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Modi’s refusal to shut Parliament despite COVID-19 shows BJP’s cynical politics

The disregard for the coronavirus threat to Parliamentarians and everybody who interacted with them shows how the BJP will stop at nothing to get what it wants.

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Narendra Modi and Amit Shah’s refusal to adjourn Parliament, despite the massive coronavirus threat, to suit their political objectives is a telling reflection of the cynical, ruthless and alarming politics the Bharatiya Janata Party has stood for and believed in. A brand of politics where self-interest and the quest for power overrules everything — be it an epidemic or social harmony, safety of citizens or even basic democratic tenets.

For Modi-Shah, and for the BJP as a whole, the lines between governance and politics, propriety and hunger for power, as well as brazen ambition and care for Indian citizens often get blurred beyond recognition.

Prime Minister Modi, in his address to the nation last week, emphasised the need for social distancing, even calling for a ‘janata curfew‘, and yet, didn’t think it important enough to halt the Parliamentary proceedings. How could he, especially considering that the BJP was resisting the postponement of the assembly session in Madhya Pradesh on grounds of the coronavirus outbreak. The BJP desperately wanted to topple the Kamal Nath government through an immediate floor test.

It was only on Monday that the Modi government finally adjourned Parliament sine die, after passing the Finance Bill. But not before enough panic was spread over MP Dushyant Singh’s presence at a Lucknow party, also attended by singer Kanika Kapoor, who later tested positive for COVID-19. Considering Dushyant attended Parliament after that party, several MPs went into self-quarantine, causing a wave of panic and fear.

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The opportunism, the hypocrisy

As per the latest numbers, India has 415 active cases of coronavirus, with seven deaths reported so far. This is a global crisis, a pandemic generations haven’t witnessed.

The Modi government is vigilant and rightfully worried as well as cautious — a near-nationwide lockdown is unprecedented in India. But a lockdown in Parliament wasn’t considered imperative — a space where MPs, the media and Parliament staff are in close proximity to each other. In short, a happy space for the coronavirus to spread and multiply.

The prime minister, who addressed the nation in his usual ‘family elder’ mode, advising caution and mentioning social distancing, chose to keep Parliament running because how do you shut one house down when you are fighting to keep another running?

BJP’s sole mission is to enjoy power, and with Jyotiraditya Scindia’s exit from the Congress, Madhya Pradesh was a low-hanging fruit the BJP wouldn’t let go of at any cost. Even if that meant the frightening prospect of the virus entering Parliament premises and threatening to infect a horde of people.

And thus continued Parliament, at least till mission Madhya Pradesh was complete.

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The bedrock of cynicism

Such is the BJP’s hunger for power that it overwhelms everything, washing away whatever might come its way. This is a party whose rise has been built on an exclusionary, majoritarian brand of politics. The bloody and divisive Ram Janmabhoomi movement of the 1990s formed the bedrock of its steep upward political and electoral curve.

This is a party not averse to presiding over a riot, or over a polarised discourse, as long as it serves its purpose.

One needn’t even go too long back into its past to see examples. Look at how both Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have dealt with recent sensitive issues — from the National Register of Citizens (NRC) to the Citizenship (Amendment) Act and the Shaheen Bagh protests in Delhi.

Who cares that Assam’s NRC was a Supreme Court-monitored exercise, and with zero communal context? It certainly didn’t stop then BJP president Amit Shah from rabble-rousing on the issue, calling infiltrators ‘termites’ who need to be thrown into the Bay of Bengal and giving speeches the BJP knew would be provocative enough to not just threaten the fragile social fabric of Assam, but of the entire country. Since the ‘infiltrator’ in this case is the Muslim, underlining his ‘undesirable presence’ helps BJP play its favourite game — polarisation.

When Delhi elections were around the corner, and the BJP was desperate to at least put up a half-decent show, Home Minister Amit Shah did not shy away from inciting voters to teach Shaheen Bagh protesters a lesson that resulted in a law and order situation.

When it comes to polarising rhetoric, can Modi be far behind? From claiming that those engaging in anti-CAA riots can be identified by their clothes to bringing up a shamshan-kabrisatan reference ahead of the 2017 Uttar Pradesh assembly polls, Modi stops at nothing.

The blatant disregard for the coronavirus threat to Parliamentarians and everybody who might interact with them shows how the BJP will stop at nothing to get what it wants.

The disregard for the coronavirus threat to Parliamentarians and everybody who interacted with them shows how the BJP will stop at nothing to get what it wants.

Views are personal.

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  2. Dear print team – do you read the comments? Hope you do. Let me tell you – your love for running down BJP, at the behest of your masters, is unparalleled. Fuck you – real hard. You stich together any remotely connected events to paint BJP as villian, while keeping ominous silence at criminal activities of Congress and other such parties.

  3. Doctors, nurses, heath care professionals are working. Grocery shops, vegetables- fruit vendors are working, chemists are open. Police is working. Bankers are working. Petrol pumps are open. Journalists and reporters are working. And many more.
    And you are suggesting government shouldn’t be working, parliamentarians shouldn’t be working at the time of a national crisis ??

  4. Opinions need to be fact based & not propoganda oriented. However there is nothing called a neutral or factual account. It all depends on the writer’s understanding of the subject & commitment to make others aware of the situation.
    Nowadays the responsibility is trust on the reader to separate grain from chaff

  5. These two greedys will realize one day the price of their adament nature and style. They restrict others and lead a carefree life. They think if power is there they’re free to do anything. With interest you will pay for this, dear gujoos.

  6. Without Parliament’s Approval to Finance Bill, no money can be spent. You will have to dig into Contingency Fund.
    Like someone posted, Parlimentarians job at present is akin to that of Essential Services Employees.

  7. Shut up biased media ! If parliament has been shut out, will your father run the country or take decisions? Stop spreading hatred.
    Bjp is the best
    Jai hind

  8. The paper, author reek of venom more powerful than the corona itself.Corona can be contained, but not these people who claim to be “humans”.

  9. The Print author with such article, shows its upset with a fully working parliament. Print author habitually still expects, public decisions to come out of private residence of 10 Janpath, rather than legitimate house of people, the parliament. In these times of disaster, a full fledged working wotking parliament which involves opposition too, gives ultimate legitimacy to the decisions and intentions of government. The print author is apparently irritated of this new system of democracy. Using the garb of laughable pretext of heath concern for parliamentarians, he fails to grapple the gravity of health concerns of billion commoners which takes precendence over the health of lawmakers which is their duty. If they feel they cannot give their whole and soul to the selfless service of country, they have choice to resign and seek protection from government as a commoner. As its said, the parliament must go on.

  10. Parliament is adjourned as per your wishes.And yet you.have written this piece to rant at Modi and his govt.Report on Corona instead at your place and stay safe.

  11. Sir, I am sure you don’t want to print your paper. People might use it to wipe their a**. That is only good thing this paper can provide.

  12. Such a bloody hypocritical analysis by the writer of the current scenario and what a dumb piece of shit is he or she. We expect the people whom we have have chosen to run this country should work and in this time of distress spread all around the world our government is ensuring our lives does not get affected, it’s too serious than your imagination can reach. Besides they are more safe than anyone in this country. We need people who can work in field, aren’t doctors/policeman/cleaning personnel doing their duty? Then why shouldn’t our elected parliamentarians work. I feel so angry reading your article, the words used is just so anti-national. Are you even of this country by heart? Maybe it’s just a publicity stunt to keep running your monkey show.

  13. I think editor had lost its common sense, he should take rest and explore the more about the facts. Mind has fully filled up the negativity, he should start to do yoga, that can help more than these types of prebiased article, …Theprint is losing creditability through these type of post.

  14. This hat red for Modi p uked out by the Print, Quint, Scroll, Wire, Hindu .. only confirm…. that these rags aren’t even c lean enough to w ipe one’s you-know-what with !!

  15. When news paper or editorial becomes Judgemental, it looses it’s credibility and considered to be agenda driven journalism. Really not trustworthy column…

  16. Shameless people, shame shame shame

    Parliament is not so crowded place. PM and Shah is trying all possibilities to maintain stability in the country during CoVid crisis. If they shut, will Ruhi’s family will run the parliament and owner of The Print will release funds to the country’s fight against Corona Virus.

    We all know what you are upto… You views hardly matters now. While country knows. 👎

  18. Modi is that emperor who’s building unnecessary tributes to himself while the people are dying! I don’t think andh bhakts get the irony of 20,000 crore for an extravagant ‘Central Vista’ versus 15,000 crore for corona virus. No one would be surprised if even that goes to corporates, because, after all, the rest of us don’t buy electoral bonds!

    Was the fact that demonetisation happened just before the UP Assembly elections a coincidence? No! Just as a lockdown just after the BJP CM is sworn in is not down to chance.

    Doctors are screaming for protective equipment, and we’re giving them claps in return. That’s while equipment manufacturers are twiddling their thumbs, waiting for the government to place orders.

    The author should take all the vitriol in the comments as a compliment. The propaganda machine is overdrive, because the emperor’s agenda is being uncovered.

    Only a brave person will point out that the emperor is wearing no clothes!

    • don’t spread this hatered in current situation, you are definatly nor an indian, while whole country is looking into all the political administrator and the law maker and they are also doing their best to tackle the situations over and above the politics. people like you spreading venom, you are dangerous than coronavirus .

      • Those who caused the Delhi riots are the ones that spread venom. And people like you drink it, thinking it’s medicine!

        Have anything logical or factual to say? Or do just one thing – justify 20,000 for Central Vista versus 15,000 for the virus! Tell me why there’s no financial task force yet? Why did the lockdown take place so late?

  19. अनावश्यक बातों का लेखन । देश हित, देश धर्म की बाते होनी चाहिए।


    To sit at home and enjoy when every citizen is facing a crisis?
    To abandon their responsibilty and enjoy at their homes?
    Are they not given accomodation at Delhi so that they can stay out and help in governing this country?
    Are they not given an office to work from. Do they also think they can work from home?
    Can they not meet and discuss the national scenario instead if relaxing in their houses?
    What a shame…
    One person started it… He demanded that the parliament should be closed … Everyone followed it….
    Can they not demand that Committees are formed to monitor Essential Commodities Distribution / Supply to all citizens and monitor this?
    Can they not demand that commitee for ensuring distribution of drugs is formed and be members in such committees and monitor this..
    Leaders show there comitmrnt in times of need.. COWARDS RUN AWAY…

    • Well, the parliamentarians were not really dealing with the crisis were they?! If they were, why haven’t any concrete measures been announced regarding financial relief for the people who do not have money or food?! Other global leaders did this week’s ago. Why hasn’t orders for protective equipment been placed? Doctors are begging for it.

      Quit dreaming! Parliament was not adjourned so that the finance bill could be passed, the MP government could fall into BJPs hands, and the Central Vista could be sanctioned so that Modi can build it before the next elections!

      If the parliamentarians were so concerned, they should have been in their constituencies, making arrangements and educating people, not sitting in air conditioned rooms!

  21. Writer Ruhi Tiwari ati s assertions have been rejected by numerous people by their reply to the material ian cooked by her, means the material is without relevance and reality. It establishes her made thoughts are biased and just misguide the readers. May God revive her good sence to come out of fiction to reality of facts. S c kalra

    • Surely it is a paid article. Shameless and irrespinsible journalusm. If she cares so much for MPs, why thry senf their field reportes to gather news snd vedio for TV? Why not ask them to stay at home safely. They are less important than her paymasters in politics.
      The author may sit at home write fictions. But the demanding her own representatives in Government to sit at home and relax when people are struggling to cope up with virus and lock down.

  22. Shameless Author, totally ridiculous article written with hatred against ruling party and no logic.

  23. Typically sick .. seriously I feel pity on author’s thought process …God help her…
    It’s better to ignore these post …else they will always be getting enough motivation to write such crap

  24. When a ship sinks the captain is the last to leave it. It’s the same with a govt. Sitting at home do you think you can govern the country. Are the doctors and all other health workers not next to each other. What hypocrites the opposition is and immatures.

  25. Shame on you Print for publishing biased articles. Weather modi is right or wrong your job as responsible media right now is to get the country behind the pm so that govt decisions get a shot in the arm during this epidemic. Last thing you should be doing at this time is put doubts in people’s mind about their leader.

  26. Ruhi Tiwari, wake up.
    Realize that Congress has looted and destroyed India for decades. You certainly are getting paid by their black money to write anti bjp articles. Stop this nonsense.
    Game over

  27. Congratulations to the author of this article. She is unafraid of the ILLITERATE bjp goons and exposed them fully. Modi and Shah don’t talk about the miserable state of the economy. They keep diverting the attention of the people. India is now called LYNCHISTAAN AND RAPESTAAN. Really pathetic. And to all the bjp IT cell trolls, don’t bother trolling me. I am not an indian. I belong to a filthy oil rich country. I can buy u beggars off in a minute. Go and drink some COW URINE and give some to Modi / Shah. Hahaha.

    • And here comes our friend from Peace Loving Religion. The very corporation which believes that their religion shouldn’t be afraid of Coronavirus and go out in groups and do their 5 times Namaz.
      And here putting some anti-govt. point of view.

  28. It seems that the colonists in ‘the print’ are living in a fools paradise thinking that whatever they serve in this media will be taken wholesomely by the average citizen of this country.. 🙏

  29. Modi gorenment sahi kaam kr rhi hai.
    Aur bhot smjh daari se kr rhi hai.
    Aap itne bde reporter ho kr nahi smjh paa rhe ho.
    Hala ki aap hmse jada jankaar hai.
    Modi gorenment is one of the best gorenment in the world.
    Jai hind 🇮🇳 jai bharat 🇮🇳

    • You are right bro. But to some it is politics. They should comeout from their nesty thinking and think right.

  30. However the disciples praise the centre, as a common man, I feel the government is causing too much trouble to it’s people. On one side we are been told on complete lock down and on other side meetings and gatherings..different laws for different people. And what decisions are taken on discussion. The new india just passed its Bill’s that the owners result is hike in prices everywhere to earn more tax to build statues, extravagant travel and living. It’s all tax payers money which is forcefully snatched from public. All decisions of this government rolls out at night. Till yesterday evening, the message was don’t rush, don’t panic, good to go, have stock of supplies etc etc..8pm a PM declares lock down after 12, by which time all shops are closed and no one can gather any groceries to stock. All state governments advise cops to penalise public if seen on road, but without going to road,how can we buy ration. This exactly is the problem with the government. No planning, no sensible decisions, no consideration on the miseries they cause to the public of the nation for their wrong decision of electing them to power.

    • Groceries and all supplies are running smoothly. It’s the people’s mindset who are trying to pile up things.

  31. RUHI You must answer this . YOUR reporters are roaming around city without proper safety precautions such as masks and gloves and are taking mics very close to security personnel and general public. Are you so careless that in your voyeuristic behaviour you are not bothered of other people’s life

  32. Entire Govt machinery is running- Party who runs the country also running the parliament – Look at police force – Medical team – She just lost her mental intelligence – Off course she is doing what for to Get paid – She is anti national.

  33. When 130 crores people lives at stake , what is wrong in MPs to attend parliament session to pass urgent measures ?..modi did right thing by not adjourning parliament .few hundred MPs easily can be isolated from Corona virus but we can’t isolate 130 crores people ..all MPs should attend in this emergency situation

  34. Typical anti Modi article by another biased soul now bereft of sarkari privileges, due to change in government.
    Surely parliamentarians ,& press ought to know social distancing. Or are they scholl children, for the institutions to be sshut down?
    If the houses were shut she would have accused the government of not enabling discussion in parliament.
    Only purpose is fault finding to criticize Modi. She is worried that people like the way Modi is handling the crisis and may succeed. Public health & welfare be damned, everything can be sacrificed at her altar of hate Modi.

  35. Why is this writer not asking the Docters, nurses, transporters, pilots ,airhostesses, waste managers, kirana shopes ,veg venders etc, to stop working?? They r at higher risk than MPs & MLAs.

  36. Ms try to understand parliament is not a office which can be closed immediately, it has its business plan for the week and Modi Govt is the only govt to get the legislative work completed by parliament . Parliament is not a institute to waste public money . Proper care
    Ensure no covid case in these days from stop curnning half truths.

  37. Wow! What a disgusting and biased article, each line shows the hatred against government with whatever possible negativity can be spread. Shame on the writer 😡.. these people are more dangerous then Corona or any other viruses.

  38. I mean is this Ruhi Tiwari even mature to understand as to how a country is to be run especially in the time of crisis. Day after day The Print keeps on churning out meaningless anti Modi agenda which is completely devoid of substance but full of rhetoric. There is a limit to which criticism for the sake of criticism can go on unabated. It certainly seems to be a congress supari job. I wonder which are these institutions which churn out such journalists devoid of calibre and maturity. It’s not completely surprising considering that the writer has been groomed by Shekhar Gupta who has been a out and out pro congress voice in the media. But this kind of stupid journalism only shows the writer in an extreme poor light. Most Indians are willing to stand by the government today and this is what is bugging the congress agents in the media. They will continue with their tirade because for them the nation, the lives of its people, is not important but their own agenda is.

    • You Did not answer the question, the question is in that period why parliment run, the finance bill is important but it passed without debate. is it correct in m.p.

      • Without Parliament’s Approval to Finance Bill, no money can be spent. You will have to dig into Contingency Fund.
        Like someone posted, Parlimentarians job at present is akin to that of Essential Services Employees.

  39. Who is this Ruhi Tiwari? Does she have any idea of Assam or its problem? Most idiotic column and day by day she is crossing all limits of showing Modi and the bjp in poor light. Shameful and chamcha of Khangress.

    • If anybody critise or gave their opinon against Modi, He is Congress, or against govt policiies
      They are anti Indian.

  40. Telegram …. as expected !!! Totally Anti India , Anti Modi and Anti Humanity Rant. Please note that a coward captain leaves the ship. Parliament is the representatives of the Public.. how can they adjourn when the nation is going through its worst crisis in the history and mankind???

    • PM Modi is in a position of “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t”
      If he would have adjourned the parliament, he would’ve been abused for having shirked his responsibilities, and now that the parliament is open, he is abused for it.
      Fact is we need a sensible and viable opposition, and a balanced press to keep accountability. But to demonise every more, and that too even with the absolute absence of a viable alternative, is supremely asinine, if not self destructive.

      • Without Parliament’s Approval to Finance Bill, no money can be spent. You will have to dig into Contingency Fund.
        Like someone posted, Parlimentarians job at present is akin to that of Essential Services Employees.

  41. Modi Modi kab tak karenge Harare Harare bhi kuch kartvy hai bimari hai too badi usse bachne ke uppaye karne chahiyen hamaari bimari se hamai koi Modi ya shah nahi bachaa sakate hamaara dhyan hamai khud rakhna padenga

  42. Objective analysis and reflects the reality in our country today. It is a relief to know that not all journalists are sold out!

  43. Typical nonsense from an anti-Modiji, PRESSTITUTE. Does this person think MPs, Ministers ,PM do not know the precautions to be taken,the irresponsible behaviour if they run away from parliament ?
    These semi-literate, butler English,convent girl can’t hide her affinity to Commies and foreign agents.

  44. I think the PM is leading the country the best possible way in this COVID situation. I am not sure why The Print is so hell bent on bringing the PM down, May be it is Left or Congress backed. You need to question when they fail and appreciate when they perform. If you try to paint a bad picture for everything, it just becomes Rhetorical and loses relevance.

  45. Pathetic article from a sworn hater of PM and his party. The tone and tenor of the article itself is a blatant reflection of the intent of the writer, which is driven by hatred against the PM and his party. I am aghast to read that she tried to twist the virtue also into some kind of sin…Instead of being praiseworthy of actions of govt and parliament, she seems to suggest that its bcoz of ‘hunger for power’ and ‘for their own benefit’ the parliament kept functioning…. BIZZARE Logic and explanation when there are still 4 years to go for govt to complete its tenure. Please STOP writing if you can’t remain neutral on subjects…we hv no interest to read frustrated ppl full of hatred

  46. Ruhi you seriously need to isolate yourself, please don’t put your false narrative about government efforts towards the people of country amids this pandemic

  47. So if we don’t need a parliament- why not declare emergency and throw all these responsibility shirking rascals into prison

  48. Everything will be decided by Print and their biased journalists. Anything other wise is foolish. Your hatred towards the present dispensation is visible that nothing you say is credible.

  49. The Print and the author of this article shows total negativity against Modi Shah and BJP.
    How could you be so biased and negative as a media and a person that you don’t find anything good in other person or people? When you point out finger toward somebody, four fingers are pointing yourself.

  50. Terrible days ahead in India under Feku rule. Raanga nd Billa have destroyed our country.

  51. Such a negative article. if any bill is being passed in the parliament, it is very for Modi or for the country? you are looking everything in such a pessimistic way.

  52. The writer is biased and it’s seen from the pain taken to write all wrong reasons by twisted facts.
    Government is doing best that any country can do.
    I m not fm any political party. But a normal citizen.
    This type of articles from some vested interest people should not find place in public platform.
    How a minority Government can run state ?
    It’s a common sense….
    Not intended to hurt anyone but Any way all doesn’t have that.

  53. One can only gag at the dual standards adopted by establishments all over the world, be it the Indian context or The UK where the Parliament is still functioning despite the virus increasing its foothold. Commoners can’t be expected to take the problem seriously until such a precedent is being set.

  54. मेरे ख्याल से पार्लियामेंट को जारी रखना एक बेहतरीन लीडरशिप का उदाहरण था। पूरे जरूरत बन्द लोग बाहर अपना रिस्क लेकर काम कर रहे हैं और ये उन्हीं के लिए solidarity दिखाने के लिए किया था। लेकिन कुछ मेंबर्स ने इसको नहीं समझा और पार्लियामेंट में न आने का बहाना बनाने लगे जो बहुत ही दुखद था। लीडरशिप के कारण एक आर्मी ऑफिसर लीड करता है और जयां की बाजी लगाता है। यहीं उदाहरण मोदीजी दिखाना चाहते थे। ये केवल मोदीजी के कारण ही पूरा देश बन्द हो पाया है क्योंकि लोगों को उनपर विश्वास है। हमारा पॉलिटिकल लीडरशिप हमेशा काफी स्वार्थी, करप्ट और नीचे लेवल का रहा है जिससे देश बहुत सफर कर रहा है। हमें विश्वास है कि लोग मोदीजी के इरादे और कमिटमेंट को समझें और आगे बढ़ाएं। केवल अपने लिए ही जीने का ख्याल त्यागें तभी पब्लिक आप में विश्वास रखेगी। धन्यवाद।

  55. The govt. seems to have lost its mind long back after coming to second term. We are just witnessing it in all it’s phony towards such a dire health hazard, when all it’s been doing till now is pushing the responsibilities to states’ hands.

    • I am just stunned at the lack of reasoning, evidence & utter lack of understanding of India’s federal structure. Centre & states together can tackle this. Please wake up.

    • Might be I guess suman your state govt is not that awake to handle the situation therefore you are worried… No prbm you can reach out to the Indian govt and state your prbm they will handle your issue

  56. Dear enlightened soul,
    So you are saying that closing the governing body is what you seek. It is like the captain deserting a sinking ship. For all your rhetoric it seems you are even more engaging in your hateful rhetoric of the prime minister and the parliament because of your personal hatred towards one man.
    An unbiased article would have been acceptable, but your complete bias oozes out of your sentences and choice of words. In hope of unbiased journalism.

  57. God atleast you people are brave enough to make it clear about the greed for power of the two Gujju leaders. They have perfected all the foul things they said about the UPA Govt after caming to power. No Indian leader can boast of uttering so many lies as our Honourable PM. MP CM sworn in parliament closed sine die. So blatantly shameless. Dread to think what all dirty tricks they will come up with before the next elections. CBI,ECI,IT,ED, SUPREME COURT you name it they have subverted. Alas it is the educated class who are fooled by their development rhetoric & poor man by their Mandir- Masjid rants. Got save our country.

    • Ok. Come to the point, in what way has Modi govt affected you personally, which is clear from the hatred in your comment. Where did you get caught?

    • God save the country from people like you. DMK has brainwashed you into believing that whatever BJP does is wrong. DO some independent research,

  58. The Print is always critical of Modi Government and totally anti establishment due to enimity of the Editor. It is better not to read the Articles of The Print, The Wire and many others. It is better to ignore them

    • Ya we shouldn’t read any article which is against our great modi….he can’t do any thing wrong. Our country is in tight track under narendra modi and bjp a minister and party who needs no opposition no critique because they are god like. The sad part is you’ll say this even after the Indian are all worse then Pakistan economically 😓

  59. Ha ha she makes no effort to disguise her ideology. That’s good. These people are like vultures… Waiting patiently, building their case….. Waiting for the casualties to increase. Then they will pounce on Modi. But Modi is Modi, he is smarter than all these commies put together. He has already ensured that no criticism leveled by these guys will stick on him.

    • I notice that you now spell our columnist’s name correctly. We should be grateful for small mercies. Naam ke pehle Ms likh dein to aur bhi achha.

    • Absolutely correct. All these leftist news agencies will find wrong in the best things.

  60. Assam NRC may have been supreme court exercise, but no communal context ? Besides religious communities, in India we have linguistic communities as well. Read the history of Assam’s communal strife.

  61. Half knowledged writers demand Parliament should shut down, means shut down. Look, these MPs have enough protection and precaution and need not create panic. The shut down is basically for common man to ensure that the virus chain is broken. The logic presented by the writer is absolutely foolish. Where is a opportunism? Even Modi can also take leave and sit home. Same as all MPs and all officers. What has NRC got to do with this?

  62. The Finance Bill 2020 – the centrepiece of the Budget session – was passed without discussion. This could have been done much earlier. Not just keeping Parliament going when the virus was spreading dangerously, almost certainly having reached Stage Three, it appears that even the sledgehammer response, which the Chinese used so effectively in Wuhan and Hubei province, was kept in reserve. As recently as Sunday, it was a Satyagraha like Janata curfew, complete with a 5 pm community event. Within hours of that the full national response was unleashed, including grounding of all domestic flights. It will become clear within the next few days how well India has dealt with the pandemic.

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