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Here are some instances of how BJP is pushing the national discourse in a dark corner. This isn’t something I signed up for.

Political discourse is at its lowest point in the country, at least in my lifetime. The partisanship is unbelievable and people continue to support their side no matter what the evidence; there is no remorse even when they’re proved to have been spreading fake news. This is something that everyone  —  the parties and the voters/supporters — are to be blamed for.

The BJP has done a great job at spreading some specific messages with incredibly effective propaganda, and these messages are the primary reason that I can’t support the party anymore. But before we get into any of that, I’d like everyone to understand that no party is totally bad, and no party is totally good. All governments have done some good and messed up on some fronts. This government is no different.

The Good

1. Road construction is faster than it was earlier. There has been a change in methodology of counting road length, but it seems faster even if you factor that in.

2. Electricity connections increased  — All villages electrified and people getting electricity for more hours. (Congress did electrify over five lakh villages and Modiji finished the job by connecting the last 18k so, you can weigh the achievement as you like. Similarly, the number of hours people get electricity has increased ever since Independence, but it might be a larger increase during BJP).

3. Upper level corruption is reduced — No huge cases at the ministerial level as of now (but the same was true of UPA I). Lower level seems to be about the same… no one seems to be able to control the thanedar, patwari et al.

4. The Swachh Bharat Mission is a definite success  — Mmore toilets built than before and swachhta is something embedded in people’s minds now.

5. UJJWALA Yojana is a great initiative. How many people buy the second cylinder remains to be seen. The first one and a stove were free, but now people need to pay for it. The cost of cylinders has almost doubled since the government took over and now one costs more than Rs 800

6. Connectivity for the northeast has undoubtedly increased. More trains, roads, flights and, most importantly  —  the region is now discussed on the mainstream news channels.

7. Law and order is reportedly better than it was under regional parties.

Feel free to add achievements you can think of in the comments below, also achievements necessarily have caveats, failures are absolute!

It takes decades and centuries to build systems and nations, the biggest failure I see in BJP is that it has destroyed some great things on very flimsy grounds.

The Bad

It takes decades and centuries to build systems and nations, the biggest failure I see in the BJP is that it has destroyed some great things on very flimsy grounds.

1.Electoral bonds — It basically legalises corruption and allows corporates & foreign powers to just buy our political parties. The bonds are anonymous so if a corporate says ‘I’ll give you an electoral bond of Rs 1,000 crore if you pass this specific policy, there will be no prosecution’, there just is no way to establish quid pro quo with an anonymous instrument. This also explains how corruption is reduced at the ministerial level — it isn’t per file/order, it is now like the US,  at the policy level.

2.Planning Commission reports —This used to be a major source for data. They audited government schemes and stated how things are going. With that gone, there just is no choice but to believe whatever data the government gives you (CAG audits come out after a long time!). NITI Aayog doesn’t have this mandate and is basically a thinktank and PR agency. Plan/non-Plan distinction could have been removed without removing this!

3.Misuse of CBI and ED — They are being used for political purposes as far as I can see, but even if they aren’t, the fear that these institutions will be unleashed on people if they speak up against anything Modi/Shah-related is real. This is enough to kill dissent, an integral component of democracy.

4.Failure to investigate Kalikho Pul’s suicide note, Judge Loya’s death, Sohrabuddin murder, and the defence of an MLA accused of rape whose relative is accused of killing the girl’s father, with the FIR in the case not registered for over a year..!

5.Demonetisation — It failed, but worse is the BJP’s inability to accept that it failed. All propaganda of it cutting terror funding, reducing black cash, eliminating corruption is just absurd. It also killed businesses.

6.GST Implementation — The tax regime was implemented in a hurry and harmed business. Complicated structure, multiple rates on different items, complex filing… Hopefully it’ll stabilise with time, but it did cause harm. The BJP’s failure to acknowledge as much  is extremely arrogant.

7.The messed up foreign policy with pure grandstanding — China has a port in Sri Lanka, huge interests in Bangladesh and Pakistan  (we’re surrounded); the failure in Maldives (Indian workers not getting visas anymore because of India’s foreign policy debacle) while Modi ji goes out to foreign countries and keeps saying Indians had no respect in the world before 2014 and now they’re supremely respected (This is nonsense. Indian respect in foreign countries was a direct result of our growing economy and IT sector, it hasn’t improved an ounce because of Modi. It might, however, have declined due to beef-driven lynchings, threats to journalists etc.)

Demonetisation — it failed, but worse is BJP’s inability to accept that it failed. All propaganda of it cutting terror funding, reducing cash, eliminating corruption is just absurd. It also killed off businesses.

8.Failure of schemes and failure to acknowledge/course correct — Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana, Make In India, Skill Development, Fasal Bima (look at reimbursements — the government is lining the pockets of insurance companies). Failure to acknowledge unemployment and farmers crisis — calling every real issue an opposition stunt.

9.The high prices of Petrol and Diesel — Modi ji and all BJP ministers + supporters criticized Congress for it heavily and now all of them justify the high prices even though crude is cheaper than it was then! Just unacceptable.

10.Failure to engage with the most important basic issues — Education and Healthcare. There is just nothing on education which is the nation’s biggest failure. Quality of government schools has deteriorated over the decades (ASER reports) and no action. They did nothing on Healthcare for 4 years, then Ayushman Bharat was announced — that scheme scares me more than nothing being done. Insurance schemes have a terrible track record and this is going the US route, which is a terrible destination for healthcare (watch Sicko by Michael Moore)!

The Electoral Bonds thing is huge and hopefully the Supreme Court will strike it down!

You can add some and subtract some based on personal understanding of the issue, but this is my assessment. The Electoral Bonds thing is huge and hopefully the Supreme Court will strike it down! Every government has some failures and some bad decisions though, the bigger issue I have is more on morals than anything else.

The Ugly:

The real negative of this government is how it has affected the national discourse with a well considered strategy. This isn’t a failure, it’s the plan.

1.It has discredited the media, so now every criticism is brushed off as a journalist who didn’t get paid by BJP or is on the payrolls of Congress. I know several journalists for whom the allegation can’t be true, but more importantly no one ever addresses the accusation or complaint — they just attack the person raising the issue and ignore the issue itself.

2.It has peddled a narrative that nothing happened in India in 70 years. This is patently false and the mentality is harmful to the nation. This government spent over Rs. 4,000 crore of our taxpayer money on advertisements and now that will become the trend. Do small works and huge branding. He isn’t the first one to build roads — some of the best roads I’ve traveled on were pet projects of Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav. India became an IT powerhouse from the 90s. It is easy to measure past performance and berate past leaders based on the circumstances of today, just one example of that:

Why did Congress not build toilets in 70 years? They couldn’t even do something so basic. This argument sounds logical and I believed it too, until I started reading India’s history.

Why did Congress not build toilets in 70 years? They couldn’t even do something so basic. This argument sounds logical and I believed it too, until I started reading India’s history. When we gained independence in 1947 we were an extremely poor country, we didn’t have the resources for even basic infrastructure and no capital. To counteract this PM Nehru went down the socialist path and created PSU’s. We had no capacity to build steel, so with the help of Russians the Heavy Engineering Corporation (HEC), Ranchi was set up that made machines to make steel in India — without this we would have no steel, and consequently no infrastructure. That was the agenda — basic industries and infra. We had frequent droughts (aakaal), every 2–3 years and a large number of people starved to death. The priority was to feed the people, toilets were a luxury no one cared for. The Green Revolution happened and the food shortages disappeared by the 1990s — now we have a surplus problem. The toilet situation is exactly like people asking 25 years from now why Modi couldn’t make all houses in India air conditioned. That seems like a luxury today, toilets were also a luxury at some point of time. Maybe things could have happened sooner, maybe 10–15 years ago, but nothing happened in 70 years is a horrible lie to peddle.

3. The spread and reliance on Fake News. There is some anti-BJP fake news too, but the pro-BJP and anti-opposition fake news outstrips that by miles in number and in reach. Some of it is supporters, but a lot of it comes from the party. It is often hateful and polarizing, which makes it even worse. The online news portals backed by this government are damaging society more than we know.

4. Hindu khatre mein hai — they’ve ingrained it into the minds of people that Hindus and Hinduism are in danger, and that Modi is the only option to save ourselves. In reality Hindus have been living the same lives much before this government and nothing has changed except people’s mindset. Were we Hindus in danger in 2007? At least I didn’t hear about it everyday and I see no improvement in the condition of Hindus, just more fear mongering and hatred.

5. Speak against the government and you’re anti-National and more recently, anti-Hindu. Legitimate criticism of the government is shut up with this labeling. Prove your nationalism, sing Vande Mataram everywhere (even though BJP leaders don’t know the words themselves, they’ll force you to sing it!). I’m a proud nationalist and my nationalism won’t allow me to let anyone force me to showcase it! I will sing the national anthem and national song with pride when the occasion calls for it, or when I feel like it, but I won’t let anyone force me to sing it based on their whims!

6. Running news channels that are owned by BJP leaders who’s sole job is to debate Hindu-Muslim, National-Antinational, India-Pakistan and derail the public discourse from issues and logic into polarising emotions. You all know exactly which ones, and you all even know the debaters who’re being rewarded for spewing the vilest propaganda.

BJP’s strategy for the next election is polarisation and inciting pseudo nationalism. Modi ji has basically said it himself in speeches.

7. The polarisation — the message of development is gone. BJP’s strategy for the next election is polarisation and inciting pseudo nationalism. Modi ji has basically said it himself in speeches — Jinnah; Nehru; Congress leaders didn’t meet Bhagat Singh in jail (fake news from the PM himself!); INC leaders met leaders in Pakistan to defeat Modi in Gujarat; Yogi ji’s speech on how Maharana Pratap was greater than Akbar; JNU students are anti-national they’ll #TukdeTukdeChurChur India — this is all propaganda constructed for a very specific purpose — polarise and win elections — it isn’t the stuff I want to be hearing from my leaders and I refuse to follow anyone who is willing to let the nation burn in riots for political gain.

These are just some of the instances of how BJP is pushing the national discourse in a dark corner. This isn’t something I signed up for and it totally isn’t something I can support. That is why I am resigning from BJP.

PS: I supported BJP since 2013 because Narendra Modi ji seemed like a ray of hope for India and I believed in his message of development — that message and the hope are now both gone. The negatives of this Narendra Modi and Amit Shah government now outweigh the positives for me, but that is a decision that every voter needs to make individually. Just know that history and reality are complicated. Buying into simplistic propaganda and espousing cult like unquestioning faith are the worst thing you can do — it is against the interests of democracy and of this nation.

You all have your own decisions to make as the elections approach. Best of luck with that. My only hope is that we can all live and work harmoniously together — and contribute towards making a better, stronger, poverty-free and developed India, no matter what party or ideology we support. Always remember that there are good people on both sides, the voter needs to support them and they need to support each other even when they are in different parties.

This article was originally published by the author on Medium.

Shivam Shankar Singh handled data analytics for the BJP’s poll campaigns in the northeast, is a 2015-16 Legislative Assistants to Members of Parliament (LAMP) Fellow, and an alumnus of University of Michigan, where he studied economics.

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  1. A very well written article. Very balanced. Only andh bhakts of modi would oppose such article. We should be unbiased before reading the article. People who blindly follow modi will never ever agree of his failures i would rather call demonetization a disaster.

  2. You said DM&gst are failure. But you contradict it by saying that Indian image uplifted in the world because of our growth. It is real and sustainable due to dm & gst. The neighbouring enmity is the net result of the foreign policy that nehru started and subsequently got momentum by his daughter and grandson. Lanka also lost because of the mother son duo. Now we deal with their mighty leader China at par. Health care you totally discarded the bringing down of the cost of medicine and lifesaving aid through innovative health care policies. Don’t try to designify the mutti level corruption during Congress regime. By all standard, this is a veiled corrupt and power hungry Congress propaganda.

  3. Corroption at lower level is the real worry for us. In the states lime chhattisgarh, corruption has touched a real high. I suoport the authors view that the blind suppotters knowing the facts still raise their voice to silence the critics. They can kill as well. So, now the author is a pakistani and BJP supporters have earned the right to lynch him.
    All the best dude. Be safe

  4. Prof PK Sharma, Freelance Journalist, Barnala(Punjab)

    Hats off to you, Mr. Shivam Shankar Singh !
    You have proved your name to be true and worthy in letter and spirit !
    Trios – Shivam, Shankar, Singh symbolise some virtues like truth,conviction, courage and valour !
    Your daring act reflects blending of these finer values and virtues !
    Though viewers have the liberty and right to draw their own conclusions after going through your
    valiant. objective, free , fair and balanced expression of ideas and sentiments to unfold truth by
    exposing the underlying political guiles, hypocrisy and snobbishness under the garb of ploys and
    rhetorics !
    You may or may not gain anything out of this move but optimistically India that is Bharat certainly
    stands to gain ! You have also joined the army of real Pan- Indians already striving to serve their
    motherland with a spirit of dedication, devotion and selflessness and it will swell now as the time
    flows !
    Keep this fine spirit up in future too !

    Prof PK Sharma, Freelance Journalist
    Pom Anm Nest, Barnala(Punjab)

  5. i didnt understand the logic of this article.what do u wanna convey.everyone knows u have been paid for this shit.The amount of disadvantages you have written are imaginary like your rahul baba speeches are.and in advantages too u have not cleared the point.

    • Thank god your resigning .you should be fired and you dont deserve to stay in india.If you have guts write a article on how the fuck congress rules for 10 years.write it down what they did whe they were in power for 10 years.paid media

    • Prof PK Sharma,Freelance Journalist,Barnala(Punjab)
      Please do not mind, only logical and rational persons can understand what logic is, not blind followers ?
      Let us peruse one wrong decision that is Demonetisation for example though there are so many anti-piblic,
      pro-corporate bad decisions of Modi led government ! Did not more than one hundred people lose their lives
      to get cash? Why innocent citizens compelled to stand in queues to face hardships,untold woes and uncertainty ?
      Were not people pursuing small professions ruinedi, deprived of their bread and butter without any positive
      outcome of demonetisation?
      Are these pitfalls of one ill-conceived and cruel decision of Modi regime imaginary?
      Try to judge persons/personalities/ issues on their merit not blindly or partially !
      Just think and think !
      Prof PK Sharma,Freelance Journalist
      Pom Anm Nest, Barnala(Punjab)

  6. SSS,Why don’t you offer yourself for the mantle of PM of this country and bring success to all counts. I will bow to your feet.

  7. You are leaving out GST, Bankruptcy/Insolvency law, Demonetization etc from the list of accomplishments. I see a lot of bias in your article, though you have attempted to “appear” balanced. As for Nehruvian policies, the debate should be how India progressed vs other countries that got independence at the same time (or recovered from WW2). Why does an Indian farmer still rely on Monsoon? Why are the farmers committing suicide? Why is there so much corruption in the country? Why are there so many unemployed youth? why is the society still suffering from social evils such as dowry, casteism, nepotism? Why women feel unsafe in most of the places… Why girl education is not a priority. Why female foeticide still a big problem? If after ruling India for 70+ years, a political party failed to solve all these, how do you expect a miracle in 4 years? BTW, P.V. Narasimha Rao, who probably was the best PM India ever had was resoundingly defeated. What motivation will that leave for any political party to pursue reformist agenda?

    Point here is, India’s problems are bigger than any one single person to solve. Modi has been making sincere attempts. Jury is out whether he will be successful or not. Don’t pass judgments using a few points that support your agenda.

  8. All the mentioned Cons are totally false. I sincerely wish that the author had looked beyond the fake and totally misleading on social media and paid news channels and newspapers. Just by putting “Ex BJP” doesn’t mean that whatever nonsense the author has published will get accepted by us. What I don’t understand is, why the hell is the quint publishing such misleading articles on the social media? Don’t they do any research on their own before putting such stuff up on the internet for the readers. What a disgrace is theprint to media. Totally unacceptable.

  9. I see eye to eye on most of points raised (Pro and against ) by the author. It’s true, Demonetization didn’t serve it purpose fully but it was done in right perspectives, with good intentions, solely in the interest of country, there is no doubt about it. The money lying out side unacceptable, did come in banking system. There appears no follow up action by the present finance minister. I feel, he is unwell, he is not an economist and he lacks enthusiasm as well.
    The other important point is, there is no better substitute of Na Mo. I see gang of looters, dynasts, hypocrites only on the other side. So, it would be suicidal to replace Modi with any present politician of the country to the post of P.M.

  10. INC sponsored article, by the author who has migrated for a higher payscale, as per todays trend, from one popular company to another popular company(party).
    The very question that, were hindus in danger in 2007 ? is misguiding. The kashmiri pandits being forced to live in refugee camps for more than 25 years is shamelessly and conveniently overlooked by the great shivam shankar singh.
    Handsomely paid Article by an opportunistic.

  11. Any PM performed better than Modi Ji?
    Any political figure appears better than Modi Ji to take the PM chair?
    Any PM thought of Toilets, providing Gas connection to poor?
    Waterways, moving goods through rivers? Any PM thought on these lines?
    Previous Governments scams are being unearthed every day, do the people of India like these? Disturbing news about West Bengal, money being spent in large amounts by Chandrababu Naidu on his own self, infight between allies in Karnataka. Whom do you consider better today.
    Demonetisation- Billions of Rupees which were lying stuffed in sacks, have been put in to circulation . There have been some problems on account of demonetisation, but this was necessary.
    Petrol and Diesel prices- Much has been talked and discussed about this. Was any huge amount due to be paid to Iran, which Modi Government has paid.
    Petrol and Diesel prices- The crude oil rates lowering was a global phenomenon, yet no other countrywith consumption as high as India, presently has rates which are lower than 2014.
    GST – was on papers due for implementation for more than 10 years, but it was only Modi Government who implemented it. Agreed, there are some problems , which Government should take care.
    Any time in the past, when inflation was lower?

    • Prof PK Sharma,Freelance Journalist,Barnala(Punjab)
      I feel very awkward to find that you do not know the facts and then misstate the facts !
      Very amazing ! UPA was there for only two terms- a span of ten years, you are asking Shivam to write lies about UPA of 60 years!
      What are the achievements of the Defence Ministry ? Traumatic, turbulent and insurgent state of affairs in Kashmir valley beyond
      control ! After enjoying power for more than three years BJP has pulled out of PDP- BJP alliance to win ensuing Lok Sabha Polls !
      What has BJP done for deserted Kashmiri Pandits so far ? Befooling them in 2014, BJP mustered their votes but now they will not
      fall in BJP’ trap !
      BJP is not at all interested or concerned with the defence of nation but only with playing and promoting politics of winning polls !
      You wanted Shivam to expose this too ! He has brought truth to light by presenting a balanced scenario of India in its true
      colours ! Coloured eyes cannot see true colours, is it not?
      Prof PK Sharma,Freelance Journalist
      Pom Anm Nest, Barnala(Punjab)

    • Prof PK Sharma,Freelance Journalist,Barnala(Punjab)
      Are you campaigning for NaMo in advance for ensuing Lok Sabha Polls ?
      But voters are determined to teach him a lesson !
      Why ?
      Because he is a megalomaniac and authoritarian !
      Blind following indeed is suicidal for India !
      Prof PK Sharma, Freelance Journalist
      Pom Anm Nest,Barnala(Punjab)

  12. You and many say that india was a poor country when become independent and was resource less. Ok it was. But why don’t you people compare us with the countries like japan or jarmany which were totally destroyed just two years before. We had all the infrastructure all the resources intact. Good man power was there. Ok . You may say that these are very small compared to us. What about china Russia?

    • India was never poor in natural resources but you need hi-tech machines and trained human resources to utilize these natural resources which was missing. Japan and Germany’s buildings/material things got destroyed in war but their human resources was much developed that’s why they were world leaders before war and they re-created lost buildings/material things quickly as they had all the technical knowledge which war could not destroyed. India had only natural resources and poor uneducated population not the infrastructure and GOOD (Trained) Man power to boast about. Its not the question of small or big but the question of developed/undeveloped Human Resource which is the key to build a great country nothing else.

  13. I can’t analyse whether this govt had succeeded or failed but all i can say is whatever the party or whoever the leader rules india that should unconditionally provide high quality education ,health&medical facilities like private sector then that govt and leader will be permanently in the hearts of people of india. Because they are the main concern of middle class people now a days.More over ,we cat completely remove bribery and corruption in local offices immediately but inclusion of some lessons in curriculum from kg to pg that can be achieved for our next generation.

  14. Congress oath of socialism and keeping people poor and begging for handouts from the governmentinstead of making them empowered to eke out a living is the biggest tragedy of India. Modi and BJP may not have been as successful as they wanted to be BUT have done a lot better than what congress did or even wanted to do. Congressis are living royal lives while promoting socialism and feigning to be messiah of the oior is a joke.

  15. Great article with reasonable facts! The direction of the BJP government is definitely taking India towards a downwards spiral. Only a certain group of people will enjoy the advantages whereas the remaining will go down very fast. This is immoral and undemocratic.
    I hope the BJP should pay heed to these things.

  16. It is false that this govt has not acknowledged previous govts.The achievements and efforts are visible and verifiable.The most important aspect is public courage that has been aroused to express fiercely all topics that were put under carpet due to earlier dispensation.Fear only because majority who were indifferent earlier are asserting for their opinions.It is good for the country.Aspirations are becomming common place and perception is clearly improvef governance thanks to technology.N.

  17. These are not related to failure of Modi govt. Inspite of petrol disel prices increase the prices of commodities are stable , don’t forget dal went @ 200 kgs, lasun was @300/-kg in congress govt. If it is failure then we accept this govt. And you adopt to analyst for congress or else party now we have come to conclusion how brilliant you as was mr. Manmohan good economist only in books.

  18. Dear Writer nothing wrong in joining Opposition party for a few more Dollars, but don’t blame Previous Employer for your missing understandings. So a New Prashanth Kishore in making..?

  19. I agree that some work is going slow but their are visible changes and to change life of people in such a vast nation takes time … p.m should be consistent in his work and we will definitely see changes .

  20. Good strategy by starting the article with a few positives so it establishes itself as unbiased and then later on even flip the positives around! Why can’t journalists be objective and then they complain that people’s trust on journalists has been destroyed in a planned way by BJP. How ridiculous!

  21. I agree with your listing of Modi Sarkar’s failures. Far worse has been its very Khangress attitude, which simply ignores wise counsel and well wishers alike to pursue the pelf, pomp, pleasure, perversions and perpetuation of a preferred inner Circle. Very much like Nehru!

    But I disagree about the pre Modi Governments. Nehru set the trend in bad policies by enabling a Constitution which steals from some for the benefit of others on the basis of caste, tribe, religion, geography and proximity to power thus condemning India to perpetual casteism. communalism to prosper alien ideologies, religions and dogmas. Notanly, he confiscated the religious freedoms, temples, treasure, educational institutions, lands and other commonwealth of the Brahmana led Savarna Arya (1959). He also laid the foundation of Naxalbari and maoism by confiscating the tribal rights to forage andthoroughfare through the forests as the natural conservators (1959). He encouraged corruption and enshrined Extortion by making “bribe giving” i.e. paying gratification for receiving entitlements, a crime, and supported extortion by creating suitable totalitarian laws. His contribution to legislation and mal administration designed to eradicate the previous aristocracy and replace it with a unaccountabe, incompetent Kleptocracy fomented from personal loyalty is legendary. He set the trend that pervades the Indian National Congress and Indian Mal Governance to this day. Modi’s biggest fault, like Vajpayee’s is his resemblance to Nehru. Disregarding wise counsel, consummate ignorance and following the advice of an inner coterie of incompetent and corrupt bureaucrats who have got his ear through various means is the obvious one.

    One looks from pig to man and man to pig and cannot say which is which.

  22. First of all what I see in this article is basically meant to mention the failures of BJP in central of 4 years governance however multiple achievements have been missed specifically DEFENCE…Kindly do a homework and then write whatever you want to…DID YOU WRITE ANYTHING ABOUT UPA IN LAST 60 YEARS….Please attach those articles and then i would trust your research .Thanks

  23. The print your headlines are misleading …as a media you should be responsible for what u speak …u r writing why Modi is quitting BJP in your headline ….funny …to seek attention u write anything ha ha

  24. Salute to Shivam Singh. It really takes “56” Sina” to speak up freely and put out opinion even knowing the consequences.

  25. Looks a fair objective assessment of the past four years Modi-BJP rule, building good governance in the backdrop of hindu nationalism, granting vigilanteesm as a hindu fundamental right, keeping the core vote bank intact, lack of confidence in basic values and govt with a difference the image built by Vajpayee, while the Margdarshak Mandal has been put up to float isolatedly in the cosmic vacuum, except some pitru tarpan-photo-op once a year. Rahul scoring a point visiting Vajpayee first to enquire about his health, and BJP redfaced and projecting as if Rahul committed a political crime of protocol.

    PM Modi visionary-creative one way mass leader with Mankee Baat, with Chanakya Neethi of forming govts in Goa, Tripura etc by hook or by crook with smart politics, which Congress borrowed a leaf in Karnataka, the Governor yet trying to oblige the BJP but failing in this constitutional propriety for the nation to watch, but who is bothered of constitutional-political ethics – make hay while the sun shines.

    Vajpayee and Manmohansingh lost out due to compulsions of coalition politics, while Modi benefited from the heavy anti-incumbency factor, pushing aside Advani in the game, winning RSS approval tactically.

    Modi too the needle moving towards an element of anti-incumbancy while trying to repeat the Gujarat Model of winning three cycles, highly ambitious, no more remaining a values based Pracharak except for the moral slogans; yes BJP is the political wing of RSS to win power and establish Hindu Rashtra with the likes of Yogi Adithyanath with dying babies in Gorakhpur, not pulled by the centre alike Vajpayee talking of Rajdharma.

    Hope inviting Pranab Mukherjee to Nagpur is not showing mirror to PM Modi in a subtle manner, to be accomodative, Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas;

    While BJP-Congress have become mere political animals not able to respect a duly elected govt in Delhi, trying to nip upcoming leaders in the bud, arresting Anna Hazare, crushing the Delhi govt under the feet of central power – Sheila Diskhit boasting of her ability to cope with the Governors; CM Modi while in Gujarat and LG at Delhi now not meeting Arvind Kejriwal, neither respecting the 4CMs coming to meet the LG – where political camaraderie in a proud indian democracy so much talked of, finding protocol excuses? Psuedo Neeti Ayog Smiles in the photo-op with the 4CMs.

    PM Modi is smart enough to float the Smart Cities project, with pockets of Swacch Bharat, what is provoking is his penchant for self-aggrandicement, suit-boot ki sarkar slyly lamenting Rahul does not allow him to wear clothes of his choice, and the background music of hindu nationalism asking the rest and those who disagree to go to Pakistan now and then, lynching people including Dalits, which Mohan Bhagwat has clarified before Pranab’s speech at Nagpur – RSS will remain what it is, while a spectacle to view the hoisting of the Bhagwa Flag and the Lathi dance, the heavy hand of the Danda, firm hand in velvet glove, Karni Sena allowed to destroy property and chop off the Nose, while we talk of Beti Padhao-Beti Bachao. Prasoon Joshi chipped of his Censor Board autonomy to join the structure of the Parliamentary Commitee to grill Bhansali, probably a historical censorship exercise in free India under nationalist hindu-saffron Monarchy, sans saffron terrorism.

    Govt is not merely assessed through fluctuating wavering GDP growth seeking certificates from the international community when it suits, but rejecting the UN Report on Kashmir, while asking people to have faith in the Supreme Court for the Mandir or otherwise, while trying extra-constitutional efforts roping innocent Shri Shri or Shankaracharya – more of political governance and so called social engineering, floating news of threat to the PM, while emotionally raking up the threat at the time of De-Monetisation that people will go after him for this bold step of Re-Monetising black money for the haves, while the have-nots young and old, men and women, all the 130 crore people have to queue up before the banks day and night, day after day, to get their little money exchange, further digitised and Aadhaarified to make things more complex for the non-techno savvy poor population, not able to get their daily ration, while national data and Aadhar Data can be easily hacked for which false assurances are given time to time, being kept in a walled building?

    Wish all the political parties of this great evolving democracy the best at 2019 political spectacle, hope Nehruvian idealist innocent Rahul shapes up with his young team and senior advisors, while Modi-Amit Shah are strategically well equipped to upslide the anti-incumbency through creative out-of-the-box sea-planes and road shows, sustaining the sliding vote banks, and making in-roads into Dravidanadu and elsewhere having begun with Karnataka-Tripura.

    Let us watch the political kabaddi and Jalli-kattu, with all the roughness this involves, our cultural political DNA, Rama going to the jungles on mere wish of Kaikayee, and Aurangzebs forcefully seating the throans with so-called political arithmetic, winning only 30% of the votes, while only 15 paise reaches the common man, and capitalists can get land very quickly for their so-called socio-economic industrial projects and loan waivers, while Mallyas and Nirav Modis can escape to the UK.

    While every citizen is responsible for Swachh Bharat, while eliminating policy corruption may not be all that possible needed to create sustainable brand image amidst the electoral political culture, not ready to come under the RTI while giving moral sermons the common people, while making Yoga international and the message of Fit-India amidst unfit politics and corruption and so-called constitutional governorship games taxing the psyche of the nation, especially vigilanteesm and violence whether in gujarat-up-chattisgarh-bengal or kerala or death of Gauri Lankesh or Sujaat in Kashmir; while even Hon PM’s life is under threat sadly, and Kejriwal having to sit on Dharna.

    Hope the likes of Anna Hazare, Rajnikant, Kamalhasan are able to sustain the moral and political conscience and accountability of the govt and the citizens of the nation, while we salute the Tiranga, and proud of Jana Gana Mana at all times, not only in the political theares.

    Hope this rambling in Print enables share citizen’s opinion in tolerance in our democracy, where the head is held high and the mind is without fear.


  26. Congratulations to you. You can now join INC or any regional party which is the so called United opposition these days. Ur frustration of not being able to make much for urself is clearly coming out. You have gracefully managed to mention corruption with a low severity..while u very well know 2g/3g/coalgate/railgate/choppergate/national Herald & above all BOFORS. It’s a good riddance for bjp now that you have moved on into the losers club like yashwant sinha & shatrugan sinha. Good for u.

  27. Modi government is the best, You can not calculate work in just five years when you have huge loan on country from world bank even better management from last 20 years.

  28. Without Amit Shah things would shape better for BJP.

    Modi seems to be clean.
    Much better (best) than dynasty who has literally sold the country to Vatican and swindled our money.
    Another 10 years for Modi India will be better. He is self less.
    Mistakes committed? Yes.
    We cannot question his sincerity.

  29. Every govt has some failures but intentions of doing good work of this govt is important. And also GST and Demonetisation is not failures. Due to GST tax collection is increasing tax rates are reduced and due to Demonetisation bank intrest are reduced from 13 to 8 percent. Other failures are they will improve.

  30. Dear writer,
    I was a General manager in some company with all perks & good salary, I was doing well Organisation was doing well, suddenly out of Blues some other Organization called me & offered me A POISITION OF VICE PRESDINT, & a very good salary package. Further the New company started telling how they are ill treating me without realising my Potentials. SO EVEN I STARTED TO THINK THE SAME LINES, THE GOOD BOND I HAD WITH MD ,DIRECORS started ( looked) meaning less to me.So I left the Co Telling same kind of THINGS what you have written like above, I became BLIND in front of the package,perks offered by the New Co. So the same Happened with Prashanth Kishore also, So ARE YOU THE ONE TO TOW THE SAME LINE, HOW COME THE DARLINGS OF 2013 suddenly become BAD FOR YOU, WERE YOU EXPECTING TOO MUCH OF FLESH may be that has resultedin this kind of Frustration , To conclude SSIR ITS KARMA WHAT MAKES A PERSONGREAT, NOT YOU OR PRASHANT KISHORE OR ME, if you think you have MADE MODI PM TODAY just forget it, you have freedom to take RAGA as ICON & make him PM. ALL THE BEST SIR. Sorry I am not as big as you nor as well educated like.

  31. very frustrated article. Journalism is not to fancy. Write a book or something and attend hindu lit festivals.

    Tmr morning i would open another website called Shekarthejerk and start writing everything and anything about him.

    Two simple question.

    Do you have balls to publish the same article in Muslim majority country? just interchange Muslim in place of Hindu
    What the hell is bloody wrong if i am a proud hindu? whats wrong with that?

  32. If you’re not interested then go ahead silently that’s Manners for you & existing BJP govt. Not take advantage yourself to do anti BJP words. You can not decide all matters in yourself, all policies and implementation is team oriented. Always speak politely where you stand is not a issue.

    Not forget what you have been enjoyed this position has given for you a BJP.

  33. It is an article unworthy to be read fully. Few lines in the start ,I could understand it is a plant by a journalist who is Anti BJP writing on the guise of a recently frustrated BJP supporter to implant such a view among the new supporters.

  34. Seems he has taken every thing too much to heart. People of India are subjected to such things right from Independence. And above all three years is too short to bring about any lasting change.

  35. Its good to see that the mainstream media is promoting “hate” to the ruling government. My opinion of this BJP governance is that there were more benefits than there were risks. And also I believe that there is a strong opposing party but it didn’t produce a strong opposing leader. INC can win this election like it did in the Karnataka elections but having a guy like Rahul Gandhi as the PM when there are other,more experienced members in the party is what bugs me.

  36. “BJP’s strategy for the next election is polarisation and inciting pseudo nationalism.”.. Really?

    Isn’t it the Congis and gang who are hell bend on dividing the country on caste lines.

  37. Toilets vs air conditioner 🙂 what a pathetically written shit of an article. Obviously written to please corrupt congis. Pathetic…

  38. This is what we South people from Tamilnadu and almost all states here telling about BJP for many years. Atleast try to listen what we say. Else its your wish. But please dont let the country to become a dictatorship and battle ground for religions wars.

  39. In My opinion whatever failure of the govt mentioned by you except the Patrol n Diesel prices are the real achievements. If you compare the prices of these commodities In light of the subsidy bill of previous govt, even this can not be considered as failure of this govt.

  40. Liberalism in India is Islamism minus the topi!!

    Secularism in India is Evangelism minus the Holy water.

    Intellectualism is India is Hlnduphobia camouflaged in fine English!!

  41. It may sound counter intuitive but perhaps the ruling party would have been better off not setting the bar impossibly high for itself by positing sixty months versus sixty years. The highly regarded minister for roads says my ministry has done more in the last forty eight months than was done in the preceding forty eight years. Inevitably, to substantiate such a lofty claim, he has to start counting one kilometre of a four lane highway as four kilometres. Similarly, the change in methodology for calculation of GDP simply adds two hundred basis points to the correct figure, convinces neither sophisticated foreign investors nor ordinary households, which do not see this translating into either a bigger consumption basket nor more badly needed jobs. 2. With all the progress India has made, each new government inherits an economy about a third larger than its predecessor did. The expectation is that it will add to the growth momentum, have a good appetite for reforms. There are systems and institutions in place, notably the bureaucracy, which can be improved and built upon, but better not disrupted. There are countervailing forces, especially the judiciary, media, civil society to keep the system in harmony and balance. 3. When an incumbent sits down to draft its Report Card, the surprise is how swiftly time has flown, how little of the original agenda has been converted into deliverables the electorate can applaud and reward. So a sense of moderation and modesty in the exercise of power, which is always evanescent, serves the government well.

  42. Toilets are a luxury?! That’s like saying hygiene and sanitation is a luxury. People die due to food shortage, agreed, but children fall ill frequently due to poor sanitation and lose nutrition in the crucial early years. Toilets, sewage and drainage is part of basic infrastructure which Nehru didn’t have the vision for. Pls don’t compare toilets to air-conditioners.

    • Toilet was luxury at once upon a time, think of a nation very poor which British PM almost wrote off, did prove them wrong came out to be a world power, agreed there were hiccups, wrong doings but you can’t say India did not progress , it did, it could have done better , but then that is the mantra for any and every nation there is always scope for doing things in a better way. The point is , has bjp proved itself true on that score? Is it doing things in a better way or rather worse?

    • Without water toilets with numbers as target is a waste of money. As you improve the habitation toilets increase. Urban habitat and rural water supply are to be handled first. Most of public toilets in cities are not worth entering and sulabh shauchalaya has been the answer. It was done even much before Modi became CM ( not PM ). So prioritisation with available resources is a sane policy. Toilets were made as part of JNURM in MMSingh regime and were going in disuse. More toilets have been thrust down in Modi regime and more are becoming storehouses. Handle the economy rest follows.
      The word luxury may be wrong but the idea behind is perfectly in order.


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