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HIV Day poster | Pixabay
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Second person goes into HIV remission

Ten years after the very first patient, the Berlin Patient, went into remission after treatment for HIV, a second person has. The new London Patient received bone marrow transplant from a donor that carried a genetic mutation, which prevented the HIV virus from entering host cells. The significant findings cross a milestone in treatment of HIV. More on Healthline.

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Quantum radio that can listen to the weakest radio signal

Researchers at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), Netherlands have managed to build a circuit that can listen to the weakest radio signal known, the photon. The new and improved ability to detect weak radio signals could prove significant in two places: MRI scanners in hospitals and telescopes that look into space. More on the TU Delft official site.

Microplastic pollution much worse than we thought

Microplastics are everywhere. Literally. It turns out that these sub-5mm particles, that pose one of the biggest threats to small marine life, are found across the globe. In an alarming level of colonisation, they have taken over what is likely every single water body on the planet.

More on the Guardian.

Greenland’s ice sheet experiences rain in winter melting further ice

Climate change causes global warming at different rates in different parts of the world. In the poles, the earth warms at a much higher rate. This year, Greenland is 3 degrees warmer in the winter than it was in 1990. This rapid warming has been making it rain in the winter, melting ice even further. More details on Quartz.

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Meerkats are just kats

In a cute video going around, here’s a group of meerkats playing in a crate of coloured balls in a wildlife park in Australia.

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