File photo of BJP president Amit Shah meeting Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray in Mumbai | PTI
File photo of BJP president Amit Shah meeting Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray in Mumbai | PTI
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After breaking his conspicuous silence on government formation in Maharashtra, BJP chief and Home Minister Amit Shah said, among other things, “If the Sena thinks it can revolt and get the people’s sympathy, they really don’t know the public”.

Between the four main parties in Maharashtra, the BJP is the only one, which seems to be thinking of public perception. And, politics is all about public perception.

After the Maharashtra assembly election results on 24 October, the Shiv Sena took a maximalist position as people often do to invite a negotiation. It demanded an equal share of power, including having a Shiv Sena chief minister for half the term.

For many days, speculation was rife that the Shiv Sena would eventually settle for the deputy chief minister’s chair, along with a few plum portfolios. But the experts were soon proved wrong, as the Shiv Sena’s talks with Sharad Pawar’s Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) turned serious.

It’s now clear that BJP chief and Home Minister Amit Shah refused to negotiate, leaving the task to Devendra Fadnavis. All that was needed was for Amit Shah to visit Matoshree, the Shiv Sena family home in Bandra, and assuage the Thackeray ego. That is how he had sealed the Lok Sabha pre-poll alliance with the pesky ally.

For days after the 24 October results, the media kept speculating when Amit Shah would visit Matoshree. “In a peace move, Amit Shah may visit Sena Chief at Matoshree,” said one headline. “Talks only if Amit Shah visits Matoshree: Sena,” said another.

But Amit Shah stayed put in Delhi, leaving the Shiv Sena with no option but to talk to the NCP. In other words, Amit Shah left the Shiv Sena with two choices: stay on my terms or leave.

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Amit Shah’s calculation

In public perception, the Shiv Sena, greedy for power, is not letting a popular Devendra Fadnavis become the Maharashtra CM. The people’s mandate was clearly for a BJP-Shiv Sena alliance government since the two parties had a pre-poll pact. And no, the public was not informed that Thackeray Senior or Junior would be the chief minister for half the term.

In public perception, the Shiv Sena, the NCP and the Congress are being ideologically dishonest by coming together for power, and not for public welfare. All the talk about how money is a big factor in Maharashtra politics, how it is one of the richest states and losing it is a setback for the BJP only strengthen the case that the Shiv Sena-NCP-Congress are coming together for a corruption merry-go-round.

It would be disastrous for the Congress’s already-poor image to support a party like the Shiv Sena, known for its history of communal violence. But Congress MLAs want to join this government, it is being said, and not just support it from outside. Why should they not have their share of the spoils?

If the BJP is made to sit in the opposition (along with two AIMIM MLAs) despite being the single-largest party in the Maharashtra assembly, it will seem like a setback for the party. But remember that Amit Shah has had ample time to prevent this, and has chosen not to.

If this government is formed, as seems imminent now, the question is how long will it survive. There will be constant bickering and nagging. Sanjay Raut will continue to entertain us with spicy Saamana editorials. Sharad Pawar will continue to be a man of intrigue. The desperate Congress party will do whatever it can to save its dhoti in the Mumbai floods until it falls into a manhole.

It will likely be Karnataka redux. When the Congress and the Janata Dal (Secular) managed to form the government against all odds in Karnataka, it was seen as a great tactical victory against the BJP. A defeat for Amit Shah. What came out of it? The BJP swept the Lok Sabha polls in Karnataka anyway, and the Congress MLAs ditched the ship to enable the BJP’s return to power in the state.

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An alliance of two couldn’t survive in Karnataka. Here, it is a khichdi of three in Maharashtra.

Let us presume they manage to complete the term. That will give the BJP a good five years to play opposition, slap corruption allegations on all three parties, with more than a little help from the CBI, the ED, the CBDT and other allies.

The BJP will use this time to expand the party to try and win the 2024 elections in the state on its own, both Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha.

If the government falls — or there is no government formation and President’s rule gives way to snap polls — that’s even better for the BJP. It will be able to tell the public, look, these are the people responsible for the political instability. Look at these greedy people denying the BJP the people’s mandate.

In Indira Gandhi’s time, opposition politics came to be known as anti-Congressism. It didn’t succeed, and succeeded only briefly when Indira Gandhi’s regime carried out mass sterilisation drives.

Like anti-Congressism, the anti-BJPism of drawing-room opposition leaders won’t succeed because they think politics is about negotiations in the corridors of power, about who gets what portfolio.

This unnatural, unholy, unviable alliance will only help the BJP, in Maharashtra as well as nationally, because politics is about public perception and public perception alone.

That is how the BJP may be able to finish off the Shiv Sena in just a few years. (Some say, this is also Amit Shah’s strategy to weaken Devendra Fadnavis.)

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  1. Perhaps it’s true that the BJP has a flawed outlook to governance that may hurt the economy, but the truth is no one can really tell what’s likely to happen. If the hodge-podge zombie coalition had come to power, it would leave so many doors open to corruption through coalition politics. How then would Maharashtra and India progress? This makes your overly apocalyptic worldview look incredibly ridiculous and you’re general view appear biased.

  2. Being a maharashtrian, we know how greedy BJP is and what they did with Shivsena for last term. It’s the same thing which is why they are less in number this time

    • They are less in numbers because they contested from less numbers of seats as compared to the last election. Their strike rate this year was a massive 70%.

    • They are less in numbers because they contested from less numbers of seats as compared to the last election. Their strike rate this year was a massive 70%. They might not be perfect but they know the politics to develop India better.

    • Being a maharashtrian, we know how greedy BJP is and what they did with Shivsena for last term. It’s the same thing which is why they are less in number this time.

  3. These cronies like ncp+cat Sena+Inc are always looters. Pawar’s praise can only happen in India ,he would have been hanged in China and would have been jailed long back in Pakistan. Metro rails all over is a gift of BJP. Francis provided corruption less State Government first time in history. I proudly say I am Modi bhakt till 2029 at least. Modi ji is voted by 44-45 crores voters who would REPEAT in 2024 too. Heinous family dynasty of Congress has nothing to do with the country. Please DEVELOP COUNTRY BHAKTI.please. Bharat Mata Ki Jay.

  4. The article is absolutely biased and the views of the author are polarised. Anti BJP has been politely dubbed as anti national. It’s one thing of you to claim amit shah is your polity god but other to publish it. Corruption is very very prevalent at this moment in the bjp era. In fact it’s looting from both ends. White through taxes whichbare recklessly implemented and then the bribe factor is continued without any interference. Kindly stop this non sense. It’s not just ED, the attempt is to first buy these people, failing which they use these threats.

  5. Pls note that at least 20 MLAs elected from BJP are ex congres, ncp, shivsena candidates. In western Maharashtra big names from BJP have lost elections after Modi, Shah and Fadanvis held rallies.
    It is also important to note in election even if Shah repeated that Fadanvis will be CM, Uddhav Thakare also repeated that CM will be from Sena. So it means that there was no leader finalized, and people have also voted for Sena CM.
    Why people did not vote BJP as they did in Loksabha just 4 months back. One of the aspect is poor governance in state. Kolhapur crisis mismanagement after heavy rain is one example. Every political party should introspect and deliver results, it’s hard to believe that Pawar or Shah’s political moves will change ground reality, people will not vote candidates if they don’t deliver and are ethical.
    One should also note that Why posts like CM, Deputy CM, Revenue minister have so much of importance for every party……. Maharashtra is going thru big crisis at this moment and every political party including BJP is running after malaidar posts in cabinet delaying government formation. That is why people are voting for NOTA.

  6. Balasaheb had called Congressmen ” ZIGRAS ” bowing to Italian lady Sonia Gandhi. Udhavji had called both Sharad Pawar & Rahul Gandhi corrupt & decoits in Pre- election campaign & had displayed book giving an account of corruption done by these two parties.
    Was it right for Udhavji to join hands with Congress & NCP ?
    This time with 50:50 formula in place Shiva Sena would have got 18 Ministries which had never happened before.
    People voted for BJP -SS keeping in mind work done by Modi govt. at center in last 5 years :
    1) Implementing OROP for difference personnel in first 6 months of 2014 BJP rule.
    2) Implementing GST concieved by Congress but never implemented in 10 years of UPA rule.
    3) Gathering World opinion in Favour of India which led to no retaliation from Pakistan after Balakot attack & release of Squadran leader Abhinadan from Pakistan in week’s time.
    4) The list of major Achievements in long
    In in present Modi 2.0 three major decisions done are : Implementing Teen Talak, abolishing article 370 , and Ram Jammu Bhumi issue.
    I feel Udhavji has made a BLUNDER by joining hands with known corrupt parties – NCP & CONG

  7. The article is skillfully drafted by Modi Bhakts and the contents are of no relevance , in fact if this coalition survives from their differences and performs at par , the things will change entirely for BJP . The curse of unemployed and recession has been casted upon public by implementation of wrong decisions by BJP ..Economy is on ventilator and progress is just in articles manufactured by paid media .
    In fact public is fed up of everyday ranting of kashmir and pakistan , and are now allergic to fake propaganda of foreign investments as we have witnessed the true picture of Vibrant Gujrat , tons of companies were suppose to start their organisation in gujrat …I cant see even few in the state …. the roads that were left to be built in 2014 are still in same status …
    Public are more sensitive and unsecured right now about their survival without income , So all the best to Pawarsaheb and company for bringing some respite in Maharashtra …….
    Underestimating Pawarsaheb & Sonai Gandhi is itself an example of arrogance of BJP ………

    • Pawar is not a Saheb anymore, he is afraid of fate like chidambaram, abt forming a government, if they were capable, they would have already claimed it,

  8. This article is another attempt at creating an aura of invincibility around Amit Shah. He goes kaput & these cheerleaders in guise of journos say he planned it!! It is a nonsensical argument after Arunachal, Goa, Kashmir(PDP) & Karnataka that public perception will hurt. How come it ll knly hurt parties other than BJP.?

  9. Instead of spreading such foolish news try to cover the other important issues which our country is facing now like economic slowdown, lowest GDP ever, highest unemployment rate in the history and so on. But you people can’t dare to bring it on your portal as you are busy to divert people from real problems. Anyways nobody is full enough to understand real concerns and people from maharashtra never tolerate arrogant people and they don’t need your foolish articles.

    • Why do you waste your time in reading and commenting my friend. There is bombay times, insta stories, snap chats and gossip magazines.. people still read it and watch ekta kapoor soaps… its okay for people to write what they want, they didn’t take your time to write the content… Pls have some tolerance and secularism.. hehe

  10. Kuch bhi….Amit Shah and fadanvis trapped in their own plan…they are telling lies now..people of Maharashtra will teach Lesson to orogant BJP leader

  11. All good things & all bad things comes to an end- Genius Charlie Chaplin, all speculations is a reflection of human mind. Like pre poll prediction. One thing is dam sure ‘Power hunger’ as a normal voter people feels pure betreayal as pre poll manifesto & alliance was different,

  12. Fully paid article… Writer doesn’t know a bit about Maharashtra and it’s people… Shivsena responsible for communal violence???? From where all its coming??? The print clean up this shit…. Can’t use the words he deserves here.

    • Bhaiya, zara 1993 baat kar rahe hai article waale. Mr. Balasaheb was great leader and was always supportive of bjp tactics and he truly believed in Hindu Rashtra… Shiv Sena is an aggressive party and in history things happened

  13. Sharad Pawar is Sharad Pawar , till now nobody knows or predict what will be his move and who will be his target. In all the episodes he has acted in the past he is never declared as culprit and punished but some one or the other faced the bullets . So I fill the persons commenting should wait & watch the scenario going on because the sufferers are never the politician, but the helpless people who are forced to live in such circumstances

  14. We hope good governance in MAHA with powerful opposition like bjp which will be trying to hunt everytime for everypoint which may make three party coalition as good conglomerated ,a good example to a nation.

  15. It’s very sad to see Balasaheb hard work and love for Maharashtra, moving towards hunger for power.
    Mr. Raut saying we are fulfilling dearm of balasaheb, Saheb never wanted to compromise on Hindutav, he never move out of mathoshree, but hunger of uddhav, have made him to displease balasaheb.
    Some one pls ask Mr. Raut does balasaheb will ever compromise on hindutav

  16. The present political dispensation has to be defeated one state at a time. They have ruined the country with their policies.
    We have to hope that the SS/ INC/ NCP manage to stick together and give a stable and honest government. If they show compassion for farmers, residents of Mahul, the poor who dont have clean drinking water , regulate vegetable and food prices by eliminating middlemen… Solve the flooding problem, improve all roads… And show complete transparency in everything they do….Noone will be able to get rid of them for 25 years
    We gave the BJP 5 years we can see where we stand today. The cow’s life is more important than a human life. We are told what to wear, what to eat, what to say… Sad to say ,we have lost our freedom.

    • There is nothing like teust of 2.5 yrs or ao. If u are being scolded in bad bad words since day 1, still u will go foe it? Shivisena was alrwady prwparwd to cut thw ropea and go with ncp. This is wxacrly whT for Balasaheb fought for whole life. Shivsena will be a bery bad loser. NCP supremofinishwd Shivsena in a single steoke. Raut the fool will destroy the party for sure.

  17. Sharad Pawar has done this jumla to avoid getting arrested for dawoods connections …..about Uddhav Thakrey less said the better ….all three dynastic parties getting together is good learning for common voters …..benakab ho haye saaare….BJP tried Congress formula of poaching NCP and Congress leaders before elections and failed miserably….hope they learn the lesson….it was slap to Devendra Fadnavis for political arrogance… coming to shivsena ….after passing away of Balasaheb Thakrey they had resurgence in Maharashtra because of only Modi wave…we voted for PM Modi not faceless candidates of Shivsena….they will soon be a minor force like MNS in few years and people will remember Sanjay Raut as person who single handedly destroyed the party formed by late Balasaheb Thakrey. NCP and Congress will cause massive corruption in state and even if the alliance lasts all projects would be delayed, there would be muslim appeasement and lawlessness.

  18. Uddhav Thakrey is NO leader. That is why he is running after NCP and CP. Bal Thakrey never went out of Matoshree. He will meet his Waterloo soon.

  19. Sanjay Raut will surely entertain everyone as he is the DIGVIJAY SINGH of SHIVSENA. This unrealistic & greedy alliance of SS-NCP-CONG, known for its corruption in the past as well, will push Maharashtra behind by at least 10 years. It is really unfortunate for us, being a MUMBAIKAR & belonging to MAHARASHTRA.

  20. This drama,One cannot rule out the possibility that Pawar – Shah have orchestrated this. Pawar has been given breathing space and time from ED. By this Alliance, Congress & SS are ultimately going to be biggest losers. Congress will lose face in All India level & SS anyways will be on the way of Raj Thackeray a party & greediness would sputter all our to increase the shame. All the Best

  21. The article is trying to depict Shah as Whole And Sole of Indian politics. But he is no more than a baniya with a great purchasing power in horse trading. His game has proved futile in Maharashtra. RSS think tank is now sleepless and trying to do some firefighting.

    • Please. Keep thing in this manner about amit shah, RSS, BJP. Good. RSS BJP plans are all long term irrespective of present road blocks like the present predicament s.. Aim is to make India strong sustainable, self reliant and clear the way for unhindered growth.. No where there is a plan to make money for self or any family.. So gentleman think what you want to think…. The action will always be to uncluter the mess created by history.. Jai bharat.

  22. One cannot rule out the possibility that Pawar – Shah have orchestrated this. Pawar has been given breathing space and time from ED. By this Alliance, Congress & SS are ultimately going to be biggest losers. Congress will lose face in All India level & SS anyways will be on the way of Raj Thackeray a party & greediness would sputter all our to increase the shame.

  23. 8 out of ten people’s in Maharashtra and across the county are talking against the BJP for its pathetic governance. They have fooled the people systematically. They have used money and muscle power to get in power again in 2019 for Vidhan Sabha and Loksabha. So what kind of public perception and peoples mandate is Amit Shah talking about? Only option he has is CBI, ED and Income Tax to over through the Maharashtrat Government will form without BJP. And he is expert in that. If he has such great respect in people’s mandate and public perception then what he has done to Manipur, Meghalaya, Goa and Bihar??

    • rajeshwar G. WHSAT ABOUT THE BIGGEST CONFIDENT DECIDION ABOUT 370 AND 35A …TRIPLE TALAQ AND even ram mandir bcoz they came in power….and listen to vandana who spoke about Kashmiri pandit the Hindus life under your British ideology Congress

  24. The article may be the fact of the future .
    But still not yet. Let’s see . What happens.
    All power hungry characters end in doom.
    What is the best . We will never know.
    Which combination is good for the country state. Dont know yet. Every thing is Passing.
    But We hope for the best . The culture of our country and democracy has strong foundations.

  25. It is going to be interesting to see how this alliance is going to work. If Shivsena chooses Aditya Thakare as CM candidate how people like Ajit Pawar , Balasaheb Thorat Prthviraj Chavan, Chagan Bhujbal and other going to accept & respond.If somebody else whether if will be accepted by SS MLA’s. and remote control governance will start.If that is the case though name sake SS will have CM and NCP Congress ministers will start behaving as CM.CM will remain like scarecrow.Maharashtra will become laughing stock every sector.Remeber congress MLA have not hot elected on party’s image or ideology but their own credential and may go anywhere. I still feel if there would have been no rebellion in BJP /SS they would have easily crossed 220 nos.It costs very much for the alliance.

  26. BJP is also corrupt party. they are also entertaining corrupt politician from other party.
    bjp is also power hunger

    money /muscle playing

  27. Mr. Shivam Vij, Your add salt to taste story is disgusting. BJP won the 2019 General elections because the media and the bhakts manoeuvred to convince the public to give Modi another term. Further instead of development & progress, building Ram Mandir at Ayodhya disputed site was highlighted as the manifesto of the BJP. Now the SC verdict on Ayodhya Babri Masjid and Ram Janmabhoomi dispute case is out and is in favour of hindus, thus all this fuss as well as politics of religion will end. The farmers of Maharashtra are struggling for their survival and they have lost their faith in any of the political parties in Maharashtra. Devendra Fadnavis was popular CM only on news channels and newspapers. The Shiv Sena is a political party of proud marathas, even the RSS cannot interfere in the politics of the Shiv Sena because the RSS itself believes in the ideology of Golwalkar & Hegdewar, both Marathas. There exists an umbilical cord connection between the Marathas and the Shiv Sena. The alliance of Shiv Sena and NCP should be seen as Marathas coming together to govern the state. The Congress party is forced to try every thing for its survival.

    The Karnataka politics is totally different because the political leaders of Karnataka are power hungry and that is why they ditched their own party for money and power.

    • Aijazuddin as you same bhakth hindus. ..same with the Muslim and the chattus Of CONGRESS AND NCP they manage 54 + 44 only..
      Only party whose manifesto. written triple talaq …370 35 A ..NRC RAM MANDIR ALL THESE was under dust by your COMMUNIAL party for Vote And Muslim enjoyed under them bcoz muslim need no law under them …may it be in mumbai or kashmir……change us you need Change

    • You mean Marathi when you are saying Maratha. Maratha is a caste and marathi means maharashtrian. NCP have stronger support from Maratha community around west maharashtra and SS have Marathi Manus support at mumbai and Thane. I hope you will understand the difference.

  28. it’s all about deliverance,if this alliance delivers then it’s like Sanjay Raut said they will rule for next 25 years or more,and shiv Sena was right on leaving the alliance,Modi govt is leading the country into deep shit especially unemployment job loss farmers crisis,ideology won’t put food on people’s table and that’s what the Sena realised.goodluck with your prediction

  29. So the journalist here has not done his homework well. Karnataka fell as the leadership was in crisis, here there are 3 leaders 2 of whom have ran country wide coalation governments successfully for years. If you are undermining the power of Sonia Gandhi and Sharad Pawar you are a fool. Karanataka was in a different time zone, now the economy is in its last leg and now will come the final push from pawar and sonia along with the sena gang, this is not a masterstroke but a bullet in his own head, this will start the demise of Amit Shah and BJP all over, when you lose Mumbai, you lose India. Mind it. Wait n watch! Here the masterstroke is from Sena and not BJP, they have hit BJP the hardest where it hurts the most. They were in the weakest possible time when they deserted them. Amit Shah’s arrogance is going to cost us a lot, wait and watch the next year is gonna be fun, we were promised India as a supreme power by 2020 which is now revised to 2022, we will hit new lows with the way its going….

      it will be sena BJP once again …keep the british ideology AND COMMUNIAL APPSESSMENT PARTY CONGRESS AND NCP OUT.

  30. The road of democracy is paved with multiple parties, coalitions, one party dominance across a time line of over 150 years before a nation can really become democratic with a ruling party with strong opposition party. This is an evolving process and could take decades before the public really applies its mind to democratic stability based on strong economic ideologies. Example of the US is an example. It took them nearly 150 years before the political economic and social stability were achieved. In India the frist three decades of Indiependance (1947-1977) was dominated by Congress followed by aother four decades of coalition (1977 to 2019 with the exception of Congress ruling from 1980 to 1989 ) of various parties at the centre with either Congress or BJP as the major partner. Since 2014 BJP has replaced Congress on the national scene. Now the political scenariou could see the rise of the regional parties staking claim at the Centre with coalition of regional parties as the major block with support of BJP or Congress as minor partners. Democratic experiments of representative governance, all party governance, proportionate grovernance ( ie for example, if a party emerges as the largest party say with 40% of the seats, it could be invited to goven for 40% of the tenure of the house say 2 years, paving way for the next largest block). Democractic stability is a process that could last decades until a social maturity index is achieved where in governance would be decided by the ecomomic and political ideologies free from the dominance of business and industry.

    • Wow. It is position every journalist is entitled to. Just because you have an anti_BJP
      position does not grant you the right to question the integrity of the journalist. Would u dare to have the same courtesy when Articles are written in favour of othet parties. The fact of the matter is that these 3 parties got into a mess with with the only idea of keeping BJP ouf of powerful and don’t know how get out and twiddling their thumbs. All the best to you peoplevof your ilk!!!

  31. Why now all sympatby fot bjp
    They are the same people doing the same things in the past in so many states. What did they do in goa. Was not Congress the largest party. Why did the governor not invite Congress to to show their willingness to form the govt then.
    What ever bjp is going thru today and in future, it will be all their dirty politics in northeastern states and goa and some other states.
    Don’t talk about public perception in Maharashtra and shut up the matter when the same situation happened jn goa…… Fully biased report

    • Absolutely true…completely biased report. The most power hungry people are in BJP. Take Goa, North East or for that matter their alliance with POP in Kashmir. Was it good for the nation or people then….all rubbish pro BJP article authored by BJP.

  32. Well the author is biased and neee to be unbiased while doing analysis of political thing….. indian voters r gud 4 nothing they just forget things easily and nd wiling to support any1 who just promise for some freebies

  33. Just assume for a moment that fresh elections are held and the BJP wins a clear majority. The media and “Intellectuals” ( to say nothing of some stupid voices in the opposition) will blame the voters for being fooled by Amit Shah. That is how politically “balanced” they are.

  34. It will all depend on what the three-party govt (if it indeed comes into power and stays for 5 years) does by way of welfare of large number of people. If they manage that, people won’t bother about the ideological contradictions betwen the SS on one hand and the Cong-NCP on the other. Like it is said, aam khane se matlab, ped ginne se nahin!

  35. Whatever your views are, your conclusion that Popular Devendra Fadnavis is hilarious to core. Fadnavis is nothing but replica of Mr. Modi , he protected corrupt ministers, officials and punished honest officers like any other CM.
    Secondly in 2014 the mandate was that Shivsena and BJP should not form the government as they fought against each other, still they came together, then this mandate question was not asked. In the interest of state and nation ,the government should be formed, or the center would destruct Mumbai by selling all open land in Mumbai and Konkan area, cash the assets and push the state in the path of no return. We have seen BJP approach towards the western ghat ecology. Blatant deforestation would be taken in project mode as done in Aarey.
    In 2014 Shivsena called Modi Shah duo Aurangzeb, still they came together for power. Nationwide JDU-BJP, PDP-BJP, Chautala-BJP,BSP-BJP alliances are witnessed hence there is no point to consider SS-INC alliance as bigotry. This is all Power-Game which is played without set of rules.

    • Hello … terribly biased you are. In 2014, bjp alone won 122 … just 17 short of half way and way way ahead of all others were nowere near. And you say mandate was not for bjp. You are blinded.

    • So true! Fadnavis is not popular anymore and neither is BJP. Between Modi and Shah, our country has been ruined. I used to be an urban bhakt, I literally fought even my parents on the Modi topic. But now I feel deradicalized and can see the real fascist motives of this govt.

    • Aptly commented! I guess there are more bhakts online who are ignorant of the fact. One thing most Maharashtrians are missing is that a national party with ambitions of FINISHING the opposition in this country is trying to play dirty games by killing the regional parties first. Truly speaking, koi dudh ka dhula nahi hai. The onus lies on voters to vote for those who are less corrupt and poised for the overall growth of Maharashtra should rule the state.

  36. Shiv Sena is nothing but beggars begging for power to and CM post for their own benefit. They are not thinking of public interest. Shiv Sena supremo Mr. Balasaheb Thakrey had called Sonia a foreigner and not fit for ruling. Today they say Congress Sena alliance is 50 years old?. Sena is nothing but power hungry. They care less what happens to people. Sena with its Hindutva culture had even joined hands with Muslim league. They are nothing but hypocrites. I have nothing to say about a faceless Congress Party .

  37. Popular Devendra Fadnavis?? He is so popular that he brought BJP to 105 from 124 (they fought alone last elections) despite of alliance with SS and ‭also taking 25 sitting MLAs from other parties. As it’s said it’s not about how long you lived it’s about how you lived same way it’s not great thing he was CM for 5 years but what did he do in these 5 years is imp.

      • You must look at yourself first, before you call someone else a moron!! 😀

        Last time, BJP won 124 seats on their own. This time the figure has been reduced by 19, inspite of getting Shiv Sena’s help in all the seats they contested! Moreover, they contested a larger share of seats in regions where they had higher chances of victory.

        • If the ratio of won seats by BJP to total no of seat contested it is increased.
          Actually SS is demanding always like a child who demands for ice cream when chocolate is in one hand.
          SS should come out of greed of getting power for family, which Balasaheb never preferred.
          It is still good sign that many shivsainiks (except Sanjay Raut who has proved himself as toy of Pawar ) still follow strickly the orders of higher leaders.
          It is really a warning bell for SS to step down a little for longer survival.

  38. I won’t be surprised if Pawar and Shah planned this together. Congress is dead, or almost there. If Pawar wanted he could poach all Congress politicians and get to join NCP. If they kill Shivsena, the state gets 2 party rule. Congress by supporting Shivsena loses a good chunk of its vote share to Owaisi or other parties, and Shiv Sena to BJP. Works for both of them. I wonder why is Congress falling in to the trap?

  39. Actually speaking .. everyone undermines uddhav thakrey .. a person who had a great father .. in modi wave 2014 he went solo .. got 63 mla elected .. where no other stand alone party could .. he budget to the party mlas to join govt .. but they always were like the opposition party .. this time it was so correct.. the coilation or else both the parties would have lost .. check the numbers .. even with the media hype of 220 plus .. when the numbers came .. last time when they were out smarted SS did the right thing .. politics is to be answered with politics .. when nitish can be a partner go with lalu and again come back ..And when dushyant chautala gets 11 ministries on 10 mla I don’t find anything wrong in this demand .. SS is the only party who can pull this off .. and they should ..

  40. Dare u use the word pesky better stay in limits before sena comes back to it’s old way of tackling people like the reporter of this post

  41. If it is all about public perception and if the BJP starts slapping corruption charges with the help of its caged parrots, then don’t underestimate the public. They will surely see through this too. Secondly, much is being made of Fadnavis’ popularity. I don’t think he is all that widely popular, not in rural Maharashtra any way. Thirdly, with Pawar, the wily politician that he is, guiding this alliance, will surely come up with a rabbit from his hat. He has thwarted BJP’s endeavours, overcome Congress’ hesitancy to form a government in the state and effectively turn off BJP’s funding tap from one of the richest states.

  42. For Congress “politics is all about public perception” has value when it’s solely used to address Muslims vote bank. Congress has always ignored the perception of Hindus. Only a political party with sick mind can ignore the majority voters. However, Congress is not alone in ignoring the perception of Hindus, librandus and sickularists also ignore the perception of Hindus while running anti Modi propaganda. This author is no different.

  43. Wrong assumptions about BJP caring for public perception, BJP has no choice in this case other than to pontificate about public perception. Did it care about public perception in states where it was not the number one party but still formed or joined the govt. dishonoring the voters, for example Manipur, Meghalaya, Goa, or even Bihar. In Bihar the public certainly did not vote for BJP in 2015 state election, then why is BJP part of the govt.? In Jammu & Kashmir it formed govt. with PDP! BJP is as opportunistic as they come and then some.

    • Well Said, It is always about saying how BJP is on right side even after losing, And when they made the Government by hook or crook in other state then they were also right.

  44. BJP’s holy act as per Mr Vij- “…. will give the BJP a good five years to play opposition, slap corruption allegations on all three parties, with more than a little help from the CBI, the ED, the CBDT and other allies.”

  45. Sounds very plausible and Mr Amit Shah has amply proved his strategic genius in the face of odds be it in Bihar, Goa, Karnataka … and now Maharashtra? Who will have the last laugh ? A fitting question for the KBC of India’s political game show.

    Anyway, whoever comes to lasting power, please take urgent measures to make the cost of living affordable for the state’s hapless residents. We aren’t interested in Kashmir nor in cows, temples, mosques or religion. We want jobs than can give us an affordable and decent quality of living, education, healthcare and a reasonably clean environment. We are willing to live peacefully and harmoniously with all. Thank you.

  46. This is purely an emotional union. All the parties are spread all over Maharashtra. As such they do not represent any particular sect or area. This is a come together where the Marathi people do not want to be told when to go for toi let by two Gujjus. These are proud people and even during Indira Gandhi’s time they were free to do what they wanted. This is not the case now. its simply a question whether they want to be ruled by one of them or by two Gujjus. This govt will stay till the two Gujjus are in Delhi.

  47. Common goal for all opposition partie s in India is to save India from all lies and false propaganda against the History of India . If it is not done on time the National leaders who were fighting for India’s liberation will be totally wiped out of the real History.

  48. No one had any great expectations of ideology from Shiv Sena or NCP, but for Congress to break bread with Shiv Sena will have all our lazy liberals in a tizzy. Will be very interesting to see how they justify this one.

  49. It is too far stretched to say that these three parties have fallen into the trap laid by Amit Shah , infact it is the other way round , BJP ignored Shiv Sena believing they could easily win 144+ seats on their own riding on recent Lok Sabha sweeping victory and abrogation of Special Status to Kashmir , assembly election results came as a rude shock to BJP and Shiv Sena upped its ante at the right moment else they would have been washed out by next Assembly Elections
    Karnataka was a different case altogether , more than mismatch of ideologies , fall of Congress – JDS govt was due to rift between Siddaramiah and Deve Gowda , infact most of the MLAs who rebelled were known to be close to Siddaramiah , one would not be surprised if Congress ends up winning majority in upcoming ByPolls

  50. There were reports that BJP (Amit Shah) had kept door open for Shiv Sena, and the latter had kept the door open for the former. But nothing happened! Probably Amit Shah knew there was no point in going to “Matoshree”, as all that would happen is, Uddhav Thackeray would reiterate his demand for 50-50 power sharing, with rotating CMship! TAKE IT, OR LEAVE IT! You are forgetting that this is Modi’s “New India”, where anything can happen! And wouldn’t it be good that the BJP would be sitting in opposition with two friendly AIMIM MLAs? There they would learn to cooperate with each other!

  51. It seems Shivam has donned a new avatar, just like Yogendra Yadav ! A few points are in order 1- Matoshree henceforth will never see high profile visitors 2- Uddha will now be seen more in Delhi and in hotels to meet Sharad Pawar. How that goes for the ego is another issue 3. Why should NCP and Congress provide support for Sena to have its CM? Congress would demand CMship for 1 year, followed by 2 years for NCP and then 1 year for Sena towards the end of the term, with 2 Dy CMs of the parties not in the CM’s chair. This would be a fair deal! Will Sena agree to this? 4. Sanjay Rauts and Sanjay Nirpupams cannot stop vitiating the atmosphere, like Madhu Limaye of Janata days. They will effectively disturb any arrangement which these three parties initially work out. 4. Once that happens, Sena will join be in similar position like MNS, This is what has effectively happened in a few years after passing away of Balasaheb. 5. Uddhav took a big risk to make his son the CM without thinking that it is the durability of the post that matters and it is a musical chair.

  52. Usually, I agree with your opinions but to call Fadanvis a popular CM would be a big mistake. That was all a media management. I agree that some would feel Sena has betrayed the mandate but there are equal number of people who think BJP is equally responsible. Now, if this new potential government manages to deliver on the looming issues of farm and urban development, Fadanvis will be a name in the history.

  53. The karnataka experience is admittedly poor. But here it’s a coalition of uber experienced politicians from 3 ‘back to the wall parties’. Big brother BJP at the state and at the Centre is the pressure that’ll keep them together. Plus SP to play the role of lord Krishna. Challenges are huge and expectations will be great. Who knows, we may end up with a livelier cabinet and more democratic decision making. It may yet become the democratic template such a diverse country needs. And of immediate concern, round 1 to the opposition.

  54. The voting percentage in Maharashtra was 60%. Among these, BJP got 26%, which translates to 16% of the electorate. They’ll be upset at the developments.

    The hardcore Sena supporter will be pleased. Hardcore NCP and Congress supporters will also be happy. A win is a win, no matter how
    much skin was burnt while scraping through!

    Even looking at it from an alliance perspective, NDA got 42% vote share, which translates to 25% of the electorate. So, you could say that at least 75 % of those who could vote did not want the BJP to win, or did not care!

    By staying with the BJP, Shiv Sena was likely to lose ground to them. By breaking the alliance, the Sena now runs the risk of either going boom or bust.

    Everything depends on performance! If this ‘unholy alliance’ does well, the BJP is the big loser. Maybe a motivated Sharad Pawar will hold it together!

    Regarding Karnataka, the Congress-JDS combine was decimated in theLok Sabha elections by constant bickering, the Modi factor, and JDS’ greed. But defeating the BJP with a taste of it’s own medicine, was an important perception gain for the opposition across the nation. Now, there’s dissent in the Karnataka BJP, and the byelections will reveal who truly won or lost.

    The BJP will anyway do what it does. But that’s no excuse for not putting up a fight, especially when a bully is trying its best to stamp you into the ground.

  55. Firstly, for the first time Matoshree is having its own power ambition. This goes to prove Shiv Sena will not remain same. Matoshree will erode it’s aura and glamour and party will eventually turn out to be Maharashtra version of SP or RJD or DMK.
    Secondly, great Pawarji remains and would remain Man of the Match, whosoever remains the Chief Minister of the alliance for no one of the alliance leaders have the calibre, charisma, brickmanship and above all the mass appeal that he possesses.
    Thirdly, Shiv Sena would have to shed it’s core ethos – the Hard Core Hindutva and Marathi Manoos. And minus this ethos Shiv Sena would loose the segment of masses in the state.
    Fourthly,people would feel deceived and would not be able to forget and forgive the alliance, especially Shiv Sena.
    Fifthly, Congress has nothing new to loose. Whatever it could loose wherever, it has lost already. People already are aware of it’s credentials for forming, deforming and damaging alliances.
    And finally, BJP would gain more than being in power for another term. It would play victim card and would have enough time to encourage the contradictions and create cracks among the alliance and Devendra Fadnavis would prove to be ‘Lambi Race ka Ghoda’.

    • My theory is that Aditya is a millennial and therefore less influenced by hardcore nationalist and religious ideology. It is for this reason that Shiv Sena will get transformed and shift SLIGHTLY from extreme right towards the centre. This is the first step towards that shift.

  56. Many views are possible, mine a little different from our favourite columnist’s. 2. One big difference between Karnataka and Maharashtra is the presence of Shri Sharad Pawar, a lion who can hunt even in deepest winter. Being in power in Mantralaya facilitates setting the NCP’s house in order, party as well as family. He has both the incentive and the skill set to make this government complete its term. Hopefully, as Minister Mentor, he will be deferred to by the other two partners on critical moments. 3. Perceptions are based on objective reality, often with a time lag. With so much realpolitik on display – recall Navika Kumar’s laugh – the public does not see powerful actors as victims. 4. The Shiv Sena is a deeply pragmatic party in a commercial city. It does nothing which is bad for business, something its senior partner ought to have emulated on a national level. 4. As the say in Marathi, Baghu / Paahu Yaa. Let IUD’s see how well this menage a trois unfolds.

    • Keep watching this space on how this “menage a trois unfolds” with Lion (who never could become the PM) would satisfy both his partners. Big predictions, huge wishes as always even after 2019 egg all over the face. Cheers.

    • ASHOK: aways the contrarian……or virtue signalling. In an online medium, no one gives a sh*t.

      As for the lion in winter what is left of Maharashtra that is not owned by the ‘lion’ and his cohorts. All other politicians in India are pygmies in this respect……when it comes to accumulation of wealth so-called luon is n institution — and role model for aspiring politicians.

  57. Ideology drives a few workers. Otherwise politics is all about religion,caste, sectoral interest etc. Ever present desire of change is another factor. Hence nothing matters.

  58. Nothing of the sort will happen!!

    The maestro Sharad Pawar has planned this to the last detail.

    End of Shiv Sena is now in sight. Balasaheb never liked Sharad Pawar, called him a ‘scoundrel’ and now Pawar will show his Power !!

    Watch the theatricals unfold.


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