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Sorry Shoaib Akhtar, India can’t raise funds with Pakistan for Covid-19. You are the ‘enemy’

Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh were trolled for helping Shahid Afridi because Indians can only see Pakistan as the enemy, even during the Covid-19 crisis.

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Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Akhtar in an interview said that both India and Pakistan should play a for-television three-match ODI series to raise funds for the Covid-19 pandemic, which has affected the entire world.

Logistically, this seems improbable, even safety-wise for the cricketers. Akhtar’s proposal was shot down by former Indian cricket team captain Kapil Dev, who said that India doesn’t need money to fight the coronavirus crisis, but needs the authorities to work together. Dev said we don’t need to put the lives of cricketers at stake for raising money.

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Enmity, not empathy

The reason why this ODI series is impossible isn’t because it is unsafe or a logistical nightmare, or because India doesn’t need money to fight the pandemic. The argument about money, doesn’t add up because more funds allow for more investment in protective equipment or in relief packages for the poor. To understand the real reason why this India-Pakistan series is not possible, read Akhtar’s statement when he proposed it.

“If Virat (Kohli) scores a hundred, we will be happy, if Babar Azam scores a hundred, you will be happy. Both teams will be winners irrespective of whatever happens on the field.”

A section of the Indian population has managed to communalise a pandemic and demonise cricketing heroes like Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh for tweeting in support of their Pakistani colleague, Shahid Afridi. This is the reason why India cannot bear to see Pakistan in any other manner than the ‘enemy’, which needs to be defeated. This new ‘patriotism’ just doesn’t allow Pakistan to be seen as any other country. Defeating Pakistan and jingoism will be more important for Indians than fighting coronavirus together.

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The other, the enemy 

India imposed a 21-day lockdown to battle Covid-19 but we had more serious stuff to attend to on Twitter — calling Harbhajan Singh and Yuvraj Singh ISI agents for commending the work Shahid Afridi was doing with his foundation and pledging support to it. To add salt to injury, Afridi tweeted that both the Singhs were pillars of support: “this bond we have shows love and peace transgresses borders when it comes to humanity especially.”

In the middle of a world crisis, which has crippled even the most powerful country in the world — how dare Indians extend empathy to their neighbouring country and see it as an equal.

In 2016, shortly after the Uri attacks, in a show of our patriotism, India banned Pakistani actors from Bollywood and robbed us of the delight of watching Fawad Khan Because, that is exactly what would lead to fewer terror attacks on the country.

After the 2019 Pulwama attack, which killed 44 CRPF personnel, there was a blanket ban on artists and actors from Pakistan. This must have been gratifying for singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya, who had been rallying against Pakistani singers working in Bollywood.

So instead of the soulful Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Atif Aslam, we are left listening to Bhattacharya.

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Friendly match a utopia

Leaving aside the prevailing situation, the three-match series between the two nations, which is not focussed on a jingoistic show over the outcome of the match would be a welcome change but too utopic an idea.

An example of our jingoism can be seen at the Wagah border where soldiers from both countries march up to each other and flex their muscles and flare their nostrils, while spectators jeer.

One cannot even imagine the barrage of comments Sania Mirza would have to face if she married Shoaib Malik today and not in 2010. We have even managed to call the revolutionary and romantic poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz anti-Hindu.

In the 2004 movie Lakshya, Amitabh Bachchan, who plays an Army colonel, while talking about Pakistan said, Hum Indian army hain, dushmani mein bhi sharafat dikhate hain. (We are the India army and show a level of decency even while being enemies). While that may hold true in the movie and possibly for our armed forces as well, the same is far from true for our citizens.

Views are personal. 

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  1. Just how old is the author? Such a ridiculous article to read. Why does she want India to be associated with a country which is murdering Indians through terrorism since 1947?

    And why do these Pakistanis artists never condemn any terrorist attacks in India? Why can’t they express any solidarity when Uri and Pulwama happened?

    Please grow up!

  2. Wasn’t Pakistan always a special country for us, as in Indians, blaming it on some people who you think has communalised the “pandemic”, doesn’t make sense.
    Just causally mentioning the suicide attack and showing it as an incident that led to the ban on ” Soulful artists ” is very gross and cheap tactics, considering those incidents are the brutal “killing of people”, what do you want us to do, forget about it, put on Rahet Fateh Ali Khan and say ” Walekum Salam”,
    But you see fortunately or unfortunately what you so casually deem communal is generally looked upon as ” Self respect “. Ohh of course you are a journalist, you have no idea about it..

    P. S : can journalist take a joke.

  3. Get the hell out of here. We have enough money, and we have Arijit. Naam nahi suna kya !!
    Where were u when these “friends” of yours carried out Mumbai attacks and lot many inhuman things, and have been doing .You can forget that, not us. Not in this lifetime. And if they need money, kindly write an article suggesting to stop all the terror camps and channelise all that money to medical system. But, you won’t do that. Utna dum ya dimaag kaha hai tumme.

  4. Who said we Indians are delighted by Fawad’s acting, dude you aren’t representative of whole India so do act so, and yeah we won’t get along with Pakistan because we’re busy handling our own country and causes, but once covid-19 pandemic ends we’ll consider a gully tournament with Pakistan if only we get some free time, we’ve to take care of our economy which affected by the pandemic and we work hard not just play cricket to strengthen our economy and nation,l. And to be honest, the writter of this particular article sucks🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  5. since ms Revati is suffering listening to Abhijit instead of soulful Rahat she can go live in Pakistan permanently and listen to his voice to her hearts content.

  6. “The Print” co-founded by editor in chief Shekhar Gupta should be banned and he should be jailed for writing such articles during these testing times. In above article he writes “….An example of our jingoism can be seen at the Wagah border…” ????. His views are JINGOISTIC. He was the person who tried compromising the Judiciarys role when the four judges gave a speech. He was standing behind. He thinks he is an intellectual messiah but he nothing but an intellectual pervert who is good an mental mastrubstion. He is fuxxxxg basxxxxxd and not fit to be called an INDIAN. Why doesn’t he leave INDIA if he feels constrained. Another MP ticket seeker who sucks baxxs.

  7. I don’t think these writers takes facts into consideration while writing such stuff. Pseudo secularists are bane of this country who just turn a blind eye towards these wrong doers. If few Hindus beat up a muslim suddenly it is a national issue an act of terrorism communal hatred rather than a crime what about know when doctors are being beaten up and people are being spat on, just because you don’t want to see doesn’t mean it is not happening. Gujrat riots is there favourite topic of discussion but they don’t say a word on anti sikh riots or the plight of Hindus that suffered in kashmir or those suffering in these islamic countries such biase is disgusting and any word from such people is hard to digest cause clearly they are full of hate and not sympathy when they write such articles. They want our cricketers to play with and for a terroist infested country where almost whole of the sri Lankan team was wiped out. A country not preferred by any other country except for china for there vested interests and this person won’t write against China too who is doing so many atrocities against its minority in population which has been documented by good channels like bbc, vox, vice, cbsn etc. and is present in youtube. This article has no common sense as he is asking to feed those hands that will in return slit your throat.

    • Sure, India doesn’t support terrorism? If anything and everything bad happens it automatically points fingers at Pakistan. There are thousands, if not millions of Hindus and Sikhs living peacefully in Pakistan. For what India is doing in Kashmir, if you don’t call that an act of terrorist, then I don’t know what you would call it? Millions of Muslims have been slaughtered and still are being killed, is that justified? The India media does not help, they help brainwash the many Indians that watch them, Of course the fake news never ends! So before you point fingers at one make sure you see what your own country is doing, it’s funny how Indians blame Pakistanis or Muslims for whatever the Shite happens on this planet, but forget that the countless amount of Muslims/Kashmiris are being brutally killed doesn’t make a difference to you. Realistically you need to think before you speak

  8. If author wants to facilitate the match between the two countries, better she must also understand, at present, globally, no cricket match is taking place due to covid-19 as safety measure.
    She must be educated in the pandemic and social distancing criteria first.

  9. Extending empathy and sympathy to a Jihadis and radicals is a lost cause.

    Once you extend medical help to these ingrates while ignoring the billion plus Indians, they will get better and blow up, kill us Indians who came to their rescue.

    Author’s opinion is not grounded in reality and romanticizes the peace with jihadis and radicals while ignoring the anecdotal evidences of the past.

  10. The print is a media which work with agenda to show India down. I would ask everyone to Stop reading its article… Foreign funded donkeys come to write here who has 0 wisdom… Fools

  11. Not a week has passed since five of our soldiers died at the hands of people who seem like friends of the author who were also according to the author “Shantidoots” sent by the Pakistanis but the unreasonable Army and irrational hatred borne out of jingoistic whatever killed them. Do you people ever make use of common sense or just blurt out random shit?

  12. Does it require to be a Krishnan while talking anti national! Earlier some Ms Kavita Krishnan was under media glare for opposing Indian government on article 370. Or these two are sisters ( then I guess godown was bad).

  13. The current indian government is the only reason for widening of relation between two countries other wise separation of a substantial part of the Pakistan is done by India, every body knows. But even than trade, sports, literature etc remained continue. Once the present indian government removes, good days will come again.

    • We indians are in safe hands of Modi. Anti indians are going through tough time and same will continue till they die or go out of India. Time has come to teach a lesson to Anti indians. Boycot the business with these people, hunger will teach the good lesson.

  14. India has to talk to Pakistan in the language they understand. By and large Muslims and specially pakistanis don’t understand language of co-existence. So there must not be any room for helping them.

  15. Pakistan issue has no relevance whatsoever in relation to Covid-19. It is ludicrous to think of a cricket match when in we are engaged in an unprecedented war against the coronavirus outbreak. To put it mildly, the article has no logic or rationale and its inclusion on this website is totally unwarranted. To put it bluntly, the author seems to be utterly stupid and the article is a useless waste of time .Period.

  16. Very sane article in these testing times. It is simply sad to see the level of misunderstanding the common Indians have been brainwashed into. It is very easy to get facts, sadly, political mafias in both the countries prefer to brew hatred to further their agendas, and common people follow like sheep. People who think war is the solution are simply so stupid I am sure they wouldn’t realize what’s wrong with their mentalities were they to lose their entire families in any war God forbid. Get rid of the hatred!!

    • With all due respect, contrarian views are welcome but when the view is steeped in ignorance (and sheer stupidity) then it becomes difficult to accept it (i.e. this hollow article). Not all the commentators here are jingoists or hyper-nationalists, and in-fact are Print readers (and fans) who are just appalled by the fact that Print team allowed this Whatsapp aunty rant to be broadcast on their platform. No one disagrees that war/ hatred is not good or is a perfect solution, but when you have a neighbor like Pakistan what ought we to do? 70 years of history has taught us one thing about Pakistan (any by that we mean the Deep State (ISI, Military and Mullahs) – THEY CANNOT BE TRUSTED. And if you need independent (liberal) proof, just read what Christine Fair, Hussein Haqqani (and our beloved Shekhar Gupta) et. al. have to say on this issue. Aman ki Aasha is great, but the path to that leads through exposing what a rotten and failed (toxic) state and society Pakistani deep state have made of their country – and this includes rejecting hollow claims of their cricketers/ artists, where what we as peace loving Indians want from them is to FIRST speak against the tyranny that Pakistani Military and Mullahs have unleashed on the Sub-Continental soil. Rest can follow (including cricketing ties).

  17. Idiotic article by a non sense journalist on payrolls of isi .Even during Corona time Pakistani terrorists try to infiltrate LOC & 5 Commandos r killed in action along with 5 terrorists.pakistani army is still violating ceasefire in this times.the author conveniently forgot those foul tactics.

  18. I disagree with Article. Even during this pandemic Pak has sent infiltrators in J&K and also boycott SAARC COVID conf. How can you expect a sane indian to support it? We can’t have unlimited patience

  19. Shekharji I know without your consent this article mustn’t had been published. My question is sir why should we help pakistan ? I think we should not as we have seen multiple times our efforts to normalize relations with pak have been sabotise d by pak only. They only diserve a stick not a welcome hand…pakistan people are also equally responsible for there economic status today you can win taking wrong side.

  20. This is again third class journalism which boils down everything to Hindu communaliam, shrill right wing etc etc and diverts the real debate on the issue. Did Fawad Khan whom the authors loves to watch or even That Fateh Ali Khan the singer who made millions from India or. Shoaib Malik or even Shoaid Akhtar ever condemn the constant attack on our borders and the infiltration of terrorists by Pakistan. Who is meddling whom ? These Pakis earn money from India and when it comes to condemning these dastardly and cowardly attacks they go into jiding. Our gutter level so called liberal jamat then tries to inject the poison of communaliam and link Hindu angle to it. Does the foolish author thinks Kapil Dev is a Hindu fanatic ? He is a man who has bought laurels to this country by his achievements and is not a armchair critics. He knows the pulse of Indians better than those at The Print who look at every incident or utterance through their own narrow prism of Hindu-Muslim issue. Stop this nonsense and better go to Pakistan if you want to help Afridi and the likes of him. We don’t want to read such utter, disgusting, filthy non sense from the lackeys of 10 JP masquerading as mediamen.

  21. The write does not mention that 4-5 brave Indian soldiers dies fighting 4-5 terrorists Pakistan had sent just a week back. This is bleeding heart at its best ( worst?). Do not feed snake with milk. It will not be grateful. It will bite you at the first opportunity. The writer is devoid of common sense. If you publish such stupid article, we will have to stop wasting time on The Print. Time Mr Shekhar Gupta announces the sources of funds for The Print.

  22. “As if banning pakistani artists will stop attacks”
    This line sums up the writer’s affinity to India and Indians. These artists earn money and fame in India courtsey people like you and then defame india. Extremely poor piece…

  23. The so called journalist who wrote this article has neither sense, ethics or morals. Another of the Tambrams from Chennai who are nutcases due to their continued inbreeding. Pakistan is not our friend, but is our enemy. And we, the majority Indians, see no need for any interaction with a country that wants to inflict a thousand cuts on us.

  24. Salute you The print For being unbiased and shows true colors of Indian Jealousy and insecurity towards Pakistan. India can never Defeat Pakistan in terms of military power. Though India can only put false accusation , Banned Tomatoes, Banned Pakistani artists 😂😂

    • Tere Pakistan ke do tukde kar diye the humne yaad hain bhai.Agar yudh hua toh pata nahi kitne aur tukde ho jaayenge.

  25. Rajvir Singh your thinking out the box . Islam teaches us to respect all faith and religions. You guys hold racist remarks against us all over the indian media and your saying we hate you? Practice our religion before you preach about it next time

  26. Revathi Krishnan,
    Read each comment above carefully, you will realise How angry and riled the people are with ignorant educated nitwits like you.
    You are worse than this virus as you speak in favor of a country that has harmed us in so many ways, without seeking any change from Pakistan you want to Preaching us that our stant is Incorrect in name of Peace.
    Its third rated writers like you.. I mean I AM sure u will not learn and change your views because you do this on purpose.. Write against the countries interest to garmee a few angry response., which otherwise would not even garner one response as your writing is so down right cheap.. I know its puposely you try to do this..

  27. I just want to ask the writer here. Would Pakistan media have spared Shahid Afridi or Shoaib Akhtar had they promoted any charity in India and said let’s fight Covid 19 together.

    I am a huge fan of Pakistan cricket. Also understand that players have always shared a special connection with each other.
    But when your and your neighbours house is on fire it’s just logical to save your house first.

    Yuvi and Bhajji never spoke anything about donating to Indian PM relief fund. They might have done discreetly. I am not aware. But the media is just exaggerating this topic.
    Yuvi and Bhajji are still loved by every Indian. And as Indian I really hope entire world comes out of this crisis including Pakistan and India.
    Lekin pehle apne desh ko bachale.

    Also Shoaib Akhtar suggesting cricket in this crisis is immature. This is not the time for cricket to raise funds. Even if you have matches with empty stadium is there a guarantee that the players won’t get infected while travelling or their stay at hotel.

    I miss cricket of 90s when India Pakistan played together. But we can’t have cultural and entertainment when soldiers are dying on the borders. There has to be an honest effort from both the Govts. which is lacking big time from Pakistan.

  28. If you all doesn’t like this article why did you reply to it. Come on guys don’t be such a fool. You doesn’t care for the life of the people who are suffering from covid -19.just fight with the Pakistani only

    • Judging by your stupid and totally irrelevant comment, I don’t know if you are familiar with the phrase “freedom of expression”. Just as this author, living in a world of delusive fantasy can express her uncorroborated and absurd views, the readers are also entitled to correct her wrong perceptions which make mockery of the situation, rubbing salt into the wounds of those who have suffered at the hands of Pakistani terrorists. Despite 12 years after that happened, the masterminds of the horrendous Mumbai attacks (killing 162 innocent and unarmed civilians, including children) enjoy full freedom of movement in Pakistan which has become, veritably, the epicenter of terrorism, as anyone at the UN will privately tell you. To balance her comments and make them more plausible, the author should have mentioned the trail of death and destruction left behind by Pakistani terrorists. As for Afridi, the less said the better of this man whose IQ is below that of a monkey. I am proud that many have joined this forum to repudiate and reject Ms Krishnan’s “expert opinion” piece.

    • People reply to show their disagreement to the article moron. Or didn’t you know that you have to read it before commenting? The fight with the Pakistani establishment will continue till it ceases to problematic to its neighbours. The fight against the virus is going on quite well thank you, except for the terrorist activities of the coronajihadies to deliberately spread this foul disease. What can you expect from such animals who support taliban, ISIS, and other suicide terrorists?

  29. I totally agree with the writer.. How dare we cruel Indians not help the innocent terrorists.. They are so loyal that they even befriended the terrorists who killed their own children.. So safe and friendly the country is that whole world’s players want to visit and have a match there.. So kind hearted this bloody writer is.. Shame on you(writer)

  30. The idea of giving priority to humanity in tough time is great but the author forgot that even now 5 soldiers were killed by your friend Pakistan.
    The bigoted Afridi mocked Hindu aarti and propagating hatred to his daughters. Yet author sees hatred in Indian people.
    Pakistan misused SARC forum to score browny points on kashmir rather tha having serious discussion on COVID yet it is our responsibility to provide help.
    If the author has sense of reality and slightest national interest in mind then please come out of your fake righteousness.
    I am sure the author does not read this comments amd not bothered because she just reads zero in the pay cheque to write such peaceful and humane article and feel happy that she gave wisdom to us lowly indian population.

  31. Dear writer & dearest the Print, absolutely mindblowing write-up. Reading your article I have come to know that we Indians are war mongers, religious fanatics, hate artistic creativity, can’t tolerate Pakistanis etc etc. But the only problem this Born again intellectual writer finds everything orchestrated by the Pakistanis as punishment to us inflicted directly from heaven. They call about humanity & refuse to issue food to Hidus, Christians & Sikh poor people of their country, have killed thousands of Indians in the name of religion. So,I am sure that you & the Print would blame nationalist Indians are responsible for breaking our country into three separate countries. By this article you have proved that your group is nothing but just like the WIRE group & believe in spreading anti India propaganda. I am sure that both these groups have been funded by anti India religious fudamentalist groups from abroad & from India as well.

  32. This piece of writing is mere manipulation of words in an arbitrary manner. How one can fall down to such an extent just in order to prove one’s prejudiced opinion. A bare reading of the article, it seems that she has written one side version and depicts Pakistan as a victim. Amazing

  33. Your views are more important cause this piece of junk company has given you a job!
    How dare you insult the sentiment of this country.
    We didn’t choose our enemy, we don’t shell ourselves and people don’t die at the border everyday cause they killed themselves.
    GROW UP! Then write..
    This is my view.. which should matter to you cause billions would support it!

  34. The lady can happily settle in Pakistan if she too interested in peace just their terrorists killed 5 of our soldiers just few days before. Shameless to say least.

  35. Shekhar Gupta and his team should be packed and sent to their masters across the border. Bloody traitors, ISI agents.

  36. People had issue with the Singhs supporting Afridi’s charity as Afridi has been persistently vocal against India. One can find ample videos on Youtube of various Pakistani channels where Afridi’s hardline stance against India can be seen and heard.
    As for Pakistani artists in Bollywood, none of them have ever unequivocally condemned terrorist attacks in India emanating from Pakistani soul. Even the dastardly Mumbai attacks of 2008 were not condemned by the likes of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Atif Aslam. Their silence indicates their tacit support towards Pak sponsored Islamic terrorism. As such it is better for us to listen to Bhattacharya for the time being.
    Even Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan refused to take a public stand against terrorism and terrorists despite earning crores from the Indian film industry.

  37. An absolute turd-piece and a total disservice to the eminent institutes she graduated from (if at all). An article so hollow, so myopic, so amnesia-ic, that we all are doing the author a favor by commenting on it. @ Print Team – I know that you are ‘also’ a ‘platform’ for views, but please please do screen these ‘views’ for some basic IQ and logic – at-least this will force these ‘opinion makers’ to think before typing whatever comes to their mind.

  38. The print you only spread false news as Pakistan govt. never asked for help regarding covid-19. Instead they only demand money and sohaib Akhtar is not a govt. servent that India will listen to him

  39. Hi, writer, my eyes get swelled to find a single positive comment from an Indian to support your thinking, how poor you are but keep up the positive frame of mind. My question to entire Indian commentators Kalbhushan was arrested in daylight while traveling on fake documents, what was the purpose of such travel by an Indian soldier especially in Balochistan?

    • So your govt says he was travelling with fake Documents in balochistaan
      India says he was working in border areas of irana and was picked UP wongfully by Pakistan
      Even if he is say an Indian spy why was he tortured the way he was, his family humiliate
      You Lost the case on this in International Court if justice
      You have the gall to ask a First level retarted question without understanding the reality . . You are a real dubo for sure

    • If u r so convinced about your army’s version. Why don’t have a trial in a court open to we did for kasab. You will get your answers. But your army won’t do it.. they know the truth. If pakistan version was so true..they wouldn’t hv lost case in ICJ..

  40. Why can not the author settles down in pak, shows her love and affection to the Pakistani s ,and leave us with good riddance of her pak love letters

  41. ## Revathi not that good Article. I am not saying bcoz you are peace hoper between India and Pakistan. Actually The Article has without Any substance. You cant Force common people, to love an country, who doesnt hesitate to send 5 Terrorists to JsK , at the time of Corona Pandemic. Anyway keep writting.

  42. Lo, ye phir aa gaye, JNU turds.
    Do you remember, any time in history, whence Pakistanis raised money for India??
    Yes, they did it umpteen number of times to create unrest in India.
    You fake, intellectuals.

  43. I have great respect for the work that the print is doing but this article is downright juvenile and reeks of naivety.

    1.India never made COVID crisis political, Pakistan did at the SAARC video conference which I’m sure you’re aware of.
    India already set up a fund for all SAARC nations, we offered to evacuate their students all these gestures were bina fide, so we did try to help the enemy so to speak.

    2. Shahid Afridi has openly mocked Indian culture and asked his wife not to let his kids watch Indian shows. Shoaib Akhtar is playing a PR game for his YouTube channel right now to try and attract indian audiences that’s all there is. That being said they have an iron clad friendship with China, they are free to get whatever they want from there.
    People are dying here as well, the contribution must be made to India first, we are not responsible for Pakistan.

    3. We dont need Fawad Khan or miss him for that matter, maybe you do. They need us we dont need them we have enough talent in India.

    4. Anyone who is supportive of the regime them and considers Hafiz Saeed a patriot is an enemy of India for all intents and purposes. Aur madam dusmani me sharafat hai isi liye state sponsored terrorism endorse nahi karte.

    5. 5 para military officers are martyred because pakistan wanted a diversion tactic and this is the article you come up with? Read your own website atleast. This article is juvenile.


    • So true and factual.. Sometimes liberals start being blind and untruthful.. Here we have a good example

    • Liberal not blind.. Your title suits you dear.. One don’t have to be blind for being liberal..thank God I found someone who is truthful and gutsy

  44. If Shoaib Akhtar and Shahid Afridi needs money to help their indigent Covid-19 affected countrymen, why look to India? They can always turn to the Indian in their midst – Dawood Ibrahim. Yes, a good part of his net worth is Indian money. And of course, one good turn deserves another. DAWOOD IBRAHIM CAN DEFINITELY BE EXPECTED TO PAY BACK THE HOST COUNTRY FOR THE SAFE HAVEN THEY PROVIDED.

  45. We can clearly see where the hatred is more, this war mongering article was written after a peace gesture recommendation by a Pakistani. Sometimes we have to put everything aside and move forward. Stop holding grudges. It will eventually destroy you in life in general.

    • Excuse me! You Indians! Need to put your ego and prejudice aside as in such times all you illiterates want to do is get your xenophobic asses everywhere. And besides with crime rates of 770 + I bet your own people would be enough to bring your own nation down to ashes.

      • Oh wow.. Do you guys know a thing called etiquette.. Because certainly your Prime Minister is not aware of it.. Kashmir raag alapna is one thing but at an international forum where main issue was to deal with a pendamic all he did was sang the old Kashmir raag.. And now you are here to argue how bad and partial India is.. Shame on you and the writer as well

    • Hope you are aware that our PM called for SAARC meeting on video to help each other in crisis. India contributed fund and so did other SAARC nation, when Pakistan PM did attend and stupid guy who represented Pakistan raised Kashmir issue. Now you are talking about peace from Pakistan for playing ODI by Indian team with Pakistan, when world over they stopped all sports events. Kyon? Indian team koi Bali ka bakra nahin. They are also human and need quarantine.

  46. Sehwag hit the nail on the head when he said: 1) Shoaib Akhtar praised Indian cricket and its cricketers as he needs the business, and 2) he would not have heaped such praise during his playing days.
    Shoaib’s jibe in return was: HAVE MORE MONEY THAN YOU HAVE HAIR. And on a more serious note his reply was: Money comes from Allah, not thanks to India.
    If he genuinely believed what he said, just a few months ago, he should be praying – NOT TALKING ABOUT PLAYING A THREE-MATCH ONE DAY INTERNATIONAL (ODI) WITH INDIA.  

  47. What is this nonsense article, just today pakistan has violated ceasefire in kupwara district, few days ago they tried to infiltrate terrorists into our ground, they were killed however 5 of our soldiers were also martyred.

    Only an idiot would go for a fundraiser match with pakistan.
    Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

    In these tough times, India has come forward with the covid-19 fund for SAARC and any member can take any amount from that fund.
    India and Indians are the ones who care about humanity.
    Please don’t try to be oversmart by writing such articles with nothing of value.

    • The writer is not over smart but dumb and disgusting.. Either he don’t know actual facts or this trying to be liberal is a jnu juggler.. Shame on you (writer)

  48. Kapil Dev spoke on behalf of an overwhelming majority India, incl. cricketers, but there are two cricketers Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh, who clearly have a soft corner for Pakistan. And, they have Navjot Singh Sidhu for company. If Shoaib Akhtar would settle for a three vs. three, the problem is as good as solved. Of course, 1952 born PM Imran Khan is too old to play.
    In any case there’s a rumour doing the rounds that the Pak PM has testing positive for the Novel Coronavirus. That we’ll know for sure in a couple of days.

  49. When India ask Pakistan to hand over the terrorist who are in Pakistan, then why do they defend them.. If u really want India to help them go and meet the families go martyred and ask them if we should help Pakistan or not.. Before writing any shit just dig into the reason first..

  50. When India ask Pakistan to hand over the terrorist who are in Pakistan, then why do they defend them.. If u really want India to help then go and meet the families go martyred and ask them if we should help Pakistan or not.. Before writing any shit just dig into the reason first..

  51. This selfish author wants to listen to “soulful” Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, even if it means forgiving Pakistanis for butchering 40 Indian soldiers. Left-liberals have no gratitude for the sacrifice of our soldiers.

    I don’t know what it is with these Krishnans – Kavita Krishnan, T.M.Krishna and this Revathi Krishnan – why are all these Krishnans anti-India, anti-Hindu, pro-Muslim, pro-Prakistan?

  52. Pakistan chose to boycott a video conference of trade officials from the SAARC countries on Mar. 8. Pakistan’s Foreign Office maintains that such interactions would be effective only when organised by the SAARC Secretariat instead of India.
    And here we have Shoaib Akhtar saying, “If India makes 10,000 ventilators, Pakistan will remember the gesture forever.” In what capacity is he saying this. His country clearly DOESN’T want any help from India. So, Shoaib should made this request to China?? They’re ‘helping’ the whole world, so they definitely won’t turn down PM Imran Khan’s countryman.

  53. what type of illiterates are asked to write in The Print? does this piece even make any sense? this is what happens when illiterate ppl are taught to construct random sentences with no meaning.

  54. Hey ‘Aman ki asha’ wali aunty get off that bus. Its not goin anywhere. It broke down immieadeatly after 26/11. And this is 2020.

    • I love your jibe ” Aman ki asha” wali aunty …they are idiots. One such fool – PM Gujral disbanded all RAW network in Pakistan and u paid with kargil / parliament attack. These morns never understand that Pakistan psyche is completely anti India matter what u do so no need to engage with them..

  55. Indian citizens know your true color. So they can not be cheated despite your last para.better you pack off to pak to understand the magnanimity of indian ctizens

  56. You say that the Pakistanis hate your faiths, well thats a COMPLETE lie. Terrerrism happens because of those terrorists who arent supported by any country. More Pakistanis died from terrorist attacks than Indians. So that is a complete lie.

  57. Shoaib acthar we appreciate your gesture though cricket cant happen.
    May god give same mind to your government and military.

  58. Corona Is Handiwork Of Chinese.Pakis Are Hand In Glove. Prudent Dictates Indians Safeguard Their Wickets.Stay Safe.Feel Safe In India.

  59. A little unfair, I felt. You cannot expect Indians to be the bigger persons when there is clearly hatred from the other side as well.

    • Is the writer a Pakistani?? because it is so biased and feel like it is written just to show how cruel Indians are that they are not helping the poor and innocent terrorists..

  60. Sania Mirza is married to Shoaib Malik, not Shoaib Akhtar. Please get your facts right before writing!

    • Shashi:
      The writer got her facts right. Nowhere does she say that Sania Mirza is married to Shoaib Akhtar. If you read it that way, YOU HAVE BEEN DAYDREAMING. Looks like the lockdown has affected you. 🤔😆

  61. Well the hatred is mutual. As we carry Indian name, they carry Arabic names. While yes it is mutual but this hatred is more from other side on us rather than our side against them, example: regular cross border terrorism perpetrated by them on our people, they hate our religious faiths very clearly.

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