Friday, 19 August, 2022
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Topic: Bond Market

Currency volatility may encumber India’s debut green bond

The bond is issued in rupees which has fallen 4% in value this year, discouraging investors.

Modi govt’s big infrastructure push is fueling builders’ bond sales

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s plan for India to build 25,000 kilometers of highway in the fiscal year starting next month is making the local...

India’s bond market has Rs 2.25 trillion riding on index inclusion

Analysts expect the world’s last big emerging market to finally get the nod to join global indexes this year or early 2023 by providers such as JPMorgan Chase and FTSE Russell.

Opening govt bond market to retail is a milestone, need reforms at RBI now

ThePrint view on the most important issues, instantly.

Opening govt bond market to retail investors is a good start. Challenge is making it a success

Direct retail participation needs to be followed by full bond market integration and separation of debt management functions from RBI.

What happens when a vigilante & a gambler walk into a bond market? Check out India’s scene

Neither vigilantes dumping bonds nor gamblers raising their bets are being wholly irrational, even though one of them may be laughing all the way to the bank next year.

Why RBI needs to be relieved from debt management duties to handle bond market issues

Conflict between RBI’s mandate to target inflation while serving as the government’s debt manager is going to sharpen over the next couple of years.

Pandemic exposes hurdles of credit market as borrowers shun tighter regulations

Private bond placements have long accounted for the vast majority of debt sales in India’s credit market. A bigger public debt market should help reduce borrowing costs for issuers.

Why India’s bond markets are loving the GST fight between Modi govt and states

The bond market knows New Delhi is terrified of its wrath & is ignoring the simplest option of raising money on its own to fund states in the GST fight.

4 questions Indian economy faces after the record Q1 GDP slump

The record 23.9% decline in Q1 GDP shifts the focus back to the Modi government and RBI on what steps can be taken to spur growth.

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Narendra Modi | Wikimedia Commons

Revadi jibe shows Modi govt letting its insecurities do the talking, not economics

Why exactly should the Prime Minister be worried about the welfare model of an opposition party that barely controls two state governments?
Farmers plant paddy saplings in a field | PTI Photo

Good news from the farm as India’s FY22 foodgrain production estimated at record 316 mn tonnes

Wheat production estimate sees marginal upward revision to 106.8 million tons, though current rate lowest in 3 years.


Su-57, the Russian 5th generation fighter aircraft Photo by Snehesh Alex Philip

Russia wants to build next generation tanks, submarines with India

As the second regiment of the S-400 Triumf air defence system starts getting delivered, Russia said it expects the serial production of AK 203 rifles in Amethi to begin in late 2022-early 2023.
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Tiranga vs Tiranga: Gloves are off as Kejriwal joins the ‘nationalism’ battle with Modi

Kejriwal’s maun vrat on Modi has ended. This is an important turn in Indian politics. In some ways rivalling the dramatic turn in Bihar.