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A Sinovac Biotech LTD vaccine candidate for coronavirus on display at the China International Fair for Trade in Services in Beijing | Noel Celis | AFP/Getty Images via Bloomberg

Chinese vaccine maker to offer shots first to countries running phase 3 trials

Sinovac, one of three Chinese vaccines in the last stages of testing, is expecting interim data as soon as November from its Phase 3 trial of almost 10,000 people in Brazil.
Representational image | China Photos/Getty Images

UK is considering first-ever vaccine trials that expose people to coronavirus

The idea of challenge trials has gained momentum as the pathogen has spread around the world, but such tests exposing healthy people to the coronavirus also raise ethical questions.
Representational image | Cottonbro | Pexels

Covid vaccine to be widely available in the US by April, CDC chief says

About 700 million vaccine doses should be available by April. The vaccine candidates that are furthest along in development will need a two-dose regimen, CDC chief Redfield said.
Representational image | Cottonbro | Pexels

Covid vaccines developed outside India might need to undergo clinical trials here, says govt

Guidelines released by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation say clinical data generated outside India will be studied to determine the safety & effectiveness of the vaccine.
Representational image | Cottonbro | Pexels

Reader View: People don’t have too many options but to trust a quickly-made Covid vaccine

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A medical worker draws liquid from a vial with a syringe | Andrey Rudakov | Bloomberg

AstraZeneca trial illness likely not linked to Covid vaccine, Oxford says

After safety reviews, Oxford says there is insufficient evidence to say for certain that neurological symptoms developed by volunteers were or were not related to the vaccine.
A researcher prepares a sample inside a laboratory in China |

China approves trials for its first nasal spray coronavirus vaccine

Microbiologist from the University of Hong Kong, Yuen Kwok-yung, said the vaccine stimulates the natural infection pathway of respiratory viruses to activate the immune response.
A sign featuring the AstraZeneca Plc logo stands at the company's DaVinci building at the Melbourn Science Park in Cambridge, U.K., on Monday, June 8, 2020 | Jason Alden/Bloomberg

Still aiming for Oxford Covid vaccine by end of this year, AstraZeneca CEO says

AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot sought to reassure investors after the Oxford vaccine trial was halted due to a person in the UK falling sick, triggering a review of safety data.
A magnified coronavirus germ is displayed on a monitor during coronavirus patient sample detection tests in the virology research labs at UZ Leuven university hospital in Leuven, Belgium | Bloomberg Photo

Why big pharma needs to do more to counter Covid vaccine politics

9 Covid vaccine developers signed a pledge saying they won't submit their inoculations for Food & Drug Administration approval until they show safety & efficacy in late-stage trial.
Representational image | Andrey Rudakov | Bloomberg

The moment of truth for Covid vaccine frontrunners is around the corner

The first results showing whether a vaccine can stop people from getting the virus could come by mid-September from AstraZeneca.

On Camera

An employee sits on a video call at the Unicredit SpA headquarters in Milan

Why shrinking offices and hot-desking are bad ideas, Covid or no Covid

Employees’ demands for flexible working will include spacious offices. Given the relative savings, slashing floor space is a false economy.
Oil Facilities And Services Ahead Of Final Year Figures After Demonetization Induced Fluctuation

Diesel demand drop forces India to import gasoline as Covid skews output

The slump in diesel demand is forcing refineries to operate below capacity, but gasoline sales are back at pre-virus levels with people resorting to personal vehicles.


File image of the OFB pavilion at DefExpo 2016 | Representational image | Twitter | @SpokespersonMoD

Army says ‘poor quality’ Ordnance Board ammo, mines have cost India Rs 960 crore since 2014

Pointing out these shortcomings in an internal assessment, the Army has thrown its weight behind government plans to corporatise the OFB to make it more efficient.
Narendra Modi and Amit Shah | File photo: T. Narayan | Bloomberg

Partners dispensable in Modi-Shah construct if they do not bring additional votes

In the Modi-Shah construct, if partners do not bring additional votes, they are dispensable. However old or loyal, either they become supplicants, or die.