Thursday, 20 January, 2022

Topic: Corporates

US corporate sector sends ventilators, oxygen concentrators to fight India’s second Covid wave

Over 45 top American companies & its CEOs have joined task force created by US Chambers of Commerce & Business Roundtable in association with US-India Strategic and Partnership Forum.

RBI must relax norms for small lenders. Big corporates will bring predatory culture

Connected lending across the world has resulted in a lender-borrower mismatch, turning the business sour and unprofitable.

RBI & Modi govt mustn’t let corporates into banking sector without improving supervision

Recent bank failures show that concerns about RBI’s supervisory capacity are relevant. A common feature was RBI allowing problem of bad loans to linger.

Not the time for RBI to be adventurous. If bank ownership isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it

Letting a relatively poorly governed industrial house control a relatively better governed bank is unlikely to be better for the banks.

Rajan, Acharya hit out at idea of corporates in banking, say borrowers shouldn’t own banks

In a paper, Raghuram Rajan & Viral Acharya have termed the recent recommendation of an RBI internal working group on allowing corporates into banking a ‘bombshell’. 

Annihilation of caste in Indian corporate possible. But firms must say Dalit lives matter

Many multinational companies have come forward to support Black Lives Matter movement. Few things Indian corporate should do if they believe in equal opportunities.

Raghuram Rajan tried to find bad loans. The dirt that came out was thrice his expectation

In Bad Money, Vivek Kaul writes how public sector banks refrained from recognising bad loans because that meant setting aside money to meet these losses.

Modi govt’s new labour code will make it tougher for workers to strike, sacking easy

Labour reforms bill to be tabled in Parliament Wednesday proposes to include fixed-term employment as a new category, mass CL in definition of ‘strike’.

Now, companies need to pass on govt boost to consumers, employees to push consumption

ThePrint view on the most important issues, instantly.

Unlike American CEOs, India Inc. under BJP is becoming timid & regressive

An excerpt from "Reconciliation" edited by Harsh Mander, Natasha Badhwar and John Dayal, explores the nexus between corporate houses and the Indian government during hate attacks. 

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Neeraj Chopra won Gold at Tokyo Olympics in 2021 | Photo: Suraj Singh Bisht | ThePrint

Armed forces’ ‘sports for wellness’ rule cost India. Time to bring back ‘gladiator sportsmen’

Until 1970s, Indian armed forces allowed units to spare military training for some men to help them focus only on sports. Then came the outcry to ban sports competitions.
Reserve Bank of India building in Mumbai | Photographer: Kanishka Sonthalia | Bloomberg

Exotic forex derivatives make comeback in India as RBI pushes to deepen markets

RBI allowed lenders to offer derivative products this month. Banks like ICICI Bank & Axis Bank sold barrier forex options to customers including Reliance Industries & Supreme Petrochem.


File photo of IAF drone seen flying in Leh on 18 Nov 2020 | ANI

Indian firm gets foothold in prized global ‘kamikaze’ and armed drones market

Global demand for loitering munition & armed drones saw a jump after Azerbaijan was able to defeat superior Armenian armed forces in 2020 with the help of these systems.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint

Read my lips, I’m hurting, says Pakistan’s National Security Policy. What it means for India

The new policy is mostly chaff, but it reveals the most inward-looking Pakistan in 3 decades. It needs breathing space, and is realising loss of stature and friendship with US.