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The real reason why Omar Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti and Shah Faesal are under arrest

Their only crime is that they don’t agree with Narendra Modi and Amit Shah.

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Civil servant-turned-politician Shah Faesal wasn’t immediately arrested after the state of Jammu & Kashmir was dismantled on 5 August. He was detained on 14 August when he was trying to go to Harvard University to complete his course. A friend of his told The Hindu that the authorities who detained him at Delhi airport asked him about the interview he had given to the BBC the previous day.

Packed off to Srinagar, he was detained there under the draconian Public Safety Act, using which the government can detain anyone it likes without trial, without giving a reason, for six months. (Hail democracy.)

Far from being any cause for trouble in J&K, Shah Faesal was running away to Harvard. (What a politician who deserts his people in a time of great crisis. No wonder many think the government did him a favour.)

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The real reason

It is clear that the real reason why Shah Faesal has been under house arrest is because he gave the BBC an interview. And what did he say in the interview? Did he demand azaadi for Kashmir? Did he say Pakistan zindabad? Far from it. He actually expressed faith in Indian democracy and its institutions. He only disagreed with the Narendra Modi government’s decision to dismantle the state of Jammu & Kashmir, and the manner in which it was done. Modi is murdering the Constitution he said, something that opposition leaders have accused the government of the day of doing all the time.

And that’s why he is under arrest, his civil liberties suspended, his voice muzzled. Let it be very clear that Shah Faesal’s only crime is that he doesn’t agree with Narendra Modi. This is what authoritarian regimes do. This is what Indira Gandhi did during the Emergency. Opposition leaders are jailed to prevent them from speaking to the public. Authoritarian regimes tend to muzzle the voice of the opposition when the truth is inconvenient.

This is also why Farooq Abdullah, Omar Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti and many of their family members have also been incarcerated. These are all Indian politicians who have held the Indian flag high in a place rife with separatism, at great risk to their personal lives. But today they have been thrown under the bus, and lest they protest, they have been put in a makeshift prison.

They have been jailed because of their conscience; people who have been jailed for nothing more than a difference of opinion. It is a great shame that nobody is paying more than lip service to this injustice. ‘Preventive custody to maintain law and order’ is the standard Raj-era excuse for muzzling dissenting voices and creating a false illusion of consensus.

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Silenced before you may disagree

Following the dramatic, unilateral constitutional changes announced on 5 August, the Modi government has tried to produce a false narrative that everything is fine in Kashmir, and Kashmiris are happy. To prop up this false narrative, it is necessary that Kashmiri politicians are not seen on TV or on the streets opposing what the Modi government did.

For a brief while that PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti was able to tweet while she was under house arrest, she wrote, “The overwhelming mandate that Modi ji got had given us hope that like a statesman he too would tread the path taken by Vajpayee ji & reach out to people of J&K. What an utter betrayal of trust.”

Farooq Abdullah of the National Conference was placed under an undeclared house arrest and Home Minister Amit Shah said in Parliament that he wasn’t. The Home Minister of India is lying, he said. Farooq broke free and spoke to NDTV, and he’s now again under house arrest, his plea to offer Eid prayers at a mosque rejected.

Omar Abdullah asked people to stay calm and not take to violence just before his freedom was taken away. Cheap propaganda stories have been planted through stenographer-reporters about how Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti are fighting in ‘jail’. Having murdered democracy, the Modi government wants cheap thrills.

Some leaders of mainstream political parties have been shifted to jails in Agra and Bareilly. In a letter to Home Minister Amit Shah, Mehbooba Mufti’s daughter demanded to know why she’s been placed under house arrest.

She writes, “However, the security personnel have cited my interviews to various media portals and newspapers as the reason for my detention. In fact, I’ve been threatened with dire consequences if I speak up again.”

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Threatened not to speak

It seems that along with Article 370, Modi-Shah have also abolished Article 19, which guarantees fundamental rights such as the right to freedom of speech and expression. We don’t know how many Kashmiri politicians are in jail just because their opinion is different from Modi and Shah’s, but it was said to be 400 in just the first two days. The arrests of journalists have also begun.

Nobody in India today empathises with Kashmiris, but who’s to say the Modi government won’t follow the same strategy across India? If opposition leaders are jailed, local media stifled, the internet cut off, how will we know if people are happy or screaming in rage? If this is not the murder of the Constitution, what is?

The Modi government wants obedience from the people, from the media and from the opposition. Soon, it will demand we must all sing this song or be ready to be jailed.

Views are personal.

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  1. Do you really want to Narendra Modi
    That is When Possible A Agar Kuch log real bandi bn Jaye toh this is i think is You in now the spray in chemical spray in now

  2. Let us get blunt and realistic. J&K is a strategic jugular on the body of India. For decades we have prevaricated and appeased separatist and later Islamist militants who wish to harm India and are funded by Pakistan. This had to be faced and faced with reality and realistic measures. Pakistan is economically at its weakest and so is the Opposition in India. This is the right time for Modi Govt to strike and remove Art 370 and sort out once and for all the Kashmir problem which was not done by Nehru when it mattered. If the interim period does require harsh or even draconian measures – constitutional and not militaristic, so be it. This is no time for democratic niceties in the short run when the integrity of the Indian State is at stake. Kashmiris have a choice – integrate and participate in the development and prosperity with the rest of India or opt for ruin with Islamists who are just rabid fanatics. We have seen what they have done to Pakistan. Hopefully the Kashmiris will recognise that. But if not then it will take longer and sustained clampdown to achieve a semblance of tranquility and normalcy. Time for appeasement is over. Kashmiri Pandits must rerun to their homeland. For once we have a Govt leadership that will do what is in the long term strategic interests of India. They got that mandate to pursue this course in the 2019 election in spades.

  3. There are some reports indicating that Shah Faesal had plans to go to the Hague and file a complaint against India at the International Court of Justice.
    PFA the links of the said reports.

    If these reports are true then my only question to Mr. Shah Faesal is Why the hurry to file a case in ICJ and Why not approach supreme court of India?

    Also Shah Faesal was apprehended while traveling to Turkey. It is a well acknowledged fact that Turkey is a close ally of Pakistan and one of the few islamic countries to openly support Pakistan on article 370 issue. In light of the fact that Mr. Shah Faesal was apprehended while attempting to travel to Turkey casts a serious question of Mr. Faesal colluding with Pakistan to internationalize article 370 issue.

  4. Do take ka anpad writer, aur do kaudi ka article. Chaapne wala alag, hi namuna printer printer.. Bhai aise article se to ham toilet paper bhi na bnaye, Sala chuttad bhi gande hojaeyge aise gande print se. Pathetic PROPAGANDA MACHINES on weed.

    • Dear presstitute,
      Corrupt leader are being detained for their own security. Separatist , terrorist and Pakistanis will try to kill these leaders and build chaos and violence.
      These leaders of Kashmir valley are staying in luxuary rooms .

  5. Nehru inserted the temp
    Art 370 the idea was to facilitate mainstream parties to work for integration of the state with India while facilitating keep their kashmiri identity.However the Abdullahs and Muftis did just the opposite —hobnobbling with Islamic majoritarian politics of Pakistan to wean the state away from India discriminating with minorities of Jammu n Ladakh region as also not doing Anything to stop ethnic cleansing cleansing of Hindus in the early ninetys.That’s why the temp Art has to go to facilitate the objective of full integration.As these leaders have been found to act I prejudicial manner to country’s interest they have been detained.Evidentlt their future depends on the type of politics they adopt.

  6. Hi

    Rest of Indian population wanted Kashmir s to live good life, please don’t support jihadist and currupt political parties.

    So many years you have been misguided. In India only you have more liberty to talk, Love this country and please don’t break this country.

    My dear friends please use this change and get development for next generation.


  7. I think the people like you take the disadvantage of freedom of speech. If someone threatens your own falimy then would you say that its his own freedom of speech. If by provoking by some people, your family has been already stoned, then what you would do? What’s being done now only for the betterment of this country. Those who are under house arrest bcz they are the fuel to disturbance. Your biased view is also provoking few people. So stop influencing others by this type of article.

    • Well Said.
      The lutyens in the mask are hiding the facts under freedom of speech. Their presence is very dangerous to democracy and innocent public will think they are right.

  8. What Kashmir politicians were doing to stop terrorist attacks and killing for decades? Who was financing our army Jawan’s. Just because they were given instruction ,not to fire on civilians.,those who died were someone’s son ,brother ,husband or some one’s father.No nation will accept it.

  9. Counterpoint:

    1. it is easy to disagree, but dangerous to use media platforms and create unrest. The arrest must be seen in this light.
    2. A party getting a huge mandate TWICE can hardly be called authoritarian.
    3. India desperately needed a Leader and Party willing and able to take BOLD decisions on Security, Economy and External Affairs.

    • If getting majority justifies draconian action, then Indira was right in declaring the 1975 emergency

  10. The so called “Liberal” and “Unbiased” media houses like ThePrint have taken their hatred for Modi / BJP / RSS to the next level with this post. Media should have the common sense that any inflammatory statement by the leaders placed in house arrest can lead to unrest in the region. Even if 10 people listen to the hate comment by the seperatist, the entire region would suffer. The entire nation supports the governments move. If ThePrint cannot read the mood of the people and publish such articles, i can only see the readership declining.

  11. Stop thinking people as fools every one knows what is right and wrong. Don’t try to do propoganda journalism. Because of freedom of speech and indian people’s patience you are writing irrational things. Look at the majority Narendra Modi and Amit Shah govt got. Even a small kid understands this people not like but love for their work. And second what is wrong in giving Kashmiri children the right of education that was not been their because of article 370.

  12. Good article. Thanks for the lovely song. I don’t agree with the article in some ways, but a democracy won’t exist without checks like these. I am actually scared of such a situation.

  13. If u have brains u can easily make out that just few separatist leaders were ruling j&k & they were using people of kashmir as puppets. Now without separatists all kashmiris r directionless as u can clearly see bcoz of no stone peltings,otherwise people would still have come on streets to throw stones but they didn’t get money for that so no stone pelters…and majority wants development including jammu & ladakh. Kashmiris r misleaded. Why almost all separatists have married foreigners? Why their childrens study in foreign? Why other kashmiris r deprived of even normal education? & why most kashmiris come run to delhi to study? Such as shah Faisal… Then tina Dabi’s husband also & many more successful kashmiris completed their education from other states…so think THE PRINT b4 writing if u r actually a true Indian who wants development for its country or just another anti nationalist in the name of secularism?

  14. So many Intellectual views in favour of removing Article 370. The state politicians are there in state for many years why they couldn’t stop stone pelting, why shouting anti indian slogans, why Isis and Pak flags are shown, why there is no reduction in terrorist activities, why anti indian sentiments are taught in Madarsas. We are surprised when children speak against India. Abdullas and Muftis got many years to rule, but it’s quite clear they are not honest to their duties. They are answerable to our constitution. I believe there are many Kashmiri people living in fear of these terrorist’s. So their voice will not count. The way Pak is raising this issue it’s quite clear that the terrorist’s are sponsored by Pak. The current suffering of Kashmiri people is temporary. I am hopeful things will improve.

  15. I suggest THEPRINT that the step taken by government on 5th August was mandatory for j & k. All leaders of j&k are got funds from terror occupy Pakistan, the took lac crore from Indian government for progression of j&k but they created only their own house. Stone pleating youngest are funded by these leaders, you only observe your piont of view, look in inner side of these corrupt j&k leaders then you realise what actually gone wrong with j&k in past 70yrs. I think its a good step taken by government and i appreciate the step of prime minister modi and honorable home minister. Keep your negative review in your own mind. Jai hind

  16. Anilkumar Chakravarty, Perfect and very logical comment by you. Media need to be neutral, it should simply write whatever happened on ground without writing its so called expert poking opinion. Print seems to biased as a neutral media will write on Atrocities on Non Muslim Kashmiri people as well as atrocities on Balochistan, Gujrat riot caused by Godhra massacre.So I stopped trusting such medias including NDTV.

  17. If your views r personal then pls keep it your self.
    No body has asked abt your one sided comments n views on the national integrity .
    It’s the media houses the one like yours who are dividing people of our country someway or the other.
    Shame Shame THE PRINT!

  18. Modi is a people’s man. Not much of uproar against the decisions except from opposition parties and leftists. Just look at the social media support the govt recieved. Don’t say all those are fabricated. Nothing has happened here except bringing the region under the ambit of Indian federation. This means, like any other citizen in this country, Kashmiris will also face Indian laws and enjoy constitutional rights. Don’t deny that those under detention are upholding pak agenda of Separation. To avoid incitement and instigation to cataclysmic levels, which these leaders are known for, detention is necessary. Govt is brave enough to do that. Also no one is concerned about the rehabilitation of over 5 lakhs pandits who were driven away just because they were not Muslims. Why do you sound more like a desparate Pakistan minister?

  19. More than 100000 people killed in Kashmir. That is what Faisal says. Who were responsible for this nonsense. Militants have killed Faisal’s father. This guy got every thing from govt of India and the entire state lived on the support from Govt of India, otherwise it would have been another POK breeding jihadis. This guy Faisal would have been leading some Jihadi school.

  20. Biased view. It is well known fact that how separatist had their say in early while rules. Earlier Government could not do anything without a wish of separatists. Earlier Governments acted as hand in glow with them and were sympthisers of separatists.

  21. As usual ‘the print’ always supports any articles and author who writes against Modi under pretext of liberalism n democracy to an extent that we Indians feel that they are now crossing line to Anti India media house.
    What these idiots believe that an average Indians can’t read between the lines.
    Grow up shivam why so much hateredness for Kashmiri pandits ladakhi. Didn’t you see they celebrated the decision.

  22. To maintain peace, tranquility and avoid provocative speeches by these 3-4 people, it was essential to keep them under preventive custody, in the larger interest of the State and Country. India First. Democracy and Free speech can wait. Unification is more important.

  23. Very well written article Vij – at least a few in the press have guts to write what is the truth – otherwise the Godi Media and the paid trolls above will only bootlick the chaddis. Keep up the writing and look forward to more of such insightful articles.

  24. Dear Shivam Viz
    Had the GOI been so cruel, You would not have writen this so called personal view article.

  25. If you are pleading that abdullah & mehbooba were put under detention because they disagreed with Modi Shah then you are far from truth. Mehbooba threatened violence even before 370 was abolished. How can preaching of violence by anyone be tolerated. In a democracy if you disagree with government you can protest peacefully or go to court. If you propagate violence government is bound to put you under preventive detention. Abdullah Mehbooba & Causal called for it.

  26. I believe as a presstitude, you have to make a living. But you are in the wrong boat trying to see things what you can not see and trying to justify things which your uncle has ask to.

  27. It is a sort of emergency like what indira Gandhi did in 1975.
    Let us have our brothers who can say what they think.
    Where is jamhuriat for kashmir?

    • Dear author and supporters can you please through some of your wisdom on following matters. 1 Kashmir joined India in 1948, art 370 introduced in 1954. How did j&k function during this period? Why was there no objection in 1954? If introduction is not objected why the removal? What welfare of Kashmiris done with 370? What Kasmir is going to loose in absence of 370? If it was so beneficial why was it kept hanging as ‘temporary’ for so many years? Why should a state get special privileges at the cost of income of other states? These people declare themselves as Indian for passport visa and other benefits but are bound to obey constitution of India. Politicians of Kashmir take oath of constitution of India but need not obey it. Do you consider it should be continued?

  28. Dear author, honestly no one cares for Muftis, Abdullahs and Faesal. They have done very little for Kashmir all these years , if at all they have done something then it is filling their own coffers. The current Govt has handled the possible cris that may have emanated from abrogation of 370 and 35A in best possible manner. Faesal’s arrest is also to poosibly avoid a separatist naarative on foreign soil. Howmuchsoever, authors like you cry hoax India has chosen not to trust. India & Indians have suffered like hell for decades because of Kashmir. By the way, no one in Leh-Ladakh seems to be unhappy. Only Kasmir seems to have identity crisis for now they would loose their right to terrorism & supporting it. What more, now they’ll not get free money for pelting stones & planting bombs. They’ll have ti get up & work. Is that what is paining you as well…?

  29. When the Jews were killed and thrown out of their own land by Hitler they came to Israel which recieved them with open arms.. And don’t forget the way Israel killed Eichmann and other Nazis.. The politicians under house arrest are the Nazis, the central govt is Israel and the Jews are none other than our Kashmiri Hindu brothers.. As the Israeli govt did to the Nazis these people are being punished for their crimes and genocidal war against the Hindus.. You have blood on your hands and it will never go away.. Jai Hind

  30. The Print Editor is in essential need of Burnol, Something is his own burning because of removal of 370 and 35 A, they are such idiots who eat here and speak of bastard Pakistanee views. We don’t need such idiots here, it is better you should go to Pakistan and put your bastards view there.

  31. Dear author, I am also inclined towards leftist ideology but your views are not leftist rather prejudicial. Your type of views will make left opinion lose respect in india. Have an open mind and try to understand practical situation. Previous system in JnK was also not democratic in any way. As long as political scavenger s like abdulla and muftis are present in kashmir there can be no democratic solution of kashmir. Give this solution a chance and we would decide later when JnK becomes a state again.

    • I think we need to ask the author and the The Print to have some view over POK, Baluchistan and also Muslim dominated area in China.

      Let the world know what is happening there. But I am sure the author and The Print do not have any interest there.

      Dear author stop stating for India.

      As we people of India are proud of present government. Not only Hindus but Muslims too.
      The problem is that you are ill minded.
      Jai Hind

  32. If you feel so strongly about that Modi shah is mujjzling democracy like article 19 why don’t you file a petition .
    A petition has already been filed in supreme court.Only court has legal &moral authority to pronounce judgements not a journalist like you.

  33. I watched Shah Faesal’s interview on BBC HardTalk, where Mr. Faesal clearly said that the only option left for Kashmiris is to become separatists. That means Mr. Faesal does not believe in the Indian Constituion. Looks like the author of this article has been day dreaming and thus making up a story.

  34. Shivam write a article about Kashmiri Pandit their situation today and they were lynched by Kashmiri people from religion of peace 30 years back. If you are a true secular and if u have guts. This will prove that u and ur so called secular media the print are psuedosecular or secular.I was thinking all these years that people of religion of peace a curse for India but ur media the print, the hindu, ndtv etc are the real curse for India

  35. The country is first ,democracy is not an excuse for traitors working for Pak/China intereste, Everyone knows how Mehbooba/Omar/Faesal are against Sovereign Nation, Every Government this earth has got right to keep Traitors yes Traitors away from misusing Democracy
    Why the print media / Gernalist instead of supporting government efforts are playing in the hands of foreign powers acting to destabilize India – INDIA no doubt a Democratic but the Black Britishers are ruling thru Media & Money power , undermining 130 cr. People’s aspirations

  36. What Abdullahs and Mufti s have done for kashmir.They have looted it.What Modiji is doing should have been done by Khangress years ago.,Ur are supporting shah faisal who always speaks ill for India, gives inflammatory speeches. Come on author grow up.Ur article is biased.

  37. Long live Modi
    We love India.
    There is nothing between Indians. Hindu, Muslim every day meeting a d greeting each other.

  38. Do you realise what havoc they can play in Kashmir which is already incited by Pakistan and the Jehadies.,..,….democratic rights are there only for people who are beneficial for the country……..and not people who are using the right of freedom for harming the nation.
    I do not agree with you views.

  39. How the media is spreading lies?Great example. Do you remember one group called pandits? What were muftis and abdullah doing at that time?

  40. One-sided and prejudiced article, and you call it a report.
    Opinions that are motivated, nothing else.

  41. HelloEditor, Eevery can write his own story, tell everyone and gvernment of India if you have a better plan to implement the same without any damage to the country and without any problems in Kashmir? Will you able to ? if not shut your mouth.

  42. These 3 are in custody because they can forment trouble. We want Valley Kashmiris to understand that we are not snatching anything from them; we have just made them our Equals. The greatness of our democracy is that while we are Proud to have Amby. Akabrudin Syed at the UN whom i Salute; we have another lumpen akbarudin in hyderabad roaming Free just like bishop franco mallakal while the Victims suffer & suffer in the 100% literate State of India. Nari Skakti? Mallakal should go for a long long time. PRONTO! Some in minorities have totally misused our Freedom & Democracy. Most recently being the triple talaq tamasha. And ass ram bapu, ram rahim, etc are behind bars for years without parole & Rightly so. Uniform Civil Code must come in now. No more Appeasement in the name of Anything! And some pathetic people say we are intolerant? No Boss, we have finally called your Bluff. Mehboobs innocuous statements are laden with deadly venom just like that double edged zakir naik in trouble in malaysia too. Tehzeeb se rehna padega aur Adab se pesh aana hoga. We dont want to dominate But Please you are not S- Pecial. LoL And this time we mean business. Fall in line by behaving like ordinary law abiding citizens of this country like the rest of us. Koi problem nahin hogi. Otherwise piss jaoge buri tereh. I know better sense will prevail upon you. Your holy scriptures also tell you the same to fall in line when the writing is on the wall.

  43. Be careful mr very careful…times are changing very fast…and so is india…
    Articulate your thoughts in a more “balanced way”….or u might find the “ink” in ur pen drying up…and u wont even know about it..

    • You just proved the authors point that goons and thugs like you have a licence to threaten credible voices. Whats your credibility as an author bhat? You won’t be published in a toilet journal.

  44. This article is a total waste and biased towards Modi government. This is so negative article.
    You people take money to write such stuff and whatever rubbish you want you can write against the government.

    All the best author and your paid media for future articles. Most of the Indians don’t believe as they all know what is right and what is wrong now for the nation and for its people.

  45. ” Farooq Abdullah, Omar Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti and many of their family members ” have looted the state for seventy long years.

    • Ok I agree with you , My question is why the BJP had an alliance with PDP for 3 years. They should have run the state imposing Governer rule.

  46. I wonder who it is who posts below your articles. Are they genuinely fellow-Indians.? How can my fellow Indians be so cruel, so hateful, so indecent, so lustful of violence, so brain-washed? I have to remind myself that these are the elite, who can read and speak English. How come we are suffering from a such a decency deficit? I mean I always look forward to your articles. You are a bold journalist, who deserves all the support he can get. It is quite amazing that there is absolutely no uproar when the government is acting in a way that can only be deemed authoritarian, nay fascistic. The hallmarks of fascism are all there. We have people locked up under no charge. The ruling party loves talking about the emergency. They actually love the emergency. The only thing they don’t like is that it was by the leader of different party. This spitting at democracy by cynically speaking of defending democracy, I mean, how depraved are these people.

  47. Simple it’s done, move on . It’s been 70 year no one done nothing atleast Modi did something it may be good or bad to j&k, if anyone had better idea than why do they wait for 70 years, everyone want j & k for their politics like this writer, we need safe India so some time we have to take bitter pill to ensure good health, what is modi doing will be good for country but not for it’s people

  48. You never give up do you!! always rooting for that silly Ra Ga,.. very patriotic trying to foist a guy like that on the Country!! how are you saying things so freely if you were not in fully functional democracy

  49. Shivam failed to explain why Kashmiri Pandits are living as refugees in their own country.What action these Kashmiri local leaders and mainstream political leadership did to mitigate their sufferings all these years.At least now government is putting efforts in making Kashmir united without any discrimination.Those indulged in corrupt practices are being booked for their crime against Kashmiris.They deserve this treatment as they became irrelevant by their crrupt practices.

  50. It is not just Modi but over 80 per cent of people in India support it as seen in both houses of Lok and Rajya Sabha that passed it with overwhelming numbers and President approved it . Game over. Focus on the new reality.
    It was put in 70 odd years ago by a president now taken out .
    Those that do not like it are corrupt current j&k political parties their family & friends. Congress that could was impotent in solving the issue for majority of years they ruled. Now support the peoples mandate on this issue and support Modi.

  51. Their resistance is to the concept of being ruled under India, wherein the majority are Hindus. It goes against their prophet’s commands. No more islamic supremacy. Hence, their beef! Furthermore, Modi took away their major source of income by way of corruption.

  52. Don’t worry author. This is re building of boundaries and it is bloodless. Thanks Modi for doing it so simply and swiftly rather than cry for Faesal being in house custody for few months.
    Do you even think Indians care for him or x or y or z when the work been done is to take Kashmir, a minuscle area from the clutches of these draconian politicians?

  53. Excellent analysis. During Emergency which I, like million of others opposed and voted overwhelmingly to Janata Party, Ms Gandhi lodged only politicians, this govt has even put people under house arrest for nearly 10 days. The Mukesh song was quite apt and hilarious 😊😊

  54. Dude, you seem to be one of those intellectually challenged but privileged lot and should be thanking your stars that you are free to print whatever comes into that head of yours.

  55. Think of the heavy duty shock absorbers that are placed between two railway coaches. They contract and expand, to take the force and momentum of the moving train. The mainstream politicians played a similar role between Delhi and Srinagar, good naturedly getting clobbered from both sides. Of course, they were rewarded handsomely for their endeavours, as politicians in power all over the country are. Taking them out of the equation, also the formal structure of statehood, the people and Delhi are now in direct contact. Accountability will be much higher.

    • Wah shivam bhai wah! I was expecting something substantial, and you did not fail to disappoint me.
      To me these main stream politicians were “bilingual”, ie speaking one langauge in delhi and contracst in J n K.
      FYI, the draconian law u referred above, also exists in UK, however the duration is of 3 months. So, plz hail the democracy globally!
      Hope to get some thing substantial to read in your next one. I can only hope, can I?

    • Not really.
      They were milking the central government and accumulated lot of wealth and corrupt to the core. And Mehbooba has been using madrassa language lately, very vile and disgusting.

  56. How does this fit with your earlier delusional ramble on how the left can save secularism by adopting nationalism ?

    This is your attempt to adopt nationalism.

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