in violation of the Memorandum of Procedure. If the collegium reiterates a name, it is supposed to be binding.

Not against withdrawal of malicious criminal cases but HCs should examine them first: SC

An SC bench said it will pass a detailed order and pointed out that it wasn't saying anything about ED or CBI as it could lower their morale & they must ensure trials are completed.

Vaccines, oxygen to beds and data — how HCs have influenced Covid policies across states

In the last 2 months, numerous high courts have influenced policy decisions on Covid management, and SC has upheld most orders that were challenged.

Doctrine of Impossibility — the contract law concept SC says also applies to court orders

The doctrine of impossibility is a contract law concept and refers to situations in which it is impossible for a party to a contract to perform its obligations under it. 

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When a write-off is a triumph: Why Air India sale has both Tata & govt in buoyant mood

Govt could see deal as win considering airline’s dire debt spiral. Meanwhile, Tata should see scale of losses reducing quickly, & no more political attacks from ministers.
V. Anantha Nageswaran

Who is V Anantha Nageswaran, new chief economic advisor? IIM-A grad, academic, PM’s ex-advisor

Nageswaran, who has taught at various B-schools in India and Singapore, takes charge days before the tabling of the Economic Survey and the Union Budget.


Representational image of Indian Navy ships | Photo: Commons

India carrying out more warship patrols than ever to catch China in crowded global seas

Estimated 125 foreign naval vessels are in the Indian Ocean at any given time, roughly 3 times the number deployed in the wake of the 9/11 attacks when the US invaded Afghanistan.

Let them eat communalism: Why Yogi formula for lack of jobs, income, self-esteem is a big risk

While UP’s unemployed are angry, Yogi’s call for a choice between Jinnah and Sardar Patel, more than seven decades after they both died, is the new ‘let them eat cake’.