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Umar Khalid: Why I, a Leftist, participated in a Twitter trend praising the Prophet

After Kamlesh Tiwari’s murder, a new Hatred Game has begun in India where Muslims can be openly abused, practising or not.

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Kamlesh Tiwari’s murder in Uttar Pradesh is still under investigation, with multiple theories being put forward. On one hand, the police have arrested three people, who are Muslims, and after initial denial, is now giving a communal angle to it. Kamlesh’s family, on the other hand, laid the blame on state BJP leader Shiv Kumar Gupta from Thatheri. While the police investigation proceeds, there is a communal frenzy that has been created in the wake of the incident.

Not wanting to miss any opportunity, the Hindutva Right-wing digital army immediately jumped into action. On the first day, they posted the most derogatory tweets and hashtags about Islam and Prophet Mohammad. Very soon, that transformed into a call for total boycott of Muslims with the #मुस्लिमो_का_संपूर्ण_बहिष्कार.

The motivation behind these tweets was to clearly exacerbate hatred, incite and polarise. This was an open proclamation that Muslims can be insulted with the most disparaging abuses about their faith and no action will be taken in India. In fact, some of the handles that were making these abusive tweets trend are followed by top BJP leaders and ministers. That is the level of impunity currently enjoyed by Hindu Right-wing adherents in India.

In the near future, such divisive and hateful messages are most likely to increase, especially with the Ayodhya title dispute verdict nearing. BJP leader Gajraj Rana from UP’s Deoband has already appealed to Hindus to buy swords instead of jewellery and utensils on Dhanteras because of this impending judgment.

The mainstreaming of hate has become so blatant that it is not just restricted to social trolls anymore. The language of these ‘Hatred Games’ has also percolated into daily conversations.

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What could be the reply to such toxicity? Instead of letting the Hatred Games continue, some people launched a campaign called #ProphetOfCompassion on Twitter as a reply to the toxic barrage of tweets against the Prophet. These tweets spoke of love and compassion that Prophet Mohammad advocated. Soon it was trending globally with messages of compassion pouring in. A potentially explosive situation on social media, with people disparaging each other’s faith, was somewhat averted.

I also participated and wrote a thread. Expectedly, my thread elicited several responses, many in bad taste and mostly personal abuses.

Many raised concerns about how I, as a Leftist, participated in this Twitter trend praising the Prophet? Aren’t Leftists supposed to be avowed atheists? Some also said that I have finally revealed my “true colours, my inner Islam” through this thread. I am under no obligation to publicly announce my relationship with the religion I was born into. Neither the Constitution of India, nor Islam as a religion forces me to make that claim public. But there is something deeper that we need to address here.

Three people were arrested during the 2016 JNU row, but only I was linked to Pakistan, accused of having visited Pakistan twice. My political beliefs as a Leftist did not shield me from such stereotyping. Najeeb Ahmed, missing from JNU for the last three years, was also linked with the ISIS. No one cared to apologise to me or Najeeb’s family even when the fake news was busted by none other than the Delhi Police. What was it, if not our names and the blatant Islamophobia that made me and Najeeb vulnerable to such stereotyping?

A Muslim is always expected to distance himself or herself from the faith, if he or she wants to be considered a ‘Good Muslim’ and a progressive citizen. Such obligations are not binding for people of the majority religion, whatever be their ideology. A Hindu can say he or she is not a believer, but can jump to defend Hinduism or Hindu identity in public without any problem. A practising Muslim, on the other hand, can never be a ‘Good Muslim’ or a progressive citizen. But the point is whether you are a practising/semi-practising Muslim/non-practising Muslim, you will remain at the receiving end of the same corrosive hate just because of your identity.

These vitriolic trends on social media against Islam, calls to boycott Muslims, communal violence against Muslims and the felicitation by BJP ministers of those accused of such violence are not isolated from each other. The fact that from ordinary people on social media to top ministers can make rabidly communal statements and get away with it, reflects a design. Both flow from the same hatred and are an effort to constantly remind Muslims of ‘their position’ in the country. The licence to make such statements is just a small distance away from the urge to lynch a person on the street.

These are efforts to criminalise an entire faith and establish that the people belonging to this religion can be humiliated in every possible way. That directly sabotages the constitutionally guaranteed right of every citizen to openly practice their faith.

The expectation, even from some progressives, that Muslims should invisibilise themselves, or at least their faith, goes against the very tenets of our Constitution. We need to remind everyone that the right to practice any faith is a guarantee made to citizens by the Constitution of India, and not a largesse from any community. And Muslims of India are equal citizens of this country, not fair game.

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The author is an activist and former JNU student. Views are personal.

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  2. All “thinking” Muslims are Muslims first before they are Indian, leftist, Congressi, etc. I want to give 2 examples that are pertinent here :

    1) Umar Khalid in public statements has said that Kashmiri Pandits were not driven out of Kashmir valley by mass terrorism, but because the governor wanted the emigration to justify President rule. Ask any refugee Pandit if that’s the case. These Muslims want to create a smoke screen wherever truth is uncomfortable.

    2) Islam is a bigoted cult and mass manufacturer of terrorism, consider this example :
    Islam says that Allah revealed that a man is allowed 4 wives – how can this be logical or fair ? why not 3 or 5 ? It was a convenient fact to appease the Prophet’s (pbuh) followers who had conquered many slaves from the defeated tribes and were fighting over the fair ones. Remember he also himself took wives out of conquered tribes, that is not the act of a reformer. Why would a religious person need to have sex with conquered women, why not just grant asylum like any humanitarian would do ? Which God or Prophet can prescribe such an underlying discrimination that in the sub-conscious makes a woman = 25% of a man ?

    • ¤

      This Print is a ChrislamoMarxist venture

      They will obfuscate the truth forever

      Muslims , who flock to comment here , are most biased

  3. ” A Muslim is always expected to distance himself or herself from the faith, if he or she wants to be considered a ‘Good Muslim’ and a progressive citizen.” What a fantastic comment ! Does this truly reflect the thinking of educated Muslims of India ?

  4. A sensible article by the young actvist Umar Khalid on the topic that he handled. Such a rebuttal/explanation was essential not only from the point of view of representing Muslims but also to speak on behalf of all those who follow other religions ( barring the majority religion) or no religion. This could well include people even from the majority community who do not feel that they belong to the majority religion as much as some privileged ones feel. Self-determination and self- independence, without affecting the existence of others, is everybody’s birthright which should be protected at any cost.

  5. Very instrutive comments. I have the feeling that bjp trolls are trolling among themselves, often giving themselves names that sound “muslim” and the moment any one says anything sensible, the hoard of (payed?) trolls jump on them. why? what is the point?

    • haha.. even omar khalid know that he is exposed completely..his fake ethiest,liberal burkha etc teared by rightwing with fact .. using his own previous tweets.. so to make monkey balance this si just another article..

  6. Umar Khalid is very good at playing Cricket and Kabbadi at the same time – one hour he is Communist, next hour he is Muslim secularist. He stands with the Islamic terrorists who attacked Parliament while at the same time doing sit-in in sympathy with Naxal causes!

    This double game is now so well reheresed that even the “forever students” of JNU have so thoroughly confused themselves that even they don’t know if they are communists or theists or theist communists.!

    While Umar Khalid has spent 500 words moaning about how horrible Hindu trolls are and how pitiful it is to be him – he has not said ONE WORD about the horrific murder of a man in his own home by what is plainly a large scale conspiracy of Muslim fanatics across India.

    With self-promotion and self glorification as his only interests, Umar Khalid has shown who his real God is – his own ego!

    • Your rest of the template BS aside: Nope, bull!

      As he clearly noted in the beginning, the investigation is underway. The preliminary official-accounts sound glaringly dubious, to convey as much as I can in “PC-SJW” terms.

      Or shall I stop doing the charade dubbed niceties and clearly lay it all out, without mincing words? 😒

  7. Since you are publicly calling yourself a Leftist – it is reasonable to ask what it means. Are you an atheist? We know that you praised the Prophet. That is perfectly reasonable. Have you ever praised any other religion? Note that these are all appropriate questions once you raise the issue yourself. The most troubling part of this article is the selectivity of what you want to speak about. That doesn’t work if the purpose of your article is to get support for your cause; otherwise, it is just a narcissistic bit of writing.

    • Are you and Mr “Gopal” one-and-same?

      Reply only open to you and ‘course, reply only if radically-honest.

    • Its time we should aslo include the teaching of Deobandh Madrasa in UP. They are exporting terrorism in the name of Islam. Aslo its time to have a open platform to discuss Quran and reform it. Insah-allah.

  8. You guys think you’re playing it smart, aren’t you?playing victim card now? Prestitues like you and NDTV call this departed soul a “HINDU FRINGE” and call a scum Hijbul Mujahideen terrorist a “HIJBUL MUJAHIDEEN WORKER”…..waaaah…kya baat hai…claps on this secularism, SHAME ON YOU

    • A) I’ve already responded to this predictably now-cliché TP over at social-media.
      B) So in an ideal-world, I should literally “call it a BS” for what it is and move the eff on.
      C) But still: I’m deigning to regurgitate — first of all, NDTV®( the only one you’ve named) always calls Kashmiri secession-fighters as “terrorists”, so does every single mainstream outlet of the Indian press.
      Second: The mere tweet which has got your knickers-in-a-twist, haven’t been substantiated by URL of the same or similar language in the article. Snaps can be easily forged, specially by those with full-time jobs of spin-doctoring.
      Third: Even if it were true by all independently-reliable methods and it wasn’t a syndicated feed — how’s “workers” a positive connotation, exactly? That would’ve been the acceptable phrasing in Old School Journalism. But alas, there’s no reasonable that it is all but dead that early in 21st Century. And I often encounter news reports with ‘ Vahini’ or ‘ Vahini’, never ever I encounter any furore over not referring to them as even ‘militants’, let alone ‘extremists’ or ‘course, “T-E-R-R-O-R-I-S-T-S”.
      Did you care for the “departed soul” of Osama? When he was targeted in a military encounter? 😒

  9. Irfan Husain in his article “Demons from the Past” observes: “While historical events should be judged in the context of their times, it cannot be denied that even in that bloody period of history, no mercy was shown to the Hindus unfortunate enough to be in the path of either the Arab conquerors of Sindh and south Punjab, or the Central Asians who swept in from Afghanistan…The Muslim heroes who figure larger than life in our history books committed some dreadful crimes. Mahmud of Ghazni, Qutb-ud-Din Aibak, Balban, Mohammed bin Qasim, and Sultan Mohammad Tughlak, all have blood-stained hands that the passage of years has not cleansed..Seen through Hindu eyes, the Muslim invasion of their homeland was an unmitigated disaster.
    “Their temples were razed, their idols smashed, their women raped, their men killed or taken slaves. When Mahmud of Ghazni entered Somnath on one of his annual raids, he slaughtered all 50,000 inhabitants. Aibak killed and enslaved hundreds of thousands. The list of horrors is long and painful. These conquerors justified their deeds by claiming it was their religious duty to smite non-believers. Cloaking themselves in the banner of Islam, they claimed they were fighting for their faith when, in reality, they were indulging in straightforward slaughter and pillage…”

    • Before positing my response: I do have a response on this one.

      Although, you’re not gonna like it.

      Even though I’ve learned it by taking a leaf outta the playbook of your ideological-compatriots.

  10. If the whole Muslim population is placed under a restive “judgement” of mistrust, it is not the fault of the “other” but our own “private bomber” who believes that they are going to “paradise” if they blow up a cathedral or an opera house full of people. Nation dated 29/11/15

    • And certainly, an ‘Anonymous Coward #_____’ is the only one to be agenda-less, i.e. lack any agenda whatsoever.

  11. A strategy of Islamists like you is to play the victim card. This strategy has been quite successful and the Left has embraced it. Win win for Islamists and Left. And the reason why Left is losing! You can fool once not always.
    The ultimate victim is the faith Islam itself.

    • You most likely have lost the capability to comprehend that you’re merely doubling-down on substantiating his pointers without any effort from his side — beyond salvation.

  12. Person who garlands the murderers are considered saint and Bhagwan in our country .All must join such a political party. The next every body will be safe

    • zakir naik openly insulted hindu gods several times.. he was awarded by so called leftists.. and still supports him.. mf hussain done so many pervert pictueres of hidnu gods.. still these leftist supports him and calls it freed om of expression.. and still those trened i am gauri lankesh after her death and her insult to hindu beliefe as her freedom of expression. are not crying foul ? strange.. these are the same umar khalid..when he was studying in jnu as their leader.. he and team made fun of hindu beliefs.. tis clear now that.. he want other releigus believes to be insulted but they cry victim card to hide the sin like behading of kamlesh tivari..

  13. Well Said Maloy, they say nonsense because they all are stupid bhakth. A person who is not open can’t think positively & keep talking unlogical in hatred language. Let them go to hell

    • i got it now.. what gauri lankesh insulted to hindu gods are her freedom .. thats y umar khalid supported her freedom of expression.. what mf hussain draw pervert picture of hindu gods is his freedom of exression.. that y still these leftist burkha wearing people support him.. what zakir naik insulted hindu god are his freedom of expression.. umar khalid and his co leftist students insulting hidnu god durga in jnu campus is also freedom of expression.. but if any thing happens in oppsoite direction.. then we are victim.. so that is the logic you explained here..

  14. Well written ! During these times when vile vitriol against Muslims, along with malicious judgements given in the Lynching cases, this article of yours comes as a breather.

    Those who are filled with the Hate for Islam, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) will keep hating no matter what, your duty is to spread the message of peace as taught by it, no matter what.

    • Some of the verses in your holy texts make us very uncomfortable. You call us kaffirs and infidels and still you wonder why we do not hug you.

  15. You come to Tamilnadu and Kerala.Day in day out they criticize the Hindu gods with impunity.Can you find any so-called secularists condemn them.The self acclaimed atheists mock Hindu Gods and the faith,they dare not touch non Hindu faiths.

  16. What intrigues me is your dedication to your religion while propagating left philosophy. What happened to comments about durga and other hindu gods.

    • Firstly no where in the article he defended the religion. He defended peoples’ right to practice their religion. And secondly he never made any derogatory or otherwise, any comment on Durga or any other Hindu gods. If you have please provide verifiable evidence.

      • you realised it now.. same way hidnus also have right to defend their faith from insult by mf hussain or zakir naik or gauri lankesh..but surprisingly same umar khalid support gauri lankesh and mf hussain…. thats exactly..he want to insult hindu beleifs and enjoy it as freedom of exression..but if it happens in other way he plays vicitm card.. in short.. he use ethiest burkah to attack hindu beliefs and then some time burkha goes and come as his own identity..

    • Sounds like the OP has made a ‘drunken-comment’.

      That’s the only possible justification, assuming he’s pretending to be existing in the offline-universe.

  17. Umar Khalid ! Very well written…….Islam is a religion of Peace and Love. As a practicing Muslim I support your views.
    इस्लाम का असली मकसद ही अमन है…

    सारे जहाँ से अच्छा हिंदुस्तान हमारा
    हम बुलबुलें हैं उसकी वो गुलसिताँ हमारा।

    मज़हब नहीं सिखाता आपस में बैर रखना
    हिंदी हैं हम वतन है हिंदुस्तान हमारा।

  18. So finally, the Leftist “tadpole” metamorphs into a “Islamist” frog. It was inevitable, can’t bury ur true intentions for too long , and it also runs in the family. Guys like him and shehla Rashid are Islamist apologists at best if not Latent Jihadist.

    • How’s talking about a religious-icon “Islamist”???

      Duh…! You “pros” function so mechanically..

      ….That you most likely have lost the capability to comprehend that you’re merely doubling-down on substantiating his pointers without any effort from his side — beyond salvation

  19. This guy khalid is a potential jihadi, even in this article he could not condemn gruesome Kamlesh Killing. Absolute farce written piece

    • Bwahahahahaha!

      I dunno whether you can even salvage the capability to comprehend or not: But you’re just doubling-down in substantiating his pointers.

      And “condemn” how? He clearly spelled out at the beginning of this article that how the investigation of this flagrantly-dubious case is still under play. For instance, the case of those Pakistani artisans who worked and paid taxes in India — when they were bullied to condemn “T-E-R-R-O-R-I-S-M”, they did. But even that wasn’t enough, as most of their phraseology wasn’t to liking of your ideological-compatriots. So you wanna get to the point or conveniently, say that you wanna script a condemnation to be amplified by him? 🤔

  20. The comments here itself speak of the type of mindset people have. The comments have itself justified the article.

  21. Thise islamic countries are exactly that…islamic… India however, is supposd to be secular.. (supposed,lol)
    Till yet, at least on paper, its not a hindu rashtra. So go on n compare India to islamic countries, whoch are dictotorial. But remember, when the RSS’s supposed proposal aint a unified hindu rashtra which is inclusive to even ALL hindus….its just upper caste male dominant rashtra…so most people who are right now defending it, lol, when the time comes….even you guys will inevitably be at the receiving end….phir rehna china jaise…with fuckol rights.

    • (Wow… You’re allowed to use “F-bombs” on The Print®?!? For a website such as that: Didn’t knew it was a possibility. Or maybe your frequent typos mistaking ‘[sweet ]fuck all’ as “fuckol[sic]”, and therefore confusing auto-filters. But then, I hardly see that much unfiltered junk on commenting-boards/forums here unlike group-of-news-websites[ almost all of them belonging to legacy press corporations] which rely on a certain (ahem) self-styled “audience-engagement platform” of a commenting-platform which in turn relies on Google®’s Project Jigsaw® to auto-“moderate” comments based on mere strings — leading to the very same problem as “Scunthorpe” . If you don’t get it, you just have to ‘look around’. No need to go as far as finding somebody to talk to, who happens to work for the same platform and yet, is somehow radically-honest. I find the vilest of trash there because the ‘pros’ are proficient in a cheat dubbed ‘1337’. Something which beats the so-called “AI” like a knife cutting through the butter. And hence, only being successful in stifling totally well-intentioned comments almost totally. And I also don’t see the point of pretend “manual-moderation” if they genuinely don’t employ moderators and yet, withhold comments for hours just to give this impression that comments aren’t auto-moderated.
      I just felt it odd given that I’ve noticed absolutely none of their authors beyond allowed to directly convey that word, even if journalistic principles will obligate its unsanitised usage to avoid confusion by the means of unambiguous reporting.
      Regardless, if that’s genuinely the case: I’m elated.)

      To the point: I understand what you’re going for, however: In terms of factuality, unless you narrow-down, your analogy with so-called “Islamic countries”( not all countries self-identify as “Islamic”, unlike-yet-somewhat-like DPRK and PRC: both of which call themselves “democratic republics”, cf. “National Socialism”, for instance) is factually half-baked.

      About half of countries in the “Muslim world” don’t have any state-religion, at least on paper.

  22. Giving communal color started by Congress, Leftist JNU Liberals jeans originally appeasement logic
    Now reverse though unjustified if we can reorient old habits and uproot New the antidotes Indian Nationalism may grie

  23. Mr Khanna – Do YOU have the guts to denigrate your ownGods? Please don’t post absurd questions without any logic. If you have seen the absolutely filthy garbage that is posted about the Prophet, you should not ask such questions!

    • bonga manush same goes for abuses hurled at Hindu god n goddess. it takes two to tango.. what goes around comes around so don’t be one sided both camp are wrong should be equally condemned. but bonga mukharjee i know you don’t have neutral conscience

      • @”persona non grata”: Huh…

        Are you a sock-puppet, “dearie”? Or you a duly-appointed representative of first-commenter Mr “Rajiv Khanna”?

        And above all: How does an individual criticising her/his/their own religious sacraments is vis-à-vis to criticising somebody else’s religious-sacraments?
        And I can barely contain your concept of “conscience being neutral”, Mr Latin-loving ‘Anonymous Coward #_____’. 🤭🤭🤭

    • this same question hindus asked to mf hussain, zakir naik , gauri lankesh etc etc..and aamir kahn in PK.. but at that time leftist including umar khalid blamed hindus as communal and zakir naiks ,mf hussan view as freedom of expression.. he is the same umar khalid who went with hashtag “i am gouri” .. y .? if he cant readly to critisism ..then y he is enjoying the insult to others beliefs ? so basically he is proving here. that.. only his releigus beleives are not to be questioned but he will insult other relegious believes .. thsi is called hypocracy..

    • allegations* There! FTFY ☺️
      I find the question fallacious itself!

      Not to mention: I did find the article insufficient. In that, whether OWING to word-restrictions imposed by the relevant Editor or owing to the author’s own shortcomings, it didn’t even once delve into the academic dichotomy over the neo-invocation that “Leftism=Atheism”. [Which ]Sounds as pseudo-intellectual as prefixing ‘hyper’ to the noun ‘Nationalism’ and its derivatives. Now, given that it might be the case in certain, or almost all of bubble-universes[ located in innumerable nooks-&-corners of ‘pop-Interweb’] — but this blogging is not aimed for so-called “keyboard-warring” standards, its scope is severely restricted to the realm of offline-/real-universe.

      Besides: If you stopped reading before the para[graph] 8, that’s on you. If you had difficulty comprehending something and didn’t retry, certainly even that’s on you.

  24. Author has written an article as a sort of riposte to insinuation that how can a person who claims to be a leftist in social media patticularly twitter. But his arguments fall flat because not only islamophobes even liberals have problem with islamic extremism. I dont want to go into the gory details of isis or al qaeda or taliban, but fact is whole world including liberal muslims are scared of religious extremism particularly concerned with islam. While one can argue terrorism does not have religion but maximum impact of religious extremism has been inflicted by islamic terrorism. It is not only the terrorism but also the fact that not a single muslim majority country is secular with minorities free from religious persecution also plays a major role.unless the trust deficit is bridged world will continue to face clash of civilisation.

    • This comment is written as a sort of riposte to insinuation that how a certain religion the is consistently targeted in glaring animus against against a common-link of insurgency and..

      …[Forget about ]Then immediately verging towards an oh-so-ingenious° essay on buzzword “T-E-R-R-O-R-I-S-M” with hodgepodge understanding of miscellaneous abstracts and ideologies..

      But fails to even gets its phraseology and typography right. 👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾

    • Assuming if that’s even true: …And?

      Your point being?

      Or is that merely a dog-whistle? Something which turns into an actual possibility if you’re relying on a pseudonym for commenting.

    • Yeah..!

      Mr”Iyerwal” is one heck of a sinner.

      Perhaps you better go back condomless to ‘make babies’, nothing long-lasting to gain out of “making sins” anyways.°

  25. You come out because you are a islamists jihadi who clebrates beheading of kafir, you trying to say those rallies of thousands giving threat of beheading was out of compassion, there is no atheist Muslim or secular muslim, Muslim are of just two type one who behead kafir and other group like you come out to support and mainstreaming that beheading with good fake stories..

    • Bwahahahaha!

      Which random video?

      Assuming you’re far-reaching merely by religious-affiliation: Have you counted each one of them? Checked the birth-certificates of each one of them?
      And above all, I think you can’t even exhaustively define “Muslim” — let alone your commentary on “types”.

    • Say what???

      This magazine is run by alleged “Coupta Ji” so I dunno whatcha getting at?!!

      Oh, wait.. Is this an admission that private press outlets are beholden to the regime-of-the-day or at the very least, the said regime holds adequate power to control the editorial-slant of such publications??? In a so-called “World’s Largest Democracy”? 😱😱😱😱

  26. Umar Khalid. Very well written…….Islam is a religion of Peace and Love. As a practicing Muslim I support your views.

  27. Simple question and a simple answer can suffice. Muslims like Owaisi openly denigrate Hindu Gods; can any non Muslim scoff at Mohammed even in a Hindu dominant India? How much freedom do Muslim countries give to non Muslims? Don’t know whom you are trying to convince with your warped logic except for twisted minds like yours

    • Another lie straight from Nagpur factory. Owaisi never berated hindu gods, at least in public. If he did it privately to you or anybody else, I don’t know.

    • A) How many “Muslim countries” have you visited, precisely? And what are your observations about each one of them? Because I don’t even have to move to see that “non-Moslems” from locations tagged like “Dubai”, “Jeddah” and “Muscat” not shying away from “scoffing”. I assume you won’t shy away from attaching the “Muslim” tag to these metropolises now, will ya? 😏
      B) I second what Mr @Malay Deb asserted. I’m yet-to-come-across any such evidence, and sadly for ya: I’ve stopped admit TPs as “evidences” for substantiation since long. But to save you the trouble, if you’re referring to that meat-production remarks made by MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi, I’m Sorry but I’ve no choice but to dispose-off your grievance as not every single 🐄 can be equated to “Kamadhenu”. If that sounds cold, you ought to chin-up as I didn’t falsified your whole-argument through classifying it as “False Equivalence” given ‘Mohammedans’ revere only one Prophet even though all Islam-followers are generalised by outsiders like you, whereas there’s not even a sizable consensus as to why many “Gods” are in Sanaatana Dharma( read “Hinduism”). Let alone the point of reverence towards each.
      C) “Warped logic”: As-cliché-as-funnily-idiosyncratic-phraseology. 🤭🤭🤭
      How’s it “warped”, precisely? Did supporters of whichever “Owaisi” trended “Boycott Sanaatanis Totally” or something to such degree in your bubble-universe[ located in some nook-&-corner of ‘pop-Interweb’]?

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