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Vladimir Putin, Russia's president, speaks during the "Business Russia" conference in Moscow, Russia

How Putin’s Russia bungled the pandemic

From only a handful of Covid-19 cases in early March, Russia now has more than 2,90,000 of them & a rate of new infections that puts it second only to the U.S.
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Eradicating Covid-19 might justify risky vaccine trials

The idea of infecting healthy subjects with Covid-19 might strike as repellent, yet many scientists and policy makers say it’s worth thinking about.
Defence Minister of Iran General Amir Hatami | Wikimedia commons

Iran’s naval stunts would be even deadlier without US sanctions

Given Iran's longstanding ambitions for dominance of Middle East, its trade revenues would have gone into military spending in absence of economic sanctions
Chinese president Xi Jinping | Andrey Rudakov/Bloomberg

After pandemic, Europe and China are set for a damaging diplomatic rift

Politicians in Berlin, Paris, London and Brussels are expressing concern over Beijing’s narrative on Covid-19, which hints at a deeper resentment.

Subscribing to Netflix is no longer a choice. It’s a necessity

Nearly 16 million users signed up for Netflix subscriptions in the first quarter of the year and most of those streaming converts came in March due to Covid-19.
Oil refineries (representational image) | Commons

The era of gulf’s oil empire is coming to an end

With oil prices in the range of $50 to $55 a barrel, Saudi Arabia’s international reserves would fall to about five months of import coverage as soon as 2024.
Students in a classroom (Representative image) | Commons

Online is the future of education and thanks to coronavirus it’s already here

From the serious — twilight of the handshake — to the trivial — the end of locker-room access after sporting events — life is expected to be different after the virus burns itself out.
Pedestrians pass in front of the Nasdaq MarketSite in the Times Square neighborhood of New York, US (representational image) | Michael Nagle/Bloomberg

US financial markets need to shut down temporarily like they did after 9/11

It’s better to shut down most of the physical economy for 3 weeks rather than shut down a moderate amount of physical economy for 3 months.

Bosses can help reduce employee stress and burnout

The global economy loses $1 trillion a year in productivity as a result of depression and anxiety, the World Health Organization has found.
Kumar Mangalam Birla

Tensions between nationalism & globalisation will define this decade, says Birla

The world in no longer flat, said Kumar Mangalam Birla as he noted that ‘slowbalization' would be the emerging trend and will be more regional.

On Camera

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Coronavirus attacks blood vessels, creates strange clots, autopsy studies show

Autopsies have revealed that Covid-19 is no ordinary respiratory disease. The virus is killing people by ravaging the circulatory system.

40 Covid apps across India: Lack of coordination or needed for micro-management?

India now has nearly 40 Covid-19 apps, including Aarogya Setu. The purpose of these apps range from contact tracing to providing health information and issuing e-passes.


File image of Chinese President Xi Jinping | Photo: Andrey Rudakov | Bloomberg

Ladakh military operation has President Xi Jinping’s sanction: China expert Jayadeva Ranade

Jayadeva Ranade says India shouldn’t hurry to settle the issue, questions why China carried out an operation that needed so much planning and money.

The Chinese are so predictable, Modi & Shah should’ve seen them coming on 5 August 2019

India should’ve anticipated the Chinese appearance in Ladakh, even the timing of it, when the status of Jammu & Kashmir was changed.