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File photo of Imran Khan | Photographer: Asad Zaidi | Bloomberg

You thought Asif Zardari & Pervez Musharraf were sexists. Meet Pakistan PM Imran Khan

In Imran Khan’s world, working mothers are disgraceful. Like masculinity, the Pakistan PM is an expert on motherhood too.
Imran Khan | @ZarlashtFaisal/Twitter

Pakistan has turned its birth day into a black day. Just to spite India over Kashmir

Pakistanis don’t accept their Indian roots, and prefer being Chinese, Arabs or Turks. Yet it’s India that lives in all our thoughts and actions.
Pak PM Imran Khan

It’s not just people, in Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan interviews go missing too

Creeping fascism is what defines Naya Pakistan. What doesn’t please the ear, won’t be heard.
Workers prepare a red carpet outside 10 Downing Street

UK’s Conservative Party releases list of 10 probable PM contenders

Former Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari has been arrested in a money laundering case and pilot dies after a helicopter crashed into UK skyscraper.
Asif Ali Zardari

Former Pakistani President Asif Zardari arrested in fake bank accounts case

Asif Ali Zardari is under investigation in the case pertaining to the use of alleged fake bank accounts to keep money and transfer it out of Pakistan.
Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan

Pakistan PM Imran Khan condemns ‘killings’ in Kashmir, harps on UN resolutions

Here’s what’s happening across the border: PPP co-chairman Zardari is ready to talk to Nawaz Sharif, and newspapers editors object to new media legislation.
A file photo of PML-N chief Shahbaz Sharif | Commons

As Shahbaz Sharif is arrested, Pakistan readies to accept IMF bailout

Here’s what’s happening across the border: Former Pakistan ambassador to the US Hussain Haqqani is issued a 'perpetual arrest warrant' and a first Pakistan Netflix series may be on the cards.
Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai is now taking chess lessons

Here’s what’s happening across the border: Pakistan analysts have a lot to say about India's move to cancel meeting ahead of UNGA; CPEC now finds its way to Cairo.
Shireen Mazari, human rights minister of Pakistan

Pak minister alleges Muslim rights violations in EU but ignores her own country’s record

Here's what's happening across the border: Nawaz Sharif, Maryam freed, court suspends sentence; Imran Khan fails on austerity promise yet again

Hilal Kids, Pak army’s mag for children, aims at preventing ‘anti-state’ thoughts

More anger over Dutch cartoon contest and Interpol declines Pak request to bring back Musharraf.

On Camera

A pedestrian crosses a nearly empty street in the Times Square neighborhood of New York, US | Bloomberg

We must not return to work for now. Covid’s not over yet, says a virologist in letter to son

If everyone goes back to work as soon as the ‘curve bends downwards’, it's guaranteed you'll get a second wave of infections in Europe.

Is forcing private labs to make Covid-19 tests free the only way to stop spread of infection?

The Supreme Court directed the central government to make Covid-19 testing by private laboratories free of charge Wednesday.


Col Navjot Singh Bal | special arrangement

Col Navjot Singh Bal, Shaurya Chakra awardee and icon for many, loses battle with cancer

Despite losing an arm to cancer, Col Navjot Singh Bal continued to serve in 2 Para as the commanding officer and even learnt to fire with his left hand.

Poke fun at taali, thaali, diya and mombatti all you want. Modi couldn’t care less

Modi knows who he needs to speak to, who he should toss, who he can address in kind. People accuse him of infantilising his voters, but it’s a winning strategy.