Sunday, 3 July, 2022

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What do sponges feed on in nutrient-poor Arctic? European study answers long-held mystery

The sponges, spanning 15 sq kms, were found on top of extinct underwater mountains. They were feeding on fossilised remains of a tube worm ecosystem from thousands of years ago.

From Amazon to Congo, the world’s full of ‘irrecoverable carbon’ vaults we must protect

These unique carbon ecosystems, if destroyed, could take decades or centuries to regenerate.

Linking agriculture with fish farming can help feed the world. Here’s how

An 'integrated aquaculture system' where at least one fish-farming activity is linked to others, can bring sustainability to the seafood industry.

How otters’ love for eating purple sea urchins is protecting fragile ecosystems

Otters have helped protect patches of kelp forests, an example of how important ecosystems are in the natural world.

This new project maps bees around the world. Here’s why it matters

In the US, honey bee populations declined by 60 per cent between 1947-2008, while in Europe, 12 wild bee species are critically endangered.

International Day for Biological Diversity — we need to recognise our solutions are in nature

This year's celebration is all the more timely given the Covid-19 pandemic and the major environmental changes needed to heal.

Insects are declining at alarming levels. This is bad news for human beings

The fate of insects is entwined with that of people and other vertebrates. Scientists warn that their decline is undermining ecosystems on which many lives depend.

The greatest colonisers on earth? Plants. And this is how they did it

The world 500 million years ago looked very different. Then we found that two large groups of genes appeared in plants during their transition onto land.

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Representational image of a protest against rise in prices of fuel and LPG, in Kolkata | ANI

You thought inflation’s high in India? Data shows at least 100 countries doing worse

Lebanon faces worst inflation rate in the world, followed by Zimbabwe and Sudan, according to 'Trading Economics', which sources data from governments.


Army personnel give military honours to the soldiers of Territorial Army's infantry 107 battalion who lost their lives in the Manipur Landslide, 2 July 2022, Siliguri | Credits: ANI Photo/ ANI Pic Service

A look at the Territorial Army — The Indian military’s task force hit by the Manipur landslide

The Territorial Army, a part-time military organisation for Indians who may have other jobs, is essentially a volunteer force that can be quickly mobilised in the defence of a state.

Moral, political & ideological questions on Maharashtra: 1st is simplest to answer, 3rd trickiest

What is Shiv Sena’s ideology? We might say it’s been a convenient mix of extreme ethnic chauvinism & unforgiving Hindutva. Within the second, the party retained space to manoeuvre.