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Muslims must give up azaan by loudspeakers. Even Prophet would have rejected it

From both religious and practical point of views, there is no justification for using loudspeakers at mosques for azaan recital.

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An unseemly controversy has been breaking out every now and then for the last few years regarding azaan. Recently, the vice-chancellor of Allahabad University, Sangita Srivastava, complained to the district magistrate that the early morning azaan disturbed her sleep, which affected her productivity at work. Earlier, in 2017, singer Sonu Nigam was in the eye of a storm for tweeting, “I am not a Muslim and I have to be woken up by the Azaan in the morning. When will this forced religiousness end in India.” But the story of how the azaan should be rendered has a complicated history — from the Prophet himself choosing a human voice instead of a mechanical device, to the Muslim community seeing loudspeakers as shaitan in the 1970s.

Azaan is the Muslim call to prayer, made five times a day from a mosque, for believers to join the congregational prayer. Prophet Muhammad instituted this practice after he migrated to Medina, and built a mosque there. As to the method of calling people to the mosque for the five periodic prayers, he deliberated the issue with his companions. Some suggested ringing a bell, some blowing a horn, and some lighting a fire. But, under divine inspiration, the Prophet decided on the human voice, and chose a manumitted Black slave, Bilal, for making the call.

The human voice, even if it were the baritone of Bilal, couldn’t be as loud and couldn’t go as far as the mechanically produced sound of a bell or a horn. Yet, the Prophet chose the low-decibel human voice over the high-decibel mechanical sound. Clearly, there is a lesson in it for his followers who should consider whether the mechanically amplified sound of a loudspeaker remains the human voice that the Prophet might approve of. They would also do well to reflect on whether attaching religious import to the use of such a contraption amounts to a reprehensible novelty called bid’at, — that is, an innovation which distorts the religion.

Thus, from the religious point of view, there is no justification for the loudspeaker. In 2020, the Allahabad High Court said that though azaan was essential to the Islamic religious practice, the use of loudspeakers was not. This court drew upon the Supreme Court’s judgment of 2000 in the Church of God (Full Gospel) in India vs. KKR Majestic, wherein it was observed that “no religion or religious sect can claim that the use of loudspeakers or similar instruments for prayers or for worship or for celebrating religious festivals is an essential part of the religion which is protected under Article 25”. After all, loudspeaker is a 20th-century invention, but the religions are millennia old.

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Do Muslims need loudspeakers? 

Azaan is intended for Muslims. That it falls on non-Muslim ears is an inadvertence. Its efficacy could be verified by the response it evokes to bring the believers to the mosque. A random peek in any mosque during the prayer time would show that not many Muslims respond to the call. The footfall in the mosque is negligible except for the midday Friday prayer. And those who regularly go there five times a day do not actually depend on the azaan to be reminded of the prayer time. Even if they did, they need not in this age and time when most have a watch on their wrist, and a smartphone in their pocket where they can get numerous Islam apps to set off the azaan at the appointed hours. If there ever was a functional justification for reciting the azaan from a loudspeaker, such apps have put paid to it. It is an anachronism that gives the impression of tardy modernisation of the Muslim community.

The ubiquity of loudspeakers in the mosque is of fairly recent origin. In the 1970s, it started becoming pervasive. First, it was installed as a bauble of superficial modernity to reflect the self-esteem of the local community, which, in its growing affluence, couldn’t be seen lagging behind the neighbouring Muslim community, which had already fitted their mosques with loudspeakers. However, it was always met with much scepticism and some resistance because it was not only seen as an intrusion of modernity in the timeless space of religion, but the blaring sound was also regarded as shaitani awaz — devilish sound — which was not fit for the sanctity of a mosque.

Today, it is seen as a way of asserting the Muslim community’s presence in public space. This not-too-veiled sentiment is not lost on India’s majority community either. Therefore, the resentment against it, which is deeper than what its sporadic expression suggests, is not against the call to prayer per se, but against the loud, in-your-face stamping of an identity-obsessed self-othered presence. Posturing of assertion is not the best formula for amity.

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Give loudspeakers up as a gesture 

Furthermore, there are laws in place, and according to the Noise Pollution Rules, 2000, the use of loudspeakers is regulated by the designated authority — mainly, the police — in order to keep the sound level within the limits of ambient air quality standards. As for an individual, a community’s standing in society depends on being good citizenly and law-abiding. Those who live in an obdurate violation of law, are courting visitation of lawlessness.

Public morality and collective ethics are shaped by being mindful of one another’s space — both as individuals and groups. If some practice is regularly being called out as nuisance, it may be time for reflection rather than indignation. In a pluralist society, with a multiplicity of religions, the modus vivendi is to keep one’s practices private lest they step on another’s toes.

Secularism as a State policy can have a future only if it is shored up by the amicable conduct of the communities at the base. India didn’t become secular with the insertion of this word in the Preamble to the Constitution in 1976, or even with the promulgation of the Constitution in 1950. We had always been secular. The word may be of the Western origin, but the discourse is not derivative. Our secularism has been societal and cultural, not statist and legal. It’s about co-existence of religions, not about refereeing sectarian conflicts. Any irreverence to the social praxis of secularism would cause irreparable damage to it as a State policy.

Someday, azaan from loudspeaker will have to stop. One could only hope that it wouldn’t be done by the enforcement of existing laws, but as a good neighbourly gesture by the Muslim community, reflecting their collective conscience and wisdom.

Najmul Hoda is an IPS officer. Views are personal.

(Edited by Prashant Dixit)

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  1. Appreciate Mr. Hoda’s views. I unfortunately live between 2 buildings called Masjids, abt. 40 metres and 210 metres away. I am tortured by the duplication of the shouting and screaming from their loudspeakers . According to them these loudspeakers are fitted so that everybody upto 2 kms away should hear the screaming. The output of these horn-type loudspeakers is abt. 110 decibels. The author makes it look as if the loudspeakers are used only 5 times a day to perform 2 -3 minute screaming sessions. That is far from the truth. The fact is that there are 2-3 minute screaming sessions – 5 times a day, abt. 10 minutes screaming session once a day which makes the daily screaming sessions 6 +6 = 12 times a day. Then every Friday there is a screaming session between 1240 – 1400hrs. Then there are special day screaming sessions for 2 -4 hours at least 4 times a year. Then there are 2-4 hour screaming sessions for programmes held 10- 12 times a year. Then there are announcements of invitations to marriage ceremonies , various programmes and meetings, death ceremonies, lunch and dinner and programmes/ functions at the house of some member/subscriber . It is killing that they forcefully want everybody to hear their ridiculous beliefs and lies. Iman , Iman they shout. Don’t tell lies, don;t rob they shout. But they are amongst the biggest liars. THey are amongst the biggest robbers of government land. It’s all about land-grabbing. So these buildings are just meant as a front to white-wash the illegal works being done by its members who control the running of these buildings. They then spend money from all the money that they rob, to spread propaganda by using their own IT cells and ground level workers by using Whataboutery. In fact they thrive on the propaganda that they are being persecuted. Every Friday and everyday the adults and children are brainwashed by screaming sessions into believing that they are the biggest saints and that everybody else is persecuting them because of their “good” beliefs.

  2. It’s so sad that been reading justifications in the comments. If you need to be reminded about your prayer time by someone else it indicates that you are not sure of your prayer time. Devote don’t jeed a call they fix their alarms as a reminder . We talk about Aazan please tell me what is recited ?
    Why should you have to have high volumes to disturb all others. Aazan is only for Muslims and they can devise a way of getting reminders

  3. This was true for a quiet sorroundings… but in present age, there are noises due to horns, running engines, etc. how could one possibly hear the AZAAN

    • Answer: One can hear the shouting and screaming from loudspeakers(LS) fitted on structures called Masjids: if they live within 100metres, if the flare of the LS is pointed in their direction, because the very intention of fitting these LS’s is so that they can be heard by all upto about 2 kms away; because the output of these LS’s is about 110 decibels.

  4. In old time there was no noise pollution due to which a human can hear voice of other human far away from each other which we can experience in those areas where there are no vehicles, djs, factories, less population etc. So to reach Muslims it is important to have azaan on loud speaker as per govt rules.

    • As per government rules, loudspeakers should not be used from 10 pm to 6pm. This is definitely not followed. So, your point is not valid. Pls be considerate.

  5. It’s right..only if it’s for every religion,don’t target only one and arise problems in community. Temples use loudspeakers,it starts at early morning at 5!!isn’t it a problem. The festival seasons..they play it continuosuly with loudspeakers and speakers each corner!isn’t a problem. When there comes a complaint and discussion think for everyone equally. Then only we can say our country is democratic other wise it’s onlu called as hyprocratic.

  6. Firstly there were lesser people to reach out to hence Azaan was given by man. Now its impossible for human voice to go across buildings let alone the colony. So this is jot the Bidaah but a neccessity.
    (This was the answer for a rationally thinkinh person)
    Now for the writer’s perspective of stating things, azaan is not even for a minute and causes pollution and other people than muslims get to hear it. So what about the bhajans played during the time of Ganesh Chaturthi nd Kali maa murti. These r played on several times higher voice so much that u cant hear another person talking in your locality.
    If pollution and people’s hearing sentiments are to be concerned this must stop as well.
    (All in good taste )

    • This practice of Hindus using loudspeakers is a reaction for Muslims using loudspeakers on their mosques. If Muslims will stop then automatically Hindus will stop too. The Azzan on loud speakers is seen as a public statement by other communities and non Muslims absolutely hate it the same way Muslims hate the Bhajans on the loudspeakers. Muslims consider themselves as minorities and therefore they must try to put themselves in the majority of the population and feel how the non Muslims feel it. In today’s day and age loudspeakers are not required for any religion. We have enough technology to pray and enjoy bhajans in their own privacy. Therefore there is no need to put loudspeakers on temples or on mosques

  7. Islaam is all about peace and offering, Azaan is for believers and as well as for non-believers. Islaam offers non-muslims many great things and also Azaan itself says, haiya alas salah – haiya allal falah which means come for prayer come for success, success is in prayer and through prayer you succeed and get yourself enter in Jannah-Heaven. If you’ll try to understand what peace islaam offers then you’ll won’t ever judge our offering.

    • If he is debating on the basis of his sleep saying he is being awake due to the sound of azaan, don’t he mind the bhajans and ghanta sounds banging out every single day morning around 4-5PM and how about the drum being played in every festival, think about the people who have anxiety and panic attacks due to this heavy noise. If we have to live, we can be happy with everything and if we have to fight we can fight about every small point. Think about it before pointing out any religion.

  8. Pls try to understand the meaning of Azan. Its a call for your success, n number of people are following islam for its very good rules and found the success . Islam is for all , follow n reach to success.
    1 Early wakeup makes u healthy n active
    2 afternoon you will be blessed with rich in your food
    3 early every evening you will get 💪
    4 evening time you will get obedience of yor spouses
    5 early nigh you will be good sleep n with huge blessings for each breathing.

    • Not needed in India. Here you to follow the secular lifestyle like we all do. Occasionally on festivals like Eid it is fine but not daily. Ban is coming soon. Every daily loudspeaker irrespective of which religion uses them for daily noise will be banned

    • 5am n 6am is good to wake up and heathy but ur Azam start at 3:30am or 4am and who the hell want to wake up so early. God or Allah will hear you wen u pray from ur heart n not by shouting in a speaker n disturbing all the people around. You pple r so educated u don’t know harming the mother earth it’s a sound Pollution.

      • Bro , the AZAAN starts from 5:30 am and ends about 6: 00 am in respective colonies
        Only in the month of Ramzan sahar starts from 3:30

  9. Oh yeah ! If you want equality then give up minority reservations, minority schools and colleges, special hostals, separate laws, special boards, special fundings, subsidies etc. etc. etc. Then nobody will use loud speakers.

  10. Vehicle horn, music and prayers all are disturbing when it reaches a volume thats too high. It also influence people daily when its heard. Each and every km there is one. No need of loud prayers its unnecessary. People are living too close to each other everywhere with hell kind of traffic all around. In between that it feel suffocating to hear such high sound. Now a days its a good tool for influencing. Great step if its going to be stopped.

  11. There is a difference between “speakers” and “loudspeakers” …..If that is understood …..Problem is solved for all people of the world.

  12. I love the way they call for prayers. Even Temples and. Churches esp hardcore evangelical prayer houses are using loud speakers for hours together. Best is set a decibel level and irrespective of religion ban cone speakers. Also make speakers play upward so that sound travel in air without hitting somebodys ears badly.

  13. Soft pro right wing statement, when authorities are giving permission then why are you forcing us to give up loudspeakers as a gesture. Gestures should always come from minorities right..? Let majority community give it up it as gesture and we will stop right away. I reside near to a temple, temples start their loudspeakers morning 6. I don’t have any problem. May be you have not read the calcutta high court judgement on loudspeakers.

  14. 8 hours of sleep is a must. If any religion is disturbing between 11 to 7pm, it must be banned.

  15. See we muslims need azan because that’s how we know when it’s the prayer time , people will say why can’t we just check on our phones and stuff look not all of us has phones and technology . And has all the other comments it’s not true prophet please be upon him , was on other period of time not like us . We all religion has different ways to pray eat different stuff and azan is one of them has a Muslim I respect other religion . Azan is just for five minutes or three just respect it for just few minutes and If u say it’s noise pollution srry it’s wrong cuz we all use cars in temples you people have bells I church’s u have bells it’s for there uses and rules in each religion and we should respect it and about slaughtering we do it in a way pls do ur information if u hate Islam I understand it’s ur mind it’s ur heart but keep it there , not by disrespecting it that’s bad thank u have a great day brothers and sisters

    • Its a noise pollution …and a utter nonsense. It just not 5 mins it 5 times a day ..365 days n 24 *7 …u guys need a call for ur prayers?? Then why do even need to prayer in such fashion troubling others.?? Friday’s u guys go crazy on loudspeakers u guys have any idea how that troubles the surrounding??

  16. Leave the Religion alone!
    Why don’t you guys find another way (which is good and not bringing other Religion down) to put bread on your plate? Stupid channel.

  17. যারা যারা এমন টা মনে করেন যে আজান এ
    আপনাদের ঘুম ভেংগে যাচ্ছে তাদের কে একটাই অনুরোধ যে আপনারাও তাহলে বছরে তেরো বার এক সপ্তাহ ধরে দিন রাত পুজো আচ্চা করার জন্য গাছে গাছে মাইক না লাগিয়ে বাজনা টা না বাজিয়ে করবেন ।।

  18. One thing is sure, he has ensured one more promotion at least, for pandering to Sangh Pariwar’ s fascist agenda.

  19. Azaan Or Call to Prayer is an essential part of Muslim’s Life.It is necessary to be called five times a day to mosques for prayer and it is fully up to the believer whether to come or not.But the main point is that they should be called five times a day.This journal is ought to hurt the feeling of our muslim brothers and is seen as a breaker to the unity of Hindus and Muslims. So please stop posting these journals as they could be a threat to our secular family.

    • पहले तो loudspeakerनहीं हुआ करते थे शांति से सभी अजान किया करते अब उन सबको ज्यादा भाव चढ़ गया है अपने धर्म का चिल्ला चिल्ला कर जनसंख्या वृद्धि कर रहे हैं अबे जो अजान होता है उस पूरे वाक्य का मतलब पता है तुझे

      • I

        I was getting disturbing every day in the early in the morning ….by bhajjans and temple sounds with loudspeakers…before starting before of azaan and it will go on for whole day mostly ….
        I am adjusting here because I respect other religions ….but azaan is just about 2 or 3 min …please respect .
        If you people want to remove loudspeakers as it was not there in past …
        It should be removed from all temples , churches, mosques ….
        Because in the past for preaching there are no loud speakers …
        Either respect or reject all …

  20. Dear IPS, you are a mentally sick person that you are comparing Prophet time to the present time. That time what was population and what is now? To your knowledge, that times azan was performing on a high space like the roof or some rock because people can hear the sound and when performing namaz with gathering, then takbeer was calling in between rows that people can hear properly. Now the population is too thick, even only surrounding houses can hear the azan rest cannot. This is a religion, not the service book that you can manage as your will. Yes, I agree to Loudspeaker dismal volume can be high and it must be as per rules. Many mosques are truly using high dismal and can be managed. But your stupid opinion and briefing regarding Islam are showing that you are also the same class attendee of Wasim rizvi. Please don;t say anything, when you don’t have Gyan about this. Your type of so-called intellectual class of Muslims is really big harm for Indian Muslim society. Go to hell with your entire family because your mentality is showing, how you educate your children.

    • Assalamu alaykum, very brief & nice reply to so called liberal and broad minded, bul Jahil (illeterate) type of Muslims who doesn’t have even the basic knowledge of Hadith.

  21. [45:14] Al-Jāthiyah-الْجَاثِيَة
    “قُلۡ لِّلَّذِیۡنَ اٰمَنُوۡا یَغۡفِرُوۡا لِلَّذِیۡنَ لَا یَرۡجُوۡنَ اَیَّامَ اللّٰہِ لِیَجۡزِیَ قَوۡمًۢا بِمَا کَانُوۡا یَکۡسِبُوۡنَ ﴿۱۴﴾

    Say to the believers to disregard those who neither hope for nor fear (the coming of) the Days of Allah, so that He may give them full reward of those (deeds) which they used to earn.
    Irfan Ul Quran App for Android

  22. You can find in comment section, how peaceful and understanding this community is.Some Muslims are saying that even in the temple the loudspeaker rings, I want to tell them that it does not ring 5 times a day. Secondly, our work can go on without it.You must have seen many places that bhajans and aartis are being done without loudspeakers, but tell me a mosque where ajans are being offered without loudspeakers.For only 13_14 percent people Where does it make sense to harass the remaining 70 80% people?

  23. His Comments are Personal to him !!

    Why make it Public, we as Indian’s don’t get distracted/disturbed when we hear Bells Ringing in a Temple Or be it in a Church or an Azaan being called in a Masjid….

    India has a Diverse cultures, we Co-exist since centuries.

    We don’t care if one is a Religious person or not, But yes he shouldn’t be Hypocrite/Lunatic/Lame to the Society…

  24. Journalists like you only frame hatred between religions. And you talk about secularism, then why only talk about azan, and not about bhajans that go on for much much more time that Azan. Why not ban them. Also, tell which religion is creating pollution. Is it islam?? Well no festival in islam involves using something that pollutes the environment. While your festivals, all majority of them liek holi Diwali are clear threat to environment. And well you people say that we Muslims sacrifice poor animals on a festival called eid ul adha. The way in which a goat is sacrificed is such so that it doesn’t get pain, while in your religion when your top priests give Bali(sacrifice of animal to god) they directly separate the head off. It is already well known, that blowing away neck is too much times more painful for the animal than cutting the neck slightly and then letting the animal to cool down as in Islamic practice. And the question of protecting animals, well if you know science, if one trophic level disappears, the population of bottom level(in this case goats etc.) increases too much, now if they are not eaten, what will be more worse for them to have no place to live and lack of plants etc. You people target islam for many things. Remember that islam is the true and the religion clearly revealed with no contradiction and no harm to environment and has solution to every life problem. Since your minds and hearts have seen injustice so you can’t accept justice at any cost. Since you are in darkness and never saw light, when you see a glimpse of it somewhere in the darkness you hate it and talk bad about it.

    Sorry if I hurt someone. I never wanted to say anything about any religion until these wicked journalists forced me to express the truth. I want India to be a secular nation. But these journalists, politicians don’t let it be. So before telling anything first analyze the situation and then act.

    • “It is already well known, that blowing away neck is too much times more painful for the animal than cutting the neck slightly and then letting the animal to cool down as in Islamic practice.”
      If you have been brain washed to this extent, it will not be easy to change your mind. You are definitely not OPEN MINDED.

  25. 1400 years ago there were no phones with alarm apps, today a devotee can easily set the azan on their alarm device.
    Or better still install an app that can be controlled by the mosque who can decide the time.

    • Hi maam ,for ur kind information I stay in a place were I am disturb ed by loud music from temple from dawn to dusk it’s sooo loud that u can still hear it though the windows are closed but we Muslim s don’t complaint abt anything as we respect there belief,,,why do u people have this problem with us ,u cannot bear with just 3min of azaan ,don’t u have anything productive to do ,, today’s world is full of problems can’t u try solvlving at least 1among them why after us ,,, we respect ur religion u respect ours ,,don’t spread such senseless thought s ,,, what abt the polution u people cause by crakers and all such stuffs ,,so maam kindly pay attention to something with a lil sense rather going after the muslims ..if azaan is to be banned ban loudspeaker s in temples first as it goes on for hours,,,pay attention to lot other issues that exists u senseless madam 😂😂😂😂😂

  26. Assllamwalaikum azaan is the most things of Muslims so point is azaan is a most part of our life of Muslims

  27. “If below comments get true in future their will no musical instrument n loudspeaker in india” such thinks is inventing. “”But the story of how the azaan should be rendered has a complicated history — from the Prophet himself choosing a human voice instead of a mechanical device, to the Muslim community seeing loudspeakers as shaitan in the 1970s””.

  28. Ye jitne secular ban rhe h n abhi v. C or ye mazine wale sb ek shrm wishes ko target kr rhe h kumbh mele k wqt itna loudness hota h sound pollution apne charm sima pr hoti h us wqt koi kucu n bolta us wqt sb ki secularity kattr pnthi sb bhula dia jata h lst m yhi bolonga ksi ko itna v presn Mt kro k upr wale ko bura lg jae

  29. These type of people are ruining our country. These channels should be taken seriously. Dump channel!

  30. A very sensible, logical and wise suggestion! Merely blind competition in comparing azan with aartees does not fit in with real Islamic spirit of open mindedness to see what is right and what is wrong. If they are using loud speakers and indulging in sound pollution it does not mean we should do competition with them in a wrong practice. Do introspection and you will realise that we should not insist on things which have nothing to do with Islam.

  31. Dumb writer is alongside with bjp as he didn’t mentioned other religious practices which keep going for hour’s on loudspeakers.

  32. The problem is not with azan but with the disturbance caused due to it to the people living near that place. Although pipal may say that azan goes on for only 5 minutes for 5 times a day but that is not entirely true. I live in a place in Jharkhand where there are four mosques in the vicinity and the azaan which is supposed to you start at the same time and at the same time destroys the sleep of the people, azan do not start at the same time neither do they end at the same time which results in azan going for almost half an hour in high volume.

  33. IPS officer should have an elaborate mind 5o accept the differences. As a good gesture please have the guts to write ‘peolpe should not celebrate diwali and Holi, as a good gesture’. Shitty ideas from shitty people.

    • If holi & diwali to be stopped why don’t you stop slaughtering cows and stop celebrating Ramzan, Eid and violence of muharram by I’ll treating your body with blades & blood bath on roads.

  34. Dear IPS, you are a mentally sick person that you are comparing Prophet time to the present time. That time what was population and what is now? To your knowledge, that times azan was performing on a high space like the roof or some rock because people can hear the sound and when performing namaz with gathering, then takbeer was calling in between rows that people can hear properly. Now the population is too thick, even only surrounding houses can hear the azan rest cannot. This is a religion, not the service book that you can manage as your will. Yes, I agree to Loudspeaker dismal volume can be high and it must be as per rules. Many mosques are truly using high dismal and can be managed. But your stupid opinion and briefing regarding Islam are showing that you are also the same class attendee of Wasim rizvi. Please don;t say anything, when you don’t have Gyan about this. Your type of so-called intellectual class of Muslims is really big harm for Indian Muslim society. Go to hell with your entire family because your mentality is showing, how you educate your children.

    • I agree with you my dear, this lps got mental who is support to anathon mental I.e wasim kutta, who does not know a b c d of …..Plz. ask to mr.ips officer, how much hours tooks for azaan in a year of muslims for 354 days ? For hindus having how much hours spend in loudspeakers for a year of 365 days ? Where day-night program of ganesh pooja, shivaratri, dusshera, ramanavami, krishna janmastami, hanuman jayanti, diwali ‘s high decibal cracker, DJ music sound in high sound of decibal and so many other festival they are usi ng loudspeakers , are they soundless ? Not creating noise or sleep-disturbance ?

  35. India is a secular country . Anyone can practice any religion . If you are talking about noise pollution due to azaan then there are also bhajans, aartis, kiirtans which go on for hours . Also speaking of other pollutions , diwali and holi causes major air pollution and disturbs animals . Visarjan of all murtis causes water pollution . Antim sanskar causes water pollution. Ganga water is no more drinkable or livable for aquatic organisms . While the issue of water pollution is global , why the issue of loudness of azaan only exists in india. are not muslims present all over the world . Also about the period of prophet , that period did not had any such technologies like loud speakers and also the area was small with not so many people living in it . Now there are lakhs of people and added to that there is noise of traffic as well so we have to use loud speakers . Also this dumb website thinks that azaan through loudspeaker is shaitani awaaz , i bet they dont know that azaan has the name of Allah . Azan is not just a reminder but a prayer itself . It must reach everyone . Even if peope are having issues related to sleep then why not go to sleep early and rise up early. Science supports it . And if govt wants to ban azaan through loudspeakers then also ban use of loudspeakers and other noisy equipments used in other religion and also should make more masjids so that azaan could reach everyone if a person has to give azaan without loudspeakers. Furthermore websites which post about such topics to gain popularity or attention must be banned as it ruins the unity of country .

    • Slaying of animals on eid should be banned first more water is wasted on cleaning the blood than it is used on holi and Diwali is should not be banned the smoke given by crackers helps curbs the rise in mosquitos you can see facts in 2020 many people didn’t celebrated Diwali and the number of mosquitos has increased as compared to previous year and you talk about unfairness PETA while it says killing animals is unfair it gives advice on how to slaughter animals on eid if this is not unfair then what if it was not for the subsidiaries provided by government you all would be begging on streets

      • So, climate change goes to shit, when it comes to fireworks? What’s with the goddamn mosquitoes dude, just mosquito proof your apartment or something, the stuff you said makes no sense at all, and sure, when you expect other religions to let go of their ways that hold significance to them, why aren’t you ready to Deal with the change? Why do you have to defend the fireworks, plus Diwali is the festival of lights, it’s not the festival of fireworks. So much for imposing the change huh?

      • So, climate change goes to hell, when it comes to fireworks? What’s with the goddamn mosquitoes dude, just mosquito proof your apartment or something, the stuff you said makes no sense at all, and sure, when you expect other religions to let go of their ways that hold significance to them, why aren’t you ready to Deal with the change? Why do you have to defend the fireworks, plus Diwali is the festival of lights, it’s not the festival of fireworks. So much for imposing the change huh?

  36. Agree with the writer that religion should be located in our private sphere. But its ethics, morality and goodness should permeate our public sphere. It is a difficult proposition but the change must come and be calibrated. Agree also with the fact that use of loud speakers and high decibel sounds at all places of worship and religious, social and political meets should be curtailed.

  37. Dear Ips Officer…

    Go to Jammu and see aartis, bhajans and poojas, hawans on Loudspeakers and dont know why you guys have problem only with Azaan …

    Does this called Hypocrisy in English 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  38. Why you speek only about azan on loudspeaker also for morning and night time arti , bhajans loudspeakers are used and for people who says why forced non-muslims to listen azan those people have to focus on arti bhajans are alse forcefully heared by non-hindus.Why you peoole just look it at one side and This is India all religions have equal rights in aur democracy If you want to ban azan on loudspeaker also ban bhajans , artis on loudspeakers and firecrackers because they create noice pollution.

  39. All religious communities, even in the liberal countries of Western Europe are expected to comply with local laws on many fronts. Thus, one sees restrictions and prohibitions in areas such as:

    – Azan: Mosques have difficulties in getting permits in many cities due to fears of noise pollution. All the mosques are prohibited from using loudspeakers and they tend to comply with the regulation;

    – Female Genital mutilation (FMG): Practised in certain countries like Egypt, Somalia, and in certain communities like the Bohras, this barbaric practice is banned;

    – Circumcision of boys: Banned in Germany & Iceland. Jewish & Muslim communities have protested though;

    – Fasting: Whilst fasting by adults is OK, most Western countries come down heavily upon fasting imposed on minors. Affects some Muslim communities and Jains;

    – Beating your wife: Religiously sanctioned violence on women is banned. I have been in a few court cases where the defendant cited the Holy Qur’an to justify the violence. That of course did not cut much ice with the courts;

    – Sikh Turban: Although not banned in France, the strict rules of the French version of secularism “laïcité” ban the usage of religious garb in public institutions such as schools, in the public administration etc. Sikh appeals to the European Court of Human Rights were considered inadmissible and French law prevails;

    – Spanking children: Illegal and punishable in all 49 countries of Europe;

    – Niqab: Banned in France and Switzerland;

    – Mosque Minarets: Not permitted in Switzerland;

    – Beef: Allowed all over Europe, much to the chagrin of Hindutva types who now go about threatening Indians who eat beef.

    I guess being a religious minority, particularly an immigrant religious minority undoubtedly results in some clashes with local cultural mores and sensibilities. But the law of the land should prevail albeit with the caveat that the laws should curb majoritarian impulses.

    • There is no rationale in asking Muslims not to do certain things that distinguish them an assertion of Islamophobia. Azaan is, of course, louder than the usual human voice but it is melodious too which some people do not want to acknowledge. A SS MLA recently said that the azan is interesting and advises people to get up early and listen. It is healthy also to get up early. The call from the Minoretts of some mosque comes just before the dust and not in the dead of the night. A famous musician also complained about the early morning azan. But when one journalist questioned him about the same thing in DUBAI, he was answerless. So it proves that his complaint in India was motivated. But why nobody is discussing the louder than azan sounds that come from Temples and during the procession? The duration of azan is 2 to 3 minutes whereas the high decibel sounds emanated from the temple for an hour together. Do these sounds are sweeter than the azan?

      • Mr Ibrahim Khaleel: Thanks for the response Sir.

        Well what is melodious for you may not be melodious for me; you may want to get up early in the morning but not me and so on. So how do we resolve this in mixed communities ? In Muslim majority countries, the azan is something non-Muslims have to accept if they wish to live there. In countries where Muslims are not in a majority and laws prohibit noise pollution, well, Muslims need to adapt. Just as Sikhs adapt to legislation that prohibits the carrying of the kirpan on flights in most Western countries.

        For instance, in Switzerland, there have been 2 referendums in the past decade or so which have been at loggerheads with the Islamic communities here. In 2009, the referendum to ban the construction of minarets won a majority (57%) of votes. Earlier this year, a law to ban the niqab was also adopted through a referendum where 51.2% voted to outlaw it. Admittedly, referendums in many instances reinforce majoritarian notions and prejudices but then you have courts, the press, the legislature, international treaties etc. to thwart it. Thus, when a referendum in Appenzell canton voted to deny women voting rights, that was set aside by the Swiss Federal government as Switzerland had also ratified the European Convention on Human Rights which accorded women the same rights as men.

        The bigger question at hand is: Which legislation is to be accorded the highest rank in a country when there clashes between religious or customary laws and the laws of the land ? Should one give higher rank to the laws of the land that citizens have put in place through a long process of democratic evolution or the laws of God which vary from religion to religion? In my humble opinion, the laws of the land that have evolved through debate over time and continue to evolve should always take precedence. Religious laws should simply be subservient to the laws of the land.

  40. This debate should be simply seen along the lines of other steps taken recently like Triple Talaq, Babri masjid, Love Jihad, Ban on cow slaughter etc… this list can go on. This shows where India is heading to in terms of tolenrence towards religion or intolerance towards anything to do with minority. This is the honest question to think for everyone living in India. India was once a tolerant society during the period before British occupation, it was flourishing in all aspects, it was golden bird then, GDP was 27 % highest in the history.

    If we think we can be intolerant, harsh and biased on one community, we are putting real development, economic prosperity, securtiy, social harmony to a full stop. Think! think!
    Is this what we want?

  41. Yes the adhan on the loudspeaker should be banned but the hindu bhajans ganesh chaturti procession and every other religious event with loudspeaker should. So let’s not target just one religion.
    P.s the parties and the concerts should be banned too cause you never know who must be having a good sleep when the concert is going on.
    So let’s ban the production of the loudspeaker for general public.

  42. In Islam it is not permitted to do any activity that may harm any other man unnecessarily ,so is the case of Azan but as a system and as a great nation Government should ban not only Azan on loudspeakers but also in other activities may be religious or non religious,use of loudspeakers must be prohibited without any kind of discrimination

  43. And how will you explain about the Dhol yatra, Holi, Diwali etc.. etc…? Lol they are ruining the environment along with the same problem with us! You are describing for!

    Also in Azan, there is God’s name mentioned there. So, basically you are saying that you do not want to listen the name of God? You are saying that it’s frustration to listen the name of God in the early morning? Or waking up early morning by listening the name of God?

    • You can’t say that one thing is not bad coz another thing is bad .
      And this article is not about Islam is bad or hinduism is bad , this is about what is bad for nature in general.

      Let’s see it through your bias now
      Hindus Holi, Diwali , Dussehra, Ram Nawami and just add 100 more festivals ( which is an exaggeration though) where Hindus pollute nature in an year.
      Which equals 104 times an year.
      Whereas muslims do the same 1085 times (365×5) every year excluding the festivals.

      Man now I see how dumb I am,
      I mean 104 is obviously a greater number than mere 1085.
      You’re absolutely right let’s ban all hindu activities this will solve every single problem on the planet Earth.

      • LMAO… U are just speaking abt numbers and days.. use ur brain and calculate the amount of pollution caused using formulas.. even a layman can clearly say that the pollution caused by voice over loudspeaker is nowhere near to sound created while bursting crackers and high decimal bells.. ITS MILLION TIMES LESS BRUH.. please dont act smart.. go to ur parents kid…

  44. They better should move with the relaxation of mind gaps and they can go with online apps as individual alarm session for their guidance.
    Also its a great law enforcement towards noice pollution act and should be mend anyways as it disturbs peace of mind for the sleeping community as a ahadith and the sleeping nation is the kingdom of Knights and vampire and dracula and caan have elobrated meaning and names. This is a ahadith sufficent for their mend for law in peace.

  45. The Curse of Being a Sarkari Musalman…. Aapka sirf Azaan par loudspeaker na istemaal Karna apki doglepan ko dikhata hai. Yai Mai manta hu ki Loudspeakers sai azaan ki volume ko as per recommended limits modulate Kar dena chahiye. Par yai kehna ki yai biddat hai aik jahilana statement haii

  46. A cousin of mine in Mysore built his own house in an upper middle-class neighbourhood in the city. His house was flanked by a marriage hall and a mosque that soon got constructed in the vicinity. The noise pollution from both these sources was unbearable with the marriage hall being the louder and more extensive noise polluter of the two.

    India sorely needs laws to curb noise pollution – regardless of whether they come from mosques, marriage halls, religious ceremonies, political rallies or for that matter even traffic.

  47. Why on Muslims should give up azaan on loudspeakers?? Let all religions giveup loudspeakers only then we will welcome such decisions. As azaan is only for 4 minutes whereas other religions ceremony such as aarti, bhajans, kirtans, jagrata etc go on for hours and some throughout the nights.

  48. in early time of prophet mohammed (saws) there was no loudspeaket or such technics so prophet mohammed time people step up after some rows to give bang but azaan was there in louder voice and the area was small and technique was not there but now a days nuturaly lot of noise pollution are there so need loudspeaket in necessity for azaan why only azaan are disturbence there are lot of things to be come under control but i can say one keep mind full of respect to every religion then hope to love from all manner and we will feel to have a heaven on earth

  49. Why there is a mention of only Azaan ? 2-3 minutes of Azaan is problem for people ? Azaan indicates day break (dawn) many start their day from here and scientifically also early to bed and early is rise is encouraged… The timing of Azaan is as per nature and people who have problem are not practicing rules, they keep themself busy in pubs, movies and mobiles whole night hence they complaint. Moreover this looks like a political issue popping up all of a sudden….

  50. Haha ofc then why don’t you all ban the bells also in temple and what you say shankha i mean not loud as loudspeaker but noise pollution is noise pollution. And also how about stop noise pollution in ganpatj visarjan. Also please focus on water pollution duh holi and idols thrown into water bodies? Also how about air pollution in diwali? I mean you l could bare the fact major problems causing pollution but no 5 mins for azaan? Hypocrites

  51. Well if we accept the writers view point, then we have to build more mosques in the community. You see when the writer mentioned About Bilal ( RA) she forgot to tell that he was choosen becoz of his beautiful voice . So if we have to close the loud speakers then we must build more mosques that is minimum every 40 houses must have 1 mosque. That will solve the problem . Now let the BJP people decide do they want more mosques or just that loud speakers which goes on for 5 mins in a day for 5 times.

  52. Very difficult to find “Black Slaves” these days…I guess they’ll need to settle with the Loud speaker and continue to disturb the non belivers….afterall the lives of the non belivers(Kafirs) are meant to be disrupted….

  53. Common sense, the call for prayer is for muslims. Why it has to be heard by non muslims 5 times in a day. This loudspeaker calls suits country like Saudi Arabia, but Our Bharat is a secular country, so it shud be banned in India.

    • The azaan is for the believers , who believe in god’s existence, if you aren’t muslim doesn’t matter , you are a believer

  54. Print media dont make silly news for the sake of Popularity and to earn moneys .this things will make the scenario on religions. kindlY think before adding any post or news .And ensure that all facts are correct . Coming to loudspeaker topic at the time of ancient year the population and technology was not there so all religious use human voice only now we have speaker so every one (religion ) utilizing,dont make silly news.

  55. Issue is not about Azaan. All types of sound pollution, air pollution, water pollution and all other pollutions should be restricted in all occasions, that may be religious or non religious. It will make our body and mind healthy.

  56. The thing called religious tolerance is gone, it is as simple it is, no huge articles, reason, religion is no more important. Modern citizens believe in self worship like this ips officer, worshiping is a different act should be kept limited to places of worship. You don’t want to hear azan or bajan or any other reliuos voice calling toward your creator cause you want to sleep or drink peacefully. Well that is not what other believers do, be a Hindu jain or Muslim. They want that sound to hear, and for azan it is not just a reminder but a prayer itself. I mean we could just say come to prayer it is time or we can keep a bell or app or alarm etc. As you mentioned which happened at the beginning during prophets time. But something else was chosen and it was a sermon a short sermon to be heard by everyone not just a prayer reminder. Azan is a prayer itself that need to be loudly and distantly it should reach to the ears of every Muslim whether he responds or not, to understand any religion you need to adopt that religion a little bit then you can discuss its components and philosophy, I as a Muslim can tell someone to get up early and pray but I can’t enforce it as a law we can’t force religion, fr that there are religious bodies and should be in accordance of its scriptures and its believers.

  57. it’s not actually about azan , it’s about any practice that is being done on the loudspeaker should be banned according to the law . because they create so much noise pollution . Peace ❤️

  58. Yes I Agree with peoples to ban use of loudspeaker for Religious purpose ,let people live happily ,If any religious function is conducted it should be indoor only like Puja,Aarti,Bhajan,satsang Azan Namaz etc etc not on Road or streets which will not disturb any one,so I urge all Religious leaders tof Follow Govt guidelines specially MUSLIMS MUST give Azan indoor &keep HARMONIC relationship wilth ALL ,WE are in modern world use other gadgets to know the time of prayer or any appointments or functions Thank you JAZAKALLAH KHAIR for all

  59. 1 year back I use to live in a house near temple , where every day or twice a week they use to play bhajan in loudspeaker from morning untill evening, during Ganesh utsav 3 days continuously they use to play a music in loud speakers and that to in a full volume , my neighbor had a heart problem thr family use to get scared what if something happens to him ..I’m a student though that loud music use to distract me from studying we never went and complaint any one you know why because our prophet(peace and blessings be upon him) thought us to respect each and every religion and their culture. Late night parties with loud music never effect their sleep but azan which doesn’t consist any music effects so much …

    • Hi bro, I’m a Brahmin priest and I agree. Use of loudspeakers should be banned, not just for Azaan but also for Hindu religious activities like Poojas, Aartis, Jagratas etc. These create a lot of sound pollution, disturbing the peace and quiet of the neighbourhood. Let’s all practice our respective faiths in our personal spaces, without the use of speakers, without disturbing others.

      Peace and love to all! Have a good day!

  60. instead a good idea may be sending wake up calls to the patrons/members who register for the same

  61. Who ever fills azaan can’t here or disturbs in sleep should leave that area and go where their is temple or church because these are silence in nature
    Now days peoples speaking too much they think something good they told they stepping themselves in danger zone
    They should think how life is present when they speak bad ie
    Your life is unsafe now.

  62. India is a diverse country. Respect for other religion is important. Azaan is hardly for 2 to 3 minutes.

    • 2 to 3 minutes 5 times a day , 365.25 days a year. not just once a month.
      better stop now , before being humiliated to forced to do so.

      • You know the time duration of temple ghanta all the time they used to play tan tan tan without any reason

      • If we can listen ur bajans and jagratha for more than 2 hrs y can’t u listen our azan for 2 mins, when your bajans starts y can’t u write for that’s because ur brains stop to write comment towards ur faith. Don’t act like a shit towards other faith unless you r from the wrong side to comment

    • Dear followers you can just memorise me in your heart i will be there for you. No need of loudspeakers. You are in a country where about 85% hindus if they attack on you for my azan then i cant save you. So be beautiful with all and dont put pak laws to Indias. I hope you understand

      • Dear Muslims Islam has came to existence when whole world was And will always be opposing it and trying to Suppress the truth it was few hundred people who never cared about their life to spread the truth and Allah will support those who will spread Allah’s word and will take soul from body only when time comes the more non Muslims questioned Islam the more it thrived.

  63. Why only Azaan? There should be total ban on loudspeakers for any religion. I get equally disturbed by the Jagraatas and early morning bhajans and also all other types of use of loudspeakers which are a nuisance. But chances of any of it happening are less as individuals’ rights are not given much importance in our country.

  64. Why are you singling out particular community? It applies to every community and every religious occasions. Bell at temple, crackers during Diwali, Ganga river, etc and list continues. It’s not the problem of loudspeaker but it’s of the time where people are brain washed by the dangerous ideology.

  65. Dear The print Journalist this mess it’s for you.

    If you don’t know properly about anything or any religion so you don’t have rights to say anything.
    About Muslim, Hindu or Any other religion.
    Because we are Family not an Enemy’s.
    So Mr Journalist you stop to make us Enemy.
    There are Two Three Fools in the world And you Also One of them.

  66. Give up the loudspeaker for aazan. Fine. After that the bhakts will bay to ban the aazan as the sound of the human pronouncing the aazan disturbs & upsets them. The loudspeaker is not the problem, the bigots who oppose Islamic Culture are the demon’s souls

    • yes we oppose Islamic culture bcz we don’t want arabic culture in our country. We dont hav problem with facecovering but it can be a dupata instead of a letter box(burqa).

      • Then should shut bell sound this affects my health I don’t know everytime I hear tan tan tan tan all day this temple sound plays continuous without any interval Azaan plays only for 5 minutes

      • It is not our fault that your religion didn’t guide women’s our religion guild our women’s our monther our sister our wife .They are like gold for us that’s why we cover them and protect them .

        • Talaq talaq talaq, don’t make fool out of yourself. In the social media generation people know how woman are treated and employed in Islamic nations. How European nations like France, Switzerland are already banning your practices. Denmark has totally banned Muslim refugees from entering it’s country. List goes on…,

      • Wow. The bigotry is revealed.
        Our nation has truly gone to shit. And “the print” ain’t helping.

  67. If you don’t know properly about anything so you don’t have any rights to say .
    And you don’t have any rights to say about anyone religion .
    About any muslim, hindu and any other religion because we are family not a enemy.
    So you stop to make us enemy Mr.
    There are Two Three Fools who have problem with the other religion and you also one of them.
    Thank you.

  68. Muslims must focus on population control measures for the betterment of INDIA.

    Population explosion is INDIA’s biggest enemy not china.

  69. Its about the loudspeakers not the azaan. There was a good example in my country about this. A lady complain about the loudeness and it was ended with the lady put sentences in jail for blasphemy and they destroy a temple.
    Just want to say that this is a sensitive matters for Moslems so yes need to promote disscussion over this matter. CMIIW, rules about this loudspeaker such the decibels or usage of the loudspeaker only for azaan but the inisiative should be from the Moslems it self, because they who had the knowledge abour the rules of azaan. Just my opinion.

  70. Even the content needs review, shouting out that there is no god but my god is not exactly pleasing to others

    • Before asking to review the Azaan conten, please understand the meaning correctly. You are wrong here in understanding the meaning of Azaan “there is no god but my god” (اشهد ان لا اله الا الله) . The meaning is “there is none for worship Except one God” no where it says my God. Hope it explains and improves your knowledge of Azaan. God give everyone strength to understand the right meaning.

    • Before asking to review the Azaan conten, please understand the meaning correctly. You are wrong here in understanding the meaning of Azaan “there is no god but my god” (اشهد ان لا اله الا الله) . The meaning is “there is none for worship Except one God” no where it says my God. Hope it explains and improves your knowledge of Azaan. God give everyone strength to understand the right meaning.

  71. I am an Islamic scholar and I agree with Huda.
    It is a well versed article. Muslims should follow his advice and they must give up azaan by loudspeakers.

  72. India a democratic and independent country with right to freedom of religion.
    But also targeting a particular religion.

  73. If she is claiming azaan is disturbing her sleep then ask her to shift her house to near there is no masjid and all.
    If it is really azaan is disturbing to all then loud speakers should be banned from all religious houses and where it is using.

  74. It IS totally a pure, social, mental and religious stupidy- many of my family members and friends have said it for so many years – they cannot sleep properly or be oneself in peace, without hearing a day in and a day out of, loudspeaker polluting noise, endlessly five times a day, – those Muslims need to realize that and respect others who also live, like them, in their surrounding areas/cities – they are NOT the only people who live in an area/cities -there ARE others too, who live in that areas/cities – this noise pollution of loudspeaker MUST stop, if need be, by use of the force, whatever that force may it be. It MUST stop. Period. Thank you.

    • Nikratan barua my family and so many rekatives didn’t sleep well from so many years due to bhajans on loudspeaker’s. And during jaatra whole night and day continue bhajan on loudspeaker’s with high volume cause noise pollution so u r not only leaving in society we r also leaving society .we didn’t make any issue or complain about it. So,dont make any silly issues because we are all living in same society always maintain peace and equality .

    • Then all loudspeakers should be banned even those from the bhajan , jagrata etc etc which Hindu religious do continuous 24×7 noise pollution which is equal to the whole year of azaan.

  75. Everyone need to know the meaning of AZAN first. AZAN calls towards good. No one would reject if something is calling towards good. Secondly why a person (without speaker) loudly calls? He calls for everyone should hear and come towards goodness. If it is so then what’s wrong in calling through speaker.
    In the time Mohammed (saws) there was no speaker therefore no question of using that time. In the time of Mohammed (saws) there were no mobiles TVs. Had the people left using mobiles and tvs ? If speakers were there at the time of Mohammed (saws) they may have been used for the reason that everyone should hear and come towards goodness. But I agree that valume of the sound should be moderate.

    • If you know anything about Islam you should know you cant change the way of ibadat it’s called bidaah so loudspeaker should be banned as its a bidaah . Many Muslim dont celebrate mawlid for the same reason.

    • Yeah 2-3 minutes, five times a day.. 365 days.. some of us might be sleeping and we hear this screech still no problem, we might be in the middle of an important/serious call/meeting we hear this screech still no problem, we might have so many problems that we require peace and calmness for sometime and we hear this screech still no problem!!!! well, you don’t have a problem coz you are a muslim but others do have problem listening to this. Why the hell are Muslims enforcing their religion on others!! They want their community to grow and so they keep giving birth even if they are 50 not thinking about their health.. utter nonsense.. not seen so religion obsessed people in any other community.. pity

  76. Just because you are ok doesn’t mean it’s ok for everyone. Nobody plays bhajans, kirtans 5 times a day. In any case there is no need to create a public nuisance with blaring noise whether it’s the azzan or playing bhajans, Bollywood songs such festivals. Time to restore the sanctity of all our religious practices so that they truly reflect their original purpose and holiness. Instead of becoming Identity markers or games of political upmanship.

  77. Time to bring back sanctity and respect into religious practices. The kind of blaring boisterous celebrations during all religious festivals need to stop. This includes playing of Bollywood songs during Ganesh and Durga pooja festivals. Keep it simple and quiet. Unfortunately even religion nowadays is a in your face political tamasha.

  78. at INDIA while Prime Minister & President are doing POOJA and all 150 to 200 channels are showing loud these events and citizen of pooja place are silent or supporting there no one liberal Hindu is getting Noises???

  79. Yess we should ban all loud speakers in India those used in bars clubs and mandirs to. I mean azaan is peaceful but bro what about those annoying tunes they play at mandir and the cringey songs they play at weddings let’s ban all use of loud speakers in India after all change starts with ourselves. Let’s change ourselves first.

  80. Azaan is said for not nore thsn 3mins. What you/one among liberals have to say about the blaring and deafening aartis from mandirs? Do they nor create sound pollution
    Arent they a cause of nuisanse

  81. If you say there wereno loudspeakers so it should be stooped. Then please stop all the sources of conveyance like car, bikes, heavy vehicles which were not available then and now treating and taking people’s life either by pollution or accident or even noise. Please use only horses, camels or donkeys like you who cannot make justifiable reasonable difference. Please do not use digital means of doing things which makes widespread various detrimental rays around us and threatening life, please stop aeroplanes nuclear research and unstoppable examples, why just loudspeakers in mosque. This why you fear the call of Allah will prevail only and as you already heard of it and must be questioned in the hereafter that why didn’t you responded to the call of Allah before being thwarted towards the hell.

  82. Idol immersion does not take place every single day of the year. Hence, the DJs are confined ONLY to a few specific days.
    Also, the timing of the nuisance matters. I dont think anyone would have an issue if the azaan was aired at 9 am. Using loudspeakers at 5 un the morning is heights of craziness. Maybe one can consider it for a special occassion which happens say once or twice in a year. But to have to endure it 365 days will make anyone annoyed and aggrieved.

  83. This issue should be sorted out within the community itself. There are countries like Egypt where use of loudspeakers during Azaan are banned. So use of loudspeakers is not a uniform practice.

    As regards noise pollution from any source, there are set rules and police must implement them.

  84. I don’t think Najma hoda is qualified to pronounce statements on shariat
    The issue is decided on the basis of ijtihaad which I believe she might have heard
    The reason of disturbing others sleep or etc does not hold ground when other religions have also the other ways for calling or making their presence felt

  85. ‘We are okay with use of loudspeakers for concerts and political speeches but not for someone’s religious practices!!’
    Prophet PBUH didn’t use mechanical sounds because the bell or horn could not deliver the message of azaan so a human voice was considered suitable.
    In my opinion, loudspeakers should be allowed for religious purposes or they should be banned for all purposes.

  86. Every religion has their own principles.
    So let the followers decide what to do.
    Whether it is Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Sikhism and so on.
    As far as loudspeaker is concerned in Islam, I would like to inform my non-Muslim brothers and sisters that during our Prophet (BPUH) time, there was no technology and no electricity. So no question of his (BPUH) support or no support for loudspeaker.
    So, please, I request every indian brothers and sisters to keep their religion within themselves and not to pass any type of comments for any other religions. Respect for all.

  87. How about the political parties campaigning for vote?? How about songs played at temple on loud speaker.. should we blind to see these???

  88. I wouldn’t say that the country is ‘blessed’ to have people like Zakir Naik and his ilk. Rather than saying that everybody should live with this chaos, it’d be better to ban them all considering the reduction in noise pollution is beneficial not only to human health but also to the animals & plants that live with us. Blaring praying calls at 4:30 or 5:30 is a fanatic behavior, the right to which must not be that of anyone in the country. We could do well without this kind of religious/cultural/feudal medievalism be it by Muslims or any other group.

  89. There should be fairness in our judgement. if
    loud sound/high decibels is the problem then bring every high decibel to account. All(hindu,muslim,sikh, Christian..etc) religious programs on loud speakers, noisy honks of the train, company sirons, election rallies with high capacity loud speakers.. etc all sound too loud to my un biased human ear. Also better don’t go back to origins of any religion as it will only shock you more knowing how we all have deviated/evolved from the original religious practices, even Hindu religion for that matter.

  90. I think you are wrong and I’ll try to prove it in points. No intention of hurting others

    1) Azan is needed to call Muslims to prayer. In India, Mosques aren’t everywhere. So it becomes necessary for the people to know when is the prayer starting.

    2) You say the prophet would have rejected it. 1400 years ago there were no loudspeakers. The Masjid in that time was small and the houses weren’t too far so there was no need of loudspeakers. Today Masjids are big and people live far away

    3) Speaking about pollution.
    Today we need loudspeakers in our life. If not everywhere atleast in places of importante ( political places, religious places etc). We can reduce the pollution by using the car horns less. What about the huge concerts that take place . The people are making noise, the sound systems are causing noise pollution. Noise is created by air traffic and construction sites tpoo.

    Mistakes made by Muslims:

    1) The azan is not given in proper voice
    Often old people give the azan and their voice is not beautiful. Even if young people give azan, their voices aren’t beautiful. The proper way of giving azan is by reciting it in beautiful voice and with proper pronunciation

    2) The azan is given as if someone is shouting. Please my request to the Muslims, give the azan in a proper way

    My aim was to tell you the main aim of azan and the mistakes of Muslims. If someone was hurt, I had no intention of doing so

  91. Write up is beautiful written but in india scene is something different…Azaan is Disturbing people but music is good. Fire crackers on diwali is not disturbing people…..
    There is no case of disturbance, it is only the murder of democracy…

  92. I’ve read some pieces by this author and yes, whilst not as rabid as quite a lot of opinion-leaders/-makers of self-proclaimed “Reformists” — who’re oh-so-unpredictably adored amongst the “HIndians” and non-“Ms”..

    …And this Tamizhan is in the same league BUT..

    …Obviously not well-liked because he’s the far more articulate, and dare I add: non-narcissist, mature figure of all.
    HOWEVER.. Since he’s in the same league: One can’t discount the Philosophical possibility of the presence of narcissism, of being a founder of yet-another Islāmic sect — after all. For more than millennia: Far, far, far before the advent of “Interwebs”, all self-anointed pioneers after “the Prophet”* has.. Let’s just say: Wrought overall mixed-results, after all. And yes: Need I spell-out, like every other belief-system — has often resulted in intra-religious violent strifes*, after all. But ahhh.. Well! At least the name gets stamped[ on the name of sect], so what else should even matter?

    *I mostly invoke the term ‘the most beloved Prophet’ because the Question of his Finality, eventually causes the aforementioned[ between denominations]. But here.. The author already gave me an alternative-template, even if it’s not as comprehensive.

  93. I am a Muslim and I totally agree with the given points in article and this is sometime I have been discussing with people ,it appears that the youth of Muslim community are more logical and will welcome any laws regarding banning Azaan on loudspeakers.

    • Tum muslim nahi ho

      Warna banning of loudspeaker on bhajan and jagrata of 24 hours in a day continuosly , also should be banned, you have to comment

      But you are not a muslim so I clear you that if banning of loudspeaker during azaan is a noise pollution then banning of loudspeaker during bhajan and other prayers are also fall in this category

      Hope you understand that

  94. Noise pollution should be reduced no matter of whatever source it is coming from..and whomsoever it is coming from…

  95. there is no problem in using loudspeakers in the afternoons and evenings.
    but some of the reciters are really “besura” especially in india. they should definitely be banned.

  96. Azaan is invitation for the holy prayers five time a day. It lasts 1 to 1.5 minutes with the sound level permissible under law. No music is part of it. Mr. Najam is perhaps trying to portray himself as a neutral to appease the agitating side. If banned, all loudspeaker at various events posses a similar tragedy inviting ban. We live in a civilized society trying to reach Mars. When the worlds developed nation were busy in mastering various fields to hold their grip in development and economics, here in India we are still busy in these topics without a sense of shame. We have the right to practice and apply religious protocols being respected by law and its citizens since independense. Why Azan being a subjected heated now not to talk about changing the historical names of cities being derived from the Moghul era. It seems we have fixed to eliminate every impression of historical values keeping our dislikes towards a specific subject. India has lakhs of Math’s and Mandir’s were Bhajan’s and Kirtan’s practiced on loudspeakers and without them. This proves we still have a tolerable society except a few minds only to polarise a peaceful existence of humans.

  97. As azaan in loudspeaker promote noise pollution and disturb people routine we should implement rule to ban loudspeaker for all type of activities as said in earlier comments let it be bhajan or music during navratri, or church carols in loud speakers as well as crackers in diwali which is main source of both noise and air pollution.

    India is a country of many religion i believe hardly there is any country in world with such large amount of religious faith and belief of people live in harmony so instead of targeting at any specific community if rules are being passed it should be viewed in a secular way to see harmony among all the faiths.

  98. I beleive the statement given in above topic is undoubtedly correct. It does not have any religious values. If it’s creating controversy then I believe it should be corrected. Keep the volume low, the sound should not go outside the mosque itself or be it any religious place.

    • If it’s correct according to u then it should stop in all religions place.

      And if u don’t knw wts correct or wrong don’t give a comment.

  99. Right wing extremists in the country think liberals only find faults in “Hindu way of living” and never address the faults in minority religions. This should open their eyes up.

    It was a good read. Thank you.

    • Azan is only for 5 mins. that too just the recitation without music, the communal guys having frustration wanna make a name objecting to it. In Navratilova the whole night Brajans with full music volume. That time they don’t bother about noise pollution they just enjoy troubling others.

  100. “Azaan is intended for Muslims. That it falls on non-Muslim ears is an inadvertence”. Extending the same logic, Temple/Church/Gurudwara if they use loud speakers (which they normally do every now and then) their sound also falls on non-believers of that respective faith!! If loud speakers have to be given up then it should be given up by All faiths and not only by a specially “targeted community” by the columnist.
    An IPS officer writing about a religious matter which definitely do not appear to be his forte!! He should better concentrate on improving his career by performance rather than by being a stooge!!

  101. Thank you, sir. I am a religious Hindu and I must say that temples are loud and noisy too. Loudspeakers should be banned for all.

  102. And what about Bhajans that are blaring out of loud speakers. Would you write something about that or you are just too scared to be another lynch mob victim.

  103. As usual, here also I see some used the opportunity to Islam bashing. *They conveniently forget the fact that all religious places, regardless any particular faith is responsible for this phenomena* while influencial zealots of a particular sect belong to their own faith itself is being alleged of assertiveness.

  104. Always appreciate the understanding of Shri Hoda in his articles. I am sure that if Muslims give up the use of loudspeakers, other communities too will give up the same time, and that would be good for our country. The problem comes when activists want Hindus to give up use of crackers during Diwali ,while keeping mum of the loudspeakers on mosques.

  105. A blanket ban on all types of use of loudspeakers for daily religious practices is needed.

    • Good article.
      Nowhere it is mentioned that loudspeakers were there 1400 years ago in the article.
      I would like to add that this should be universal for all religions. There is no need to pray using loudspeakers or even with might of your lungs if you are disturbing others. (either other religion or your own religion as well)
      Everyone has a right of not to be disturbed.
      All should use there own intellect before advising others to use their.

  106. I think a citizen’s rights to live peacefully is an absolute must. And azaans are disturbing to non Muslims through the day. In fact the very use of loudspeakers should be banned from usage whether it is Muslims, Hindus, community musical or religious programmes or even political speeches. Designate a few places where the loudspeaker may be used and other places should be designated pollution fee places.

    • I fully endorse your comment Mr Ram Y.

      There is far too much noise pollution in India and religious celebrations as well as functions such as marriages are the main culprits. And you are spot on when you say that noise pollution measures should aslo extend to political campaigning.

    • Alan takes time max 1 minute .in that one minute u will not be dirurb. In five times azan takes max 6 to 7 minute
      In my area Hindu use loudspeaker early in morning and they take times 1 hour .
      Think who diturb us more

    • yes this applies for all religion….early morning bhajans in Mandir, All the day and night laudspeakers in various pujas are disturbing in the same manner. Same is the case of all night party in new year or the DJ on roads in marriages. The issue is not approached as noise pollution rather being targetted as Azan disturbance. By focusing on Muslims, India can get rid of azaan on mike, but not noise pollution, which is the main problem.

    • He clearly says the Prophet WOULD have rejected it in a hypothetical manner emphasizing that the Prophet might have chosen to sacrifice the right to use speakers in deference to the wishes of those who were discomforted by it.

    • First of all who are you to decide what we have to do ?
      In india we are told to people that we live together but see what’s happening and if your having any problem close your ears we cant tolerate this bullshit

    • Clearly he did not see its existence for him to endorse or not endorse it. He might have endorsed it if it were there during his time, though he might not have endorsed the horn, etc.

  107. As a matter of logic and rule (if required), there should be no loud speakers used at any place of worship except for indoor events, where the sound will remain within four walls.

    Indeed persons may exercise their individual and collective option to sing bhajan, recite mantra or recite verses from Quran with all the lung power they may have.

    Group Captain TP Srivastava

  108. Issue is not about Azaan

    There are 2 kinds of actions expected. Tactical shirt term and long term
    In the short run, let loudspeakers be banned for any religious function of any religion. Why isolate Azaan. The issue is not Azaan, issue is someone shouting into anyone’s privacy which leaves me with no choice to accept or reject. So whether Ganesh chaturthi or Azaan, close all loud speakers

    Long term perspective
    Let there be clarity that religion and it’s practice s are about personal beliefs. Religion is not what a community decision.
    So it is what ever it is to an individual and let it be and not be questioned by anyone.

    The moment we make it a comunity activity,we are making it open to manipulation of an influencer. This could be religious bodies, politician or anyone with vested interests.

    For better religious harmony, have a ministry for religion which debates, educates and brings more sharing. No budgetary allocation reqd, just quarterly congregation and sharing a. Each can take away what it wants.
    Last aspect is dealing with public or community events. British era reqd it to congregate people. Today it has become a commercial and political event. This should completely closed. Any institution wanting should have a process of application, security, costs with declaration of no disturbance to others and fines if violated and should be conducted with donation s, but no tax payers money to be used.

    • Really impressed with some comments, which adress this issue as whole and not on the basisi of religion and pointing Muslims/azaan out. I think with such general concept, no one should have issues…. It should be on the basis of humanity….

  109. The article is written in good faith and should be welcomed but points to a deeper problem.

    When it comes to muslims every idea needs to be referred back to what the Prophet did or what the Quran says – not that this is the logical thing to do, so do it! It’s like a 21st century hardware working on 7th century software. This is keeping the community from evolving – unlike every other major religion. Every time you hear Islam says ‘this’… That’s the core of the problem.

    • Clearly the use of loudspeakers on religious site’s have more to do with the community assertion in the public space and it’s true not only in the case of the Muslim’s , Hidus etc but the sects within a religious community as well. I also admit your point that, in case of the muslim community, an idea is always refered back to what the Prophet did n/or Quran, clearly or through infererence, says about it & can’t get community acceptance just being it logical alone. This position must be irritating to a non-muslim & also held the community back from progress in comparision to their peers.

      • Haan article padha hai

        Magar agar loudspeaker se noise pollution ho hi raha hai toh bhajan aur jagrata jo 24×7 hourse continuosly karte hain usko bhi loudspeaker 📢 se nhi karna chahiye

        Frequency ki baat karenge toh jitna noise pollution ek jagrata ya bhajan me hota hai (24×7) hourse in a weak let’s assume then

        In a year pura pura 30 din continuous use krte ho( 30×24×24 = 17,280 hourse ) tum sab loudspeaker jabki azan ki dekhi jaye toh (5 times a day = 10 mints ×5 = 50 minutes in a day so let’s 1 hours in a day approximately, 365×1 = 365 hourse )
        Tumse toh bhut km noise pollution hai azaan ka

        Fir sabhi religion se loudspeaker banned hona chahiye.

        Hope you understand that

        • If islam has not mentioned anything about using loudspeakers then did hindu religion mention tht it is necessary to use loudspeakers in bhajans and ganesh chaturti festivals.Why , loudspeakers where not invented in the past na then why are u ppl using it now in bhajans when ur god didnt use it in the past

    • If we are going to teach eachother their own religion I am sure there are so many things Hindus are not practicing properly, for starters their religious books says there is only one God but they follow so many Gods. If Hindus think they know Islam better then Muslims then they should have debate with scholars like zaker Nayak.

      • Mr Ahmed: Zaker Nayak is no scholar but a businessman in the same mold as Baba Ram Rahim, Asharam Bapu, Sri Sri Ravishankar, Sadguru etc. All these charlatans run for profit businesses with opaque accounting practices. Indeed, much of what that fool Zaker Nayak says is unscientific and goes against the tenets of his first profession – medicine.

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