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Swatantra Party had a lot to say on China after 1962. If only Nehru had heard them

The reaction of Swatantra Party leaders C. Rajagopalachari, Minoo Masani, K.M. Munshi and N.G. Ranga during the 1962 War should be emulated today.
Jawaharlal Nehru, M.K. Gandhi, and Sardar Patel in 1946 | Commons

Don’t hang Godse, said Gandhi’s sons. This is how Nehru, Patel and Rajaji replied

Many prominent Gandhians requested clemency for the Mahatma’s assassins. They pointed out that Gandhi wanted to abolish death penalty.
Minoo Masani giving a speech | Photo: Author

No accident India forgot Swatantra leader & my father Minoo Masani, the beef-eating Parsi

It’s hard to imagine Rajaji and Minoo’s liberal values being tolerated, let alone heeded, in Hindutva-led India today.
File image of C. Rajagopalachari | Twitter

60 years ago, a Right liberal Swatantra Party had challenged Nehru’s socialist Raj

It was a sign of Swatantra Party's political acumen that many of its policies would be adopted by Narasimha Rao 17 years after its demise in 1974.
File image of C. Rajagopalachari | Twitter

Modi’s favourite Rajaji was not alone, India had many free market thinkers who were ignored

From B.R. Ambedkar to G.K. Gokhale & S.V. Doraiswami to B.R. Shenoy, there have been many intellectuals who could be said to constitute India’s economic Right.
File image of C. Rajagopalachari | Twitter

Remembering C. Rajagopalachari, independent India’s first and last Indian Governor General

Chakravarti Rajagopalachari, who was a fierce Mahatma Gandhi loyalist, made Hindi a compulsory language in Tamil schools when he was CM.
Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi’s little-known love affair with a married, progressive woman in Lahore

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, we revisit an unexplored chapter of the great man’s life, featuring a platonic love tie, as told by Gandhi’s biographer Ramchandra Guha.
Anna Rajam Malhotra

India’s first woman IAS officer who knew how to handle men and guns

Anna Rajam Malhotra, a 1951-batch officer, was pioneer for women in the bureaucracy. She passed away Monday.
C. Rajagopalachari with Bhim Rao Ambedkar

When Maharajas, business tycoons and peasant leaders joined the mundu-clad Rajaji to form the Swatantra Party

The Swatantra Party wandered in the wilderness for a few years and then disappeared but it succeeded even as it failed.

On Camera

People waiting to enter a supermarket have their identity documents checked by staff in Singapore (Representational image) | Photo: Roslan Rahman | Getty Images/AFP via Bloomberg

Don’t ignore the good news on Covid-19 from Asia

The perception of an Asian advantage often falls prey to essentialist thinking — that somehow the East's values, politics and culture is letting it do things the West can't.
An Airbus Group SE A320neo passenger jet operated by IndiGo

IndiGo to trim fleet size over 2 years as Covid pandemic rages on

IndiGo CEO Ronojoy Dutta said the airline hasn’t engaged in any 'major renegotiation' with Airbus SE on new deliveries, but it will keep returning as many as 40 older planes a year.


An army convoy moving towards the Zojilla pass in Drass (representational image) | ANI

These are the measures China has proposed to ease tensions at LAC in Ladakh

Over a series of meetings, China has made several suggestions to de-escalate tensions at the border, but India has rejected them since they boost Beijing's strategic position.
Illustration: Soham Sen/ThePrint

Trump or Biden? Doesn’t matter to India-US ties as they’re in a full, strategic embrace

Pompeo & Esper’s visit to India for the 2+2 talks is proof that old hypocrisies are history, and supreme national interest has again driven a strategic choice.