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The ‘guru’ blamed for Bhima-Koregaon violence called Hindus useless, incapable & servile

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In his past speeches, the man accused of inciting the Bhima-Koregaon violence has hurled choice abuses at Hindus, apart from censuring Muslims, China & Pak.

Mumbai: Long before he was accused of inciting the Bhima-Koregaon violence, Sambhaji Bhide’s clear voice was ringing out over the towns and villages of Maharashtra, hurling choice abuses against Hindus. Yes, against Hindus.

ThePrint analysed five public speeches that Bhide (known as “Guruji”) delivered between 2015 and 2017, and found that the former RSS man primarily censures Muslims, bashes China and Pakistan, praises the ideology of Maratha warrior kings Shivaji and his son Sambhaji.

But he reserves his severest criticism for Hindus, slamming them as useless, incapable and servile, and mobilising his audience to follow the legacy of Shivaji and Sambhaji and build a Hindu rashtra.

“Who is a Hindu? One who is a traitor to his mother, father, family and country for his own selfishness is a Hindu,” Bhide said in 2017 at Raigad, the place of Shivaji’s coronation, addressing a large gathering where he resolved to build a 32-mann gold throne. Mann, also known as maund, is an old Indian unit of measurement roughly equivalent to about 37 kg.

In all his speeches, Bhide always puts such statements within a historical context. In this case, he narrated a story from the battle of Talikota, where he described how a 5,000-member Muslim unit of the Vijayanagar empire refused to fight the Deccan sultanates, saying they could not go to war against their own religion. “Snakes, cats and bugs cannot unite with anyone else,” Bhide said. In contrast, he added disdainfully, Hindus comprised 95 per cent of the armies of foreign invaders.

He has also lambasted Hindus for driving “Chinese cars”, relishing Chinese food, and even staying up to catch late-night cricket matches with Pakistan, despite India being at odds with the two countries.

At a rally in the Mumbai suburb of Goregaon in 2015, he said there had been no leader except Shiv Sena founder Bal Thackeray who dared to directly call Pakistan an enemy.

“When the saffron alliance was in power, Balasaheb said Mumbai has 4.5 lakh Pakistani immigrants and they should be driven out. But the state’s so-called educated Hindus started saying that the foundation of democracy has become shaky,” Bhide said.

Scripture, foul words, and criticism of Gandhi

Bhide liberally uses foul words in his description of both Hindus and their “enemies”, and intersperses his speeches with historical episodes highlighting the greatness of Shivaji and Sambhaji, quotes the abhangas of Sant Tukaram, quotes from the Bhagavad Gita and other Sanskrit shlokas. Even in his 80s, he quotes dates and years of critical historical events, names of authors and books, and even page numbers he is referring to with ease.

“The eunuch Hindus who keep saying all religions are equal… Are they all really equal?” Bhide said, speaking at Bhosari in Pune district in 2015, adding how Aurangzeb burnt the eyes of Sambhaji to “show him the sight of Allah”.

“The great man on our currency notes gave us a mantra – ‘Hindu Muslim bhai bhai’. But that made Hindustan go down the drain. Forgetting the teachings of Chhatrapati Shivaji and Sambhaji Maharaj, he made this a nation of eunuchs… Why do we keep criticising Owaisi when we ourselves are so shameless?” he said.

He also said it was a politically-created myth that Shivaji used to treat all religions as equal. “If he did treat all religions as equal, why was Netaji Palkar not allowed to live as a Muslim?”

He added that Christians and Muslims never say all religions are equal, and only the “well-educated” Hindus want to say it. “The more educated the Hindu, the stupider he actually is,” Bhide said.

In a 2017 speech at Alandi, known for the samadhi of Sant Dnyaneshwar about 20 km from Pune, Bhide preached vegetarianism in the midst of a speech on the greatness of India.

He said: “We are so intelligent that no one stands anywhere close to us. Animals who are vegetarians are smart, agile. The most intelligent animal is an elephant. Those who are vegetarians have the highest intelligence.”

No particular political affiliation

Bhide maintains that he does not campaign for any particular political party, but he has in his speeches praised leaders such as Bal Thackeray and Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, describing him as a “good person”.

In the run-up to the 2014 Maharashtra assembly elections, Bhide expressed his displeasure with both the Shiv Sena and the BJP for breaking their alliance and opening up the possibility of a split in votes.

He said he admired George Fernandes, who was defence minister in Vajpayee’s NDA government, adding that “though he was Christian”, he was a patriot.

However, Bhide came down heavily on senior BJP leader L.K. Advani for visiting Pakistan in 2005 and lauding Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

He has also lamented how no one really knows the glorious history of the Maratha empire, and how people say Shivaji was Maharashtra’s virtue, simply to get some applause. “For most,” he said, “Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is just an office of profit.”

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  1. Bhide Guruji is speaking from heart and showing mirror to Hindu youth. He wants them not to betray the cause and go against Nation. He gives examples from History. He is a Brahmin by caste but more than 25 lakh Maratha and other Non Brahmine bahujan youth are his ardent followers. He lives a spartan life and does NOT preach religion. He only spreads the gospel of glory of Shivaji Maharaj and Sambhaji Maharaj. He is using strong language against Hindus who betrayed the Nation and urges youth to shed the false seculirism and love one’s religion. All the people who are blaming him should read Dr Ambedkar speech in the Round Table Conference of 1930 . The gist of which is , we the Untouchables of India are true friends of the British. We helped you by fighting in your army against Indians in the battle of Plassy where Clive entered India by the first military victory and we also fought on your side in 1818 Koreganw battle which was the last battle to end Indian rule and establishment if British Rule in India. You must value our contribution. He was urging British ti lift the ban on recruiting Untouchables ( He used this word always. He used not to like the word- Harijan , coined by Mahatma Gandhi.) in British Army imposed around 1892. Now I want the readers to give their opinion on this factual account.

  2. Just another Hate-Peddler.

    Hate multiplication leads to destruction.

    Identify and criticise haters and hate-pedllers, but don’t preach and embrace hate. Hate is destruction and it is proved many times throughout ages/history.

  3. What he has spoken is correct and irrefutable.. Education or
    , English education has made Hindus and People of this country blind to their own glorious past…I have always wondered from my childhood why only Hindus alone say all religions and God’s are same and equal.But Muslims and Christians do not say this…This is nothing but appeasement. Never ending appeasement of minoroties…

  4. The fact that there is a thing called Hinduism alive in India it is only due to the tolerance if Muslims empire. Most of these so called Patriots have their blood line directly linked to Aurangzeb’s army.

  5. He is expressing the Truth.But When India established we made our constitution to have equality of all human beings despite different Religion, Caste, language & food habits.We all are divided and we all are united as a Nation called India on the basis of doctrine of our Religion.There are differences but it is better than war what was fought among the kings of this continent century after century.Mughals and British ruled this country for a long period so leftover will be always there.

  6. Didnt know till now about his speeches.He is speaking the truth.Hindus should learn from their mistakes.Sounds like an intelligent and powerful speaker.And Hindus need to listen to such sharp analysis all the time to rid themselves of a suicidal notion called secularism.

  7. This man either should’ve been nicely caned by his parents, or should’ve been married off so that he understood responsibility – which the finest Hindus Ram, Modi, Bhide always want to run away from. He is confused for starters, and mildly frustrated with life in this country. He is also, again, not very intelligent and filled with such self loathing that noone should ideally take him seriously. I can bet you his physics fundamentals aren’t very strong either, so he couldn’t keep down a job. And he’s completely blind to all the faults of Sambhaji – which are getting airbrushed these days to make him sound and look like Bahubali – when he wasn’t. Bhide talks a lot of nonsense in TV interviews, not to mention lies on camera. How do people go for 85 years living a life of lies? Like this man – is the answer. Given Delhi has given cops orders to not touch this man – and given BJP ruled states are never thorough about law & order (for all of RSS’ discipline, these ppl will never make it to any army because they re just not thorough at their jobs), he will meet his match on the streets where he’s a goon. One other thing about Hindus that Bhide should know – they are the most cowardly terrorists around. They ll never take responsibility, always be scared of jail and never have the guts to stand up publicly for their actions. It’s all ganimikava. Sly. They don’t have the conviction of either Muslim radicals or Of Gandhi. First sight of khaki, and they start to lie.

    • Indian History or Maratha History?
      India now includes many small small kingdoms…
      when you say Indian history it is modern world.
      Indeed this is a maratha history!

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