The image shared by Congress president Rahul Gandhi | @RahulGandhi/Twitter
The image shared by Congress president Rahul Gandhi | @RahulGandhi/Twitter
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New Delhi: The BJP Friday dismissed Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s claim that Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended a photo-shoot allegedly hours after the Pulwama attack on February 14 as “fake news”, asserting that photographs were taken in morning.

“Rahul Ji, India is tired of your fake news. Stop sharing photos from that morning to shamelessly mislead the nation. Maybe you knew in advance of the attack but people of India got to know in the evening. Try a better stunt next time, where sacrifice of soldiers isn’t involved,” the BJP tweeted.

The BJP took on Gandhi after the Congress chief called Modi “prime time minister” and said he continued shooting for a film in Uttarakhand even three hours after news of the Pulwama terror strike came in.

He also attached photographs of Modi attending the photo-shoot and taking a boat ride in the scenic hilly state.

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  1. One reason the US President travels with so much heavy luggage – quite different from Prince MbS’s travel style – is that there is communications equipment that allows him to be in secure touch with his government apparatus, including any fateful decisions he may be required to take as the person with his finger on the button. If Pulwama was an act of war, the first reports should have reached PM within a few minutes.


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