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Climate change clips nightingales’ wings, making them less likely to survive migration: Study

A new study has found that natural selection driven by climate change is causing nightingales to evolve with shorter wings.
Drought in India

Coronavirus pandemic risks weakening the climate change battle

While coronavirus is an immediate threat, climate change has always been perceived as a distant risk. So, the pandemic could shift global resources away.
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Scientists find skull of a hummingbird-sized dinosaur & 139 new ‘minor planets’ discovered

ScientiFix, our weekly feature, offers you a summary of the top global science stories of the week, with links to their sources.
Licypriya Kangujam,

8-year-old activist Licypriya accused of ‘faking’ achievements, denies all allegations

Climate activist Licypriya Kangujam had turned down PM Modi's invitation to be honoured on Women's Day, and says she is being targeted because of that.

Insects are declining at alarming levels. This is bad news for human beings

The fate of insects is entwined with that of people and other vertebrates. Scientists warn that their decline is undermining ecosystems on which many lives depend.

Bernie Sanders’s ‘Green New Deal’ won’t help reduce India’s carbon emissions

Any partnership with India to address climate change would have to ensure that Indian governments and companies get access to finance and technology.
Fibre optic cables connect data servers | Representational image | Andrey Rudakov/Bloomberg

Climate fears about cloud computing have been vastly overstated

A new research suggests that data centres are becoming more efficient and there’s no longer a close link between more cloud computing and more energy use.
Marina Bay in Singapore | Flickr

Singapore has a $100 billion plan to fight and survive climate change

Singapore had its hottest decade on record, with the city warming twice as quickly as the world average over the past six decades & temperatures rising about 0.25C per decade.
Ganga-Brahmaputra delta

How Farakka barrage & govt’s river linking project can sink Ganga-Brahmaputra-Meghna delta

Ganga–Brahmaputra–Meghna delta also faces threat from sea-level rise around it as recent study says sea level could reach 85-140 cm by end of this century.
File image of Amazon chief Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos says he’ll commit $10 billion to fight climate change

Bezos is under pressure to balance Amazon’s need to deliver goods quickly with the environmental consequences of the rapid growth of online shopping.

On Camera

File photo of US Senator Kamala Harris | Facebook

Hinduphobia makes Kamala Harris’ identity a liability. So she is ‘Black’ in US media

No wonder the wealthy and influential, but largely Democratic, Indian-American community has not yet welcomed Kamala Harris’ candidature as warmly as might be expected.
Rishi Sunak, UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, departs from Number 10 Downing Street in London, UK, on 13 February 2020 | Simon Dawson | Bloomberg

UK economy plunges into deep recession, shrinks 20.4% between April and June

Reacting to Office for National Statistics data, UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak said the figures confirm that hard times were here and warned about more job losses in the coming months.


Army convoy moving towards eastern Ladakh from Leh on 30 June 2020 (representational image) | ANI

30,000 additional troops in Eastern Ladakh, Army faces stiff task housing them for winter

There is an infrastructure shortage in Eastern Ladakh, stemming from the fact that such large-scale movement of troops was unheard of in the region, and due to the challenging terrain.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

Modi redefined secularism with Ram Mandir as Hindu voters were fed up of Sonia-Left version

Assumptions that Indian secularism died with Ram Mandir bhoomi pujan are bunk. It is enshrined in the Constitution, and is worth preserving.