Monday, 18 February, 2019
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Bicycles covered in snow

Record-setting weather extremes see America shiver as Australians burn

The National Weather Service warns that even 5-minute exposure to the cold could cause frostbite as reports emerge that Apple knew of Facetime bug.
An Air India aircraft lands at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai | Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg

Guide for NRIs resettling in India after Trump throws them out

Do not mention Bobby Jindal, Mehul Choksi or Vijay Mallya. Their stock is seriously down these days.

America’s declining sugar consumption is worth celebrating

Few cities in US  have penalised sugar consumption with soft-drink taxes, while some food manufacturers have reformulated products to use less of the stuff.
A college in America

Yes, American colleges have too many liberal professors

A study on political affiliations of professors in 51 liberal-arts colleges showed none of these colleges had more Republican supporters than Democrats. 

Trump’s face cannot stop America’s receding economic power from shifting to Asia

His lack of attendance at Asia-Pacific summits reflects a trend that has been building for years.
A corn crop being analysed (representational image)

Cancer fighting genetic tool ‘Crispr’ is now being used for improving quality of crops

US and Europe, however, have contrasting policies on genetically modified crops which could possibly start a costly trade dispute.
Indra Nooyi

As Indra Nooyi leaves Pepsi, she will take with her a powerful force against corporate change

Her departure also reveals that despite corporate America's claims, efforts to include women in top leadership positions is "distressingly inadequate".
Protest in America

This is how the decline and fall of the American empire will look like

Driverless cars, unprecedented invasion of privacy, 3 per cent GDP. Just some of what the decline of America will comprise of.
Sushma Swaraj

Illegal agents using asylum as a reason to traffick Indians abroad, says Sushma Swaraj

Punjab, Haryana & Gujarat recorded maximum number of people trafficked to other countries, seeking asylum on political grounds, she said.
Pakistani soldiers

US says will look for opportunities to work with Pakistan’s new govt

Washington, however, expresses concern over 'outsized role' the Pakistan military played in the election.


Actor Vyjayanthimala

Every Bollywood reincarnation story must tip its hat to Bimal Roy’s Madhumati

Of the many things that Bimal Roy’s Madhumati got right, Pran’s antagonistic turn was one.
space laws

When it comes to space activities in India, are no laws better than bad laws?

The government had put the draft Space Activities Bill in the public domain, inviting suggestions. The bill was never introduced in this Lok Sabha. 


Convoys to Kashmir can’t be stopped even if aircraft are available, top CRPF officers say

CRPF officer says nearly 4,000 personnel needed to be moved from Jammu to Srinagar due to a backlog caused by weather. Not all could’ve gone by aircraft.
National Interest

Suicidal Pakistan should know Modi may not be scared of its nuclear button

Pakistan has taken too much of a chance with Pulwama — with the wrong government in India, and at the wrong time.